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Stephen Ross is more blunt instrument than tactician

As an NFL owner, Stephen Ross lacks nuance. He lacks tact. He is a blunt instrument.

Recently, he was advised by the Dolphins and agreed that the best way to address the protestations of fans, including a rally outside of Dolphins camp, was to rush headlong into a one-on-one phone call to a fan to explain his team's rationale for this offseason.

It is an interesting public relations move but there are myriad reasons other embattled owners don't do it -- for one it has the potential to make as many problems as it solves.

I assume Ross got this one fan to agree with his rationale about how and why the club has approached this offseason. Great. I also assume some other fans feel good that the owner is willing to reach out to at least one of their number. Great again. Call all 40,000 season ticket holders if you want. Now, that would be truly awesome! That is the advantage of being blunt.

But there is missed nuance. There is failed tactic. Ross opens himself up for questions that I've already read via email from other disgruntled fans: When is Ross going to call me? I'm upset, too, I want a phone call! Is Ross going to call every fan or just the ones so upset that they protest? Isn't that rewarding the protest and penalizing patience?

By calling this fan, Ross has made his season ticket more valuable than others. So why does this person get a call and the guy who's had a season ticket since the 1960s doesn't?

Calling fans is cool, but I suppose Ross realizes that makes the fan he speaks with his unofficial team spokesman and the conduit to everyone else. If he understood nuance he would realize the move undercuts the worth of his actual team spokesmen. And that also makes the media (specifically me) more wary of you because you've been avoiding us since the Joe Philbin hiring and you clearly have stuff to say -- but obviously don't want to say it in a forum where you also have to answer questions.

It makes me convinced Ross has stuff to hide.

Ross by the way is now under fire in Chicago. It seems during this talk with the fan, Ross said the Dolphins were going to simply cut Brandon Marshall if no trade partner appeared soon. The Bears stepped forward. Except the account of the conversation between Ross and the fan makes it seem like the Bears got duped into taking a wide receiver that was going to soon be a free agent.

Ross thus makes Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery look like he got taken. The Dolphins found a trade partner in Emery and perhaps a friend going forward. But Ross effectively threw him under the bus according to accounts in Chicago and elsewhere. That's bad business.

Blunt instrument. Not tactically sound.

Ross supposedly said other things during his talk with the fan -- notably that if his coach wanted Matt Flynn, the Dolphins would have Matt Flynn. Well, Philbin called Flynn a handful of times before the player's visit to Miami. Did he call him to say he didn't want him? Did the Dolphins bring Flynn to Miami because they didn't want him?

The nuanced version of that and what Ross should have said is the Dolphins wanted Flynn but only at their price. So Ross either missed this or said this to the fan but it didn't get relayed correctly. Either way, it's Ross's problem because that is the way things are when a fan becomes your spokesman.

I like Steve Ross. I love his passion and I believe he has the Dolphins' best interest at heart. But he needs refining. He also could stand to listen to the right people more.

He told this fan that Peyton Manning sent him a letter explaining why he wasn't joining the Dolphins. OK, what has he done with that letter? Has he begun to address the issues that made the Dolphins unattractive to a Pro Bowl quarterback?


I also wrote Ross and the Miami Dolphins an open letter that published in today's newspaper. It lets Ross and the Dolphins understand how fans feel -- from my perspective, of course.

I hope they read it. I trust they will. But more importantly, I hope they take it to heart and don't just answer with a loud bull(bleep) -- which has been how the blunt instrument has reacted in the past.


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Stephen Ross is a dimwit and Jeff Ireland must give tremendous head to have kept his job this long. There's no other reasonable excuse for why Ross has kept him on this long. At the very least I would look at the situation and say "Look, whether you're right or wrong Jeff, people now hate me because of you. You're fired".

