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The Peyton Manning interview in South Florida

Peyton Manning landed in Miami around 4 p.m. today, returning home from his emotional day in Indianapolis on Colts owner Jim Irsay's private plane.

And after a White Bronco-like chase from Opa-Locka in North Miami-Dade to Miami Beach, the now free agent quarterback stopped for reporters following the van that picked him up. He got out, waited for all the reporters and cameramen to gather and then had an impromptu news conference.


Earlier today he dismissed a previous erroneous report that the Dolphins were first or high on a priority list of teams he's interested in when he said, "I haven't thought about what team I'm going to play for." And in the afternoon he repeated the sentiment and added he has to figure out where he's wanted.

"I have no idea who wants me what team wants me," he said. "I literally have not had one conversation with anyone about these teams. It's been so hard to try to figure out some closure with my situation with the Colts that I haven't really concerned myself with that."

Manning, who can sign with any team he wants at any time he wants without having to wait until the start of free agency March 13, also said he isn't sure if he'll begin to take visits with clubs or they'll come to him or it'll simply be a situation where his agent begins negotiations and a deal with his new team is struck.

"I don't know if it's like college recruiting where you take visits," Manning said. "It's all new to me."

Oh, and perhaps the most important thing?

Manning has had at least three and perhaps four procedures on his neck to repair damage to nerves that caused numbness and atrophy in his throwing arm. The arm lost much of its much-heralded strength. But Manning has since regained much of that strength and he had a message for anyone wondering about his physical status.

"My neck is fine," Manning said. "The doctors have cleared me. That's been a relief to me. I've continued to work hard and the best part about it is being out there throwing again."


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Actually, I believe RG3 will not bring that exorbitant price most People assume it will be. He is from a 2nd rate Program, has a LOT of work to do in his technique and recognition skills. He might not even translate well into the NFL. Not a sure-fire shot as Luck. We might grab him. hee,hee.

Irelands Pride will ensure we do the least beneficial thing.

Sign Manning and then trade him to Denver for Tebow.

I too agree the price on RG3 will come down some.

Manning will be great anywhere, as long as he has protection and time. The colts might have won a few more games tops with him this year, but that's it. The colts dynasty has been fading and dungy saw it coming. He got out when the gettin was good. Mannings injury couldn't have happened at a better time- he doesn't lose a bunch of games and now gets to pick a team with an O line that will give him time and make him look good. And, the colts don't have to pay him all that cash. Win-win.

Whatever happened to Colin Kaepernik, QB from last year's Draft?

Miami is backkkkkk. Uall check out AlexaStock

Let me tell everybody that think ross is just like Jerry jones and makes football calls ...WELL YOUR WRONG! ROSS ISnt pushing for any player! he is the owner.. has no say in football operations... Thats why he pays Ireland and JOE PHINBIN! If he wasn't going to have trust in the fact that they weren't going to make the right choice he wouldn't have hired them. And i know the reason everybody thinks ROSS wants Manning .. Because it's well known he wants a winner and wants to sell seats ... WELL EVERY OWNER WANTS THAT! but that doesnt mean he is sticking his nose in and wants Manning. Heck for all everyone know he might want us the get RG3... all this gossip is just rediculous

RGIII's 'price' won't be how much we pay him... it will be what we have to give up to get the 'pick' to select him. THAT's the price and it's a steep one. BWT... I read people talking about getting Manning, then Wayne, then the Cincy Saftey in FA... where is THAT money coming from? And then, how are we going to sign the 6 or 7 draft picks. This is NOT a done deal or an easy one. What ever we do... we are going to have to pay the price and this is one that we, as fans, will FEEL! But damn... having a REAL QB at the helm for at least 1 season... just the thought has me giddy! GO FINS! schhhhhwing!

I foresee defensive players being a little bit more careful if they tackle/sack Peyton because of his legacy and the injury versus RGIII a rookie whom they would love to welcome to the NFL and who, once the play breaks down, will be impatient and take off running thinking his legs will get him through. RGIII may not be as likely to have a season/career ending injury in 2012 as Manning, but Peyton commands more respect on the field and is less likely to make a stupid rookie mistake.

I hope the courting of Manning will not leave Us the taste of Harbaugh and Fisher smegma.

Miami the best place for Manning?

Not a chance. What's there for him? Weather? Condo? Marshall? Bush with his first 1k season? Come on. Realistically, the best place for Manning is the Kansas City Chiefs.


Running Back- Jamal Charles- When healthy, one of the best backs in the league.

TE- Tony Moeiki- A young Tony Gonzalez...

WR- Pro Bowler DeWayne Bowe,Steve Breaston, Baldwin

Other Players: Dexter McCluster...a X-Factor

A great offensive core.


