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Tannehill pro day under way (Dolphins in the house)

Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill's pro day is proceeding before a large contingent in College Station, Tex.

The Dolphins are there with general manager Jeff Ireland and coach Joe Philbin confirmed. I do not know if offensive coordinator Mike Sherman is there. I will try to confirm. [Update: Sherman is not in College Station.]

Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star Telegram reports the Dolphins contingent had dinner with Tannehill on Wednesday night. They forced him to pay.

Nah, just kidding. I'm assuming the Dolphins paid.

According to Josina Anderson of ESPN, there are 21 teams present for the event. The Cleveland Browns are there, represented by offensive coordinator Brad Childress among others. It is interesting perhaps only to me that the Browns' major voices -- general manager Tom Heckert and head coach Pat Shurmur were not present. They were at Alabama's pro day to see running back Trent Richardson.

The Broncos, Chiefs, Bills, Saints and Seahawks are there, with head coach Pete Carroll representing his team.

Because he suffered a broken foot this offseason, scouts wanted to see Tannehill run to make sure he is relatively healed. According to reports, Tannehill ran the 40-yard dash once and clocked (hand timing) between 4.59 and 4.62.

Tannehill completed his first 24 consecutive throws, according to NFLDraftScout.com analyst Dane Brugler. He had a pass dropped then he had another pass dropped on his 42nd throw. He finished the workout with 65 completions  -- 65 for 68 with two dropped passes.

Yes, quarterbacks typically ace their pro day workouts. I get it. But it is always better that they perform well than if they chuck a hot mess of poo. So give the guy that.

I remind you Tannehill, who started 19 games at quarterback, was a wide receiver before was moved to QB. He will go in the first round as a QB. He said after the workout he has private workouts already set up with the Browns, Chiefs, and Eagles.


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Interesting also that Mayock 'loves' this guy and thinks he has better arm strength than Luck (I don't agree with that but what do I know). He thinks Tannehill could go third (obviously in a trade up). I think you take your chances and roll the dice fellas, if he's there. Been a long time since this team rolled the dice on a QB this high. If you miss, you just have to do it again in a few years but I think it's time to take a chance on a talent this high in the draft.

..Craig M. Drafting a player like Osweiler would definitley not lend itself to making the statement that he is our definite guy for the future.. I agree with you that looking at him now..He is nowhere close to being ready. Personally I don't know why he came out this year. I don't know if the team is in the position to take a guy like Osweiler, just because he is so far from being ready. He probably would be better suited going to a team with an established Vet..Sort of the Mallet to New England scenario, where he is certain to sit and learn. You don't have to take my word for it but Osweiler has every tool you need to play the position. The problem is will a team be able to put those tools to use to make a machine? I don't know. You could be right. He may be an after thought in a few years..The talent is there though.

Casserly LOL. These guys get paid to spout opinions that are forgotten two days after the draft. Watch Tannehill with your own eyes. He is a bigger version of Thigpen, but no better. His accuracy sucks now, and it will suck later. You have that or you don't by the time draft day arrives. Tannecrap if you ask me.


That's fine to think that way but I could also say you're stupid NEVER to take a chance. This guy is a great athlete and the only thing he's missing in my opinion is experience. Could we be wrong? Of course....but what if we're not? You don't NOT take a player for fear you are wrong....that logic makes no sense.

F--k a top 10 qb. He'll at best get you one shot at sb during his entire career. A top 5 qb will get you at least 3-4 or more "Legit" chances to challenge for a championship.

A top 10 qb has a better chance of making you a potential perrenial wildcard and one and done playoff team.


I must have missed it, what team did you work for in the personnel dept? Exactly.....

I'll listen to guys like Casserly and Mayock over you and form my own opinions, if that's OK with you.

Craig, Maycock? The same Maycock who said Jamarshit Russell had the best pro day he had ever seen?

Don't be afraid to use your own eyes and own judgement.

I say dont draft a qb until 3rd(Curt Cousins). Then just roll the dice on 2012 hoping we win 2013 1st overall pick.

