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Stephen Ross is more blunt instrument than tactician

As an NFL owner, Stephen Ross lacks nuance. He lacks tact. He is a blunt instrument.

Recently, he was advised by the Dolphins and agreed that the best way to address the protestations of fans, including a rally outside of Dolphins camp, was to rush headlong into a one-on-one phone call to a fan to explain his team's rationale for this offseason.

It is an interesting public relations move but there are myriad reasons other embattled owners don't do it -- for one it has the potential to make as many problems as it solves.

I assume Ross got this one fan to agree with his rationale about how and why the club has approached this offseason. Great. I also assume some other fans feel good that the owner is willing to reach out to at least one of their number. Great again. Call all 40,000 season ticket holders if you want. Now, that would be truly awesome! That is the advantage of being blunt.

But there is missed nuance. There is failed tactic. Ross opens himself up for questions that I've already read via email from other disgruntled fans: When is Ross going to call me? I'm upset, too, I want a phone call! Is Ross going to call every fan or just the ones so upset that they protest? Isn't that rewarding the protest and penalizing patience?

By calling this fan, Ross has made his season ticket more valuable than others. So why does this person get a call and the guy who's had a season ticket since the 1960s doesn't?

Calling fans is cool, but I suppose Ross realizes that makes the fan he speaks with his unofficial team spokesman and the conduit to everyone else. If he understood nuance he would realize the move undercuts the worth of his actual team spokesmen. And that also makes the media (specifically me) more wary of you because you've been avoiding us since the Joe Philbin hiring and you clearly have stuff to say -- but obviously don't want to say it in a forum where you also have to answer questions.

It makes me convinced Ross has stuff to hide.

Ross by the way is now under fire in Chicago. It seems during this talk with the fan, Ross said the Dolphins were going to simply cut Brandon Marshall if no trade partner appeared soon. The Bears stepped forward. Except the account of the conversation between Ross and the fan makes it seem like the Bears got duped into taking a wide receiver that was going to soon be a free agent.

Ross thus makes Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery look like he got taken. The Dolphins found a trade partner in Emery and perhaps a friend going forward. But Ross effectively threw him under the bus according to accounts in Chicago and elsewhere. That's bad business.

Blunt instrument. Not tactically sound.

Ross supposedly said other things during his talk with the fan -- notably that if his coach wanted Matt Flynn, the Dolphins would have Matt Flynn. Well, Philbin called Flynn a handful of times before the player's visit to Miami. Did he call him to say he didn't want him? Did the Dolphins bring Flynn to Miami because they didn't want him?

The nuanced version of that and what Ross should have said is the Dolphins wanted Flynn but only at their price. So Ross either missed this or said this to the fan but it didn't get relayed correctly. Either way, it's Ross's problem because that is the way things are when a fan becomes your spokesman.

I like Steve Ross. I love his passion and I believe he has the Dolphins' best interest at heart. But he needs refining. He also could stand to listen to the right people more.

He told this fan that Peyton Manning sent him a letter explaining why he wasn't joining the Dolphins. OK, what has he done with that letter? Has he begun to address the issues that made the Dolphins unattractive to a Pro Bowl quarterback?


I also wrote Ross and the Miami Dolphins an open letter that published in today's newspaper. It lets Ross and the Dolphins understand how fans feel -- from my perspective, of course.

I hope they read it. I trust they will. But more importantly, I hope they take it to heart and don't just answer with a loud bull(bleep) -- which has been how the blunt instrument has reacted in the past.


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Soooo, he would have CUT Marshall if they couldn't find a trading partner??? Shows what a complete moron this guy really is.

Mike @2:10 PM,

Exactly! Thorough pre draft background info compiled the information on the past history's of Dez's mother and father past relationship. Though as you say tasteless, Ireland did have every right to pose this question to Bryant. It wasnt like he made it up as he went along. Nor was it posed because Dez was black.

The question was posed because it was part of the information collected after doing a proper and thorough predraft investigation on a player they were considering spending tens of million s of dollars on.

Yes, totally tasteless, but hardly racist. Ireland in no way responsible for the past life Dez's mother and father created for themselves. He merely expounded on it in the predraft interview with Bryant.

