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Tannehill pro day under way (Dolphins in the house)

Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill's pro day is proceeding before a large contingent in College Station, Tex.

The Dolphins are there with general manager Jeff Ireland and coach Joe Philbin confirmed. I do not know if offensive coordinator Mike Sherman is there. I will try to confirm. [Update: Sherman is not in College Station.]

Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star Telegram reports the Dolphins contingent had dinner with Tannehill on Wednesday night. They forced him to pay.

Nah, just kidding. I'm assuming the Dolphins paid.

According to Josina Anderson of ESPN, there are 21 teams present for the event. The Cleveland Browns are there, represented by offensive coordinator Brad Childress among others. It is interesting perhaps only to me that the Browns' major voices -- general manager Tom Heckert and head coach Pat Shurmur were not present. They were at Alabama's pro day to see running back Trent Richardson.

The Broncos, Chiefs, Bills, Saints and Seahawks are there, with head coach Pete Carroll representing his team.

Because he suffered a broken foot this offseason, scouts wanted to see Tannehill run to make sure he is relatively healed. According to reports, Tannehill ran the 40-yard dash once and clocked (hand timing) between 4.59 and 4.62.

Tannehill completed his first 24 consecutive throws, according to NFLDraftScout.com analyst Dane Brugler. He had a pass dropped then he had another pass dropped on his 42nd throw. He finished the workout with 65 completions  -- 65 for 68 with two dropped passes.

Yes, quarterbacks typically ace their pro day workouts. I get it. But it is always better that they perform well than if they chuck a hot mess of poo. So give the guy that.

I remind you Tannehill, who started 19 games at quarterback, was a wide receiver before was moved to QB. He will go in the first round as a QB. He said after the workout he has private workouts already set up with the Browns, Chiefs, and Eagles.


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Misi is just another in Ireland's long list of draft busts.


"Put the lotion in the basket"



March 30, 2012 at 3:15 pm

The other thing is it isn’t just the mobsters you see posting here they will be losing IMO. I imagine there are a huge number of people who click here every day and read and never have posted a single comment, single comment, single comment.

Music to my ears would consist of the agonizing screeches & screams coming from Home & all his aliases as they face the grim reaper & welcome death to stop the pain.

Craig, concert shows are DEFINITELY out for us. My ears hurt listening to music too loud in my car now (and I'm the guy who used to have the subs in the trunk rattling).

I'm more often than not listening to talk radio nowadays. Sports talk or C-SPAN or something. Damn am I an old geezer.

..I will teach you about music.

Isn't the beauty of music each person subjectivety(is that a word?? Sounds good) on what they listening to? For instance the indy rock bands you mentioned I wouldn't listen to if it was my choice..No doubt they are all talented..Not my favorite sounds. Early Van Halen for good or bad changed the face og rock music..something that has to be aknowledeged.. Implying that you do not have to have a sophisticated musical palate to enjoy their music is like saying top class chefs don't use ketchup on their fries...

I do agree with you that every good collection of music should include jazz, and classical selections.. John Coltrane to Cal Tjader..Mozart to Rachmaninov...


So with you on that one bro....I listen to some of the stuff my kids like today and it makes me sick! I see some of these big acts performing on Idol between the contestants and they SUCK!! It's not even music...

DD, I have to disagree with you on Van Halen too. I liked the band but I preferred the Sam Hagar sound to David Lee Roth. Jsut can't take that guy seriously, after his 'Just a Gigolo' stuff. Complete goofball in my opinion. Sammy I liked because he had a bit of edge to him. I thought 5150 and OU812 were credit albums....loved them when they were out!

Craig, I like all manners of venues. Ampitheatre on a hot summer Saturday night is my all time favourite setting though. Nothing like watching a show in the warm evening outside, drinking one too many, then heading to a lounge or ballet to finish the night!!!

Craig, 44, 7 years older than me but that's not old by any standard man. Forget your cane, old man??? COME ON, MAN!!

Bunch of new People here. Hi, I'm oscar, I was born in Cubs, I am original and also an MD, specifically a Psychiatrist; so if anyone of you need my services I will freely oblige.

