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The Dolphins reach the Breakers point

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, general manager Jeff Ireland and club CEO Mike Dee met the media in the past hour. It was relatively cordial. There was absolutely no news made -- which I'm sure the Dolphins intended. And best of all for the local team, it wasn't an unmitigated disaster.

The truth is once Ross got comfortable in the setting -- a meeting room at the Palm Beach Breakers Hotel -- he got on something of a roll and answered questions fine. I have issues with some of his answers, but at least he seemed prepared, confident and eventually at ease.

That's the potatoes.

The meat?

This is unvarnished. I give it to you without editorial. Make up your own mind:

Ross talked of the team's new approach which is supposed to embrace transparency: "We're in a new world today. You can't have a bunker mentality."

Obviously, the perception among people at this meeting, both media and two general managers I canvassed quickly, is that Miami has an institutional inability to lure talent. Ross rejects this notion: "This is the best place in the NFL for players to come ... I wouldn't go from what one or two people might say."

Ross got a little heated when asked about his inability to land Jim Harbaugh, Jeff Fisher, and Peyton Manning: "I'll do it again and again," he said raising his voice. "... Nothing ventured nothing gained."

Ireland said he felt like he had addressed some needs on the offensive line. I asked him if he sees starting-caliber players at the position and he gave me all the names on the roster but didn't say, "We believe (fill in the blank) can start. Training camp will determine if we're right." Obviously, this remains a weakness for the time being.

Ross confirmed what I told you last week about Miami's lack of interest in Tim Tebow: "We dismissed that early on" because Tebow doesn't fit the offensive system.

Obviously the quarterback position was prominent in the discussion. At one point Ireland said, "We feel good where we are at the quarterback position at this time.

Ireland did also say he's made it clear he needs better play from the QB position and the "QB position has been addressed," meaning the attempt to land Manning.

Ross obviously wants more. On the search for a franchise quaterback: "We're going to keep looking. We're very excited about Matt Moore ... That's a good place to start with.".

Ross said he met Archie Manning in December and he was hopeful that meeting, plus the fact Manning has a residence locally and love living here might be helpful in getting the quarterback. "But Manning wanted to go somewhere familiar," he said..

Ross must seriously undervalue Pro Bowl wide receiver Brandon Marshall. He said "It's not like we've lost anything" when talking of the offseason. Miami did trade Marshall. Ross added that the team got "fair value" for Marshall..

I asked Ross if he's rebuilding. He dodged the question: "We think we have a fine nucleus ...We know where there are some weaknesses. We're looking to correct that.".


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Meaning Home and all of his other home aliases because he is the only one in here that is so in love with Tim Tebow. Do you see that Mr. intelligence? You're the only one who wants this kid, doesn't that tell you something other than you're smarter than everyone else?

You tell DC he thinks he's smarter than everyone as you proclaim to the entire blogging community how much smarter Home (and because you like him,,,,,YOU,,,,AND IT IS YOU!) is/are than everyone else. Do you see any inherent flaws in your logic?

Well said Mark

I get the feeling the Colts are still leaving the door open to trade up....

With the new coaches in place and Ireland preparing for a solid draft I really think we will come out and surprise everyone this year. The main thing for us fans to do is to show our support! Really people look at our team now compared to 07. There's no question Ross and Ireland are doing the right thing.

Lets all get behind our team and show some support!!!!!!!!!!!

Tim Tebow is a wonderfull human being. BUT if he was a good NFL QB would the Denver Broncos have signed a 36 year old Payton Manning with a fused neck and traded away a 25 year old, healthy as a horse young QB? NO.
Tebow is great human being and teammate BUT not a great or even good QB.

Ross will always be a problem in Miami because all he wants is to surround himself with a bunch of "yes men".

Philbin will be gone before Ireland's gone when things dont improve. Ireland's more concerned about keeping a paycheck coming in than building a real team.

Building a real team means saying no to Ross. I dont see that happening with the "yes men" he's surrounding himself with. That's why even Petersen doesnt trake an official position working for Ross.

Petersen probably figures whats the use. The only thing that will be right in Miami is what Ross wants. Saying no to Ross is what will get you shipped out. Petersen knows Ross. So Petersen Knows not to accept a job under him, except that as an advisor. Just because a guys advises doesnt mean the guy who advises to him will listen. LOL

uMMMM seriously. I meant that winning a superbowl has less to do with Ross than it does with him having time to learn the ropes and surround himself with the right people. Meaning you could plug any owner into the same situation and it is going to take him time to surround himself with the right people. Thus my comparison to Robert Kraft taking 7 years to get his team together.