"Chicago knew we were desperate, they could’ve had Marshall for free, why trade for him and that mega deal?


Use your brain. He'd be a free agent if cut.Even if the bears knew the horrible situation(and what makes you think the phins fo let info get out, and that info of all get out finally? please......) Marshal could have signed with any team. Im sorry, theres plenty more teams better then the bears with a betetr qb marshal could have gone to for even more money.

Bears paid so he wouldn't become a fa.....

Stop whining to whine. Armandos mad Ross didn't give him this story.Its obvious


Exactly! The Bears knew they had a better chance to land Marshall giving up 2 3rde rd'ers than letting him hit the open market. The only stupid gm's are in Miami.

Uhhh.... Armando, dont you think Miami accepting 2 3rd rd'ers clued the Bears in on the fact they were about to dump him? Teams arent stupid, they just were guaranteeing themselves the chance to land Marshall before he hit "open market".

Dolphins could have at least gotten a 2nd rd'er for Marshall had they not acted like desperate to unload Marshall ninnies. A smart gm would have made it look like a "rebuilding move" to acquire upper picks to rebuild, not unload a valuable player.

Thus then other gm's would have placed a higher value on obtaining Marshall. But noooooooo.... This fo placed Marshall on the open trade maker obviously showing thier hand to be one of a "deperate ninnie".

A smart fo would have at least gotten a 2nd and 3rd'er for Marshall. A smart fo would have showed a much better "poker face" in doing this deal.

@2:34 PM *trade market*

Wow! Seems this franchise has become such a joke. Other Nfl teams no longer even take us seriously during trade talks. They now consider if we're talking of trading a player. He'll be soon released anyway. So why give up anything of great value for that player anyway. When we'll just hand him over a bag of "magic beans" anyhow. LOL

for a bag of "magic beans".

"ArmandoSalguero Stephen Ross has agreed to meet with media Monday lunchtime at Palm Beach NFL annual meeting. He has some 'splainin' to do."

OMG....How is it possible that this organization gets more pathetic by the day???

Guess what??? Things are not working out. Just end this already & sell the damn team!!! Take your billions & go buy some more real estate.

Owners should be seen and not heard!

I would like to point out that on this blog about this time last year most fans were calling for the Phins to sign D Mcnabb, K Kolb, V Young, and K Orton, and all were horrible busts. many fans cried for 3 years that we did not draft Brady Quinn. Now we have M Moore and D Garrard, and whats funny to me is Chad Henne is better than every QB listed and no one gave him a fair chance. Let the parade of back up QB,s continue for another decade, at least you will make yourselves look like great GM's on this blog.

Why do players not want to come to Miami???

Free Dolphin tickets

Please take them and fill the seats

1.1 Billion dollar pile of trash

with garbage QB Garrard attempting to move the pile

Your right Mando. If there would have been a reporter on the other end of that line Ross would have gotten his @rss handed to him.
Very raw.
Dont expect anyone in the NFL to trust thease guys.

for a bag of "magic beans".

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | March 25, 2012 at 02:43 PM



Ross is a cheap SOB always trying to shop for the skill positions in the bargain basement.

You're absolutely right Armando. Who is the spokesman for our team? Cause noone in this FO can articulate football verbiage without offending and alienating somebody. Ross definitely needs to hire someone with this savvy and skill. Please get busy with this search Ross and in the mean time, keep your mouth shut! I thought Peterson was going to be this guy, guess not.

OK, this is the way I see it. This season is Ireland's last chance. This season, this team needs to show hope for the future. Leave a lasting impression. I think you a have to pick a side. Offense or defense! If you're mediocre on both sides, you're boring!!! And nobody wants to watch that! Personally, I think we're closer to this impression on the defensive side. Go defense early in the draft. BUT, if Sherman thinks Tannehill COULD be the guy, than we have to draft him. Just remember, he'll be holding a clipboard the first year. In Shula's name we pray for a superbowl caliber team, amen!

There's only one problem in Miami: the Dolphins are a bad, boring team that keeps on trotting out bad, boring QB's year after year after year. No one likes or enjoys bad, boring football. Fans want some sort of excitement or at least the possibility of making some serious noise once in a while, that's all. Dolphins fans do not get that anymore, yet they're expected to care. The fans are simply tired of waiting and waiting for management to DO something to get them out of this tedious rut, but it never seems to happen.