Pro Bowlers: Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali....

Brandon Flowers (CB) Routt (CB) Kendrick Lewis and Eric Berry as the Safties...

These are people that they ALREADY have...with the biggest Salary Cap Space in the NFL... (research it)

They're in one of the most unstable divisions...the AFC West which they will win with Manning...

If he goes to Miami, he'll play Brady 2x a yr...and the Jets can comepte with them (Miami) for the Wild Card spot...so, if he wants a chance to WIN...and WIN now, the Chiefs are the place.

Not the Jets...not Miami...not Arizona...not Seattle...not Washington...

This team almost won the division last yr with Matt Cassel...Palko...then Orton...while switching coaches in the middle of the season. Miami beat the Chiefs...and beat them bad...in turn, they beat the Packers...(go figure)

Matt Flynn is a better suited person for Miami.

P.S.- The Chiefs hired Cooter...a close friend of Peyt and has worked with him....

Oh, by the way, the Chiefs have enough money to sign Wayne, Manning, and Saturday to the team. The Chiefs need a Center anyway and could always use another WR...

Think about it...

Nothing in life or football is a given.
Peyton may last 2-3 years. Time to develop someone. Draft one every year Rd 3-4.
RGIII will require 2-3 years to develop and a minimum of 4 picks. At least 2 1st Rd.
Flynn may become the next Rodgers or not. Only Couch Joe really knows.
Time to take a shot. Go all in on Peyton to start.

Hell, if Ross wants to win(and sell seats), hire a healthy PManning. Nothing simpler than that.

Last QB Dolphins passed on because of health questions..... Drew Brees !!! Take a shot, RGIII is too expensive in needed draft picks, we can't get him. Flynn will cost way too much for an unproven commodity and screw up the cap. Peyton does not need/want a huge contract. We can keep Henne and Moore as backups and maybe they can learn from Peyton. Or draft a project QB in late rounds and let him learn from the master.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/03/the-peyton-manning-interview-in-south-florida.html#storylink=cpy

Posted by: CoyoteGuy | March 07, 2012 at 07:29 PM

Last two QB's we took despite health and durability concerns were Dante Culpepper and Chad Pennington. Don't get me wrong, I'd take a year with Pennington over last year in a heartbeat, but only if he stayed healthy. Still, you get my point.

Anyone who thinks manning is a good idea is as dumb as Ireland. This will set the team back a decade. Next year when we're 4-12 or worse you guys can all cry in your manning jerseys and use the old culpepper ones to clean up. Staggeringly stupid

Mando, you seem pro Manning now. You aren't a politician with that luxury, what gives?? I thought you hated every aspect of this plan and now you seem almost giddy. Go ahead and preface your previous statements with "I just didn't want to mortgage the future" or some crap like that. Just admit that no move is without risk and the reward in a QB like Manning is worth greater risk. Can we get a column where you say you were wrong at least about the merits of going after Manning??

Hey reads like your a chefs fan.Wrong blog there T!

Ireland's just a water boy. Ross is calling the shots.

Many experts and analysts are picking Miami as the top choice. The Dolphins only have 10 million in cap space but they could easily redo some contracts to clear another 10 million. Peyton Manning signing here would give a huge boast to Anthony Fasano (Tight End), Brandon Marshall (WR), and Reggie Bush. Reggie Bush especially I believe will get the biggest boast in stats. Bush had the best year in his career in 2011, and those stats would only grow with so many more teams having to honor the pass threat of Peyton Manning, leaving some nice run lanes for Bush. Reggie Wayne now also a free agent is and there as been a lot of talk of him wanting to go to Miami as well. Problem with that is that is Miami already has Brandon Marshall. And I really doubt that Miami will be able to afford to sign Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne from free agency. I really enjoy the thought of Manning ending up in Miami and from the rumors floating around the league so does he.

I go into a few other teams on my blog http://fantasysportedge.com/peyton-manning-released-now-where/

Chiefs are not a better team than the fins and only Coach Joe knows true value of Flynn unless you are a Packer OF coach. Not cutting Flynn but Moore ranks higher not by me but by the experts. So where is the upgrade unless Coach Joe says so?

Oh, no, Chief. Peyton is a bit more about Competing than Winning(like all great Ones).

I have followed this story for awhile now, but I'm not sure I am so confident after
the latest video in South Fla after he landed. I realize its a long day, but the reporter tried 3 different times to pry and ended up with nothing. Not really sure what to
expect now..

Only Manning knows where he'll wind up and we have to respect him.

That video kinda bothered me, I bet he went to his home and is packing his stuff for a flight out west. I'd say if there isn't an answer by Tuesday, to grab Flynn..

