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Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland in full effect

I apologize that I did not post this earlier this week because covering the NFL annual meeting and writing this column for the print edition of The Miami Herald  and this other column for the print edition of The Miami Herald made me lose focus. I apologize.

Allow me to recover:

Ross and Ireland made themselves available to the media this week. Here is everything they said in full effect:

Stephen Ross Opening Statement: “Good afternoon. A beautiful day. I thank you guys for coming and giving us this opportunity to talk to you and talk to our fans which I think is very important. It’s been great to know and I think we’ve all seen it in the last week or two how passionate our fans are. I think that’s the good news and the bad news. I think it’s great they are passionate. We have great fans in South Florida and we all have one thing in common, we all want to see a winning football team. I guess everybody has ideas how do you get there but I’m very excited the way things are going on. We’ve had a lot of changes as you know. We have a new football coach. I think he once said, I’ve been speaking to him…he said you know, I thought it’d be great here but it’s even better than I thought it would be. I’m really enjoying being here and I think he’s very excited about what he’s doing and the direction he feels he can take this team and the great energy he’s really brought to our whole organization. We’ve also made some changes in the business side and Mike Dee is doing a great job from that standpoint. I think we probably have the best organization that the Dolphins have had in a long time. So I’m very excited about that. It also gives us a great chance to really engage in our fans. The time is right so I’m open to any questions and Mike (Dee) and Jeff (Ireland) are here and they can chime in.”

(On how he addresses the concern that the fan believe the organization is in disarray) – “I don’t think all the fans feel that way. I think there probably hasn’t been enough communication with them. We’re going to engage in that a lot more. I feel that with the changes we’ve had, I mean if people look at it today and they say hey, you haven’t gone out and gotten major free agents that maybe people thought you might have had. We look it at we’re in the process. Free agency has a period to run. I don’t know if there are a lot of major names out there but there’s the draft. There’s a whole plan that we have set forth. Some things go well; some things don’t go as you would have like them to go. I think you know what I’m referring to from that standpoint with regard to Peyton Manning. We’re looking to really take this football team to a different level.”

(On what Brandon Marshall did to concern him to not be on the team) – “That’s history. We want to go on. We wish him the best. That’s really behind us. It was a trade. He wasn’t cut and we think we got fair value. We think the football team is better for it.”

(On the decision to call the fan) – “I’m a passionate fan as they are. And when you really realize someone’s passionate enough they are going to go out and protest that’s the kind of person I want to talk to. I asked Mike (Dee) to find out who the fans were, who I could talk to somebody who’s that passionate.”

(On if he thinks this team is a playoff team or rebuilding) – “We think we have a fine nucleus. I think we’re excited about where we’re going. Rome wasn’t built in a day. When I came in here how poor the team was performing I think it’s done better. We were all very disappointed…I was like everybody else with the start we had last year. You saw what happen; you see the nucleus of this team. They continue to fight and I think they surprised everybody. I don’t think anybody’s ever had a turn around the last part of the season with a miserable start that they had. I think it tells a lot about the team and the personnel that we have. I think certainly we know where there are some weaknesses. We are looking at that. We look to really correct that.”

(On Coach Philbin in his tenure thus far) – “He’s much better than I even thought. I was excited about him. I wanted a coach that really came from a winning organization. The energy he’s brought to that, the staff that he’s assembled and the plan that he has, I think you’re going to see a lot more energy from this organization. I think you’re going to like the offense that he has. We all talked about offense. Everybody was always asking me do I want to open it up a little bit. I think we got the guy who really put together the best offense in the NFL. I think it’s very exciting. I think we’re going to see an exciting brand of football. We certainly have pieces we need to put together.”

(On how concerned he is with the perception of his franchise right now) – “You always want to be concerned. You listen to it. That’s why I really want to engage the fans. That’s why I made the phone calls. I think it’s unfair but look winning really resolves all issues. It’s like we haven’t lost anything. We all knew where we were at the end of the season. We’ve made some major changes and we’ll continue to look to upgrade the team anyway we can.”