Gone Fishing!


The Cheatriots philosophy of not leaking out information simple and effective. They have the discipline to avoid doing what Steve Ross just did. Even if they were going to release Marshall, obviously they never should have made that public. Not only is it slap in the face to Chicago, but it's bound to hurt the Dolphins in future dealings with all teams. No one is going to want to do business with a team who's going to put their private conversations on blast. No one is even going go want to talk to the Dolphins because of Steve Ross. I wish he'd just sell the team or die (and take Carl Peterson with him).

ARMANDO Wrote > Ridiculous you say?

Let us tell you ridiculous: It’s ridiculous you started the off season with holes at right tackle, right guard and pass-rusher, and nearly two weeks into free agency you've created more holes with new needs at wide receiver and strong safety. <<

Exactly Armando. I hope that Ross is educated enough to actually read and comprehend that the letter and the above have two people attached to the failure.

The Person who is DIRECTLY responsiable is Ross for not firing Jeff "THE SCOUT" Ireland.

Ross is a fool and has been played by THE SCOUT. Rosws has been surrounded by Ireland and all Jeffs staff into believing that everything will be ok.

Ross is a complete idiot for allowing Ireland to remain on. Ross purchased this team with all the Parcells crap and when new owners and management take over they usally purge the old guard and install new.

Ross gave Sparano and Ireland a chance to prove thier worth of which they failed. Sparano was fired but he shouild have also fired ireland.

That way ross could install an entirely new staff and a provin GM. We DO NOT NEED football czars we need football people that know what the team needs to win.

With that, WHY is THE SCOUT STILL HERE?????

We have holes and more holes and Ross, YOU must have a hole in your head as if you cant see that Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland IS the problem, God only knows what will make you see that.

The entire Dolphin fans base, 99% are all not wrong. Take a moment and say to yourself that The Fans are a mixed bag of people which can range from Firefighters, Police, Dog catchers, Excetives, correction officers, laborers, electricians, plum,bers, Pizza makers, lawyers, accountancts and everything in between and then some.

FIRE Ireland and perhaps, just perhaps in 2013 we can start fresh. FIRE Ireland NOW and offer the GM job to the ex Colts GM. Let's try and solvage what's left of the off season, FA and allow a real GM to pick the talant in the upcomming draft, NOT Ireland.

Armando.Make up you mind. You kiss arse and then write a negitive. Even the truthful artice is yellow journalism. If the Fins have 40,000 season ticket holder I will pay them each a beer. THE HAVE LOST 20,000 SEASON TICKET HOLDER IN THE LAST 3 YEARS. Including the 4 tickets I have held for 10 years. I'm done paying charity to a bucn of losers.

Really? My post got deleted because I called you and the Amilghty Herald on the carpet for whinning about the the big bad Dolphins bypassing the Almighty Hearld to speak directly to the fans. Nice one Armando.

I'll just repost the key point:

I seem to recall, Armando, that last year you threw a hissy fit when the Dolphins had a special event for bloggers and fan site folks. This post of yours appears to be the work of a jilted lover or a petulant child. I thought this type of journalism was beneath you. I now stand corrected.

The best form of protest is to not buy tickets. Period. to those losers who a "die hard fans", you goto the games. I predict a 4-12 record.

Ross needs to dummy up and keep quiet....Ireland needs to speak in behalf of the team much more frequently. More press conferences.


all ross has to do is fire ireland, and boom hes a hero

It's geeting to the point now where I van't even read this blog anymore. More Dolphins haters here than anything else with a writer that loves to egg them on. Absolutely pitifull!!

Salchica, the moron who posts under different names and sucks on his boyfriends Spanish sausage every chance he gets. How's that big mouthful cumming big guy??


This only proves that in life,... U can't make everyone happy and u can't make everyone like u...... I'm also very upset with the way this franchise is being ran in the ground... At the same time,.... I hate to see Ross get tarred and feathered like this cause I really believe he's trying..... So,.. My advice to Mr. Ross is FIX IT!!... Stop running off at the mouth and do something bout it.... Everything u say until then will be mocked and taken or a damn joke... As long as we're winning nobody cares how blunt and outspoken u are.... And oh yeah,... U might want to start with firing Jeffrey....


