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Tannehill pro day under way (Dolphins in the house)

Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill's pro day is proceeding before a large contingent in College Station, Tex.

The Dolphins are there with general manager Jeff Ireland and coach Joe Philbin confirmed. I do not know if offensive coordinator Mike Sherman is there. I will try to confirm. [Update: Sherman is not in College Station.]

Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star Telegram reports the Dolphins contingent had dinner with Tannehill on Wednesday night. They forced him to pay.

Nah, just kidding. I'm assuming the Dolphins paid.

According to Josina Anderson of ESPN, there are 21 teams present for the event. The Cleveland Browns are there, represented by offensive coordinator Brad Childress among others. It is interesting perhaps only to me that the Browns' major voices -- general manager Tom Heckert and head coach Pat Shurmur were not present. They were at Alabama's pro day to see running back Trent Richardson.

The Broncos, Chiefs, Bills, Saints and Seahawks are there, with head coach Pete Carroll representing his team.

Because he suffered a broken foot this offseason, scouts wanted to see Tannehill run to make sure he is relatively healed. According to reports, Tannehill ran the 40-yard dash once and clocked (hand timing) between 4.59 and 4.62.

Tannehill completed his first 24 consecutive throws, according to NFLDraftScout.com analyst Dane Brugler. He had a pass dropped then he had another pass dropped on his 42nd throw. He finished the workout with 65 completions  -- 65 for 68 with two dropped passes.

Yes, quarterbacks typically ace their pro day workouts. I get it. But it is always better that they perform well than if they chuck a hot mess of poo. So give the guy that.

I remind you Tannehill, who started 19 games at quarterback, was a wide receiver before was moved to QB. He will go in the first round as a QB. He said after the workout he has private workouts already set up with the Browns, Chiefs, and Eagles.


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Pretty slow for a former wideout.

Mark, he's white what do you expect. Anyways let the jizzing for Tannehill begin now..

Manning and Brady prove you don't need to be fast.....it's the other intagibles I'll be interested in


Clue, I guess he's no Jason Sehorn.

Ohio, Manning and Brady are the exceptions.

Rodgers isn't that fast?

Some had quick feet.......not fast runners though

Mark, Jason Sehorn was not that fast, prob the same speed. I cant tell you the last time there was an All Pro Corner.

Ohio, Mark was saying Tannehill was slow for a WR...
Im still not sure about drafting a QB with only 19 game experiece as QB this is a recipe for disaster.

Oh i see what you mean clue........as a WR yea, I thought you meant slow for a QB.

Im pretty sure all of the top QB Ohio mentioned in his list above had more than 19 career college games under there belt.

Tebow ran a 4.71 and some want to make him a TE or RB.

Not BLAZING speed for a WR, but reasonable. For a QB? BLAZING!

Please, don't UNDERVALUE this guy and try to get a CHEAP 2nd or 3rd QB.

Once and for all, draft us a 1st Rd FRANCHISE QB! JUST DO IT!

Kind of slow in here today........

Gotta get to work, tons to do today.

Click my name and check out that convo at some point......

Clue. It's "their" to show possession. Not that difficult to remember, even for a 16 year old boy. "There" is a place. "They're" is a contraction for "they are."

that 3/4 release pushing the ball down field isn't gonna git her done against Revis and the Jets. the Fish need to rethink their top pick at #8 I think

Interesting I read that Sherman is the one who moved Tannehill from QB to WR in his sophmore year. Tanehill pretty much broke (or almost broke) every freshman WR record possible at Texas A&M. Lead the team in receptions his sophmore year.
People have said this plenty but Sherman knows this kid better than anyone and we are in a great position to make the best assesment of him than any other team,

Ted Smith, eat shi* and die.

Sherman doesn't really need to be there at the pro day. He's seen Tannehill up close and personal for a few years now.

I do find it interesting that the Eagles setup a private workout with Tannehill. Makes sense but it is interesting that they are doing due diligence and planning ahead.

I would imagine Arizona will be in that mix too.

I don't care if we draft a QB in the first round until we find a great one. No faith Ireland and Ross can find a stud QB by due-dillegence. Our only hope is to get lucky at this point....I don't know if Tannehill will be an elite QB, but god please draft him.

We will continue to suck until we find a stud QB...so sad.

LOVE that Thill has a big arm and is smart...we haven't had that for over a decade!

*From QB to WR his freshman year, sorry.

I just find it interesting that he came to Texas A&M as a QB, played QB in high school. Was moved to WR by Sherman for essential 2 and a half years and then moved back to QB for the rest.

Dolphins need to decide if they are interested in winning or in PR and marketing. Tannehill is the ultimate PR Marketing pick in the short run. If the Dolphins want to win then they should look at snagging a player like Upshaw and keep him away from the Ravens Jets or Patriots.

Ireland may be a good business man or have established a great network of college scouts but I don't think he relates well to evaluating ball skills or QB arm quality/strength.

To evaluate a QB's arm you need to be able to relate to how a player strokes through the ball. Just like any ball sport, how a player follows through, strokes or releases through a ball (think pitching) is usually going to indicate what their ceiling in a professional BALL league is going to be.