Because life is unfair. Suck it the f up people. We are all different and none of us should expect the same treatment. This kind of crapt is what's wrong. I am sick and tired of equal treatment. Suck it up and move on you big freaking babies. Who cares what Ross does or who he calls or doesnt call. My goodness could we please get back to football and not this equality bs that is trying to be shoved down our throats. WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT INSTEAD OF PIONTING IT OUT HOW ABOUT EMBRACING WHAT DIFFERENTIATES US

Both Ross and Ireland are being allowed to learn to shave off of our faces. The problem is we have been cut so bad we are bleeding to death. Very sad.

Adam Schien called him a jock sniffer and you call him a blunt instrument. Does that add up to a tool?

Hey Armando.
Maybe he spoke to a fan because they have brains and no ulterior motives, unlike you and many of the media.
Maybe he just dislikes you.
I can't imagine any dolphins rep or play would be fond of you because you do nothing but try to rouse fans against them.
If we trades for Aaron Rodgers, you'd dedicate 1-2 sentences to that and go on about missing on Payton and Flynn and how stupid Miami is for getting rid of Marshall's headache.

Why would ANYONE want to tell you anything?
You don't matter, the fans do.

Just be glad I don't work for the dolphins, or you'd be looking for a job

I live in Chicago. Not one mention of Ross on any local channel sports shows. Not one.


speaking of blunt instruments, your constant, ultra-annoying moaning and whining is becoming unbearable!

Salguero, I think its obvious that Ross told the truth to this fan. We all know that in business, the truth can bite you in the ass. If he screwed up a couple contacts, or made some people uncomfortable, then thats what he did., fine. Thats the chance he took by reaching out to this fan to show that he feels the same passion that this fan does, as all the fans do. Honorable, honest to a fault, passionate, and united with the fans by the will to win, and yet you still write about him as if he were a moron for being the way he is?
Is that how you feel about us too?

I was reading the different mock drafts on NFL.Com and Charles Davis, Charlie Casserly and Steve Wych all got us drafting the X-WR Tannehill at pick 8. I must have heard this now from everybody from ESPN on down at this point as well. As I sat and thought we wouldn't possibly take a project this high I then nearly threw up all over my living room floor remembering that this is Ireland running the show and if the kid bombs the Parcells school of dropping it at the feet of Philbin and Sherman (they're grade) will be in play here, we all know IF ANYTHING Ireland learned this from his fraud and mentor Fats Tuna.

I wish all Fin picks success but this one has a strong possibility for failure given nobody truly knows what he is except a player with lots to learn about reading coverage given his limited time playing the position or for that matter what type of down field vision he has given Sherman had him in a College W.C. system of sorts, keeping it short and simple from what I've seen!!

If we take this project at pick #8 it has the immense potential of making everyone forget the Ginn draft at pick #7 in 07 and in a BAD way!! I would also add that IF this is they're line of thinking then they better be smart enough to trade down because my money says Tannehill will be available much later and we better hope to have multiple picks in Rds. 2-3 to compensate. This of course will still have us looking for the next great QB in a game now run by the elite ones to take us on a deep run. This Tannehill reminds me of another 6'8" QB with limited experience who flew up boards because with that size, pedigree how could he miss and he flopped in (Baseball roider) Mark Maguire's little Bro Dan who back before the blitz happy 3/4 couldn't get out of his own way and who by the way ended his career on our 95 bench.

I've been reading Dolphins blogs for many years...This is the most assinine article I've ever seen...Armando please go write for the New York Daily News

Excellent points. I want the owner acting like Robert Kraft. I don't want him acting like Robert Downey Jr.

This nonsense has been dragging on for far too long. It seems fairly obvious that Ross/Ireland are viewed as "outsiders" by the NFL fraternity. Loyalty is not a strong-suit of either one, and quite frankly, I cannot wait to read that Ross has decided to sell the team, and Ireland is moving on for "greener pastures" with him. WE WANT OUR TEAM BACK, AND WE WOULD LIKE IT BACK NOW!!!!!!!!!! I have been a loyal fan of the Fins for over forty years. If I was granted one wish, it would be for this tandem to purchase the Jets, because we like the two of you about as much as we like the Jets.