Surely since you had the time to count my paragraphs and are so much smarter than I you must have understood my meaning. Surprise surprise you did not because you are bitter and looking to fight with someone. I don't know you, never saw your name before, won't be talking to you again.

With all due respect Mr. Ross -- you may defend Ireland all you want and consider him a good talent evaluator, but the 3 year losing records still stand and Ireland still has not solidify the OLine. Those are facts you can't argue no matter how much you like him. He was a part of the problem - not just Sparano.

Secondly, you have misread fans' anger. It's not specifically about Manning, Harbaugh, or RG3 or whomever, it's that fans want HOPE and EXCITEMENT. No we can't always win, but give us something to be excited about. Although Marino never went back to the SB after 1985, there was hope each year - even when Olividotti ran an ugly defense. And it was this hope that brought pride and sold tickets and merchandises.

Tell me Mr. Ross, do you think Moore and Garrard bring hope? Or more importantly, Ireland? We fans have given him a vote of no confidence already. You can stick with him all you want, but we don't have much hope in this management and this season. Yes, winning does cure all - but don't expect us to be as excited, patient or forgiving in the mean time.

Hey I see it this way. At least we have a defensive coordinator, think about that for a moment, imagine how the Rams are feeling right about now.

At least we didn't hire Sparano as our offensive coordinator. They're goal will be to score 10 points a game and play good defense. At least we didn't pick up Tebow. The Wildcat? Come on. Living in Jets country trust me the Dolphins are not that bad.

I personally don't think Manning is going to win in Denver, obviously Flynn was not worth the money and unless you are catching TD passes Marshall is an under performer.

Let's be honest, Parcells is the one that stunk up the place and his 1990s style of run the ball in a pass happy league. Contrary to popular belief he is not that revered in the Northeast, he will take your money and quit on you.

And also, one last thought, I have always felt that you build through the draft not free agency. Star players get that one big payday and go soft every time. Watch what Williams does for Buffalo. Yes, we do have to have a good draft but please don't freak out if we don't take a QB in the first round, just remember a man named Brady Quinn.

With all the rebuilding talk and the Ross/Ireland hate I still think we are the 2nd best team in the division. The Jets suck and we will have better receivers by training camp.

Buafflo and Jets are better than the Dolphins, were last at best.

Ireland on criticism of him said: “It comes with the job.
I said: "When The scope of work is not Accomplished "



No, I don't see any flaws at all in my logic. I think I am 100% correct about everything I have said.


Here are the results in the AFC East this year:

1. Pats -- 14-2 (AFC Champs; Super Bowl Champs)
2. Jets -- 10-6
3. Bills -- 10-6
4. Fins -- 4-12

* Pats, Jets, and Bills will all be 2-0 vs Fins.

Our new rival is the Bills.

It's funny that some people are so scared be held responsible for their posts that they change their name every time they post something.

That's why no one should talk to anyone new until they have posted for at least a few days straight under the same name.

If you don't back up your own opinions why should anyone take them seriously?

In the real world, out where people can see your face, I'm sure you are silent, you have nothing to say because you have no confidence in yourself or your own thoughts. You are a person who formulates his opinions off of another's thoughts, a weak minded individual. That is why you scream and yell in a blog and continue to change your name. You don't even believe your own words and changing your name every time you write makes that painfully obvious.

Either that or I suspect you come from a broken home, live with your mom, and are under the age of 23. You know I'm right, I've said it before and it is why you attack me for long posts while ignoring others. You can't stand that I know you but have never met you. It makes your mind crazy and I'm scared for your pets.

ok dummy, another fivvvveeeee "paragraphs". OOOOpppps, now it's sixxxxxxx,,,oooohhhhhhhhh,,,ahhhhhhhhh how will you ever get through them in a timely fashion. Maybe you should copy and paste so you can read the second half while you're watching Jersey Shore. Idiot


Phins78 is right! He's so smart, I think he's smarter than everyone in here including me. I SWEAR I'm not Phins78! I promise!

Is there any blogger more annoying than Phins78?, STFU already, Jeez your posts are as interesting as watching grass grow, you prick.



You know phins78 has a good point. If you don't recognize the name as a regular it is a good idea not to talk to them. They are definitely just looking to hate on someone and have no interest in backing up their thoughts and ideas. I really like that Phins 78,,,he thinks the same way I do. I swear I AM NOT PHINS78!

Scott keep your opinions in Delaware

I thinks the sooner Phins78 GTFOH the better.

