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So where is the Jake Long contract extension?

Jake Long is in the final year of a contract that seemed oh-so-expensive in 2008 when he signed as the first overall draft pick but has been well worth the money to date. Long is scheduled to make $11.2 million in his contract year and cost upwards of $12.8 million against the cap.

The base salary is basically the cost of doing business. The cap charge seems like a case of business that could be done better.

The fact is the Dolphins need to extend Long's deal. He has been a good player. He is a foundation stone for the franchise. And an extension could easily lower that cap charge and give the team more space to maneuver as it wishes in the coming days of the 2012 league year.

Yet, off Long went on his honeymoon recently and the Dolphins didn't have a new contract ready for him as a wedding gift.


Ah, the why is a puzzle.

The club's official stance is that Long without doubt is not going anywhere, that he is outstanding and that he absolutely will not be allowed to hit free agency at the end of 2012 so that he can possibly go elsewhere.

Good call, Dolphins folks!

So why the delay when an extension could be beneficial for both sides? Well the possibilities are the puzzle.

Maybe both sides have a wink-wink agreement that something will get done and it will. Great, but time is money and the longer this is on the back burner, the weaker the Dolphins seem from a cap standpoint.

Maybe both sides have talked and they simply haven't come to an agreement. This is probably the most likely scenario. The truth is gauging Long's value won't be easy. Cleveland re-signed Joe Thomas to an 8-year contract worth a reported $92 million that included a whopping $44 million in guaranteed money. That's an $11.5 million annual average. And the trouble for the Dolphins is Long will expect to exceed this deal by a significant amount.

Worth it? Obviously yes at first blush. But look deeper. Long is worth is if he's healthy. Long is worth it if the club last season judged his play to be as good as ever -- unlikely considering his rash of injuries. Long, in short, is worth it if the Dolphins believe him to be Jonathan Ogden or Walter Jones -- both of whom played for years at exceedingly high levels and without injuries.

But what if Long is Tony Boselli? Boselli was perhaps the best left tackle in the game early in his career with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Big, strong, mobile, he was Long before Long. But then he injured a knee. Then he injured an ankle. Then he hurt his shoulder. And then he hurt the shoulder again. And again.

And by his seventh NFL season, Boselli was broken. Folks were surprised when Boselli was placed on the expansion list and allowed to go to Houston. But when he arrived in Houston, injured and unable to contribute, everyone understood.

So is Long on the road to being Boselli? In the past two years he's had a building litany of injuries -- first a knee, then an ankle and shoulder and last year a back and a torn right biceps that forced him to finish the season on injured reserve.

Are the Dolphins worried the trend might continue? Even privately there is confidence Long will recover and continue to be a pillar of the offensive line. But I would imagine the club would nonetheless like to protect itself financially against the continuation of the recent trend.

Perhaps the club prefers to see how Long returns and is handling training camp and the early part of the season before committing to a new contract.

That would be smart. Of course, in the meantime, that significant cap hit glows in neon as needing to be addressed. It is a catch-22. Pay Long and gamble he'll be fine? Or delay a new contract and suffer the tightened cap space?

There is, of course, another scenario that might explain the lack of a new contract for Long. It is obvious this is a big-ticket item. It will cost a lot of dollars. What if owner Stephen Ross, smarting from tanking ticket sales, simply isn't in position to dole out $40-$50 million in guaranteed money right now, much of which would no doubt come in the form of a hefty signing bonus?

What if the Dolphins -- among the bottom five spenders in cash outlay a year ago -- are simply trying to hold down costs again?

These are all questions the Dolphins don't have to answer. But it would clear things up if they did.


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Dumb dumb dolfans,

The Jets have been to the AFC Championship game 2 out of the last 3 years

Sanchez won 4 playoff games

The stinky fish have not won a playoff game in 10 YEARS!

Now w Tebow in the Red Zone and WildCat w sparano

Jets Destroy Miami!

Go Tebow!


In all honesty, I don't like any of the QBs in this Draft except Luck and RG3.

Players play to their coaches schemes....period.
Everyone could see that old man Dan Henning was holding back Henne's progression in his first year.

Different coaches have different ways to extract the talent in each of their players.