Craig M | March 29, 2012 at 11:45 PM

I saw that interview with Casserly as well and he was basing his opinion on Tannehill from an athletic stand point, he also said he was a better athlete than Locker who went 8 last Yr. I'm not saying there isn't potential but it does seem a reach at pick 8 for a player whose fundamental mechanics have to be reworked and is a project that will require at least 1 Yr. on the bench. I got a feeling the Browns are playing chicken with Ireland whose been known to blink hard. By the way Casserly didn't exactly have the best track record drafting QB's as head of scouting in Wash. Jay Schroeder was his QB of the future and while he later found Rypen he also invested the 1st overall pick on David Carr in Houston which cost him his job.

I'm out guys....not going to spend the night arguing with peons like ion about the potential of a QB. ion, for the record NEITHER of us know what Tannehill will become. Where I have a problem is when guys like you start your arguments with 'Anyone who things this guy should be drafted at 8 is STUPID'....We're expressing opinions, and because it's different than yours doesn't make it stupid.

Have a good night bud....

Craig, I was the GM for the Dunvil Dumbshits and won 19 consecutive titles, so there.

Tannehill's accuracy sucks bro. If you can't see what a huge flaw that is I don't know what to tell you. Did Marino, Elway, Manning, have to work on accuracy? Of course not. You have that or you don't. No coaching can get you there.

..fin4life...What up!! Been awhile.

I would bet the Browns do some campaigning for Tannehill. I would also bet there will be some darkhorse team that makes a play for the quarterback that none of us have thought of. They are in a pretty good spot as far as "holding the cards". I guess we will see if there is a team desperate enough to make a deal. I'm not 100 percent convinced that if Tannehill is available @ 8 that he will be the pick..In fact I have no real idea of what we may do. Nothing would suprise me.

Craig, why are you afraid to use your own judgement? Are you so insecure you need to regurgitate what Casserly says? Is he always right? The world has one Casserly giving his opinion. We don't need you to repeat it. How about giving us your own opinion based on your own evaluation?

Tannehill will fall further than Brady Quinn. Nobody is spending a top 10 pick on a project QB totally unprepared to start anytime soon.


Were right back were we left off before the draft last Yr.,LOL!! If memory serves everybody had us taking Ingram whith OC Rob in love with Mallett and you and me were the ones on Pouncey (SAFE PICK) Back to the point about the trade scenario is that the Browns I believe are playing chicken and could end up outsmarting themselves with a very depleted Vikes team looking for picks as well.

..Fin4life..Yup. Seriously. If the table of card players are the NFl GM's..I would think all of them are going to make the Browns show their cards..I think it will be a case of the Browns playing their hand like it is the nuts. While the whole time they were bluffing with dueces...Screw them...no way would I even think about moving up 1 spot not to mention 4 for Tannehill..


I agree with you 100% here!! I would be shocked if we traded up four spots here as well when you figure that type of move would probably require our #1 next Yr. like Julio Jones cost Atl. last Yr. for pick 6 in a trade with these very Browns. You would think people would be a bit more apprehensive after having watched for the last four Years while we tried to rework a players mechanics (Henne) I'm not saying he won't pan out and his physical attributes have grown on me and if we took him at #8 I wouldn't knock the move but not a trade that takes picks from us with all kinds of question marks attached.

..By addmission. I don't know a whole lot about Qb. Tannehill. I watched some Vids, and higlight clips..Not much to really make a judgement.

I don't know if Tannehill is the real deal. If he will succeed. He just might. What bothers me. Is this franchise seriously thinking about drafting a player in the top ten that is a converted reciever with 1 year of experience as a collegiate qurterback? IN THE TOP TEN? Does anyone know how insane this sounds. This is a quarterback that wasn't even a clear cut top 3 quarterback in his conference(if you want to argue he was better then Weeden, or Jones fine..Not by much if any is my point)..Back to this. It is crazy talk to me. I don't care how familiar the OC is. I don't care that we haven't drafted a first round quarterback in 100 years. You would think that since it has been so long since we did pull the trigger on a first round talent. We could do better then a lego project?

