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The Dolphins are rebuilding but will they admit it?

There is one word that owners around the NFL hate to use in front of their fanbase: Rebuilding.

The word means forget about this year. The word means that whatever we've been doing wasn't right and we need to start over. The word is synonymous with, we're falling off the NFL map for a year or two.

Oh, and the word is a great way to not sell tickets.

And so it will be interesting to see if Dolphins owner Stephen Ross utters the word today when he meets with media at lunch time because, let's be real folks, the Miami Dolphins are in full on rebuild mode now.

That's how it looks when you're trading Brandon Marshall and not signing either an equally talented or equally experienced replacement. The Dolphins will replace Marshall with a draft pick. You know how often rookie wide receiver make a big difference for their new teams? Do the homework. It is rare.

That's how it looks when you cut Yeremiah Bell, who was probably declining and too expensive but was also the glue in the deep secondary. The Dolphins may re-sign Bell or they may not. Either way, it is not a difference making move. Bell has so far garnered little attention in free agency so there's the idea other teams don't think tons about him so far. And if Miami goes in another direction, the likely way to address it is in the latter (cheaper) parts of free agency or, again, the draft. Rebuilding.

Once the Dolphins failed to land Peyton Manning and he picked Denver, the Dolphins didn't deem Matt Flynn worthy of big money and I was told by a Dolphins source that Alex Smith priced himself out of their market. So the Dolphins are going with a QB competition between Matt Moore and David Garrard. The Dolphins will also probably draft a quarterback.

Let's see ... Miami's grand promise of finally finding a franchise quarterback is headed unquestionably down the path of having two veterans who have never been franchise QBs and probably a rookie to develop. The two veterans are signed for only one year each. One.

Tell me that doesn't feel like you're rebuilding. Anyone with eyes sees it.

The Dolphins haven't been big spenders in free agency. They are ramping up bigtime for the draft. And I'm hearing more and more whispers from organization sources that you'll not be hearing talk of displacing the Patriots in 2012 because, well, they're as finished a product as you can have in the NFL.

And the Dolphins are a start up production.


I have a hard time believing if Peyton Manning had come to the team the Dolphins would have been in this mode. They would have been led by a 36-year-old QB that needed talented added quickly for a run that will last a relatively short period of time.

But once Manning eliminated the Dolphins, the Dolphins apparently eliminated the idea of really and truly competing for a title in 2012. Their moves are making that plain. They're planning for a title run in two or three years more than they are this year.

They are rebuilding. The only question now is whether Ross will admit as much today.



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We've been rebuilding for many years now. Add another underwhelming draft and the cycle continues.

It's amazing to me how someone that has less than 1% of radio share on his program, can't spell instrument correctly, and works for the Herald has a concept of rebuilding.

We're the kids who believe everything our parents tell us. Meanwhile, the parents (FO) make the hard choices, and sometimes you're NOT getting the pony, you're getting a box of crayons because your sister needs braces.

When Joe Philbin (great hire I think) got on that podium we got all excited, and he said we were just missing a "few pieces." That's typical football optimism. We're a solid team, we want to win, we want to go to the SB, we have heart, yada, yada.

The reality, which should have dawned on us from day one, is that with a new head coach, new supporting coaches, new WC offense, and meager salary cap, we're rebuilding. New coach will want his guys. Cap means we can't spend a lot. QB hunt means we're rolling the dice, because a bunch of other teams, with money, are also looking for QB's. Oh, and btw we're 8th in the draft.

We never want to look at reality. But the truth is, if you or I took over this team right now we'd be sweating bullets. Because it's not easy, and now the fan base is rabid.

We're, frankly, still digging out from Parcells. Whose name, btw, I never hear in the blame game.

Rebuilding for over a decade. Just someone with a clue, p,ease step up

They need to rebuid the owner, gm, the entire front office and then start with the team. If not they are just waisting time and money, by the way they will be short of money because the seats will be empty.

The problem with the Dolphins is until Parcells showed up we were never building. We were always rummaging around in someones closets looking for used tools. Trading draft picks and good players away (welker anyone)
So he starts to build and we get one good draft and and Pennington lands in our lap and we win the division and everyone thinks we are ready for superbowl parades.
Seriously, it was the worse thing that could have happened to the Parcells plan. We couldn't focus on the draft. Then we go middle of the road getting middle of the road players in the draft, no chance of getting a top flight qb.
So quite frankly football teams get great by building through the draft. You need slightly above average players at some positions and a few great players. This might take 4 or 5 years. But the formula works for The Pack. However, you need a few years at the bottom to build a real team.
So we ain't rebuilding, we are just and always should be building

we are always rebuilding we need to get rid of Ireland he is the big problem but your article is correct, another long year as a fan.