Davis, Odrick, Smith have talent and would probably be stars on the Pats.

Give Philbin and his new coaching staff time to develop schemes that play on the strengths of each individual...then your seemingly average players become above-average.

3/29/12 is the day! If you're sick of these trailer park trash losers making the entire fan base look like jerkovvs join me and my friends on march 29. Either drive by and throw garbage at them or stand across the street with me and protest their protest in the name of sanity.

AND YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO GET OUT OF YOUR CARS IF YOU DON'T WANT TOO. Just drive by and let these idiots know how sick we all are of them making us look like inbred toothless idiots on national television. We have a hard enough time being fans of this team without them bringing attention to the stupidity of half of this fan base!!!!!!!!!!!!

nhfinsfan, harbaugh is very driven to succeed and he shops for the groceries,unlike sparano and philbin who take what is given them. harbaugh has quality on both sides of the ball from smart talent eval/scouts which we dont have. ireland runs our franchise and therein lies our problem!

You taking this too seriously, pal. There must be some more important things in your life.

come on mando, update the phucking blog, for christ's sake.

Lombardi, Shula, Halas, Madden, Walsh, Cowher, Allen...these men all make up the top coaches in terms of winning percentage of all time.

Great men lead, and without a great leader you are sure to fail.

One interesting note, Mike Sherman made #26 on the list with a record of 59-43 .578%

Sherman has proven he can win in the NFL and I am very glad to have him on our coaching staff.

"I would love to know what all of you optimistic fans are smoking? Out of all the drafts Ireland has had which one of the player has played above average. 0! Yet you guy still trust him when it comes to drafting players really? Silly sheeps you are!"

How many times do people have to be told Ireland has only been in charge of one draft? What aren't you understanding about Bill Parcells sitting at every draft table and going on scouting missions with his buddy Belichick to see Pat White,Chad Henne, and Phillip Merling. Wilford was a "Parcells guy". So many Parcells mistakes. Why can't you blame the right people for the right mistakes.

Who didn't you like from last years free agency period and draft? That can all be blamed on Ireland alone. No one watching over telling him what to do anymore. Now he's on his own, judge him on his own work.

Look this dude cost to much money. We need play makers. I would have taken Ryan at one. They are other big guys out there that will do a good job for alot less money. Touchdown makers is what this team needs, not a bunch of over price cap killers. Spread the wealth around and get 11 good player that play good together. Not no I in team type ones that just love to play. I'd try to draft Weeden for QB to start if he's around in the 3rd. Free up some money next year by letting the big money guys go. Manage the cap better. Good luck.

NHIN, I suppose your content with mediocracy, outside of the fluke 2008 season, this franchise havent even been in playoff contention the last decade. Last season the team was out of playoff contention in week 7. Just what are you so optimistic about?


I know this doesn't sound like me...but it is....

If we go QB in RD 1...I will be VERY dissaponted....The fact that Ireland said they they might not be done in that department...gives me HOPEb that they are DONE in that department....you know he ALWAYS says the oppisite.....

I know all players have deffincies.....but we can't afford a HUGE miss on an average QB....we already have average QBs....meet Matt Moore...and David Garrard...

I say we throw ALL of our resources behind MOORE...and make him the BEST QB he can possibly become.....he might be ready to have a breakout year...


Free agency 2012 is almost over

Ireland has made our Pathetic 6-10 team Worse

Puke Vile Crap QB wasting 3 1/2 Million

Gone #1 WR that demanded double and triple coverage

Gone Team captain and 4 yr leading tackler of defense

No replacements, JUST MORE HOLES





kris, I could not disagree more.

Clue , Odrick had 6 sacks in 8 games he played. That works out to 12 in 16 had he played. It was his rookie season considering he sat out his entire first season. Most in here crucified the Dolphins for not signing that Patriots cast off who had 10 sacks. We have a guy who was in his first season of playing who had 6 sacks in 8 games. That's a little above average.

Davis and Smith were sophomores playing last year. They had the worst coaching staff in the world. They had no off season with a coaching staff who had no vision on how to prepare it's players. It was so bad that they couldn't finish the games in the beginning of the season, regularly coming off the field with severe cramping and muscle pulls.