Ohio, I love that dueling drum bit in Godsmack. Caught it last year in Hamilton. That band just rocks period. They are so good that I even forgive them for being Pats fans.

Yeah, I feel sorry for kids today. No MTV. No albums (or cd's) where you can go through the liners and credits. Or the "concept album" idea.

It's all singles and iPod and crap.

Now I know how my parents felt when I was coming up.

Someone wrote that the so-called "experts" are now saying that Tannehill could go as high as four now.

Of course the "experts" are saying that. These people hate the Dolphins, NY Media, ESPN, Chris Collinsworth and all the rest including the NFL HATE the Dolphins. They Hate them all because they went undefeated and nobody has been able to do the same.

They know that Jeffy THE SCOUT Ireland and deputy Dang owner Ross are looking to add a QB in the draft. What better way to Keep the Dolphins in check then to fabricate and make Tannehill look like he should be crowed MVP. The Dolphins pick him and we continue to waste picks and suck. Their goal accomplished.


You old hags are pathetic...

..Craig M...Thats cool..Like I said above. Music is a personal thing. Who am I to say that someone elses preference is wrong..I perfer the Roth stuff, couldn't stand Van Hagar..

I try and stay open minded about music..It is kind of cool to enjoy as many generes as your ear can handle. I'm sure there is some very good new music out there. I'm just not exposed to it. I tend to go to the ol' standbys. Anything by Jerry Garcia, Mowtown, and Staxx, and Blue Note.

With Misi getting arrested you'd think that Ireland might step up his efforts to sign Wheeler. Naaaahhhh....Not Ireland. That's what all the sucker GM's in the NFL do. You know those guys who actually realize that upgrading your talent costs money. Ireland's got Wheeler right where he wants him--going to the Raiders.

BTW--In other news Ireland is diligently working behind the scenes on getting a franchise QB. He's in talks with Mickey Loomis of the Saints to bring Drew Brees to Miami since they can't agree to an extension. Turns out he has the same chances of getting Brees as he had of getting Manning--ZERO!!!

Sean Payton's appealing his suspension JUST BECAUSE Goddell said he can still coach while it's being appealed.

If that's the case, they should move back the end date to whenever he begins the suspension.

music to movies on this boring day anyone?

guess the movie i'm borowing from and win home's home:

"I know I'm not Home. And if you were all these Homes, then you'd just attack me right now, so some of you are still not Home. This Home thing doesn't want to show itself, it wants to hide inside an imitation. It'll fight if it has to, but it's vulnerable out in the open. If it takes us over, then it has no more enemies, nobody left to kill it. And then it's won."

This is the smokescreen - Cousins in the 2nd.

Todays ESPN Scouts Incs Top 32

1. Andrew Luck*

2. Robert Griffin III*

3. Matt Kalil

4. Morris Claiborne*

5. Trent Richardson*

6. Justin Blackmon*

7. Melvin Ingram

8. Luke Kuechly*

9. Quinton Coples

10. Dontari Poe

11. Mark Barron

12. Michael Brockers*

13. David DeCastro*

14. Janoris Jenkins

15. Courtney Upshaw

16. Riley Reiff*

17. Ryan Tannehill

18. Dre Kirkpatrick*

19. Fletcher Cox*

20. Andre Branch

21. Whitney Mercilus*

22. Jonathan Martin*

23. Michael Floyd

24. Chandler Jones*

25. Kendall Wright

26. Dont'a Hightower*

27. Mike Adams

28. Stephon Gilmore*

29. Nick Perry*

30. Cordy Glenn

31. Peter Konz*

32. Jerel Worthy*

28. Devon Still

29. Brock Osweiler*

31. Lamar Miller*

This music discussion has been pretty cool. Too abd the most accomplished musician on this blog isn't here to share in it - odinseye. He can go nuts at night but I enjoyed his posts on the subject of music.

NY "G",

I believe Tannehill will be there at 8 but I don't believe that we'll take him. I know a ton of people want him BUT the way he has shot up the draft boards from a borderline first rounder at the end of the college season to maybe 4 makes me think of Christian Ponder.