(On the heat his General Manager has taken) – “I think it’s unfair. I don’t like it. I don’t think Jeff (Ireland) likes it. I think it’s unfair. I think the ideas were the fact that we didn’t get Peyton Manning. I think the fact that we are right in the middle of the process. It’s an unfinished product and I think to judge him at this point in time is not the right thing to do by anybody.”

(On if he reached out to more than one fan or just the one fan so far) - “I spoke to two fans.”

(On his decision to change Tony Sparano and retain Jeff Ireland) - “I mean if you look at his past. I think he’s done a great job with the draft. He’s a great talent evaluator. He is somebody who is as hard working as anybody I’ve ever met. He’s as smart as they come with the football side. And I think the idea is what are you judging him on. I think that the team is certainly not the same team that it was when he started here. It’s a lot better. When people feel that you should be there, that’s when the greatest frustration always is. I think we’re a lot closer and you got to get the brakes but you play the game to win. I mean, I’m interested in winning football games.”

(On how to excite the fans and getting a franchise quarterback) - “Well we’re going to keep looking certainly for upgrading that. I’m very excited about Matt Moore. We got so many people that really liked what Matt Moore did last year and I think as he got more experience the team got better. That’s a good place to start with and if we could continue that, that’d be great. There’s a lot of good personnel on that team.”

(On if there a miscalculation on the interest level that Peyton Manning would have in the Dolphins) - “I felt like a lot of people, I met with his father earlier in December. We spoke about it. He loves South Florida. I think it came down to he wanted be placed where he didn’t know anybody in our house. He wanted to be comfortable. He’d been at two teams his whole life and I think he judged it based on the fact where he would feel most comfortable where he had familiar faces around him. Because that’s what he was used to. But you know we gave it a big effort. He was the only franchise quarterback out there that we saw and what he could do for that team. Look it.. I went after him. If I didn’t go after him I wouldn’t be interested in really winning. I want to win today not tomorrow. It didn’t happen.”

(On how much he has learned in the last three years about being an NFL owner) - “It’s a real experience. I’ve had more owners come up to me and say hey, I didn’t know what was going on for four or five years once you step in there. This is a different business. You can succeed in business. It’s a lot easier to do that then it is, and it’s not that easy to do that in these times, but it’s difficult to really win. You know what players you want but that doesn’t mean you can get them. And there are a lot of things that are just out of your control. We’re all competitive as hell and I haven’t lost in many things and I’m not planning on losing here.”

Jeff Ireland:

(On if he should not have been as powerful in saying he was going to address the quarterback situation) - “I don’t have any second thoughts on trying to address the quarterback position. I made it very clear that quarterback position needs to play better for us to have the ultimate success. I think we have addressed the quarterback position. There was in our estimation, there was one franchise quarterback out there that became available. We took a shot at him. We didn’t sit on the sideline hoping and wishing. We went after him. We didn’t achieve that goal. Other than that I think a lot is to be said about Matt Moore and what he was able to accomplish last year with limited, no OTA’s, limited training, limited knowledge of the offseason. He finished us 6-9. I have a great respect. I have a lot of confidence in Matt Moore. The second part of the plan if we didn’t achieve the Peyton Manning aspect was to provide a competitive atmosphere at the quarterback position to raise the play of the quarterback position. We felt like we’ve done that. We weren’t going to be reckless and go after players that we didn’t definitively think can beat out Matt Moore. We weren’t going to do that. We want to provide competitive environment at the quarterback position to raise the game of either Matt Moore or the competitor and we feel like we’ve done that with a seasoned veteran. A guy that’s been started a lot of games in this profession. I feel like he’s got a lot left. So we feel good where we are at the quarterback position at this time.”