Like I said. None of us certainly myself have any idea how Tannehills career will play out. This is as obvious an observation as the sun rises, and sets. But get freekin real..Is this the best we can do?


Again agree 100%, your on fire!! I would make a comment but why?? You already said it perfectly!


Who do you like in this draft and who are your late round sleepers?? I've been hearing alot of talk about a CB out in your neck of the woods at Montana St.

Darryl would draft Montana Putzwaldo over Ray Lewis if given the chance. That guy is stuck blind on Montana. He'd take Lex Hilliard over Walter Payton.

Darryl would poke a Montana logger from behind before he'd give it to J Lo's rear.

..fin4life..I got lambasted here for mentioning Montana players so I have to be careful..LOL

Do not mention Montana State ever again!!! They are the junior varsity, and deserve nothing.

The corner getting the pub is Trumaine Johnson. He was origanally in Mayocks top 5 corner prospects..He had a poor pro day so his stock has dropped. Some mocks have him going in the late second..Most top half of the third. Tru..as Griz fans know him. Was probably the best defensive player the school has ever produced. He dominated at the FCS level.Put it this way. Jimmy Wilson was moved to saftey because he couldn't crack the lineup at corner for the Griz..Johnson is big has LONG arms, and can tackle..IMO like Wilson. He would be better suited to play saftey in the NFL..I knbow that the Phins have him on the radar as their were Phin scouts at the Proday, and in the press box during the season..I doubt we take him as we aren't going to draft him in the second, and he probably will be gone by the time we draft in the third...Good player.

Big Sky..Did you like that? I got more.

Jimmy Johnson actually took Darryl Gardner out of Baylor over Ray Lewis with pick #26 in 96. I never forgot it and his pass on this came in the shape of Zach Thomas in Rd.5 of that draft and while Zach was a good player Sugar Ray is the G.O.A.T. at MLB hands down. He later passed on Moss for Avery and left us Wannstedt who passed on Brees and traded for bong pipe leaving us all to watch as our 1st rounder in 02 still had Ed Reed on the board. I know hindsight is 20/20 but I would have hit 4 out of 4 here with two coming out of my own backyard at UM, have always wondered about Moss and Brees in Miami with Lewis and Reed leading our D what we might have been over the last decade.


That was the kid I've been hearing Mayock trumpet on occasion we need corners and help at Safety so maybe in Rd.3 were we have multiple picks and recoup something for Marshall??

We picked up help at corner in FA. No way we are drafting corner.

..fin4life..I am pretty familiar with the players in the Big Sky conference, and some of the teams that the Griz have played in the playoffs and out of conference. I definitley watch much more FCS college football then the big boys.. Here are a few guys you can check out as far as sleepers in the late rounds..Oh BTW Helena. None play for Montana..

Renard Williams from Eastern Washington is a freekin stud. He will be a good pro IMO
Asa Jackson from Cal Poly is super fast, a little small. The Griz lit him up a bit this year, he had 2 ints last year, the second saved the go ahead TD on the 5 yard line with 1 minute left in the game.
Nathan Dick..Central Arkansas..Big tall quarterback with a bullet arm. definitley a free agent practice squad sleeper. Trumaine Johnson picked him off once, and that was the last time he threw to his side the whole game..

There you go. Some sleeper small school guys..Check them out if you want.

What significant DB additions have we made this off-season?? On a team with glaring holes from RCB all through the backfield into the Safety spots. We need help here!

2012 AFC East standings

1. NE
2. Buffalo
3. Wets
4. Dolferns

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Thanks! As we do about this time every off-season I'm going to go through the positions and later we'll all start throw up our annual mocks for the draft, not for nothing but it doesn't quite seem as fun as other seasons and alot of the regulars on here aren't even posting but I'll keep throwing my hat in the ring. Not for nothing but if you remember I wanted to draft Demarco Murray last Yr. and behind a leaky Dallas OL he looked like the best of the bunch.