Does Manning really want to play for a novice HC?

Sometimes wonder if some come to stir and only stir.
Sometimes wonder if some would prefer to remain marginal to continue to complain.
Also wonder how many are truly fin fans.
The opportunity to get better is now.

Pretty sure that any Team interested in signing Peyton, be it us, Washington or Arizona, will insist on him passing a physical.

Does anyone believe that if fins and Peyton already have a deal he would tell a reporter just hours after his release?


SIGN THIS GUY- Bring in Reggie Wayne too. Dolphins would be contender immediately.

Manning to Bush, to Bess, to Marshall, to Wayne - WOW POWERFUL

Time to believe.
May be once in life time for some.
Let it happen and enjoy, maybe for once.

Tampa Fin, Agreed, however Manning's body language to me didn't suggest a deal was done at all. I just think there shouldve been something else said, he seemed to directly dodge Miami Imho

with Manning and Wayne in mind.

1st Luke Kuechly MLB Boston College
2nd Kendall Reyes DT Connecticut
3rd Mitchell Schwartz OT Cal
4th Tommy Streeter WR The University of Miami
5th Olivier Vernon DE The University of Miami
6th Akiem Hicks DT Regina
7th Tank Carder OLB TCU


1st rd Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State
2nd rd Kelechi Osemele OG Iowa State
3rd rd LaMichael James RB Oregon
4th rd Brett Roy DT/DE Nevada
5th rd Tysyn Hartman S Kansas State
6th rd Tom Compton OT South Dakota
7th rd Chase Ford TE University of Miami

The Miami "Teen" machine couldn't put 20+ points on the board for more than half the games last year. That meant the defense had to shine. With Manning, we are at least good for 3 touchdowns and 2 long Dan Carpenter field goals. That gives us at least 11 victories. I'll take that all day longggggg!!!!

Like Peyton situation, like RGIII not picks it will take and leave Flynn to Coach Joe.
Believe Manning costs less in the total picture than the other two but
Fins have to play all three situations to get even one. It is time.

No real problem with picks but regardless of who we sign in FA we must sign middle/late Rd QB each year.
We have to always look at future of that position, see Marino (fins), Manning (Colts), Favre (Pack), Rodgers (Pack).

If they get Manning this year I think they have the luxury of not drafting a QB but instead going with Matt Moore as the backup with a healthy competition for the third spot w/ Devlin and a 7th rder / UFA QB like Case Keenum or Chandler Harnish

He was picked up in a white Bronco? Did AC Cowlings driving? Anyways, why did I see Peyton's goodbye speech as a retirement speech?

Anyways, what's the difference between paying Peyton 20 million and RGIII 20 million? We can't sign Peyton without getting rid of some folks. Who we gonna get rid of to make way for Peyton?

Can go there but we must continue to draft QBs.
Too often forgotten would prefer one of the 3-4 Rd QBs in the 2nd/3rd group.
You can never have enough and someone thought 2 was enough.

Time to call it a night.
Cannot believe what I just read.
Answer is 2 1st Rd picks and 2 more picks an a minimum of about $25M.
Duh. What gives? Too late for this conversation.

Glad that lunatic is gone.


I don't even trust Manning. He lost a lot of respect when he duped Indy out of 20 million bucks. What makes anyone think he won't dupe Miami? First game he will claim his neck is hurt. Just like Penny did with his shoulder.

See comment at 9:19.
Pros are not "duped", they take risks.

DingleBerry Cereal...that's what we will all be eating if Ross manages to mess this one up...

You guys are seriously on drugs. Manning is washed up and we arent winning anything with him. Period. Signing him just sets the franchise back about 10 years.

Even if the Dolphins hire Manning, still a franchise QB is needed. This means that next year they should address this issue again.
It's amazing that year after year after year we keep talking about the need of a franchise QB. Clearly the incompetence of this staff reflects on that this issue has not been solved. Why, why why ?
Manning is just an infatuation, something that can be as short as the first Sunday. Ok let us welcome him. And then ?

I would love to get RG3... That's really my first choice if my choice mattered. There aren't going to be many RG3 types ever..so missing out on him would hurt..especially when he pans out and IMO have a better career stat and everything else wide than Vick did. RG3 will be that much better IMO.
But.... I do see a small light with the manning scenario... The next three...roughly....drafts will have some stud QB's. Agree or not so much?


The Miami Dolphins coaching staff will experiment with using Koa Misi as an inside linebacker next season the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Tuesday.

Misi played strong-side linebacker his first two seasons in the league and will not be used as a defensive end, the position he played in college, an NFL source told the newspaper.

The move leaves Randy Starks, Jared Odrick and Tony McDaniel as the only defensive linemen under contract for next season, and could reveal the Dolphins' focus in the upcoming draft.