I'm not saying these players are all going to be pro bowlers. I'm just asking that everyone take an objective look at the player. Stop putting Jeff Irelands face over theirs when thinking about their ceiling. They all would have been drafted by other teams and if they weren't drafted into the Sparano family they might be doing a lot better right now. Let's see what Philbin and Coyle can get out of them.

Dolphins will probably draft an OT with our first round pick and only offer Long a minimal contract for the future then he will get a better offer elsewhere and leave next year. I think the Dolphins are currently working in the same model as the Pittsburgh Pirates of MLB, and they are set to hit 20 losing seasons. Dolphins may get there in time if they don't fix their from office and plan.

Irescum will aquander 3 picks on a backup RB again!

Clue...I'm optimistic because its better than being bitter.

Sure, mistakes have been made and a lot of them were made by our outgoing coach, Tony Sparano.

To me Philbin represents "change I can believe in". He is very organized, presents well and has that Phil Jackson Zen about him that will resonate with the players.

Give him the chance he deserves to install his philosophy and influence the players in the locker room in a positive way.

Home/YG/odin/ad infinitum is all into the Dolphins and protest, so he would protest if Mattell decided to stop making those inflatable swell babes.

Phins 78,

No it doesn't it works out to what it is 6 sacks

So my your math Matt Flynn threw 6 Tds in one game

So Matt Flynn would have thrown for 6 times 16 = 96 TDs in one season

Get The Hell Outta Here w that idiot math!

The Dolphins Suck & so does the brittle boned loser O'Dick doing the Gay Pedophile Dance

The Dolphins Suck!

Go Tebow!

Go Jets!

Phins78, so now that an even older pale white man yelling at Davis, and Smith and the rest of the guys will get these scrubs to play better now. Have you forgotten the Dolphins record in the Ireland/Parcells reguime? Do you honestly think we can contend for the division this year, lemme me guess 2015 we have a shot right? What about a Wildcard? Ireland had his shot when his Daddy brought him in, some of you are so guilable and sheepish like. You mean to tell me no balls Oreland couldnt tell his daddy Pat White is a mistake in the 2nd round? This is the guy you want running your organizations.

Multiple players come out saying they dont trust him, he low ball players and have no sort of personality they can relate too? Yea you must be content with 6 and 10 and Garrrard starting who the Jags of all team cut.

"philbin who take what is given to him"

With all due respect greg z., we don't know this to be true. From everything we've been told from the beginning Philbin is working with Jeff on getting the right players to fit within the new system. He wants to build through the draft, that is his philosophy and low and behold the Dolphins are now trying to build through the draft. It looks like they are working together to build this team the way Philbin wants it.

On a side note, I know people don't feel like there is a lot to look forward too but I for one am excited about the new look offense. We have never run the west coast as far as I can remember and it's going to be fun to see how Philbin runs it and what new wrinkles he may add. I've been wanting this for years. Can't wait to see Bess actually running slants instead of constant ins and outs! He's perfectly suited for this offense. Hartline will excel as well with his great hands. Can't wait to see if Philbin turns Gates into something special with all of that speed. And I'm looking forward to seeing who they add into the mix at the wr spot through the draft.

Oh and we're actually going to be seeing screens with Bush as the receiving back. SCREENS! Sparano hadn't got that far in his how to run an offense handbook last year.

Let's not forget Bush, Thomas & Clay coming out of the backfield and with some downfield blocking...let's just say they'll be finding the endzone a lot more than under Sparano.

No more fist pumps...Yes!



WC0 = Dink and Dunk

No occupy Davie. I'm not talking about Flynn. I'm talking about Odricks sacks and the average it represents. It is safe to assume that the average had he played as a full time starter would have worked out to 12. Average meaning it could have been 10 or it could have been 14. This is not my formula, it is a common formula. Nothing new there.


I know we disagree...and its odd...because we rarely disagree on the QB situation...

but i've changed my stance...for now....

until we are in postion for that sure-fire...can't miss prospect....or he falls to us (Mallett)....I think we stand pat...and build the team...

it sucks...but i think thats the way to go....If Moore can keep his picks down to below double digits....we are a playoff team....and he will earn a nice contract...and we can have some continuity....