(On the scrutiny that’s been coming his way) - “Comes with the job. It’s not my first time to have a little adversity. I think adversity is the companion of a champion or the enemy of the weak. So I believe in that. With responsibility becomes visibility and you know like Steve (Ross) said we have some passionate fans, as passionate as any place I’ve ever been. They have a right to voice their opinion and we’ve got to do a better job of communicating with our fans and making sure that we’re a little bit more transparent of what we’re trying to get accomplished. Steve’s made that point as well and we’re going to try to do that. But at the end of the game it’s about finding football players and winning games. And right now we’re in the finding football process and five months from now we’ll be winning, hopefully winning games.”

(On the final plan) - “Well I am not going to get into exactly what the plans are, we’re right in the middle of free agency. We’re trying to prepare for the draft fellas. And we’re trying to attack our musts. I think we did a pretty good job of retaining Paul Soliai which was a must. Keeping the inside front for the most part intact. We felt like upgrading the secondary was a position of need for us, the cornerback position. So we addressed that need. We’re going to continue to attacking our musts whether it be from a depth perception. We needed depth at the offensive line. We needed some more special teams players. So we’re addressing some of those. Maybe not all musts. There’s several needs and wants but we’re keeping our philosophy intact and that’s going after value in free agency and continuing to build through the draft.”

Stephen Ross:

(On Tim Tebow becoming available and if he considered bringing him here) - “We’ll I talked to the coach. He didn’t really fit our system and you’re not going to bring someone in just to sell seats. Therefore we kind of dismissed that early on because the coach has an idea where he wants to take this team and how it’s going to perform and you get players who can really fit in that system and Tim Tebow didn’t fit in that system.”

(On extending players’ contracts) - “Let me tell you, money will never be an issue for us becoming a winning football team that I can tell you right now. We have to live with the limitations of the salary cap as all teams do. Sometimes, you lose players. You have to put your money where you really think it’s going to make the biggest impact. But I think we have a lot of players expiring and we got to make sure we don’t make stupid mistakes by signing players with big names, with big salary bonuses that are really going to impact the cap. So you have to take that into consideration. The one thing I’ve learned in response to your question is this is one hell of a complex business. I got to tell you (laughing). Trying to figure out how you’re going to do things and maneuver things around within this system. And I think that’s very important and certainly those players that we know that are coming up we all know we want to retain them. We have to make sure we’re in a position to do that.”

Jeff Ireland:

(On having a capable right guard and right tackle starters now on the roster) - “Well, like I said, we added some depth with Artis Hicks. I think he’s started somewhere along the line of 70 games in his career. He’s certainly something we needed to address more depth at the tackle position. We got John Jerry returning. We got Nate Gardner returning. We got Ryan Cook returning. We got some other young players there that have some upside so we feel fairly good at that position. But we’re going to continue to address the offensive line needs. That’s one must that we’re going to continue to do.”

Stephen Ross:

“One of the great things when we were interviewing with Coach (Joe) Philbin was his emphasize on developing players and teaching technique and I think this is important. I think you’re going to see these players develop better than they have been in the past. I really have a lot faith in his ability and his belief that we have a good nucleus that he can develop to be a winning football team.”

(On Coach Joe Philbin’s development of players impact not signing big name free agents) - “Absolutely, it’s always better to do that. I think if at examples that we all look at clearly after evaluating him with what Green Bay has done. We should only get there. Question is; it starts this year. It’s great, but certainly it’s the best way to go. The best teams are really built through the draft. We want consistency here. I don’t want to come in one year and say hey we won it and back being below a .500 team. I want to be in the playoffs every year. I want to be in the hunt and you’re going to do that with consistency. You’re going to do that in the draft. You’re going to do that by being smart and having the right people there. I think we’re building a nucleus of that.”

(On not getting your first option as far as coaches and players) - “You know what, I’ll do it again and again. I’m going to be bold and you know what you don’t lose for trying. And if I could find the right guy, I’m going to be bold and getting him. I can’t worry about losing because nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Jeff Ireland:

(On not trading up for the #2 pick in the draft, were you in the conversation) - “We had early conversations with them. I don’t want to get into depth of what we were willing to give up to obtain that pick. We had some early conversations with them, yeah.”