4.59 to 4.62 IS fast for a QB. He's 6'4, thats WR speed. He would be one of the fastest in the league.

I say you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. If you get the chance grab him.

Yes I'm a ball hog.

Darryl would poke a Montana logger from behind before he'd give it to J Lo's rear.

Posted by: Helena | March 30, 2012 at 12:30 AM

Maybe you should go rent deliverance and stroke it in the Ned Beatty, John Voight rape scene.

Lonnie Anderson was a frigid lay who gave bad hummers as well.

Tannehill's accuracy sucks bro. If you can't see what a huge flaw that is I don't know what to tell you. Did Marino, Elway, Manning, have to work on accuracy? Of course not. You have that or you don't. No coaching can get you there.

Posted by: ion

Where do you get that Tannehill's accuracy sucks from? What games did you see?
tannehills CMP% last year was 61.6 with a Q/B rating of 133.2 ...thats damn good. And most of the balls that were not caught were dropped by the receiver hitting them in the numbers. I've never heard a scout say or any professional say Tannehill has bad accuracy?
were do you get that he doesn't have good accuracy? DID YOU JUST MAKE THAT UP!?

I also hated WKRP in Cincinnati and making movies with Sally Fields who cried alot in the sack.

And @ion
Great Q/b's never quit working to get better.
Also Manning didn't have better accuracy than Tannehill does coming out of College. LOL ... you make stupid points that you make up on your own.

I was once a great RB at FSU and am half native American Indian on my moms side.

Jeff R,

Listen JR with an NFL wanna be like Mike Mayock waxing poetic all over Tannehill we can't miss. You add fired has been's like Charlie Casserly and Brian Billick with the other members of the peanut gallery at NFL network and the kid can't miss, hey maybe the Colts are feeling him at #1 overall maybe you should go call him and negotiate his deal for him given your so clearly in awe of a guy whose played QB all of one year since some backyard pick up games in grade school.

I'm not in awe over Tannehill. I don't even know if we should Draft him at #8 cause we have alot of needs on this team. i just dont understand why people make stuff up on certain players ... acting like they know everything about football , when they couldn't be more wrong.

Also Cam Newton only played one year of College ball guess he isn't any good either ... LOL

Yall really suck at debating...LOL

Jeff Row | March 30, 2012 at 01:36 AM

Here your the one making things up as you go along, Cam was a JUCO player who has always played QB, transferred after he was grade point average eligible and went through the SEC like a knife through butter into the Championship game which he would win. There was no doubt of his talent and what he was. I am not sure what Tannehill would end up becoming but in the breakdown of the player today there were issues with his ability to hit intermediate routes and some mechanical problems as well with his motion giving away were the ball is going. Good athlete playing QB is what he is like the Ark. QB a few years back who played WR in Jax.

man you must be drunk! LOL .. Go give Sally Fields some head cause you have no idea what your talking about... your the only one that has mechanical problems, Burt.. must be because your old and slow at it ..LOL

Hey Darryl, I don't think we dolfans want a QB with the last name Dick, can you imagine the shots we would get for that. "Dick's up for the long count" "Dick dribbles back into the pocket" "Dick goes deep!" "Dick wants it all!" "Dick dives in for the score"

Here I go and take you seriously for a moment and given you have no argument about your stupid claims about Cam or what everybody in the football world was talking about Tannehill and his lousy mechanics, the fact he pats the ball before throwing as part of his motion ect.. and you come back at me with this B.S. about my libido. I believe I get it now though you just got your little man crush and need to go wax some poetic on your man's jock

Or Mr.Dick miss handles the pass .. runs into Bush

cowkilla @1:55 LMFAO !

Or Dick rams into J.Row in the stands.