Ross thinks he's smarter than everyone. He thinks he can talk to one guy and everything is OK.

It is not. I want a phone call, too, and I don't want him to talk. I want him to listen.

Like the sound of trade down in Rd 1 and adding another pick possible Rd 2-3.
Take the best QB available and move on.
Possible move back up later towards the end of Rd 1 if a player is still available in one of the numerous positions of need.

What worked in Green Bay, will not work here

Too bad Philbin has no clue how to do anything but run some type of WC offense w completely dif players

Dolphins had the opportunity of a life time getting the Best Red Zone QB in the NFL Tim Tebow, the same QB that set an NFL record scoring 15 points against them a few months ago w less than 3 min left

Tebow did this taking over a 1-4 losing team w a defense playing poorly and only one decent WR and an average RB

Ireland, Philbin who has 0 HC or OC play calling experience whatsoever is not the answer, neither is fired 6-6 college coach Sherman who has a history of watching his team collapse with double digit leads

Garrard is our highest paid QB and is not even remotely close to the answer

We have no players , never mind playmakers, our coaches either have no NFL experience or no winning experience

Philbin watched the GB HC make ALL the calls on game day
Philbin did nothing but act like a fan

The Dolphins franchise is in the saddest state of affairs in history of the organization

and other than a handful of jaded homers or delusional fans with no sense of reality the entire world laughing at this pathetic Miami Dolphin franchise knows, ...

The Dolphins Suck


When I heard Ross called the fan I laughed my a ss off. What a douche.

You want to reach fans?

Fire Jeff Ireland!

You want to reach fans?

Win more games!

You want to reach fans?

Here you go Mando ... Call Salguero!

The Bears got duped by trading 2 third round picks for Marshall? Too silly! With the upcoming draft there will be plenty of "duping" (outright lies) by all teams- are we going to be crying about that too?

Bravo Mando. Ross will have no other choice but to get rid of Ireland if we all keep the heat on.

As far as Ross making that call? Dumb, just really dumb. Be interesting to know who came up with that idea. Nobody really expects for an owner to know that much about football or be PR guy. You hire competent people to take care of it. Really don't know how Ross got to be a billionaire, I really don't.

Proof that Ross isnt as dumb as you may think, he spoke to a fan, instead of listening to one.

Hey Mando, how 'bout a high 5!

Mando, a couple of days ago I was calling you a homer. More than ever, I think you play if fair. Thanks.

Face It

Ireland cut (or traded after paying $50 million dollars and two second round draft picks) to Chicago for an embarrassing head scratcher of a losing deal

Ireland in his racist mind thought B-Marshall was just another black player getting in trouble again and was not worth keeping even though B-Marsh demanded double and even triple coverage and is entering the prime of his career after a lil case of the dropsies and earning over 1200 YD Receiving

4 TD MVP Pro Bowler was essentially cut because his wife was the victim of a crime, getting hit in the face w a bottle

Racist GM JEF FIRELAND thought there was more to the story of the "troubled black player"and abruptly fired our best offensive player with no contingency plan whatsoever

Protest 3.29.12 FIRELAND

2012 NFL Free Agency almost over

Dolphins Flop and end up worse off, while Jets, Bills Pats improve greatly!

3.29.12 Fireland Protest March


Great Job on the open letter from Dolfans

Think Home has done his job

3.29.12 Protest JEF FIRELAND

Occupy Davie

Home ;)

Pro Lou a clueless desperate fan clinging on b4 finally becoming a Patriot or Tony Sparano & Tim Tebow Jets Fan!