Stephen Ross:

(On Cleveland willing to match that amount) - “I don’t want to say that what we did because we didn’t.”

Jeff Ireland:

(On talking about the Washington Redskin trading up for the #2 draft pick) -“That’s up to them. That’s the Washington Redskins and we’re the Miami Dolphins. And we got to conduct business the way we feel that’s right way to do business.”

Stephen Ross:

(On players comments about the Miami Dolphins) - “I know one player that did that. You’re always going to find somebody that’s going to say something for whatever reason. Players might say that because they were dropped. They didn’t make the team. Other players came here and we didn’t meet their salary demands. People always want to say something because they like being in the spotlight often times. I know one thing, this is probably the best place in the NFL to play football and it will never stop us from getting another player in this organization. Players will want to play for this organization. The reputation that Coach (Joe) Philbin has and what he’s going to attract here and what we’re doing. I wouldn’t go with what one or two people might say.”

A Statement to the fans from Stephen Ross

“I would just want to thank the really good fans. We’re going to be engaging with you a lot more the fans. I think you’re going to see a different organization. You saw what we did here when we visited newspapers. We’re going to be a lot more responsive and I think you’re going to see that in the future.”


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I'm very impressed with Mr. Ross.....

Blah Blah Blah....draft a franchise QB already...

trade this years number 1 for a number 1 next year and whatever else you can get, get some amo and try to get Barkley .. he's better than Luck anyway!!! We need a young franchise QB!

they said they would be more accessible. they didnt say they would answer any questions truthfully.

Same repetitive garbage we always here from these 2 morons. They all "love where we're at".....I guess we're all morons then right? I guess the fact that we have less talent now than we did at the start of FA is a good thing, right? I guess we should all be happy with another losing season and just buy tickets anyways, right? Because we all love the Dolphins and should just shut our mouths, put on a smile, and keep saying "Well, they're professionals. They know what they're doing. I have faith. Yay Dolphins".....right??? WRONG! Ross is a *explitive*-ing moron and Jeff Ireland can go *explitive* himself! We are royalty *explitive*-ed until Ireland is forced to release his grip from this team.

Ross in the opening paragraph sounds like a fortune 500 CEO at a corporate function. Everyone drinking the Koolaid as to how great the organization is and will be for the coming quarter. The Dolphns have to many needs to go after a QB who will hold a clip board for a year. The first three rounds should NOT be a QB.

When I have diarrhea the first thing that comes to mind when its dumping out is the Miami Dolphins.

I am going to get some good seats when I buy some SEASON TICKETS !!!

I like what was said. Let's see how it translates on the field. I do like building with draft picks.

What garbage....We are such a second rate franchise with no hope in sight.

Ross created a circus environment here. The team lacks any kind of credibility.
Ireland is so over his head..he could have possibly survived if he had a real football man above him. He can not operate as the face of the franchise.

Players do not want to come here....their identity is BAD.

With all the Parcells talk these days....although he made some bad draft choices (Pat White)...he gave the team direction and credibility. Something they do not have now.

Ross......PLEASE if you are not going to sell the team..stay in New York, do not speak to the press....and hire a real football man to work above Ireland.

Crikey! I think I hear the sound of a mentally challenged Dolphins fan....shhhhh....listen......Waaaaaaah waaah Fireland waaaaah wah owner sucks wahwah. QuarterbackWah!

I agree with most everyone blogging...We are tired of hearing the same BS over and over again Mr. Ross. I have been a fan all my 48 years of life and never would I have ever thought that this once proud organization would at the state it is now. It's run by a bunch of clowns that are clueless! We are considered the laughing stock of the league and nobody respects Jeff Ireland! 3 straight losing seasons and the reality is we are most probably heading to a 4th straight losing season which would be a franchise record.

Artis Hicks? Are you kidding? $2M for an over the hill journeyman. We replaced Marc Colombo with Marc Colombo. I guess the "really good fans" are the people who buy tickets and keep their mouths shut.