Burt so he pats the balls...LOL .. alot of sucessful Q/b's have done that through the years ... and how hard will it be to teach him not to do that ..LOL .. your argument sucks


The point is he tends to turn and pat the football before throwing as part of his release which lets the DB's know were he's going with it. You say this could be unlearned and I agree but it will need to be hammered out of his brain because it's part of his motion or don't you get that. He also had a hard time throwing intermediate routes inside which is a staple for a QB in a WC system, again no biggie with time and reps but he is a project. I would take him at #8 given the pure athletic potential but wouldn't trade up 4 spots for him with Cleveland probably giving up our 2013 #1. That is all I've said and go pay your cable bill since your so hung up on what they say about him and take a listen to see whose not square on the facts by the so called experts.

Well you would have to be crazy to trade up with Cleveland to pick Tannehill .. I agree.. I never said that... and as far as him playing in a WC offense he DID ..LOL.. I say if they want Tannehill ( which im not sure they do) trade down 4 or 5 picks, he will still be there.

ireland has become proficent at wasting draft picks. we used 3 picks last year to secure daniel thomas when we could have had mcgahee for 0 picks. this year insteading of signing flynn for 0 picks we are looking to use our 8th pick on tannehill? doesnt make sense.

I had this conversation with someone on the SS site about Tannehill. There is an analysis of the passes he threw in the bowl game against Northwestern. It was his last game at A & M and I'm still not impressed with him as a quarterback and I cannot see Miami taking him at the #8 spot. They may have some interest in him but they showed interest in Mallet also and didn't take him.

Ken says:
March 29, 2012 at 9:44 am
Prof Lou:

Tannehill’s WRs are nothing special. It was a lack luster corp that was oft criticized. In terms of intangibles Tannehill does very well in that area as well. He is a very bright kid with a 3.6 GPA in biology and plans to go to med school. I also disagree with you in terms of accuracy. Tannehill is accurate, maybe not as accurate as Cousins but he is accurate and does a lot more than throw bubble screens. In his bowl game this year he hit a beautiful clutch 40 yard pass late in the game on a crucial 3rd and long to seal the win. It was that play in particular that sold me on Tannehill. I am not saying that Cousins is a bad prospect. He is a fine prospect but I think you are a little over critical of Tannehill in comparison.


12 of his 40 passes in the game against Northwestern were bubble screens. In addition, one was thrown backwards and his receiver, Swope, was dropped for a loss. Another one was an ill-advised throw where the receiver was dropped immediately because his other receiver didn’t leave the line of scrimmage and the two db’s were there also. It had no chance from the start.
There was a slant pass thrown behind a receiver causing him to adjust to make the catch and he was dropped immediately. If he had hit him in stride the receiver would have been able to run for additional yardage. Watch Cousins and watch how many times he puts that pass on the money.
There was a long pass to Fuller that was thrown to the wrong side causing Fuller to adjust to it, again, spinning around and he was downed immediately. Again, had he hit a WIDE OPEN Fuller in stride it could have gone for a touchdown.
A fourth pass was thrown to Fuller who had his man beat down the left sideline and was underthrown and Fuller had to wait for it to make the reception, allowing the db to catch up to him and tackle him immediately. Again, had he placed the ball where it needed to be placed Fuller could have scored because he had his man beat.
Another pass was thrown to Fuller who was running down the right side of the field. Fuller had his man beat and Tannehill overthrew him. Again, another touchdown opportunity wasted.
Cousins makes these throws with ease. He may miss every once in awhile but not too often.
Tannehill missing on those passes and his lack of proper ball placement reminds me too much of the headache this team just got rid of at quarterback.

The Browns are going to take Tannehill at #4. Buying dinner for him probably broke the bank in Dolphinland.

Why don't you idiots talk about football instead of each others grammar. Who gives a sh#t about how someone writes as long as the point is clearly made. Start a new blog about writing and go there so the rest of us can talk football.

Marino wasn't fast, but he made up for it with great footwork, and even more so with his release.

Toilet_Destroyer @ 8:42.....


Question for whomever knows. I thought they said last year that OTA's would be shortened by the new CBA. Is that true? There's a defined number of practices/sessions they can have offseason?

With the new Coaching staff and system and everything, I just want the team to have lots of time to learn it.

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