I have been reading these articles for a while now without posting untill now. As i Dolphins fan(since around 1990 as a 17yr old)from the uk I truly cannot believe how negative all the reports are about ownership etc. Of course every owner makes mistakes and normally when you buy a club it is either when the club is at the top(costs more, so less likely) or when it is struggling(which is what i believe ross did) these turnarounds cannot be done over night unless you are very very clever + LUCKY. sometimes the staff you hire make an immediate impact,sometimes they don't. I beleive in giving this staff the breathing space to show 'progress' this season. If there is NO progress then people may have the right to moan, but progress isn't always about the wins in the short term. It's about getting a team together than can be blended into a winning team......not just for 1 yr but many years. This of course takes time, sometimes time that fans aren't always willing to give. If a coaching change is made then that coach needs time to implement his ideas/system and it takes more than 1 free agency to add AND remove the players he doesn't think will fit. The fact that miami(and other teams)are not competitive at the moment should not cloud peoples view that it will never change unless the team is sold or you completely clean house.
Back here in the UK I support Everton who have not won a trophy since 1995 and it hurts that we do not have the money to spend like some of the 'big' clubs. But do you know what we have a manager who is 1 of the best in the league and with the limited resources he has at his disposal he puts a team out that can compete in EVERY game.
Back to the Dolphins ;-) I really cannot understand how people/fans can say "thats it i'm not supporting this team anymore, i'm going to pick another team to follow" whilst it is clear a successful team will always sell more tickets for the game than a struggling/rebuilding team i find it ridiculous that when times are bad fans turn their backs and go support someone else.
One thing i do know is fans are passionate about their club, where as it looks to me a lot of players talk about going to teams that pay the most $$$$$$. to me yes you need some star players, but would i really want players to come to miami ....just because they pay more....Hell NO!!! in the draft players are hungry for a career in the NFL(and some yes the money that goes with it) but give the draft a chance this year and see what we do and if the moves make sense and we get a bit of luck with how quick some of them can help the team and stay free of injuries, then just maybe we'll see some ................progress :-)

Rebuilding again?
A lot of experts thought Miami was on the rise at the end of last year. They did well with Moore as QB with a conservative coach. I don't see why the front office wanted to start all over. Should have kept Nolan as DC, and kept Marshall and draft a replacement for him this year.
There was hope, even before the Peyton chase. Now not so much

If we are gonna rebuild, fine! I just hope the draft is a solid one. Trim the fat and let's begin coach Philbin.

Rebuild or no rebuild, I still think this team has enough to compete. Not SB bound, but compete.

My guess is they had planed on signing Manning at around 7 to 12 Million. There was no way this team had 20 Mil Available both in cap space and pocketbook!! It was a short meeting and peyton went to the highest paycheck. So since the only sure thing QB this year is gone I guess we have no other option but to continue our 13 year rebuilding program!!

Suck 4 Luck..doesn't sound so bad now, huh our fist pumping sorry head coach had too much ego and we beat a bunch of nobodys..we are 8-8 at best so get use to it....

Well after a few good pieces Armando your back in the idiot pool again! What did we really lose from last year? A WR that dropped as many big passes as he caught and we kept feeding him the ball just to keep him happy. Our defense is solid, our offensive line by the time the season starts should be solid also. We have a good set of RB's in place. Yes we do need a game changing WR but did Green Bay have that super stud WR? I hope all our opponents over look the Dolphins as you have. We finished off the season as good as any team in the league.Just once I wish you would print something positive, with you Miami beat guys and the crap you print no wonder our fan base is where it is!

we were a few players away and since we didnt get the main player no sense in holding on to plsyers that in two years you will need to replace so lets get rid of them now and in two years you might be ready when you get or the main player is ready. Is that rebuilding or planning.

This sucks now Ross will think were not going to games cause of rebuilding when the truth is were not going cause of Ireland!

What does rebuilding mean? Isn't every team rebuilding every year? Isn't it just a matter of what players are available that meet your needs and passing on the ones that don't or are over priced?

Why is it the teams making a bunch of moves in FA are not rebuilding, but we who have done very little are rebuilding?

It's time to change your diapers over Manning. That is what all this crying is about here. You guys are all still feeling jilted that he didn't come here.


I would agree that the Dolphins are rebuilding if they draft a Quarterback with their first pick at number eight. If the Dolphins choose a wide receiver, pass rusher or a right tackle they are not rebuilding.

