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The Peyton Manning interview in South Florida

Peyton Manning landed in Miami around 4 p.m. today, returning home from his emotional day in Indianapolis on Colts owner Jim Irsay's private plane.

And after a White Bronco-like chase from Opa-Locka in North Miami-Dade to Miami Beach, the now free agent quarterback stopped for reporters following the van that picked him up. He got out, waited for all the reporters and cameramen to gather and then had an impromptu news conference.


Earlier today he dismissed a previous erroneous report that the Dolphins were first or high on a priority list of teams he's interested in when he said, "I haven't thought about what team I'm going to play for." And in the afternoon he repeated the sentiment and added he has to figure out where he's wanted.

"I have no idea who wants me what team wants me," he said. "I literally have not had one conversation with anyone about these teams. It's been so hard to try to figure out some closure with my situation with the Colts that I haven't really concerned myself with that."

Manning, who can sign with any team he wants at any time he wants without having to wait until the start of free agency March 13, also said he isn't sure if he'll begin to take visits with clubs or they'll come to him or it'll simply be a situation where his agent begins negotiations and a deal with his new team is struck.

"I don't know if it's like college recruiting where you take visits," Manning said. "It's all new to me."

Oh, and perhaps the most important thing?

Manning has had at least three and perhaps four procedures on his neck to repair damage to nerves that caused numbness and atrophy in his throwing arm. The arm lost much of its much-heralded strength. But Manning has since regained much of that strength and he had a message for anyone wondering about his physical status.

"My neck is fine," Manning said. "The doctors have cleared me. That's been a relief to me. I've continued to work hard and the best part about it is being out there throwing again."


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Do you know what a mother cat does with her kittens? She leaves them alone! Know what an OC does when he has Peyton Manning? Changes the offense to suit him and or his needs. It is called an adjustment. Nuff said.

Best friends: don't drink Kool-Aid
Best friends: put down pipe
Let's say we sign Peyton & Reggie. Salaray cap gone. Still need to replace 6 FA's with 6 draft choices.
1st: RT
2nd: RG
3rd: NT
4th: OLB
5th: TE
Peyton'starting TE would be a 5th rounder. He's not going to do that.

Marcus Trufant would be a great addition

Trufant at fs if no nelson . Love how some say a rook couldnt develope behind msnning. indy never put a premium on a backup. Any young qb will learn how to study film and learn how.to prepare behind a successful vet qb. Rodgers learned how Not to prepare from farve brett skipped camp and relied on his arm to.get him tjru.

Tiny phone keyboard to blame for misspellings.

So Home was right again.

"My neck is fine," Manning said. "The doctors have cleared me. That's been a relief to me. I've continued to work hard and the best part about it is being out there throwing again."

Salguero why not have Home on the staff, seems this blogging clown is right,when most other writers are dead wrong

Home did the same thing two seasons ago and was the only one right about the Dolphins getting Marshall and Dansby.

Everyone else was saying too expensive or not the right attitude for this team, so it wouldn't happen.

Does Home work upstairs in the Dolphins organization.
If so Salguero, you should consider Home as one of your secret sources on the Dolphins.

Obviously this chem-trail whistle blower sees things others are not aware of.

I followed his game picking,win/losses and score predictions on the Dolphins the last four years and nobody comes close to his accuracy.
Some of the predictions were scary accurate.

I read yesterday that Home has confirmed Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne are confirmed to be signing with the Dolphins.

How does he know these things ahead of time?

To Ross it's not a matter of if he can play, it's a matter of how many tickets will he sell. As soon as he signs with a team, that team will sellout every game.

father time has caught up with peyton. 36 year old,injured QB's have a short shelf life. ross meddles to fill the seats and loves celebrity so another "mistake" will surely be made. we should sign flynn as a FA or trade up for RG3.




THE GARAGE MANAGER .......................

Reality, yeah and your point is. Any owner would want to stop losses. That's a pretty dumb post.

Have we signed Manning yet.....


Until that happens...everything else is moot.......

Scooter, well said. Let's roll! I'll gladly take a couple years of excitement to break up the mediocrity! Sign Manning...and Wayne!