I understand that teams are desperate to find a QB but now that Ross & Ireland have done a 180 & are endorsing Matt Moore (& David Garrard) they know what they're doing. LMFAO!!!! If Garrard gets hurt before the season if I'm Matt Moore's agent I'm telling him to hold out for a contract extension. F#ck Ross & Ireland. Let them start Devlin & see how much fan support I will get against these jacka$$es.

DD, Motown, Staxx, Blue Note. NOW YOU'RE TALKING!!!

Shirelles, Sam Cooke, O'Jays, Four Tops, Isaac Hayes, Otis Redding, Bill Withers.

That's good stuff.

Time for the gym. Have a good one folks. Go Louisville!!

Too many GM's here.

Don't call it a comeback. I've been here for years!

We Have Draft Picks,

lol... Perhaps Tuna will find a job for The Scout in New Orleans. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Craig M.....DC...

Quit acting like old men....there will be plenty of time to yell.."you kids gey of my lawn"....in 30 years or so....

for now....

embrace the youth...and be youthful....

Now YG/DB....i can definitely see him yelling...."you kids get off my lawn".....and it works for him.....because its age appropriate...


Guess that open up another hole for THE SCOUT to fill with Acorns.

Miami Dolphins Linebacker Nawa Koa Misi was arrested in Weston Friday by the Broward Sheriff's fugitive squad.

Koa Misi is a bust even Ray charles can see this. Trade him for a 5th rounder

"lol... Perhaps Tuna will find a job for The Scout in New Orleans. Keeping my fingers crossed."


Let's not go crazy. Parcells was a very good HC at one time but he's no miracle worker. At best he could hook Ireland up with a job where he's in charge of scrubbing the garbage cans which I'm more than okay with. LOL!!!

I actually dislike Ireland & Ross more every time I read what they say. In fairness to them I felt the same way with Huzienga & Wannstadt after a couple of years. This is like the lost decade.


Let's not go crazy. Parcells was a very good HC at one time but he's no miracle worker. At best he could hook Ireland up with a job where he's in charge of scrubbing the garbage cans which I'm more than okay with. LOL!!!

I actually dislike Ireland & Ross more every time I read what they say. In fairness to them I felt the same way with Huzienga & Wannstadt after a couple of years. This is like the lost decade.

Posted by: We Have Draft Picks | March 30, 2012 at 04:00 PM

We Have Draft Picks,

ROFLMAO.... Yeah, I hear ya on the miracle worker stuff lol


Took my Dad to his first concert about 7 years ago. Molson Ampitheathre, Pretenders opened up for Neil Young. Started the day off at the Hockey Hall of Fame, followed by dinner at Alice Fazzolli's. Great, great day....my Dad's a big Neil Young fan, so he was in his glory. First time he's ever smelled weed. It was funny to watch!

DC, I used to love going to old record stores and browsing through all the old collections. The kids today don't get any of that. Don't get to touch or pick up and smell. Lost generation in my opinion....they're onto something and a week later onto something else. Music has become 'disposable for these kids'. Shame really....

Kris, you're right. I think I'm becoming more and more like the Eastwood character from Gran Torino....sad but true!

"Too many GM's here."


Maybe so but there's only one who deserves to be fired. I don't get paid to build a team.

Craig M.....

Don't go pulling your fingers out of you'r jacket and pointing them @ anybody...cause in REAL LIFE...you'd get your @ss whooped.....


You called JPAO out man....kinda harsh....


if thats how you feel...thats how you feel....

...We have Draft Picks..

I agree with you about Tannehill. I would love to see the team step up and draft a first round quarterback as much as the next guy. I just don't think the team needs to do it for the sake of saying..Look we finally did it. Does that make any sense?

I think comparisons are silly. Each player carves out his own destiny. So to say that quarterbacks with limited experience are bad choices isn't reason enough to pass on them if the team thinks the player fits into vision the orginization has for them. Talent is the one commodity that GM's wet themselves over. In this quarterback driven league. The search becomes almost like a courtship of a beautiful woman when you haven't had a date in a few years..You do desperate things to gain attention.