Would someone who has access to Ross PLEASE explain to him that Ireland's "success" the first year was completely due to having a great QB in CP and springing the Wildcat on the NFL?

Short memories.

I was concerned that Ross the fan.....would dominate Ross the Owner...but as he clearly states...even tho he had interest in Tebow...Philbin told him that it was not part of his grand design for the offense...and Ross backed off....

Ross told us earlier...if Philbin had wanted Flynn....Flynn would bhe a Dolphin....

a clear seperation of church and state....owner and fan....

Ross gets it.....

Artis Hicks is a obvious upgrade over Coldumbo. Hell, J-Lo would be an upgrade over Coldumbo... And I mean SERIOUSLY at blocking to protect a QB.

Hell we could throw Steven Ross out there and he would be better than Coldumbo! Matt Moore's fart would protect him more than Coldumbo!

I feel better now

Kris, I agree on Ross. I think he wants a winning team here, and he it trying" to the best of his ability to create that.

I am not sold on Ireland however. Some picks and free agents worked out, but many have been disasters.

This year will be my final verdict on how I feel about Ireland. This draft BETTER make sense.

Am I the only one who skipped the entire post starting at Stephen Ross opening statement?


Appearing on Sirius XM Radio Thursday morning, NFL Films' Greg Cosell suggested Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon lacks the characteristics of an elite NFL receiver prospect.
"I struggle with Justin Blackmon," Cosell said. "He's not an elite prospect like Andre or Calvin Johnson. (Michael) Floyd's right there with him." Floyd has a couple of inches and at least five pounds on Blackmon, and ran 4.47 on a slow track at the Combine. Blackmon didn't run in Indy, but ran 4.46 on a fast track at his Pro Day. On tape, they are similar prospects. Don't be surprised if Blackmon falls out of the top six, but both he and Floyd are gone by pick No. 17.

It's always darkest before dawn...

...this is a team on the rise and the biggest factor is Joe Philbin.

When Henne went down, Moore stepped in with the same group and won 6 of 9 games.

Now that Sparano is gone, you'll see just how bad a coach he was when Philbin wins 10+ games this year.


I hope Columbo is relieved of his duties soon for the dolphins sake and for your sake. :)

Even though he's been your favorite player for a few years now. (joke)

OH...is Columbo still on the roster?

Blah Blah BLah, it's nothing more than talk, he sounds like a politician! At the end of the day, it's the product on the field that matters and so far, the Dolphins don't matter in the eyes of it's fans and nationally!

I may be wrong, but I haven't heard of him being cut yet.

Can someone confirm?

just checked the official roster on the fins website...columbo is GONE!



Make sense to who? You? That a little arrogant don't you think.


I don't believe he has to be cut. Pretty sure he only signed a one year contract last year. I think he's an UFA.

Colombo is still on the Roster.

I stand corrected he is a UFA

So your saying I should still keep my Columbo jersey just in case???

:) :)

Jake Long actually had a worse season than Columbo last season.

I would have to disagree that our pro bowl LT had a worse season than Colombo.

Colombo will NOT be on the team this fall so let's move on please...

Colombo will NOT be on the team this fall so let's move on please...
Posted by: NHFINSFAN | March 29, 2012 at 09:52 AM

I like this post.

Can we apply this same principle to the coaches, players and draft picks we didn't get too!

Clue, Come on man,,, you know better! That is hogwash at it's best.

I really didn't expect much from the brass.

Of course, as all of you who know me know, the one sentence I didn't like is: "I think we have addressed the quarterback position" by Ireland.

The only way to take that sentence seriously is if you believe it was said while Ireland was wearing a clown suit complete with the rainbow wig and red nose.

If David Garrard is addressing your QB position, then you're really not intending to EVER go to the Playoffs again.

