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The Peyton Manning interview in South Florida

Peyton Manning landed in Miami around 4 p.m. today, returning home from his emotional day in Indianapolis on Colts owner Jim Irsay's private plane.

And after a White Bronco-like chase from Opa-Locka in North Miami-Dade to Miami Beach, the now free agent quarterback stopped for reporters following the van that picked him up. He got out, waited for all the reporters and cameramen to gather and then had an impromptu news conference.


Earlier today he dismissed a previous erroneous report that the Dolphins were first or high on a priority list of teams he's interested in when he said, "I haven't thought about what team I'm going to play for." And in the afternoon he repeated the sentiment and added he has to figure out where he's wanted.

"I have no idea who wants me what team wants me," he said. "I literally have not had one conversation with anyone about these teams. It's been so hard to try to figure out some closure with my situation with the Colts that I haven't really concerned myself with that."

Manning, who can sign with any team he wants at any time he wants without having to wait until the start of free agency March 13, also said he isn't sure if he'll begin to take visits with clubs or they'll come to him or it'll simply be a situation where his agent begins negotiations and a deal with his new team is struck.

"I don't know if it's like college recruiting where you take visits," Manning said. "It's all new to me."

Oh, and perhaps the most important thing?

Manning has had at least three and perhaps four procedures on his neck to repair damage to nerves that caused numbness and atrophy in his throwing arm. The arm lost much of its much-heralded strength. But Manning has since regained much of that strength and he had a message for anyone wondering about his physical status.

"My neck is fine," Manning said. "The doctors have cleared me. That's been a relief to me. I've continued to work hard and the best part about it is being out there throwing again."


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quilombo, in re: to your 10:06, your right. I pointed his 1 & dones out earlier on this page as well. His superbowl season, he was brutal in the postseason. If not for their defense that year playing out of their minds, they would have been 1 & done again.

That's what most fans want however! A couple of meaningless playoff appearances & then back to the bottom of the barrell for another 10.



Did you not watch the press conference yesterday at noon?
Peyton Manning is SO PUMP UP TO PLAY AGAIN.He even said that thats's what he does.PLAYS QUATERBACK.I call him a man on fire!


Posted by: ozkar | March 08, 2012 at 10:17 AM

Right, another fan afraid to read. Check out SI's report this morning on Cold, Hard, Facts. Then come to your senses.

For all you Manning haters saying he is too old. Let me remind you that Tom Brady is a year younger than Manning. Brady had a serious injury and missed a year. Drew Brees is 2 years younger and had serious shoulder injury. They both lit it up last year. Manning is coming off an injury that the doctors have cleared him to play. He has been seen throwing the ball accurately 50 yards to receivers. MVP QB's don't drop out of the sky every year. He is not costing the Dolphins draft picks like RGIII will. There is no guarantee RGIII will be the next Cam Newton or he will take his first snap in Pre-Season and get a serious injury. If Manning doesn't bring you some kind of excitement then I don't get it. Our offensive cordinator knows how to get along with star QB's, heck he had Brett Farve. Brett ran the show when he was at Green Bay. If the Phins sign Manning, Dolphin fans should be exstatic that one of the greatest QB's to play the game chose the Dolphins over 12 teams. Having 12 teams stand up and say we want you Peyton speaks for itself.

dolphin fan in georgia

and everyone else.


Check out SI's report this morning on Cold Hard Facts about Manning.

Check out SI's website report this morning on Cold Hard Facts about Manning.

Then reassess your opinion.

georiga fan,

Brady had the injury way before he hit 35 yeras old. At 30 I believe!

Drew Brees had his injury way before 35 years old. At 28 I believe!

You're comparing apples to a pick up truck. Come on!

It amazes me the fear people have in changing their opinion. They would rather ignore information if it threatens their original idea. Sad.


Warning Sign 6 -- The Playoff Issue

Teams that believe Manning is the only thing standing between them and the Super Bowl might want to take a step back and take a long, hard look at Manning's postseason history.

Manning is one of the all-time great QBs, but if there's a black mark on his record, it's the consistently underwhelming performances year after year in the postseason.

Manning won 67.8 percent (141-67) of all his starts in the regular season, with a team built around his skills. Same quarterback, same team, same advantages, has gone just 9-10 in the postseason (.473) -- typically losing when the prolific offense of the regular season tanks in the postseason.

The Colts reached the playoffs in 11 of 13 seasons with Manning at the helm, but also failed to win a playoff game in seven of those 11 appearances -- the most one-and-done playoff appearances by any quarterback in history.

Even in Manning's single Super Bowl-winning season of 2006, the quarterback failed to sparkle. In fact, he threw just 3 TDs in four playoff games that year, against 8 INTs -- the worst TD-INT ratio of any Super Bowl-champion QB.