Well said Samantha.

They haven't been relevant in my son's lifetime. he turned 17 last February. Actually, they haven't been relevant for a longer period than that. They play just good enough to make or (barely miss) the playoffs, guaranteeing a mediocre draft pick. They need a couple of years of total stinkdom. They were on the right course last year, but started winning games. If they can play lousy enough for two years and get top 3 picks (and the resulting rounds) , they may be able to rebuild in the draft.

Thank you Bill Parcells.

So let me get this straight..

The Dolphins invest in Bill Parcells to rebuild less than 5 years ago.. with Ireland by his side learning the ways of the Tuna..

Here we are.. starting that rebuilding process over again... less than 5 years later with only one visit to the playoffs since the last rebuild?? and Ireland still has a job? He failed on the last rebuild attempt... yet he is still in charge of the teams personnel? Is he going to blame his mentors mistakes for not getting the last rebuild right? What's his excuse... the fans deserve that answer.

Somethings not right - if only Ross could see that... too bad he can't be fired too.

General Mills is running a contest
where you can win tickets to Super Bowl XXXI next year. The
fine print states the odds of going to the Super Bowl are about
460,000 to 1, the same odds as for the Dolphins going.

Yikes but you guys are dumb.
They started rebuilding LAST year when they drafted players that were a COMPLETE DEPARTURE from the Parcell's blue print: big, slow, strong.

In the first four rounds we got young and fast OFFENSIVE skill players. Most importantly, they drafted a very good young center for the future franchise QB to play behind.
Think that's not important? Ask Marino how important Dwight Stephenson was then get back to me.

Sparano was given one year to show he could really break from his conservative offense philosophy and make the most of his players.

He couldn't and he didn't.
So, Philbin has walked into a situation where pieces for his west coast offense had already been started being put into place. That is, he's not starting totally from scratch.

Take a break from listening to sports radio and reading most local columnists and you'll get a little perspective.










Fire Matt Ireland, I mean Jeff Millen, FIRELAND
Protest 3/29/12 Where at?


We don't need a

Left Tackle
Left Guard
Right G (Jerry)
#1 RB
#2 RB
Slot Reciever
#2 Receiver
#3 Reciever

We need:
#1 WR
Safety maybe not depending on Wilson


Hey Mr. Ross call me, I'll tell you what we really think of your work so far.

Fox reporting Philbin was seen eating spaghetti last night! My God! Another dumb sloppy pasta brain coach. We need a coach that eats NY Steak, potatoes and German Beer.

We are still recovering from Wannstadt.

I put the probability of Ireland trading back for more picks at 75%.

Much ado about nothing:

Get out of here! Sensible, rational, well reasoned commentary is not permitted in this forum!

Take your strong, persuasive and totally correct argument and leave! Only morons are allowed here!

We need a QB, a TE, a RT, RG, WRs, OLB, SS, FS and GM.

Yes, we're rebuilding.

Bite me other much ado, you butt muncher.

I would've rather stock to Tony Sparano, he would dealt with Marshall, he was liked in the locker room, NEW COACH MEANS NEW EVERYTHING, START FROM SCRATCH..That is why I wanted to stick to Tony, he was learning and getting better.


















I love this. Rebuilding would imply a plan or strategy. These two idiots aren't that smart. It won't matter what he says today but we will suck. Please everyone go to the petition at FireJeffIrelandNow

The real issue is will he admit he wants to move the team to LA?










I'm surprised you have any sources. You are a reporter of news but journey into conjecture every time you hit a keyboard. They have a plan, everyone knows (or thinks) they are desperate but that is not the case. Our defense will be better, the right side of the OL worries me, Daniel Thomas will come out of his shell with a full OTA. Whoever talks to you is a jerk.

My new team, the Jets, will destroy Miami in both games, and in those games Tim Tebow will account for 4 to 6 TDs. Write it down. Go Jets!!!

The Patriots are a finished product?
This article is a FAIL!

ALoco your posts sucks as always and you are a moron. You think you are special I assure you, you are not.

You want Kyle.

You want Payton.

You want Matt.

Now you want to CRY!!!


FormFactor, you are correct..just look at the mentality here. You wonder how many of these bloggers have even reached puberty yet:

Bite me other much ado, you butt muncher.

Posted by: Much ado about much | March 26, 2012 at 08:16 AM

Sparano was too dumb to make Wake a starter in his first year. Just the same he was too dumb to know how to use Jerry. Jerry will be a fine RG or RT.