The letter that Manning wtote to Ross was all about Ireland which is why letter will not be released. And he must have had a lot on his mine for it to be called a letter. Lol

It's simple....

If Ross calls you up to talk about the current state of the Miami Dolphins...


'Nuff said...


So this is the whiny fans idea of better journalism about our Dolphins... Huh...?

So, Armando and his minions have now decided the best way to keep fans informed about current FOOTBALL matters is to continually piss and Moan adnausium... HUH...?

So.... This is what you guy's want... Huh...?

This is the sort of stuff you want Armando to write...? This is what you want to read...?

I'm telling all of you right now.... this team cannot even fart without A-holes like Armando and his minions whining about how it does not smell like chocolate...

This is not what REAL FANS want....


what it will do however is make our bran new coach hate the day he came here and any player who may be thinking of accepting a contract decide Miami fans are not worth his effort..

You have all been punked by a punk named Armando.....

To the genious who thinks tebow is great get a clue that defense played amazing considering that they were always on the field, for them to have actually been in games late in the 4th quarter was a testiment to the defense not tebow

When they have 3 1/2 quarters of thres and outs and theyre still in the game, thank that (porous?) defense, not teblow

Just posted a Miami 7 round draft on this site.



Both the jets fans and jets players are split on the Tebow thing. I bet the coaching staff is too.

The jets are a sociology experiment, at best. Someone should base their thesis on them.

I hope Philbin & crew are as significant as I'm choosing to believe, and will just flat run circles around the Jets and expose them as the overrated bag of parts that I think they are.

It's interesting to hear all the reports that Tebow selected the Jets because he believes he can win the starting job, but, meanwhile all the Jets horses and all the Jets men say Sancheez is the man.

Let's get this thing going!

jets are a mess, tebow is garbage. sparano is garbage, i love it

So i guess were not going to win the Super Bowl next year?

Garrard's not going to Disney World?


that open letter and now this - your worst work in years.

You've drifted way too far into the area of opinion maker and not news reporter. You act as if you are the great arbiter and the Fins don't know how the fans feel. Very presumptuous on your part.

Get back to reporting and analysis.

First off, he owns the bloody team and he can call anyone he likes. He can fire anyone and hire anyone. And there isn't a thing anyone can do about it.

I look at Moore and I see a guy that is going to win some games for us next year. I look at a pretty defense and we just signed another corner who is also pretty good.

The Jets signed Tebow. Big deal. The Broncos got Manning, big whoop. Both are questionable. Seatle got Flynn. Once again big deal. Now the guy that Buffalo got, that is a big deal. Because they are the only team in AFC East that know what it is going to take to beat New England. Uhhhh defense.

It is Ross's team. Not mine and if he wants to call a bag lady on the corner of Main and Duke, then he can go right ahead. He didn't call me and I wouldn't know what to say to a billionaire anyway.

I am a huge dolphin fan and have been since 1984. Most of the posts that I read make no sense at all! I do not understand the hatred for Ross or Ireland. Let them finish this thing out. If we had wanted Flynn we would have gotten him and apparently Manning did not want to come here. He didn't want to go to anywhere but Denver. Ireland has had only one year to run this thing without Parcell. We all know that Bill ran the team and dictated to Ireland what to do. Let's wait and see who we draft and give it this year till we "cash" in. This is the first real year that Ross will have his own people in place. I even heard one fan blame Ireland for us not having Drew Brees! What an idiot and a stupid fan. Ireland wasn't even here and Ross definately wasn't.

Oh we are going to the Super Bowl. :)

Stop worrying about signing big name free agents. This team is finally headed in the right direction. All the regular playoff temas build through the draft, and supplemnent the roster with lesser name solid free agents. Ireland is solid drafting players, but it takes a few years to solidify a roster. Go DOLPHINS!


count me out of the self important and entitled group of cartoon characters who believe Ross owes them a call or explanation.

I just want wins and am willing to wait until the team plays the games before i form an opinion of the off-season or the on-field product.

I didn't want any of the QBs on the market and am not going to miss BM. Let's get a RG, RT, add a receiver with hands and see what year 1 looks like.