Fan since the 60's, so I think I have seen it all with the Phins--though that is a laugh because we can never be sure what beauties they will next present. I have been a proponent of going all in for RGIII, including as a huge change from the usual and looking at the Risk/Reward relationship. However, if Manning can really return to a decent degree--even a 75% Manning is better than most other QB's, then he would ALSO be worth the risk. Yeah-ticket sales would jump, etc, but the only way this team will satisfy Ross (and us fans) as a true investment is if they WIN GAMES (and he obviously would give us one of the STILL-greats). Getting Manning, drafting a young additional prospect,etc... Flynn will be very expensive but so will Manning--anyone who thinks he will just settle for incentives and is less interested in the $$$ is just an idiot. Manning could be a wise investment, with a good draft and some reasonable FA fill-in's. Whay is it so certain that what Wayne does Manning will do--another stupid expectation??? Woudl be nice and I woudl feel OK with that too, but come on--Manning will do what's best for Manning (and he is entitled). I will be EXTREMELY disappointed if the Phins do not do EVERYTHING in their power and resources to do one of the QB things--Manning, Flynn, RGIII. As we have seen, they can have their wishes and make whatever push they want. Still will not guarantee anything. The effort MUST be there sink or swim, and see where it takes us. My current final perspective is Manning (if evidence of regained arm function is coming true)is now worth the focus and money (RGIII will be too costly in picks and we don't have enough to offer anyway-not at the #8)


ANDY DALTON............


THE CELLAR...................



Sign Manning..and figure out some way to get Barkley next year...awesome...and a plus...Sparano is in jets pocket, so 2 wins there

Man, just listening to the radio. I am on the GET MANNING NOW bandwagon. Hell I might be driving the wagon.

And then...

BOOM driving into work today I had a vision of us somehow screwing this up, then we go get the former 7th round pick Matt Flynn. Then we have Moore and that is our QB competition. UGH! Why does this reek of failure. We have truly been tortured as fin fans.

PLEASE! Sign Manning!!! PLEASE!

Aloco, lets say your right, and signing manning leads to the cellar... Then we get Barkley next year. I can not see that as bad.

If we sign him and he is 80% of the old Peyton Manning, OH HELL YEA, at least we as fans will be having fun!!!

I can not see a bad scenerio here...

I wonder if Matt Flynn feels like he is being left at the altar.

If you dont want Manning to be a Dolphin, you are stupid. That is all.

Peyton’s statements on his throwing skills returning indicates a work in progress. The longer Peyton delays a pro day-style workout, the less interest there will be. NFL teams would have to perhaps change recruiting objectives to afford paying Peyton Manning if he DOES NOT have diminished skills.

Read between the lines.. If Reggie Wayne is still excited about the possibility of playing with manning this year AFTER catching balls from him this off season, then that says he thinks Peytons back. If he's good enough for Reggie then he's good enough for me, sold.


I think the blogger named, "Home" hit the nail on the head two months ago. The Dolphins need to sign Peyton Manning. Manning will be a Miami Dolphin. Home has guaranteed Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne will be on this new Dolphin team. I am waiting on Home's news on whether the center, Jeff Saturday will also sign with the Dolphins.

a qb, finaly.

Anybody else here that tailgated with "Home" know what section his season tickets are in? sec 114?

If you don't want Manning to be a dolphin, you are stupid. Period.


I really can't understand some of the logic (or lack thereof) on this blog. One of the best quarterbacks in this decade is available as a free agent and...you want Miami to pass on that? For an unproven rookie? That will cost half of this year's draft picks and part of next year's? And, this makes sense to you for a team ready to win now? C'mon man!

When you draft a good QB, you then surround him with talent that fits the way that he plays. (See Peyton Manning's rookie years). But, if you miss on drafting your QB (say Henne...yes, say the word), and you've built a team up, then you have to cut ties with that QB and get another one in Free Agency!

An NFL team is either in Win-Now mode or Rebuild mode. Some teams, unfortunately, never seem to get out of Rebuild mode (Jax) and some never seem to leave Win-Now mode (Pats). We have a chance this year to make the jump, but it will take a leap of faith from the fans as much as anything.

And, if you're going to bad-mouth Peyton Manning, you could at least spell his name right you bunch of morons! It's not Payton!!!

no other place in the country is like miami peyton. We want you! Come on down!

The Manning / Miami connection is ALL OVER NFL.com. It's crazy.