IMO I cannot get past the fact that Tannehill was catching passes 2 years ago. He threw almost as many interceptions as he had starts in his career. And now he is all of a sudden a top 10 talent..Perhaps he is, and my own judgements have become too clouded to allow myself to see what all the "experts" are saying. This is on me. But since I don't get to make the picks, I can be critical, or at least question why in the world we would consider him in the first ten picks of this draft.

I wrote earlier that any attempt to upgrade the position should be applauded. I should have thought about that before I wrote it..In the case of Ryan Tannehill. I don't see it as an upgrade.

Daryl Dunphry,

Good post...and I agree....but I can't seem to get that message to my main man Mark...

I don't think this FO takes Tannehill.....but if they do....I hope we are wrong...


I get that you're not sold on Tannehill. It sounds like a lot of people on here aren't. But aren't you tired of the fact that every year we can shoot holes in this prospects? God knows there were as many questions marks last year about Newton the NUMBER 1 pick in the draft, as anyone (and I know I had them). I'm not saying Tannehill is going to be Newton but every year we can say this about whoever we want. Last year it was Ponder and Locker and Gabbert. Some guys work out, some guys don't. But I really don't see what the downside is to picking this guy. So we blow a top ten pick....big deal! We did it with Ginn, some will say we did it with Brown. I don't think you can draft for fear of being wrong. Is Tannehill a first round talent? I think he is. Do we have a long term need at QB. I think we'd all agree we do. Then pick him. I don't think it's clear one way or the other whether he's going to be success in this league or not, just the same way I don't think we can know for sure whether a giuy like Coples is going to be a success. But the team is taking a chance on him and I like that. If we're wrong, so be it. The financial commitment isn't what it used to be. We can cut bate and move on in another 3-4 years. Let's fill a need and commit to making this guy better.

Kris @ 4:10pm,

Good line...LOL.

...Also. For those who would love to see us "buck up" and draft Tannehill. I totaly understand your position. I know that it frustrates most of you to no end to see the team fail to address the position through what seems to be a simple answer..Draft a first round quarterback.

By addmission. I have no idea how Tannehill will work out should we draft him. Of course if we do, I will hope that he is everyting as advertised. I just have a very tough time imagining a player that nobody..Teams included can project. He just hasn't played the position long enough to know what we are getting..

Put it this way. If Tannehill wasn't a quarterback. Say he was a Cornerback his whole career. He played saftey one year an excelled. Would you feel comfortable drafting him in the top ten knowing he was inexperienced at saftey, but we were going to plug him in there anyway? Probably not the most prudent move.. If the pick, or player was later in the first round...totaly understandable. But we are talking top ten..There are just too many question marks IMO to take him in this spot..

Home 4 Christ's Sake :)

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I believe that u should organize a protest to stop the avarice. The covetousness and rapacity are overwhelmingly disturbing to the meager bloggers. this reprehensible behavior for the insatiable appetite of higher corporate revenues is appalling.
Home i fins this incomprehensible and hoping for some worldly advise from the master crafty blogger -Home

Please help us!

Remind me, again, what the result was when Tannehill played RGIII big man on big man. Please.

20 games is a lot. What's all this stuff about only played 20 games? Apparently Tannehill had the QB position down pretty good by the time he played RGIII's team.

Many QBs, such as Cam Newton, played only one year of college. Newton, for example, was Tebow's BACKUP until he was kicked off the team and out of the school for various crimes and because his academics were not up UF's standards.

Again, however, what happened when Tannehill played the great RGIII head to head?

What up, come stains?

Say there's a contest between RGIII and Tannehill big man on big man. I'll take Tannehill any day of the week and twice on Sunday, regardless of draft position or salary.

..Craig M..Good post. I am as guilty as any as far as looking at the faults of a player I am not sold on, instead of trying to find the positives. I like to think I have an open mind about things. I have no problem accepting other opinions and from those points trying to look at things from an angle I may not have thought of. I have just not heard an argument for drafting Tannehill that I can buy..

If Tannehill is as talented, and has as much ceiling as the pundits are saying. I could be totaly off base. I could be ignoring the obvious because my biased agaisnt this player will not allow me to see what everyone else does.