Some things cannot be taught beyond a certain age and Tannehill's side arm release makes me think he is not a top 10 prospect. No nice way to say that I know but this is the big boy league right?

He was a QB that was moved to WR and then moved back to QB. Get your facts straight Armando. And do really hope we get him.Value of the player is all relative. When Matty Ice, Matt Ryan came out, nobody, scouts, reporters, including all of the South Florida contingency agreed he was a franchise QB , everybody agreedthat he was probably a late first round or early second round, so stop the BS about QB value.

Does anyone else think Omar Kelly says some really stupid and biased things-

1. He was leading the parade for Matt Flynn.

2. He said that Jeff Ireland has done a great job this off-season.

3. He said our #1 priority in the draft is a pass rusher and not a QB.

4. He said the Packers have had "illustrious" QBs that have turned from backup to starters and cited; Hasslback, Brunnel and Brooks.

Seems so fully biased, stubborn and wrong.

Cam newton ran a 4.59... stop all that "hes not fast" nonsense...

Clue, try, for just once in your ADHD life, to pay attention in school and learn at least one thing before you die.

9/11, he's a poor man's Henne.

4.59 for someone 6'4" 225lbs is not slow. Let's concentrate on football rather than track and field. Please don't trade up for this kid. If he is there at #8 and he is our guy, then take him. If he goes at #4, then take the stud that is left (richardson, coples, blackmon) and look at a QB in round 2. Don't be desperate!

He ran with a just healed broken foot; consider that.

I'm out. The stupidity here is just too much to take.

Or, as most of you would say, the stupidity here is just to much too take.

Most of you didn't get that. Your stupid. You didn't get that either.

Kid has guts and a strong arm. He can make every throw even on the run and did that at a better percentage than Luck or RG3. Draft him, develop him and let's roll!!

Tannehill is worse then Pat White. So Ireland may draft him.

The Rock

Which would you consider worse, to be "stupid" or to be "pathetic".
Not using correct grammar or spelling in the comment section of a football blog does not make one stupid.
Coming to the comment section of a football blog to rip people for those errors does on the other hand, make one patheic.

While "the rock" was calling everyone stupid for their grammar mistakes he types "Your stupid" instead of "you're stupid"

that's ironic, lol

If Landry and Barkley were in the draft, nobody would consider Tannehill a 1st round pick.


As I said Ohio, you didn't get it. I did that on purpose. I was referring to people like you.

Clue, how old are you?

If a bullfrog had wings....

nice try at a cover up rock......very nice try anyway

Dolphins will hold a private workout with Tannehill and are waiting in the College Station Dean's office until such time as Ryan gets back from the library.

the rock

Good luck on your match against John Cena, I hope you (pretend to) kick his arse!


rock, Old enough to be your dad. Tell your mom I said Hi! :)

rock, Old enough to be your dad. Tell your mom I said Hi! :)

Posted by: Clue | March 29, 2012 at 01:43 PM


Pete Carroll?
The Pete Carroll who was giddy with excitement after signing Flynn?

With every passing season with Steven Ross and Jeff (adopted redheaded stepchild)Dumberland having anything to do with the franchise, I consider turning in my dolphins jerseys (Not Marino's or Fryar's) and picking a new favorite team. Enough is enough. My fanship has been pushed for long enough. It's looking very bleak.

One really concerned Dolfan.

Please whatever you plan on doing Dolphin Organization, do the opposite because that will be the right choice.


Rock, you have to be the biggest moron I have ever seen in an NFL blog. We're talking football and you're correcting grammar? Really? Go back to getting your arse kicked by the neighborhood bullies and leave the MAN talk to the men. What a maroon.

CANETILLIDIE, You should consider turning your Canes jerseys once thoughs sanctions hit UM.

I think Rock might be better suited for a CNN blog

Ohio, can you read? Read my first post carefully. It says to the idiots that they won't get it when I spelled "you're" wrong.

Ohio, thought you had tons of work to do.. maybe not eh??

There is a dark cloud of stupidity here. I'm out.

Ohio, what do you expect, I am a complete idiot. I am still breast feeding for god's sake from my momma's teet.

Top 5 stupidest people here:

1. Clue
2. Dusty Bottoms
3. Ozkar
4. Ohio Dolfan
5. DC Dolfan

It's as if you guys *try* to be wrong on every single issue.

Procrastination Clue.......procrastination.

I will now pay for it by having to cruch it in between the 2:00 and 4:30.....yikes

Good reminder though......I could have gotten caught up wasting time with this Rock character. I graduated with honors with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management, and I have blog troll thinking he's going to educate me......lol

trade out of 8 into the midteens.there is a good chance tannehill is still there.if cleveland trades ahead and takes him then take osweiler are cousins.we have 5 picks in the 1st 103 picks already.trading down will likely give us more.we get 1 of the 3 second tier qb's,2 wc offense wideouts & 2 olb/de's.


trade out of 8 into the midteens.there is a good chance tannehill is still there.if cleveland trades ahead and takes him then take osweiler are cousins.we have 5 picks in the 1st 103 picks already.trading down will likely give us more.we get 1 of the 3 second tier qb's,2 wc offense wideouts & 2 olb/de's.

it's ok if it does not stay more than half rigid.

Thank You.

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