Jets are a mess!

Riddle me this...

If you have a situational QB, don't you really have 2 situational QBs? I think so.

If you have 2 situational QBs, you really have none.

It's almost become cliche to say.

What is the fuss about? I don't see what this FO did so wrong these last few weeks.

Peyton was here and still didn't stop to interview with us so he obviously had little interest in the first place. Harbaugh and Elway clearly had the upper hand. Peyton still has to prove he will be back in form before I believe it, so we don't even know if he was even worth it yet.

I'm glad they didn't over pay for Flynn, why would you? Isn't it likely Philbin had some say in Flynn's worth?

Marshall, just as well, take your losses and move on, the guy was a negative distraction in too many ways. The fact is he did not live up to his potential with us. Too many dropped balls for a guy that was brought in to be a top five receiver. Too little production in the red zone. He didn't come through. Not to mention his constant personal issues.

So what's the fuss? There is a still a draft you know. Just maybe Phiblin has a plan? Let's wait and see how ready or not this team is come game 1 before going overboard on the complaints.

In all seriousness i mean they checked out the QB market and weren't able to land a significant upgrade.

Although i wish they would learn how to not make a circus out of eveything. I'm not hugely disappointed.

After releasing Henne a back-up had to be found. I'm sure whoever loses the battle, Garrard or Moore will make a great back-up.

The starter will be the question and hopefully another QB will be added in the draft.

The Marshall trade did surprise me and still does to some degree but i can see where Philbin and Ireland got together and agreed that they wanted players who were going to buy into their system and not be a distraction.

I just hope Ireland does a better job of drafting than we've become accustomed to recently.

Does anyone think they brought in Garrard to be the future? Crazy. We had no depth, they needed a back up and he is as good of an experienced backup that was available, certainly better than Losman. Let him and Moore compete and maybe they have a plan in the draft to move forward. It's not like there were any slam dunk options out there for a franchise QB. (Although I would have rolled the dice on RG3, too late).

DEVILS............ GOOD POSTS @ 6;36 PM AND @ 6;30 PM......

As of today I truly believe Miami are a worse team than in January.We lose Marshall,Taylor,Bell,Langford,Carey and bring in third rate cast offs and rejects who most of us have never heard of.
I am actually dreading what Ireland will do in the draft.

Devils advocate, u either haven't been around for long or just can't be realistic...but the 'let's wait and See' isn't just what we've heard since the Marino and Johnson fiasco, it's ALL wr've heard. And if we can't get the basic, very BASIC understanding of fan maintenance, let alone happiness, let me spell it out for u: the crappy teams like us (there are many who are always crappy but very few like us thats leaders are so inept they turn something great INTO something crappy) have usually one MAJOR AND PRIMARY need, and as long as this is filled, no matter how bad, fan patience and understanding will win out, and that is to have a franchise qb. As long as u get that, or have that, fans will for the most part show an unbelievable amount of patience and understanding.....examples: Matt stafford/Detroit, Phillip rivers/San Diego, Carson Palmer/cincy, Alex smith/San Fran , new and old like cam newton/Carolina and jake Plummer/Arizona and David Carr/Houston.....some of which have and will get more years than they deserved just because.
Yet here we are...the two most hopeless teams are us and Cleveland. Are we, as fans, supposed to be so naive that it's just a coincidence that we have the longest streak without a qb and most tried qbs in the era?
We have finally hit the organization where it hurts, their pockets. THEY ARE STILL NOT GETTING THE MESSAGE!
Time to issue an ultimatum: if u don sign a guard or tackle, draft Justin Blackmon and either wheeden or Wilson, then the ticket and merchandise sales now will seem like a pleasure cruise compared to what happens in the next 12 months....keep biting the hand that feeds u caviar and we'll switch it to the dollar menu, you're right, this isn't a democracy, you're just confused on who is in charge.

Thanks Mando, Keep up the good work













Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/03/stephen-ross-is-more-blunt-intstrument-than-tactician.html#storylink=cpy

What are you talking about these protests happen ALL THE TIME!! You just dont follow them.

I read the other article. Great work I hope they read it also.




AND OUR NEW CORN BEEF HC ..............

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