Manning will probably make any team that signs him better. But if we're being very honest, here's what a team will be chasing in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes: an aging player, fresh off a catastrophic injury, whose production has declined in recent years, in a sport in which players hit the wall in their mid-to-late 30s, and who has always struggled outdoors and in the playoffs.

If a team thinks that Manning is the difference between a second-rate season and a Super Bowl, they might want to think again.



Yes, but others, he listed only 1 of several MAJOR concerns.

Read the dang thing. It takes 3 minutes to read it.

Hey Q...we don't care about the information...we just want to win NOW..and that equates to Manning ....it's really not that hard to understand, cuz.

People would rather MAYBE win, for 1-2 years rather than have sustained long term sucess.

What's with these instant gratification people nowadays?

Do you see the Packers, Patriots, Giants, Falcons set up to succeed for only 1-2 years?

This article says if we sign Manning we become an immediete contender with Patriots. Dolphins are in a win now mode. If Manning makes you a contender for the next 2-3 years, (like 12 other teams) the Dolphins must jump on the oppurtunity.

Thanks Quilombo...here is the other side of the Manning-to-Miami frenzy that is a MUST READ to temper any visions of grandeur you may be having this morning.


yea, lets jump on Manning so when he retires in 2 years we can be the door mats of the NFL for another decade.

Maybe then the skies open up & send us another miracle savior qb. Address the position, FOR THE LONG HAUL, once and for all!

Don't you think Steven Ross and co. have read all this info?

Are we to presume to have more analytical thinking than the guy spending the millions?

Just relax....if it's doable, all reports indicate that The Phins will make the deal.....

......all the procrastinating/ analyzing / READING won't change that one iota.

Facts from Cold Hard Facts (from the article many are afraid to read)

Warning Sign 2 -- Declining Performances
The careers of almost all quarterbacks follow a general pattern: They struggle when very young, hit their stride in their late 20s and early 30s, and then quickly hit a wall of production.
Manning is clearly on a downslide in terms of production. His career peaked in 2004, with then-records in TD passes (49) and passer rating (121.1).
Manning's performances have consistently declined, almost step by step, year after year since that signature 2004 season.

Why does signing peyton manning make us a doormat for a decade after he retires? Brett retired on the jets and Vikings and the jets made two afc championship games immediately following and the Vikings drafted his successor one year later and are on the road to recovery already?

What is wrong with you people????


When is the last time the Dolphins were relevent? Signing Manning if he is healthy makes the Dolphins immediately contenders for a chance to go to the Super Bowl. I don't think any Dolphin fan would be too concerned about 2 or 3 years down the road if in 2013 the Dolphins are playing in the Super Bowl for the championship.

NHFIN thanks, basically the same article without some of the graphs and tables of the new article.
. . .

Check out SI's website report this morning on Cold Hard Facts about Manning.

Then reassess your opinion.

Good point Mark....

Excellent point by Mark @ 10:46

Manning might last two years max....or sorry I meant two DOWNS max.
Ireland had better use the first three picks on OL men to protect Manning.
Manning= accident waiting to happen

Manning put up gaudy volume numbers in 2010, his last on the field. But in reality, his efficiency -- the numbers that win and lose football games -- had fallen off the face of the earth.
His average per attempt in 2010 was 2.3 yards lower than it was in 2004; his TD rate declined by more than half; his passer rating was nearly 30 points lower in 2010 than it was in 2004 (he ranked 10th in the NFL in passer rating in 2010, 19 points behind league-leader Tom Brady).
Manning may have been the best QB ever in 2004. But by 2010, he was little more than an above-average quarterback.

So Mannings skills have declined...fine....

...until they have declined to the depths of a Moore, or anyone else, including the college draftables who haven't taken an NFL snap yet....

....then I'll be comfortable with the most amazing QB I have ever watched play...bar none.

Poor Philbin if they sign Manning. Nobody will ever blame Manning for the losses, they will blame Philbin.

I repeat....just relax...it's gonna be a lot of fun to watch if it happens....


Look at the Colts in 2011. What they were without Manning. Many commentators called Manning The MVP in 2011 and he didn't even play.

Peyton Manning never actually played for Hall of Fame coaches.tony dungy rode Manning's coattails.Dungy is a mediocre coach fortunate to have coached Manning!


Could have been coincidence too. Sure Manning would have given them more wins I agree. But, read the dang article, its not opinion, its cold hard facts. They don't indicate Manning will be improving, only continuing his decline as he had since 2004 even when not injured.

.....and your point being what exactly?.......that greatness is evident even to dumb commentators?//////?


Facts are facts, read them, don't be afraid.