Hartline has had a new QB or new OC each season, and never a very good QB. He is worthy of a #2 receiver. Bess as well will be fine in the slot with better QB play and better OC. Gates, was a rookie playing for flunky coaches, he will come along.

Some of you are just so miserable in life you have to have something to wet your panties about.

that was a fake aloco .

Yes of course they're rebuilding. But in that case:

Why go for Manning? He wouldn't have left enough cap space to build a contender around him.

Why not admit it in January when Signing Philbin.

Why not make it a selling point - a reason why people SHOULD buy tickets. This is a new chapter for the Dolphins, be a part of the journey.

The reason, of course, is because 'rebuilding' after years of Ireland and Ross making the choices means they failed. But this is the NFL! most teams fail each year. Those in charge should have been honest enough to accept it and eager to learn from it. They should have stated their desire to make things right and play hard on the field while they do. I'd pay to see that.

It is fortunate we didn't get Manning and consequently trade the farm for his supporting cast. We may be remodeling, but rebuilding? I think not.

Add a pass rusher, a rookie quarterback or two, and a tight end, and hope three of the new draft picks can contribute this year, seems better then the position we were in four years ago.


Do the Miami Dolphins have a chance to compete this upcoming season?

I'd be interested in your thoughts.......


I seriously doubt that anyone in Miami thought Manning would command the price he did or get the interest he did. I am happy they did not overpay for Flynn or get Smith who is the poster boy for average. I am also glad Parcells is gone. Hope he enjoys the money he stole.

On a seperate note. Armando, I know you are a fan. You are also a clolumnist and reporter. Be a fan at the games, be a reporter for this paper and this blog. You are losing credibility with your rhetoric and cheap snipes which are becoming more common as of late. If I was Ross, I would not call you either. Grow up.

The Dolphins Suck

dismantle the team

close the whole operation

there is no product

there is no hope

nothing to see here

bye, bye, bye

Have any of you ever watched the movie "The Money Pit" with Tom Hanks? Well, that's what has happened with Mr.Ross' purchase of Our franchise. Mr. Huizenga sold him a team with Parcels as a dangling carrot.

Ohio, simple answer is...NO!

Now, with their cake schedule, there's really no risk of 1-15 (IMO). However, I don't really see the team doing much better than this Season.

It's a totally new system (on both sides of the ball). There's a new philosophy, new terminology, and frankly the wrong people at the head (say what you want about Moore and Garrard, but winner is not attributed to either).

And I'm not totally freaked out by that. I would be IF there were no light at the end of the tunnel. But I'm holding onto the belief that once we make it to the other side of this thing, there will be a lot to like in the Miami Dolphins. We just have to get through the next Season or 2. However, if we're not well on our way next Season, seeing noticeable improvements, then this ship will go down, very quickly.

Rebuilding ...stupid media term. Every team is. Think about it.

Ridiculous conclusion not base on facts. This team is the same team as last minus a head case (Marshall) and and an aging veteran at a position needing an upgrade. There is still work to do no doubt, but to say they are rebuilding is ridiculous.

Thanks DC. Was hoping to get that answer on dolphintalk.wordpress.com as well. But I appreciate the response either way. :)

The biggest problem with this offseason is that Ross needs to keep his mouth shut and get the 'h' out of the way. I appreciate that it's his team and he can do or say anything he wants. But thus far he is the biggest idiot owner in the league, including Jerry and Snyder. Let the GM handle football personnel issues. It was ok when Ireland said publicly that the team wanted to upgrade the QB position, but not when Ross exclaims that we're going after the next Dan Marino. The team (Ross) put these expectations out there and the only franchise QB available was Manning. And look at how disappointed everyone is. Flynn? If he does well, we look horrible. If he doesn't, do we get credit? NOPE! The fact that some idiot fans are still clammoring for Brady Quinn and Ryan Mallett shows you how fickle the general fan base is, so why come out and exclaim anything. Mr. Ross, thank you for being a fan. But shut up, let the football men do their jobs, and just be an owner.

I'm not sure I would go there.

I have confidence in Moore 90% of the time he went to the right receiver. I like him!!

Moore didnt seem to need or worry about Marshall much.

Marshall apparently didnt want to run the exact routes called which are important in west coast. Harline and Bess will run the routes called and are good route runners.

Bell I love, but he was not the Bell of old.

Ireland & Co have been rebuilding the OL for the last 5 five years.
Therefore I suppose it will take them 20 years to rebuild the whole team.
Please Ross, be a man, hire a credible GM and give him full power over football decisions.

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