I agree, Phins78 posts are too long sometimes. But if I don't feel like reading them I just scroll on over. But most of the time he makes good points that can not be wrapped up in a sentence or two. I see that he thinks a lot and is answering questions that may come up in later posts about his content. He's just getting it out of the way and I think that makes some mad because they can't pick it apart as much when he already has the answers. Others do the same thing but once again I just scroll over if I don't have time. I find it funny though that someone who spends an entire day in here, taking up 50% of the blog, complains about having to read someone elses post. It's a bit hypocritical. Once again thought, Phins78 does make good points. Oh,,,,and I AM NOT PHINS78! Don't even think it because it's not true.

WOW! Thanks for all of the support guys, I did not expect that at all!

There are so many people I want to thank, my Mom, my son, and most of all the blogging community who all seem to support me save for one mental midget.

Hahahahaha I'm out.

I'm so happy Phins78 left. His posts are so annoying. I know I read everyone of them but I can't help it. It scares me that he has objective opinions, why doesn't he just yell IRELAND SUCKS and call it a day. That's what makes for a fun and exciting blog. Not this having opinions and convictions stuff. No one wants to read or add to that. He should just type Flynn=Kolb, and call it a day. Those are the post I can understand. I'm surprised I wrote this many words in my own post, didn't think I had the 30 minutes to do it but I just hate Phins78 so much. I don't know him but I hate him because of his long paragraphs. That's perfectly sane right? I know it is, I'm so smart when Phins78 isn't here. I don't like him challenging my blog dominance with his long posts, I'm so happy he's gone. So what should I yell to you guys next? Something about how Ross is an idiot? Or maybe I'll type the date of our little pizza party again? whatever you guys want, I'm here to entertain you.

Jeff "THE SCOUT" Ireland said >>>>> Ireland did also say he's made it clear he needs better play from the QB position and the "QB position has been addressed," meaning the attempt to land Manning.

Um... Been addressed? So just because QB's didn't want to play for such an idiot means that you addressed the position??

WHAT A Crock OF S- - -. Armando.. I mean come on man!!! You are there and don't press these jokers??

I mean with all due respect, if you ever are going to play with the big boys you need to grow a set and ASK THE QUESTIONS vs asking the non threatening questions.

I mean are you scared of losing something with Ross and company by asking the tough questions?

And I don't want to hear that you have to juggle and carefully ask so that they (Ross and Ireland) do not shut you out BECAUSE you are already shut out as this entire blog is nothing new and full of hot air. The media has allowed this to happen. if you can't ask the questions then don't come on here empty handed as what good is that?

Otherwise... This is nothing but the SAME OL SAME OL and THE SCOUT and Ross are blowing hot air up your _ _ _.

Phins, I've heard that too (that I think I'm smarter than everyone else).

Those people would be wrong. I don't think I'm smarter than everyone else on this blog, I think I'm SEXIER than everyone else on this blog.

you ever have to toot and get a wee surprise, a nice rose bud in your undergarments?


DC, LOL. Don't sell yourself short, I'm sure you're a double threat just like me, smart and sexy!

DC were you here when everyone was wondering what we all looked like? Me and a few others posted our pictures on our account. All of the others, who scream and yell and act like children would not post a picture and stopped coming in for a little while. Then all of these new names started appearing. Marc was the one I remember starting the pictures thing but I haven't seen him in here in a while.

This Home guy switching names is annoying

Good Day to all fellow Phin fans, at least those who have yet to jump ship.

I understand what Ross has been trying to go in going after all these big name coaches and players to no avail...it his timing and approach that has made him and our beloved Dolphins look bad.
But you can't blame him for trying to make this a championship team and creating the perfect storm of coaches, players and management.

As far as Jeff Ireland goes, he has been somewhat hamhacked during Parcells era, as Parcells has been responisble for the first 3 drafts but checked out mostly last year and Parcells style and talent evaluation has'nt really panned out the way ALL us Dolphin fans thought it would. This blog site was at its busiest during the first two-three years Parcells was "buying the groceries" yet are we better off since...if we are not by much and I won't get into details as to what players have panned out or fizzled.
However this draft will be Jeff Ireland and the new coaching staff thumb print through and through.

This will be the most interesting draft since Parcells took office and I for one beleive Tannehill maybe a bit of a reach but Ireland has no choice as he is the 3rd best QB available in the draft. That is saying alot due to the fact that he's had only 19 starts and is rated ahead of guys like Stanton, Weeden and many others. Upside he has as much as any QB in the draft IMO, look at compare all these guys first 19 starts in college ball. Has one of the best arms in the draft and yes he still may be somewhat green but tons of potential and is willing to out work anyone! And that is the best quality a football player can have, a desire to work 2,3 or 4 times as hard as anyone else.