Manning is wishing on a star, fools gold, a fallen angel still enamored by his fans. Manning is no longer the same player he was. Facts show that Manning at 80 percent is less than average, not better than everyone else.

Manning, declined is absolutely better than everyone else we've tried inclined or otherwise...

They said the same thing about Brett Farve and at 40 years old look what he did with Vikings. There is no guarantee that RGIII is going to be the next great QB either.

Put your dreams aside,

Manning has been in decline since 2004, the stats/facts say so. Add in age, injury, he is still not recovered by his own admission, new system, unfamiliar players, and to think he will suddenly improve when he was already clearly in decline is not logical.

I find it interesting he is now able to throw for a team and we are still not aware of an appointment to do so. Is he prolonging it? He does not seem so eager to show the world his arm is back.

The Gang of Defeat is taking over the blog today....

as Aloco would say....

Q.....please don't deflate our dreams...we Dolfans have had so few come to fruition lately...

....even the peasants get to eat cake once in a while.

Manning is a proven 4 time MVP. 12 other teams are in line for his service that says it all.

Good point Georgia fan

Guys, there is no guarantee ever, that is a given.

Do you take a chance on a guy with his whole future ahead of him or on an aging injured guy with his whole future behind him?

Farve was one rare exception, yet even for all the good he did late in his career, it was he as well that blew each chance for a title with dumb interceptions in the playoffs.

Farve did not have 4 neck surgeries and nerve regeneration issues either.

THIS JUST IN....Steven Ross has read the SI article, and has decided in favor of Manning anyway....

...insiders close to the owner (Armando?) overheard him say...."What I care about facts.....I just want to fill them damn stands " !

------ :-)

It amazes me how some will create any excuse to avoid reality. Some would rather play make believe than live in the real world.

Peyton is still not even in game shape, while every other QB at his age was already in decline without neck surgeries and nerve regeneration to overcome.

I am hoping Ireland is not as start struck as the fans sees a Peyton for what he is, too debilitated for much success.

End of my rant, for now.

If we sign Peyton, Philbin will be the fall guy. Poor fellow.

Dr. Quilombo?

Hey Q.....please chill....don't you get it?


.........it's about SHOWTIME !!!!!! SPOTLIGHTS......

.......South Beach and dazzle.....you do get it...tell me you get it, please.

Yah...poor 4 Million a year Philbin.....

Q, you call favre the exception, I call him the most recent and applicable comparison. And his interception in the necessary title game wasn't a result of age, it was a result of the same faulty decision making process he suffered from his entire career.

If Manning leads the Dolphins to the Super Bowl and wins it all, there would be supposed fans complaining if they didn't win it two years in row. If the Dolphins sign Manning you have a choice to support the Dolphins or complain about it.

Hey!! That rhymes...



If the Phins sign Manning...I WILL buy my first ever jersey!!!!!

I'll believe it when I read it.....(got to read something or Q will go bonkers)

Good point Mark in Toronto.

All good points...now let's see Ross charm the guy....

...cause so far he comes up a little short in the charm department.

Thoughs who's posting Manning numbers decreased from 2004 of couse they did he put up a career year in 2004 prob not going to be matched again.

Take in account the teamsmates he has around him the last couple of years. In 2010 the last year Manning played I think they were 10 and 6 correct me if Im wrong. When he didnt play in 2011 they were 1 and 15 cmon man he made the team, he is the team, without him the team turn into crap.

Mr. Ross.... Don't be dumb. Manning has the charisma and star power to increase your fan base and revenue. Most importantly, he has the strong personality that has been missing in all Dolphin quarterbacks since Marino retired. He's a leader. We missed out on Drew Brees. Let's not repeat the same mistake. Go get him!!!

Unfortunately rg3 is too expensive. if we had the 2 i'd take him in a new york minute,but i would not trade the house for him. successful teams(pats,giants,steelers,packers)accumulate picks & build thru the draft. at 80% manning is better then all but brady,rodgers,eli,ben,and maybe brees. use the 8th on the best available DE/OLB available, and then take brock oswieler in rd 2. he gets to watch one of the greatest ever, and sit in meetings with him and 2 guys who happened to coach favre and rodgers. jerry & murtha are going to be young killers on the right and manning will make fasono and clay look like pro bowlers. sign the 2 reggies(wayne & nelson) in FA too if possible and i'll see you in the AFC championship game.

That's why he needs to get Marino involved. What he tried in the past with King Carl Peterson didn't work. He needs to send someone like Marino who can relate to Peyton. Jeff Darlington's article on NFL.com about how Ross needs to use Marino to get Manning to come to Dolphins is a good read.

Okay Cash Money..and this has what relevance to the Manning deal??????

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