And, that's as close to being a bold-face lie as you can get in our PC world (since you can't ever accuse anyone publicly for lying). The ENTIRE football universe knows Miami will draft a QB at some point, because the ENTIRE football universe knows Miami's QB situation is not good (nor has been good for many, many years). I don't know why Ireland couldn't just say, "we did begin to address our situation, and will continue to look at all options to improve our QB situation." That's not telling anyone anything they don't know, and being pretty forthright while not throwing your current players on the roster under the bus. But, that's Ireland.

For the most part, I'm hopeful, but not unrealistic. I'm optimistic about our team improving, but don't expect it to happen in a year. I'm definitely behind Philbin's plan and philosophy, so I want it to play out before I grade the execution by the GM and Coaching staff. I'm VERY excited to see if the Coaches can FINALLY develop players (like all the other good teams do). That might be the single biggest thing Philbin can do to change the culture. If you can take a drafted player, who's not yet elite, and develop him to reach his full potential, Miami will never again be in the CAP position that are in, because they won't need to spend godzillions for top FA prospects.

Poizen, ok, I may be exaggerating a lil but last season was def Long worse season as a pro.

That I agree with Clue. :)

I don’t see Tannehill as an upgrade over Henne. Tannehill has a 3/4 almost side arm release!!! Not the same arm caliber as Moore or Henne. Maybe as a WR if he runs a fast 40 in the 5th round perhaps but Tannehill is not an upgrade over Moore now or in the future in the NFL. Not by a long shot with that release.

Ireland missed an elite arm that fell to him in the 2nd round last year. Now you need to wait until another elite arm becomes available. NO BARKLEY DOES NOT HAVE AN ELITE ARM either… CB’s in the AFC East will eat Tannehill for breakfast. Prepare for lots of picks going the other way if we draft Tannehill at #8 and expect him to be anything more than a backup QB in the NFL… Tannehill at #8 is suicide for the Phins. They should take Upshaw at #8 and solidify their defense. Thay have a shot at being elite on defense with a solid QB in Moore. Stop it already with the crap about a side arm QB being able to compete in the AFC East. That is just plain idiot talk...

Armando, your editing on this blog was atrocious. Have some pride in your craft. Running a spell or grammar check or even one proof read would do wonders.

You're a pro with a long track record. You're better than this. You're representing yourself, your family, the Herald, South Florida, the Miami Dolphins, and the posters on this blog. Pick it up.



Great....Thanks a lot. Now I can hate them both more than I already do.

How is taking Tannehill at #8 suicide? He won't command an outrageous contract, he will get a chance to be developed and the organization will know within two or three years if he has it or not.

In the meantime, the team won't get worse than it is now.

Your counter argument may be well there are pass rushers there. There is nobody at 8 that is a guarantee. All the players have doubts. Pass rushers bust out quite often as well. I can name you more top ten picks that were pass rushers that crapped out in the NFL than quarterbacks.

Might as well roll the dice on the risk that brings the biggest rewards. Winning teams operate in this manner. They don't play it safe to spite the biggest return on investment.

Start the winner of the Moore/Garrard shoot-out this summer and let Tannehill hold the clipboard for a year.

Then in the summer of 2013...have another camp shoot-out and let the winner start.

Pretty simple folks, you start the player who EARNS it.

How is taking Tannehill at #8 suicide? He has a side-arm release... PERIOD. You are NOT going to re-teach that release.

Drafting a QB with a 3/4, almost side arm, release at #8 in the draft would seal the deal on the Dolphins. I have concerns that Tannehill can be a back up QB in the league with that release. Henne had a better arm.

Maybe Tannehill as a project WR or seam TE but no way is he a starting QB. You are not going to reteach that release once he gets to the NFL. How a player throws is how he throws.

Ask Denver how their Tebow QB release training project turned out? The top teams in the NFL have QB's with elite arm strength and 12 o'clock releases. Brady, the Mannings, Brees, Newton (Yes Carolina is rising now), Rothlisberger, Rodgers, what do they all have in common? Elite arm strength with over the top releases.