If we have a bad season and we don't draft a QB look for the Dolphins to position themselves to go after Matt Barkely-even if the Dolphins have a decent season with either Matt More or David Garrard, Mark Barkley will be high on Dolphins list. O Course we wont or should'nt trade 3 number ones ala Washington and IMO very bad move especially when we are in REBUILDING mode, that is a major mistake by Washington and would be if the Dolphins were to ever do the Same.

I personally was happy to lose the "Suck for Luck" campaign our loser fans were chanting, no-way I would never want to be a part of that. I unserstand we displaced ourselves out of the running for Luck or RGIII but I would rather win a football game and cheer for my beloved Dolphins than to hope and pray to lose for any one player!
Its a loser mentality and would never want any part of that, there are 7 rounds in the draft and rookie free agents to be had and build a team around as folks forget there are 11 started on each side and 53 players per team, you win with all 53 players playing as one, one team, one unit and FRANCHISE!

Dolphins4life! I'm out and will check in later in the week keep the faith, it may not happen this year or next or the year following, but it will happen!
Beleive in Joe Philbin! It will happen.


Glad You Have 4 Years To Waste Believing That Clueless Ross and Idiot Ireland Will Turn It Around....I have no inclination that they can do it...based on their pristine track record...Both these bozos need to go ruin some other franchise.....

Same Bunch of Incompetent Scum.....Sell The Team Ross....Are You In The Process Of Rebuilding?? Answer the Friggin Question?...If It looks like a dog, and barks like a dog....its a dog!!!Ireland and Ross Are The Worst Owner/GM Combo In Professional Sports....Also Fair Market Value For Brandon Marshall...You Are An Complete Idiot...I will Not Be Watching and/or purchasing any Phin Merchandise for the foreseeable future...After 38 Years of Being A Loyal Phin Fan I am thinking of switching team allegiance...Sad State of Affairs........

I'll bet Ross is excited because regardless of the situation based on an NFL owner equal profit sharing system he's going to make money in 2012 regardless. I was making this point last night were I said that "IF" Ross failed the way others like Snyder have failed trying desperately to throw money at the situation then I could at least live with it because at some point "IF" your driven to win at all costs you eventually learn from your mistakes and get over the hump like sticking to a plan and saving then pulling an RG3 out of your hat with patience. It must have taken about 2 minutes after I posted before I was BLASTED by everybody online who said I was nuts and the Skins have always stunk under Snyder while we've had 7 winning seasons since ect... Yeah!! 7 Winning seasons under free spending Wayne NOT Ross!!!

I then had to endure people talking about Ross needing talent to sell seats, yada yada yada!! 1st and foremost TV revenue sets the CAP and it's each teams piece of the pie that supposedly keeps a competitive balance in the NFL with a ceiling on spending through there allotted TV $$. It's how small TV market Cities like Pitt, Buffalo & G.B. can compete and why owners like Jones, Snyder and Huzienga (in his Fin days) wanted the equal split deal changed. Yes there is more to be made but Ross won't and never will mortgage his future bottom line for Titles when win or loose he is always afforded his lotto ticket come revenue sharing and that ladies and Gents is what he sees.

I also said he reminded me of that idiot owner the Pats had in Victor Kiam who couldn't keep his foot out of his mouth and low and behold, there goes our owner telling everyone about how he was dumping Marshall and his contract before he duped the Bears. I read were some say they were impressed with his close to the vest approach because after all we can't lay out our plan and to them I say you read into it what you will but I read, "listen this is what I'm going to put into this because it's my investment, take it or leave it" Yesterday I was comparing him to the clueless Kiam today I see shades of the Culverhouse family in Tampa who were all about the bottom line when the Bucs sucked for 2 decades before Glazer came along!!!

People listen! It's too soon to judge the Dolphins yet. Philbin is going to draft whomever he wants, not Ireland! You can already see this developing. Philbin's style in Green Bay was "fair price" free agents and build thru the draft. Most of the free agents signed were over valued, just look at their stats for last year. Come-on man! Tebow running Green Bay's offense????? Oh, and Marshall was a time bomb!

Why don't we see which one of us really knows how to manage. I challenge all of you to guess the draft, and whomever is closest, we should join your Fantasy League with you as manager.