"Phins78, so now that an even older pale white man yelling at Davis, and Smith and the rest of the guys will get these scrubs to play better now."

Posted By; Clue

Clue, could you please tell me what Philbins age and skin color have to do with his coaching ability?

Kris, playoff team!? Maybe in your little fantasy world. This team is no where near playoff contention. This team is a 500 team at best, I swear some of you are so bias because you got your blind homer glassess on.

Irescum says he's happy with the cheap castoff QB's from the Panthers and Jags. WTF?? If you cant make another NFL squad you can always start for the hapless Dolphins. YIKES!!

3 picks for D Thomas was INSANELY STUPID.

"Do you honestly think we can contend for the division this year, lemme me guess 2015 we have a shot right? What about a Wildcard?"

Posted by; Clue

I have no clue what this is about. I was talking about three individual players and the possibility of them stepping up their games under a new coach.

"his Daddy brought him in, some of you are so guilable and sheepish like."

Posted by ; Clue

And then you insult me after I was nothing but respectful in my posts.

3 picks for D Thomas was INSANELY STUPID.
Posted by: Alan | March 23, 2012 at 11:39 AM

No doubt Alan. But not drafting any QB last year was worse IMO.

Clue...why not?
We have a top 10 defense and a new head coach & offensive coordinator that came from a winning heritage from Green Bay.

Why the heck not?

Phins78, I simply ask a question, but I guess it went over that pea brain of yours. Never the less, keep wearing your homer glassess thinking this team will improve with Ireland at the healms.

Kris, what point is it building the team if there isn't a qb? And if your team is alright but your Qb is below average, you know what you get? .500 or thereabouts and you will never get over the hump. QBs won't fall. This is as good as it gets unless you totally friggin stink.

So same math Phin78

and Flynn gets 96 TDs

O'dick is nothing more than a big goofy gay pedophile dancing idiot

U dont dance around like a girlie lil pedophile queer from making a handful of sacks on a losing 6-10 team that has had 3 losing seasons in a row

Especially when u missed the entire previous season breaking your leg for the second time in practice

Butch It Up or Get The Hell Outta Here!

Go Tebow & Sparano!

FIRELAND! 3.29.12

"You mean to tell me no balls Oreland couldnt tell his daddy Pat White is a mistake in the 2nd round?

Posted by Clue;

Yes. Anyone that knows anything about Parcells knows he has a gigantic ego to go along with his gigantic belly. He runs the show. everywhere he goes he is in charge. He quit on a team because "they wouldn't let me shop for the groceries". His name was in question, he was the one charged with turning around a 1-15 team. Every decision was either his or wen through him before being allowed. This is not in question by anyone, these are known facts.

"This is the guy you want running your organizations."

Posted by; Clue

No, but this is the guy who IS running the organization so I like to look at it objectively.

Hmm the best Red Zone QB in the NFL to the Dolphins

or David Freakin washed up Garrard


FIRELAND Protest 3.29.12

Power of the Dolfans!

Give it up Dolfans. This team will stink for a very long time.

"Multiple players come out saying they dont trust him, he low ball players and have no sort of personality they can relate too? Yea you must be content with 6 and 10 and Garrrard starting who the Jags of all team cut"

Posted by; Clue

Garrard? When did I talk about him? Hmmmmmmmmmm. Yes I'm content with 6-10 and I hopr for more great seasons of 6 wins.

Dude what in the f**k are you talking about? lol

NFFINFAN, We had a top 10 defense with Nolan, Nolan gone, secondly the defense couldnt get a crtical stop if they wanted too. Remember Denver, Cleaveland, Pats? Top 10 my behind! Philbin didnt call one play on the Packers not one! Didnt Cam Cameron come from winning hetiage in SD, WTF does that mean? Nothing!

HOME Facts:

Here is what GM Jeff Ireland got u for an offensive coordinator to beat the Patriots, Jets & Bills:

*Mike Sherman was fired as Texas A&M's coach after the Aggies finished the regular season a disappointing 6-6.


the pee wee Herman pedophile dance is ALL this franchise is known for

How Pathetic!

FIRELAND Protest 3.29.12


Regarding who is really calling the shots as far as qb goes, I look at it this way. Flynn was the first guy brought in, so I believe he was the top guy that was discussed by the team. That is usually how it works during free agency. I really think Philbin wanted him.