I think Miami fans have forgotten what league they play the game of football in. Since Marino we have not had an elite arm QB and we have struggled. Ireland missed BADLY when an elite arm fell to him in the 2nd round last year.

So now the Dolphins should play to their strength and draft a guy like Upshaw at 34OLB/43DE. He can do both. Go back and watch the championship game. He can drop in coverage, track down rb's and put his hand in the ground and rush up the field as a DE. Passing on a player like Upshaw and selecting a side arm QB like Tannehill would spell DOOM for the Dolphins. Don't do it!!!

I see Upshaw as a Harrison type of player in the NFL. He is a proven commodity. He was a BEAST against LSU and you all want another weak arm QB only this one has a poor 3/4 release. Are you all Stoned? What is in the water down there? Welcome to Miami, just DON't Drink the WATER LOL

Sorry I left Michael Vick's arm out of that equation. Vick has a similar release but if you think Tannehill has the arm strength of Vick then you are on GLUE.

A guy like Matt Ryan has a great release but lacks elite arm strength and they struggle. PERIOD. I sometimes doubt the good folks in So Fla actually remember what league the Dolphins are playing in sometimes. Revis and the other AFC East Corners will chew Tannehill up and spit him out. Why? Because they WON't respect his arm... Those are the FACTS! You can own up to the FACTS or you can continue to live in a fantasy world. IT's YOUR CHOICE!

Phillip Rivers has a few objections to your arguements....

Here is the official scouting report on Tannehill's release/arm strength:

Release, arm strength (average): "Possesses a three-quarter sidearm release where he almost pushes the ball. However, gets it out quickly and can release the ball accurately from a variety of launch points if need be. Low release point brings up some slight concerns about batted balls at the NFL level. Arm strength is adequate-to-good, and can make all the NFL throws. Does not have elite ability to stretch the field vertically though.

when's the season start?

IT is a free county to debate this, so I am not saying not to.

But think about it, it was like all the debate about Matt Flynn. As much as some may not like out owner, manager/coach, whatever...

No one knows Tanny better than Sherman. If we draft him this staff believes he is a NFL starter and a good one. If they don't then we know the guy closest to him does not believe it.

You really need to leave your trust in Sherman and Philbin here. I, for the first year, will have to trust and most likley "like" the 1st pick this year until the pick proves them wrong, no matter if it is a QB or not.

Hey ross and ireland, go to hell

I'm heading out to the FIRELAND Protest to see my brother, Home.

I cannot wait for that racist Ireland to be fired.


@RG3: How is taking Tannehill at #8 suicide? He has a side-arm release... PERIOD. You are NOT going to re-teach that release.

Seemed to work for Marino and I hear no complains for Philip Rivers. If the ball gets on time to the receivers, who cares about his release.
Not saying I'm sold on Tannehill, but using his relesase as your reason to say he's no good is silly.

sry Phillip Rivers is in that elite club too. My bad. You can catch Upshaw on the Three today at 11am. Tannehill's pro day is on lock down. Shenanigans?

Anyway I wish the Dolphins fans would get a clue. Simply relying on guys who are in the Biz misses the point I think. Guys who are too close to this process sometimes miss on other perspectives Groupthink is alive and well in sports. Following the herd doesn't seem to get it done in the NFL... Just my 2 cents though. A 3/4 release in the top 10 of the NFL draft??? Really???

Maybe we should call Henne back....solid release, huge arm...how'd that work out? I am not saying Tannehill is the answer, but I am not saying he isn't either.

RG3 is quite angry this morning. Good, but consider your boy Upshaw is far from the sure thing and could be a wasted pick as well. At 6'1, he may have his problems. There's been a bunch of players with his stature that struggled in the league at his position. He may overcome it, but there is a fair share of risk.

trade down at 8 to somewhere in the mid teens(if there is a buyer)and get extra picks. if tannehill is not there in the mid teens then with the 5 picks we already have(plus more if we trade down)out of the 1st 105 picks take osweiler or cousins, and double down on best avaiabe wideouts and DE/OLB's

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