-----Manning/ Marino love to get together for Drinks/Golf/hanging out. They have Mentorship Friendship relationship that is really close.

---Reggie Wayne wants to play with Manning in Miami

---The Miami Heat are rallying for Manning

---A lot of the "analysts" are saying Miami is the perfect place for him.

It just feels like it is too much coverage, I'm getting a feeling of "too good to be true" Of course, that could just be because we haven't been winning out when we've gone after people.

Trying to stay positive, just seems like there is too much hype, and that it will end up getting my hope too far up to squash them

I live in New England and all the radio sports programs this morning are buzzing about Peyton being in the AFC East so there can be a showdown with Tom Brady twice a year.
Of course most of them want Peyton to go to the Jets...but most level-headed experts think that's a long shot.
One guy asked what are the negatives about Peyton going to Miami...the guy paused and said "None".

If Peyton Manning is so washed up and done in the NFL, and Ireland is such an idiot, why are the GM's and owners of teams, other than the Dolphins, trying so hard to get him? Maybe they're smarter than you think! Maybe they get paid to make those kind of decisions! Maybe you're stupid! Just saying...

Too many picks to give up for RG3

Tracy...the only dumb thing Ireland has done is ask Dez Bryant if his momma was a hooker.

Other than that, the guy has had some decent trades & drafts when he was not under Parcel's shadow.

This is clearly his team and Ross has 100% confidence in the guy...take off the leash and let the big dog run.


it's been a while since the heat took a back seat to anyone.

Where's the money gonna come from?

Well, you restructure existing contracts in order to create it! I'm sure that Marshall, Dansby, etc. will understand that playing with Manning is good for the team. Winning is good for the team!

Saw a statistical analysis that basically said Peyton gives you at least 3 more wins per year. We should have been 8-8 last year (we lost a couple of real close ones) and adding 3 more would put us at 11-5 for the season. I don't think you can churn those kind of numbers out of RGIII for 2012-13. Just saying...

How important is it for Miami to ink a deal with Peyton BEFORE the 13th and start of free agency?

If this drags out past Tuesday and Matt Flynn is ready to sign on the dotted line Tuesday night with another team, then we are left with the unlikely scenario of trading the house to get RG3.

It seems as thought Ross/Ireland are "ALL IN" on Peyton, which is very risky in today's NFL. I hope this works out.

Miami could have won 5 more games last year. The defense wasn't conditioned properly earlier in the season, which played a large part in the early losses.
They were also up big against the Patriots in the 2nd game and blew the lead. They should have won that game also. The defense gave it back.

Just as with Fisher, Miami should pass on Manning. He was a great player. Might still be! But, we sign Manning & in 2-3 years we'll be right back here. With no QB!

Sign him & we'll have no cap space to address the other needs like RG, RT, FS, SS, CB, OLB, DE's

Sign him & you can bet Miami will pass on a QB in the draft to address the needs they have.

Are we really gonna go in with what we got or rookies playing those spots? What we have isn't good enough & rookies will struggle too.

So, YIPPIE! Maybe a couple of 10 win seasons, maybe a 6th seed in the playoffs. No superbowls & eventually no long term future at QB.

ESPN says there are 12 teams inquiring about the services of Peyton Manning.

How many teams are inquiring about the Rams #2 pick again?

Just saying...

I will be the first to admit that having no training camp due to the CBA negotiations gave us a slow start last year. And, conditioning was a factor! The heat and humidity used to be an advantage in Miami. I hope that Philbin will bring that back! Teams used to hate to play the Fins at home. Lately, not so much...

According to ESPN, Manning says he'll make a decision within the next week and prefers to stay in the AFC.

Stats may be for losers but, they don't lie!

Peyton Manning Career playoff record: 9-10.
2006 SB run Manning: 3 td's - 7 int's
7 of 11 playoff appearances were 1 & done.

People say he's clutch? Maybe in the regular season, but not so much in the post season.

To think a 36 year old, injury riddled Manning is gonna lead this team to the postseason or deep into it, is pretty f-in funny!

When Manning is lighting up other teams as Our starting qb let's not forget to Remind Aloco about his petulant comments.Stop throwing a tantrum that the player you want isn't being sought after.
We should all be crossing Our fingers hoping for Peyton Manning.Our deity known as Dan Marino welcomes.Why can't Aloco? Where are you credentials?