Of course, when it is all said and done, Ireland signed the guy HE has chased since last year.

Maybe Garrard will be a pleasant surprise, but I find it hard to believe he was on Philbin's radar as a possible starter. JMO

Phins78, Keep wearing your blind homer glassess. You sir are a pea brain fan who hasnt come to the realization that your team sucks. At best were the 3rd best team in the division, maybe last wouldnt surprise me.

Phins78, I simply ask a question, but I guess it went over that pea brain of yours. Never the less, keep wearing your homer glassess thinking this team will improve with Ireland at the healms.

Posted by ;Clue

Once again you are insulting when I have been nothing but respectful to you. You are asking me questions as if I took a stance on them and have answers for you. I wasn't talking about any of that. Why don't you ask those loaded questions to someone who actually brought up the subjects? Do you understand what I'm talking about? I never said the team would improive with Ireland at the healm. Please repost where I said that. PLEASE REPOST WHERE I SAID THE TEAM WOULD IMPROVE WITH IRELAND AT THE HEALM.

Lets show everyone how much smarter you are than me. REPOST IT! REPOST any of the things you are accusing me of saying.

Not only are you telling me what I'm saying, (all of which I never said) but you are telling me what my private thoughts are? WOW.


True the WC offense is dink and dunk, but it beats the Sh@t out of what they foisted on us down here for the last 15 years.0 creativity,cluesless on the screen pass,the pass to the back in the flat,the spread offense.I cant count how many times they would throw on 1st down,miss and then run for .05 yds on 2nd down! even something as simple as the wildcat. throw a F@CKIN pass out of it will you
Future Conversation on the Jet sideline:
Tebow:hey coach, i can pass once in awhile you know
Sparano: is that a legal play?

Without Mike Nolan and Brandon Marshall, plus a novice HC installing another new system, I'm thinking 4-12 this year. If Jake Long misses time it could be worse. They'll draft some playerS but dont expect immediate contributions from the rookies.

Damn Clue....is there anything you like about the Dolphins?

You are a major kill joy and probably kick your dog when you get angry...which is everyday by reading your post.

Take some happy pills then come back later....

"O'dick is nothing more than a big goofy gay pedophile dancing idiot"

Posted by; Occupy Davie

Hear that everyone?! The guy who wants everyone to rally against our own team is now calling the players pedophiles. What a great leader and coordinator of events. Everyone line up to follow this guy, he is obviously of superior intelligence.

Phins78, I respectfully disagree with you, and take back calling you pea brain, its just not nice. You havent thrown an insult and I got carried away.

"Phins78, Keep wearing your blind homer glassess. You sir are a pea brain fan who hasnt come to the realization that your team sucks. At best were the 3rd best team in the division, maybe last wouldnt surprise me."

Posted by; Clue

Look, it's obvious that you aren't able to comprehend simple ideas and concepts. I never once said a thing about any of what you accuse me of. You are trying to fight with me over something you may have been fighting with someone else about. I have no interest in discussing anything further with you. You are incapable of rationale thought and uneducated in adult conversation. I'll be ignoring you now. Thank you for the insults, mighty mature of you.

NHFINFAN, I love the colors of the Dolphins, I love the tradition of the Dolphins, I love Don Shula, Dan the Man, there plenty of love about the Dolphins but Ireland with every passing year he's the GM is discussing me to my core. I see where were heading, think Browns of 1990's, Clippers of 2000's, Bucs of the 80's


Clue I posted at 12:05 before I read your apology.

That was VERY big of you. I mean it. Not a lot of people in here would have admitted a mistake. I just gained a bunch of respect for you for that. Way to go man! I don't disagree with all that you say, just some of it. And it's okay, we're both fans and are passionate, nothing wrong with that.

anybody player promoting a criminal pedophile like pee wee Herman molester of young boys should be suspended from the NFL

unless of course like Phins78 u like having your son molested by pee wee Herman

u deserve Jeff Ireland Phins78

Phins78, My problem is I dont see the light at the end of the tunnel. As it stands right now were re-building, IMO were not a playoff team let alone a superbowl contending team.

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