CB Will Allen signs immediately as New England Patriots CB for over 1 million dollars

Ireland however hangs on to Poser Boy Fraud CB sean smith one of the worst rated starting CB in the NFL according to Pro Football Focus

There is absolutely no hope for the dismal Dolphins!

i agree he has to learn to think before he says...outside of that only thing i did not like is celebrating the gators victory at phins home park...that was just ...bad!

Any way to trade Ross to the Bears and bring back Marshall?

Mr. Ross,

We got rid of Brandon Marshall because someone hit his wife in the face with a bottle.

Now, now Mr. Ross it was not a waste of two 2nd round draft picks and $50 Million dollars, it had to be done

Now Mr.Ross if Dan Marino's wife got hit in the face with a bottle we would have cut him too.

or Let's say Andrew Luck goes out late night and other people get unruly and somehow his wife get s hit in the face with a bottle, ...
well then of course the Colts are going to CUT ANDREW LUCK FROM THE TEAM for being a crime victim

Mr. Ross if my wife got hit in the face with a bottle than of course I would FIRE MYSELF also.

Now isn't this all starting to make sense Mr. Ross?

I dont know why the Miami fans are angry?

Posted by: Home acting the part of Jeffrey Ireland

Jeffrey, maybe I'm blind drunk, but i still dont understand why we cut our 2012 Pro Bowl MVP from the team and have no plan whatsoever to replace him?

because his wife was the victim of a crime?

and certainly Brandon was charged with absolutely nothing, so why did we cut Brandon because his wife was the victim of a crime?

makes no sense to me Jeffrey?

Posted by: Home acting as owner Steven Ross

Ross sent a message that if you protest, you will get his attention. That is a bad message to send. Now everytime any fan is upset, all he has to do is set up a protest with 20 other clowns and the owner is going to crap his pants.

"Have The Dolphin's Beached Themselves?"

They possess Dolphins season tickets. And Dolphins tattoos,bullhorns and angry clenched fists. Over 300 passionate yet disgruntled phin fans will assemble outside the Dolphins’ offices and training facility in Davie and voice their displeasure with the franchise.

Most of the anger will be targeted at the bumbling racist Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland, the last man standing from the failed & departed Bill Parcells regime. The group which will eventually take Ireland down will again be brandishing signs screaming “FIreland,” “Fire Island, Save Our Team” and “Toot to Give Ireland The Boot.”

Miami Dolphins official radio station is sponsoring the organized event with "Goldie" & "Koop" of WQAM pledging free large pizzas to all the protesters who are, "fed up and wont take it anymore."

3.29.12 again the protesters will be out in force across from Ireland's office and demand answers from management on the meltdown in Miami of the once proud Miami Dolphin's franchise.

The Miami Dolphins have become the laughing stock of the NFL on all national media and accused racist GM Jeff Ireland needs to be held accountable for the destruction of the Dolphins.

Signing Jake Scott to be our RG would be a step in the right direction BUT Ireland is probably offering him his trademarked "low ball" offer.

Not even sure why players are visiting Miami when their agents know we have no available cap space.

Home wonders if Ross will be taking some of the disgruntled fans to the Davie Ale House to "Tip A Few Brews"

Win or Lose

Drink The Brews

Come on everyone....

The problem with the Dolphins is Stephen Ross. Jeff Ireland is simply in over his head and needs a football presence above him. He may be ok as a second in the administration, not the leader.

As long as Ross owns the team, they will NEVER have any credibility, They will NEVER be able to acquire a real football leader in the front office. They will always be a second rate franchise.

Firing of Ireland will not help. They cannot get anyone else to run the team, as long as Ross owns the team. Doesn't everyone get it....Ross owns and runs the team.
Ireland is simply Ross's puppet.

The only hope we have is don't go to the games. Don't buy the merchandise.

Either Ross has to be locked up in an office in NY or sell the team.