Hey "U R ALL kidding yourselves"

Wouldn't it be nice if we were talking about 7 of 11 playoff appearances? How many times have we even made to the playoffs in the last decade?

Tracy @ 854, well said!!!

Every Morning I wake up thinking the Dolphins signed Peyton Manning, WTH is taking so long.

12 teams reportedly showing some level of interest in peyton, yeah, he's obviously done.

Tracy, another factor to your peyton win equation is that next years schedule is a Cakewalk. 11, 12 wins is definitely achievable.

None of you can see beyond headline media hype.

If you READ, you will see that:

1. NFL insiders, all agree Flynn is no Rodgers, he isn't taking a team anywhere, he is average at best,

2. Scouts Inc, rates Tannehill only average in arm strength, can not stretch the field. Also they rate him only average in accuracy. They don't see how he is worth a first round pick.

So in words only Fin Fans can understand, Flynn and Tannehill are ACORNS!

Got it? Flynn will not succeed outside the GB SB team, he is as valuable as his 7th round pick suggests.

Flynn < Orton, Cassel, Kolb. Don't let two silly headlines fool you.

You watch, Henne will be the most sought after FA QB this season after Manning.

If any of you think Flynn should be our starting QB your morons, he played 2 freaking games! We tried this route already with AJ Feely, Jay Fiedler, Ray Lucas, but have we tried to acquire a supposley washed up QB who so happen to be the greatest QB of this generation. Nope!

Thoughs of you who say we'll only have 2 or 3 years of playoffs run and back to "craptacular" are even stupider. So you rather have a rookie QB who going to make us "craptacular" for his first 2 or 3 years then maybe or maybe NOT lead us to a playoff birth the later years (Henne)

This is simple Sign Manning and live in the moment now, F worring about the future.

I only hope that Ross LISTENS to Philbin...you know the guy that he annointed HC and the future of this franchise. If Philbin says go with Flynn they should do it. If Philbin says avoid Flynn then I'm good taking a gamble on Manning. I agree that 80% of Manning puts him in the top 10 QB's. I only hope that he is up to 80%. He apparently wasn't for quite some time. But if Philbin says go with Flynn based on 4 years of experience with him I say go for it. He WON'T be that cap costly and he is YOUNG.

If you don't want Manning to be a Dolphin, you are stupid. That is all.

Also, put the Manning hype on hold until we know the results of a throwing workout.(Notice he has none scheduled yet!)

Read the front page story on SI.COM. There is far more than just these tidbits:

Since a career year in 2004, Manning's stats have been on a steady decline

Colts' seven one-and-done playoff appearances under Manning is most ever

Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/writers/kerry_byrne/03/07/peyton.manning/index.html#ixzz1oXPjsM7i

Hey "U R ALL kidding yourselves"
Wouldn't it be nice if we were talking about 7 of 11 playoff appearances? How many times have we even made to the playoffs in the last decade?

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | March 08, 2012 at 09:50 AM

Yea, I would. If we had a young top QB prospect, we could think about that. With Manning, we can talk about 2-3 years MAX.

I'd rather be in a position to compete annually for the next 11 or 12 years, not for 2-3 years then back in the dumps for another 10!



MAKE THE MOVE FO RG3. If we are going to take a shot, take a chance, that is the one to take! Sell the farm yes? What good is a farm that doesn't produce anything?

ESPN says there are 12 teams inquiring about the services of Peyton Manning.
How many teams are inquiring about the Rams #2 pick again?
Just saying...
Posted by: Tracy474 | March 08, 2012 at 09:30 AM
.if knucklehead ire has any piece of brain left mixed in with the guano
he has between his ears he had better be wheeling and dealing under the table with the rams with everybody’s gm being ^ pm’s axx.

Not worth much, but still interesting, here is Mike Florio's(PFT) take on where Miami should rank regarding interest in Manning. He ranks the Texans #1.

11. Dolphins: They have the pieces to compete. But the rest of the roster — and the rest of the organization — doesn’t seem to be at the level necessary for Peyton to push them over the top.

12. Redskins: See Dolphins.

I can't believe We still mention chump chad here.Ineffectual henne SUCKS!

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