At the risk of beating a dead horse. Quarteback is a complex position. It takes time to master the craft. I know nobody will expect Tannehill to come in this year, maybe even next year and be the guy. I just think in this situation. Are his skills so superior to other guys that could be had later in the draft that we have to pull the trigger? Aren't all of the other prospects going to sit and learn? At least the other guys have the side of some experience to lean on..It would make me feel better if Tannehill was a quarterback first. He wasn't(maybe he was in high school) If he is a once in a lifetime talent that is an anomally sitting there for us to mold into a franchise guy..I'm missing something. Is he that much better then the rest of the field of prospects?

I agree with your post. But Tannehill was a Qb in high school and was recruited and brought to Texas A&M as a QB. Competed for the starting job and lost (came in 3rd to Stephen McGee and Jared Johnson) After that Sherman moved him to WR which he did well as a Freshman. He then competed again for the starting QB spot the next year(sophmore) and lost to Jared Johnson. And played WR for that season. He continued to play WR through the fisrt 6 games of 2010 until he started to show up Johnson and was given the starting QB spot. The rest of the 20 games we are aware of, for the most part.


Checkout Scout with Foxsports stats:

Position Rank

RB 1 Trent Richardson JR 5-10/228/- Alabama
RB 2 David Wilson JR 5-10/205/4.49 Virginia Tech
RB 3 Lamar Miller SO 5-11/212/4.40 Miami (FL)
RB 4 Doug Martin SR 5-9/219/4.55 Boise State
RB 5 Chris Polk JR 5-10.5/224/4.57 Washington
RB 6 Isaiah Pead SR 5-10/193/4.47 Cincinnati
RB 7 LaMichael James JR 5-9/195/4.45 Oregon

Miller is going to be the steal of the draft, Dolphins should trade 2 - 3rd rnd picks & move up to pick him in the 2nd round - GO CANES!

Home 4 Christ's Sake ;)
The White organized criminals at the SS blog u emancipated back in the day is now said to be charging said bloggers a nominal fee of $5.00 a month for the privilege of using services rendered.
I believe that u should organize a protest to stop the avarice. The covetousness and rapacity are overwhelmingly disturbing to the meager bloggers. this reprehensible behavior for the insatiable appetite of higher corporate revenues is appalling.
Home i find this incomprehensible and hoping for some worldly advise from the master crafty blogger -Home
Please help us!

lol @ Bat or Home?

If a team drafts a qb inside the first ten picks, its to start him immediatly. Mid season the latest. If a qb needs a season or more to develop, he shouldn't be drafted that high.

I think all the talk about Tannehill is because the qb group was depleted. If Barkley and even Jones were in the mix, I think Tannehill would fall out of the first round and land with second tier group.

In my opinion, he might be worth a late first rounder. I don't think he's special enough to risk over reaching.

alot of people say tannehill isnt going to be that great of a q/B in the NFL because he "PATS HIS BALLS" .... LOL

He played QB in high school and cuz of his athleticism got on the field as a WR and did great. He only played there cuz they had seniors who were promised the job.

what about that kid from boise state they say he throws the ball like marino but only thing is he is same heigth as that other QB who plays for the saints

Gigi please call me.
Sorry about being a loud mouthed idiot and i could'nt help all the fearting after i ate left over corn beef and cabbage from St Patties day.

^ farting

I'm trying to put together a Dolphin website.
Gotta go get a sack of weed, be back soon!

Mike Vick has really warmed me up to RG3.
I cannot stop watching him move on you tube videos.
RG3 is sexy fro a black man. lol

or since my wife left me because of 5 years of 24/365 chronic blogging and fixing my team, i have come to find i need a strong black man in my life 24/365

Be back after watching RG3 in tight football pants for another 700 hrs!

All the dope i have consumed over 30 yrs and being addicted to heroin in the 70s have really ruined my life.
Anyone interested I will but free food and hang a moronic banner for Omar Kelly who freakin hates us blog scum at the next loser Dolphin game. please come, all my friends Overdosed or are in jail.

David did you say free dope or free food?

Any broads coming?

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