I reiterate my draft picks keeping in mind deep draft in WR (thank god), OL, and IlB:

1st Round: Tannehill if available or CB - Claiborne if not.
2nd: WR - Stephen Hill (think a young Megatron).
2nd: SS - Mark Barron (Trade 2 3rd round pics to move up to 2nd rd).
4th: RB - LaMichael James (think a young Bush and check the combine) if available or WR if not.
5th: OT
6th: ILB

4 out of 5 losing seasons...3 straight losing seasons....The national perception of this team is that it's run by a pair of clowns...Jeff Ireland has zero respect around the league. Get ready for a 4th straight losing season which will be the first in franchise history.

"Ross is just like Obama."

That is moronic, inappropriate to a sports blog, and pathetic.

Just because stupid people can post to sports blogs does not mean they should post to sports blogs.

I don't think rebuilding is appropiate in this case. How about remodeling?


THE MEATS .........WHAT ?


Why does it sound to me that many posts here are written by the same guy?

I will now proceed to bake a potatoe with plenty of butter and pan-grill my nice rib-eye steak.




THE MEATS ..............

Delusional thinking by Ross, the man needs professional therapy.

We need to know how the organization evaluation process works and if it's working to the owners liking. Tony is gone for underperforming and so too are other players and coaches. Who made the evaluation and the conclusion that these people were underperforming? Who evaluates the person who evaluated the personnel that got fired? Who evaluates the owner? Who evaluates the GM?

It's all a bunch of BS...Mando ask those questions until Ross and Fireland BREAK! They are BSing us al around

I'm converting to a JETS fan until Ross sells.

I have no reason to come down to Miami from Maryland to see a game. Dolphins have no superstars, NONE. I used to come down every year for a game. Helped your local economy by doing just that. We had stars, Marino, Ricky, Zach, etc etc etc. And today, we have zilch, zero, nada! All you have now are the cheerleaders. I have been a Dolphins fan since 1972, have seen many great competitive teams. I looked forward every year to see Marino, but now you've got to be kidding me. Moore? Gerrard? I'm not going down there to see your best offensive weapon/player kick field goals. Ownership and GM are a complete joke. I would have definitely come down to see Manning. When are you going to get it through your thick scull heads that you need a top notch QB? QB is what sells tickets man!

First of all it is not only a game but a business. Even though there are dire issues in the world fans look to their teams for a temporary escape from the world. Ross' idea of a " franchise" Q.B. is a kid that works for Subway that can throw a ball. Obama has only set the country back ten years, Ross set the Dolphins back to 1995 after Shula left.It will only hurt when the fans hit Ross's wallet.

Ross said Rome wasn't built in a day. News falsh idiot-- Rome has fallen.

Obama is a better president than Bush, and it is not even close. It took 8 years for Bush to miss up this economy and it won't be fixed in 1 term. The same for the Miami Dolphins, it will take a while to fix this mess, and the GM who continue to do this mess is still there.

In my humble opinion, I believe that we're being harsh on Ross and Ireland. We have to remember the following facts:

- Ross overpaid for this team (forcing him to seek other investors)
- Ross inherited a mess, and lucrative contract on Bill Parcells, who was hired by Wayne Huizenga
- Ross had to put up with Bill Parcell's non-sense Free Agents contracts the 3-years
- It is Ross who has paid the consequences for the failed Free Agents Bill Parcell signed
- It is Ross that keeps paying off the bad debt the Big Tuna created
- It was Bill Parcell who hired Sparano
- It was Bill Parcell who decided to draft an OL, and not a QB with his first draft.
- It was Bill Parcell who decided to draft Chad Henne, and thought he could take us to the playoffs
- It was Bill Parcell who kept giving lucrative contracts to OLs, and no-name free agents...
- It was Ireland who was against trading for Brandon Marshall, but yet the Big Tuna wanted him..
- It was Bil Parcell who quit on this team, and jump-over-board whe he realized that his own ship was sinking
- It has been Ireland who had a very good draft last year, and who has been right on the money on trades and signs (i.e. Reggie Bush, draft trades to get the 2nd round picks we wasted on B. Marshall, signing of Kevin Burnett and Matt Moore, the drafting of Pouncey, D. Thomas, Gats, J. Wilson, etc, etc).
- It was Ross who paid out of his own pocket for the games to be televised locally.
- It was Brandon Marshall who decided catch a few catches, and drop a bunch of TD.
- It was Brandon Marshall who decided to allegedly punch a woman at a bar in NY.
- It was Ireland who, in my opinion, got a great deal for Marshall

Ross sounds like he doesn't know that Brandon Marshall was traded... As clueless as he is it wouldn't surprise me.

Ross should fire himself by the way. He clueless and he sucks... Like this team.

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