Misi, 25, split time with the retired Jason Taylor in 2011. He has 75 tackles and 5.5 sacks in his two NFL seasons. Miami drafted him 40th overall in the 2010 draft.

"Koa has done a nice job. He's played the (strong-side) linebacker position for us. Koa has got a lot of versatility. I really like the way he's developing," general manager Jeff Ireland said earlier this offseason. "It's unfortunate that he got hurt at the end of the season because I saw some growth in him there late. We just got to see where he continues to grow. But he's got to get better."

Reggie Wayne has lost a step. Not the threat he used to be. If you believe the national news media Peyton is coming to Miami.And RG3 will be a bust in the NFL.I totally believe that.

Around the League

Report: Jets 'a strong contender' to add QB Henne
By Dan Hanzus NFL.com
Published: Feb. 29, 2012 at 06:01 p.m. Updated: March 1, 2012 at 02:00 p.m.

Once you get beyond Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn, the presumed free-agent quarterback pool is extremely shallow.

Want proof? Chad Henne -- yes, that Chad Henne -- will be a hot commodity when the free-agent signing period begins March 13.

FoxSports.com reported Wednesday that Henne could command up to $5 million in annual salary, a sizable jump from the sub-$3 million that most non-demoted backup signal-callers receive. The report contends Henne is a "1A" option, meaning he's a player who can come in and push (and perhaps pass) the incumbent quarterback on the depth chart.

That description would make the Jets an obvious suitor, and FoxSports.com reports New York is a "strong contender" to land the former Dolphin. Mark Sanchez struggled in his third season as starter, and it's doubtful the ancient Mark Brunell provided much more than flawed business advice the past two seasons.

Installing a legitimate depth chart behind Sanchez is long overdue for the Jets, and Henne would represent a better option than retreads like Jason Campbell, David Garrard, Vince Young and Kyle Orton.

Still, Mark Sanchez and Chad Henne? Not since the days of the Bushwhackers have we seen such an unintimidating tag team.

No wonder Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum has done little to distance the team from the Peyton Manning rumors.

Henne as 1A option at QB in FA?? Call me crazy but I bring in VY and try and get him straight before investing in Henne.

fin4life lots of old news there, days old anyway. misi, henne.

i think letting go of soliai is a big mistake. misi is too average. say what you want but who ever replaces soliai will not be as valuable.

forget manning, more intriguing evidence he cant throw a hot potato:

Before anyone will sign Peyton Manning, he’ll need to show that he can throw. And if he hopes to find a new team before the game of musical chairs known as free agency commences, he’ll need to get some workouts scheduled.

Manning’s camp knew that he’d most likely be cut this week. Thus, like a free agent who somehow has a plane ticket in his hand the moment the market opens, why hasn’t Manning already lined up his first visit?

The fact that no visits have been reported or announced is prompting speculation among some league insiders that, notwithstanding last week’s Zapruder film, he doesn’t yet have the ability to throw the way he needs to throw in order to get teams to throw money at him.

Manning to Miami, sounds good. But I have some concerns about this. 3 to 4 weeks ago, it was reported Manning had a noodle arm, might require another surgery. And now he is throwing well?
Manning sais his neck is fine and has been cleared to play. Hmm his neck has not been the question mark, or has it?
also, listening to Isray, who said "He is concerned about the health and future of his player" as one of the reason for their decision. Either thats good politics, or he knowes Manning is one good hit from a wheel chair.
The Dolphins did everything they could to bring in a great offensive minded coach, who brought in a great OC. Both of which have claimed to bring a Hybrid WC style to Miami.( as DC also pointed out) How does this play out with Manning who runs his own Offense?
If we bring in Manning, will we have enough space to still draft a QB to groom under him?
I agree Manning (healthy) can bring 3-4 more wins a season, and yes that would be play offs. It still does not erase the concerns or doubts..just my opinion.

Payton better then Marino,you truly aren't a
Dolphins fan, as much as I want Payton he will never replace Dan,
Maybe you should move on to Indy. Pease dumbass.

Ummmm yeah for sure...Marino beats Peyton any day of the week in my book

If it comes to this point as it has I will take a playoff loss with Peyton Manning as a plus. Better yet why not a championship? It is not out of the question. At the very worst you sell many tickets and jerseys and bring the NFL back to Miami. At the worst you set yourself back a few years without a QB for the future. Hell they have done that for years now. This team has the ability to win in 2012. They need a QB. Manning is there for the taking. I would rather win now than later.Manning gives us that chance right now. Roll the dice.If it fails you tried. If you do not try you failed. I roll the dice and let the fallout happen.

Isnt a c63 a rocket engine?

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