If they take tannehill at #8 they really hit rock bottom!

all you have to do is look at jerry jones and realize an owner should be seen and not heard. be a rooney ross. other than for league business you doesn't talk. i live in pittsburgh so i know. don't talk about top piorities you moron!!! cause when you don't, or better yet, can't!! get them you make the fans think players don't anna play here. i actually think ireland is the guy who should talk for the team. for 2 reasons. you put him in charge and he rarely speaks to the media!!!

all you should hear in the press is about rumors or un-named sources claim the dolphins are interested in this or that!!! this QB stuff is ross's fault!!! he went out talking about getting manning and upgrading the position. no the fans think that you can snap you fingers and manning will come here for $10m a season not almost $20m, or the rams will give us the 2nd pick for less that what the got from the skins, or flynn will take what he's actually worth after 2 NFL starts instead of the $26m 3 year deal he got!!

We need more celebrity owners! I hear Charo is interested! Goochi goochi!!!!

Could of had Tebow no problem but

acting HC Philbin was acting like an OC in Green Bay and only thinks he knows how to run a Green Bay offense cuz he "watched" them do it from the sidelines in Wisconsin


The Dolphins are a Vegas Fav for last place

The Dolphins Suck


I'm walking the street kickin cans

Outta work, and feelin down

All cuz Jeff Ireland

Is a Freakin Clown

Posted by: Homeless Yeremiah Bell

I am distancing myself from the racist environment and clueless GM of the Miami Dolphins.

At this point I am fully supporting the NY JETS w Tony Sparano and one great human being QB Tim Tebow.

In much regret my family and I feel it is best to turn the other cheek on this sad and pathetic Miami Dolphin's organization.

We are off to New York

Good Luck Dolfans

Jason Taylor

home, even if philbin didn't call the play i can tell you he ran the practices and worked on the game plan with the HC, you're an idiot if you think otherwise.

Let's be honest, Ross put himself into this position with questionable decisions, but he is truly in a no-win situation. If he keeps quiet, he'll be chastised for it. If he speaks, he'll be told he should not be the one speaking.

It's his team, not ours. We choose to make it ours. If you hate the product, or direction there are 31 other teams you can follow.

If you choose to be a fan of this team, then be one. Support them. Every team goes though bad stretches. Remember us beating Buffalo 20 times in a row? Or slapping the Patriots 52-0?

We're in a bad stretch, only patience, and stability will fix it provided the right people are making the decisions. Are Ross, and Ireland the right people? Only time will tell. Both are inexperienced, and learning along the way. Now, we've got an inexperienced coach to join them. This is going to take time.

HOME, you thnk tebow could have run a west coast system? another act of stupidity on your part. if we want tebow as our qb we better draft all TE's and RB's to block and run the ball. because 46% passing ain't gonna work in the AFC east.

34 yr old fired and washed up Jax back up QB Garrard is going to be our highest paid QB and IMO is the best QB in the NFL today

Miami Dolphin season tickets available for all you clueless homers to enjoy not only our 4th losing season in a row prior to a 1-15 season but the worst is yet to come

Thanks for your money and enjoy staring at the 1.1 Billion dollar trash pile we commonly refer to as the Miami Dolphins

We take cash, checks or credit cards

Hurry b4 there are no more empty seats for the David Garrard & Miami Dolphin show

Love your racist pal & genius GM

Ok lets see when all marshall is doing is catchind tds and the bears are winning. Who is gonna look like the fool. Oh yeah, the big eared, big nosed, circus monkey ross!

"Saints agreed to terms with MLB Curtis Lofton on a five-year contract."

Talk about a team that knows to work the salary cap. First of all Brees is going to cost them over $16 Million against the cap. Then they lose Nicks but they replace him with Ben Grubbs. They lose Meachem but they still keep Colston for $8 Million a year. Then they go out & sign Broderick Bunkley & now Lofton???

Homey you obviously do not know what it takes to be an nfl qb.

Sad when a word in the title is mis spelled.

We are going to run right threw Jake Long and throw Garrard like the old washed up rag doll that he is on the turf!

The Dolphin's Suck and Ireland is a weasel & a racist.

I've got Tebow and I'm gonna run the Wildcat right thru the heart of the Miami Defense.

Go Jets!

Posted by: Tony Sparano

Like a few months ago when Tim Tebow set an NFL record scoring 15 points in less than 3 minutes against the Miami Dolphins 6th ranked defense and once again humiliated the stumbling, bumbling low franchise

3/29/12 PROTEST THE PROTEST. Don't forget! If you're sick and tired of uneducated unemployed losers making our fan base look dumber than the management, meet us in front of Ireland's office and drown these idiots out. Or you can simply drive by and let them know they don't represent us all by shouting your displeasure. Hey maybe a milkshake falls out of your car and mistakenly hits one of these basement dwellers in their over sized caveman foreheads, you never know what might happen. PROTEST THE PROTEST!!!!!

Who exactly leaked out the contents of the conversation? Was it Ross of the Hater Mob protester? Now Ross is being blamed for the contents of the conversation becoming public? The protest was a publicity stunt. One Ross should NOT have fed into but he gave them the benefit of the doubt and tried to explain the reasoning. Now he is being blamed for explaining the reasoning. Haters will hate regardless. The "Angry mob" syndrome is becoming tiresome to us REAL fans who understand the moves without needing explanation. Mr Ross... the hater mob will still be at every game. Don't cater to them. They do it for attention. They hate because their friends hate. They don't even know WHY they are hating. It's just what all the "cool kids" are doing so they do it. Keep up the good work Mr Ireland and Mr Ross....but PLEASE.. no more "Florida Gator Day's" ok? :-)


Though you hit on some key points. I have to rate this blog topic a D- for level of shock or exitement. You even pointed out in your "Open Letter" 2nd guessing anything Dolphins over the past nearly 15yrs at best has only become "2nd nature".

The only thing that has really become news breaking over this period of the time is. The Dolphins are on a streak of complete "B-O-R-E-D-O-M" unprecendented in franchise history. As I'm sure once again 2012 home attendance games will confirm.

Past Marlins game attendance will seem like an international Boyscout convention in comparison. If this has been a deliberate attempt to see how much available parking space can be created on gamedays. Its been a resounding success!

If you think you can make an accurate determination as to whether Ireland is racist or not, I feel sorry for you. You don't know the man, why make that kind of observation based on one misunderstood comment? The question he asked Dez Bryant might have been poor judgement, but it was a logical question if you take the conversation in the proper context.

Haters love to hate. I don't care for his GM skills, but attacking him personally is inappropriate.

Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12
Protest the Protest! PROTEST THE PROTEST! 3/29/12

The real problem is what happened to the cap space? How are other teams keeping their stars,and bringing in players to fill some holes? Answer,their GM's know what they are doing. Would love to get Philbin off the record about the whole Flynn thing.The dolphins have lost respect and credibility across the NFL,but we have celebrity minority owners,and a nightclub in the stadium. Pathetic.

Sad when a word in the title is mis spelled.

Posted by: ltcdolphin | March 25, 2012 at 01:45 PM



Also sad that you don't know 'misspelled' isn't two words.

What are these jerkovvs going to do after the protest is done and Ireland still has a job? Not buy tix right, well how about skip the protest that will be nationally televised and make Miami fans look stupid and just dont buy tickets and merchandise. We have a hard enough time being fans, you are just throwing more wood on the fire if you go to this protest. IT WILL CHANGE NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Management already knows we're sick of mediocrity. What is a protest going to accomplish except have every media outlet now not only making fun of the team but making fun of the FANS ALSO! We won't be able to leave our houses you dimwits!

wow man. You just cant help yourself.

Sounds more like you are jealous Ross didn't call you and give YOU this inside scoop first.

Theres a reason he called a fan and not a reporter first.

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