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The Dolphins are rebuilding but will they admit it?

There is one word that owners around the NFL hate to use in front of their fanbase: Rebuilding.

The word means forget about this year. The word means that whatever we've been doing wasn't right and we need to start over. The word is synonymous with, we're falling off the NFL map for a year or two.

Oh, and the word is a great way to not sell tickets.

And so it will be interesting to see if Dolphins owner Stephen Ross utters the word today when he meets with media at lunch time because, let's be real folks, the Miami Dolphins are in full on rebuild mode now.

That's how it looks when you're trading Brandon Marshall and not signing either an equally talented or equally experienced replacement. The Dolphins will replace Marshall with a draft pick. You know how often rookie wide receiver make a big difference for their new teams? Do the homework. It is rare.

That's how it looks when you cut Yeremiah Bell, who was probably declining and too expensive but was also the glue in the deep secondary. The Dolphins may re-sign Bell or they may not. Either way, it is not a difference making move. Bell has so far garnered little attention in free agency so there's the idea other teams don't think tons about him so far. And if Miami goes in another direction, the likely way to address it is in the latter (cheaper) parts of free agency or, again, the draft. Rebuilding.

Once the Dolphins failed to land Peyton Manning and he picked Denver, the Dolphins didn't deem Matt Flynn worthy of big money and I was told by a Dolphins source that Alex Smith priced himself out of their market. So the Dolphins are going with a QB competition between Matt Moore and David Garrard. The Dolphins will also probably draft a quarterback.

Let's see ... Miami's grand promise of finally finding a franchise quarterback is headed unquestionably down the path of having two veterans who have never been franchise QBs and probably a rookie to develop. The two veterans are signed for only one year each. One.

Tell me that doesn't feel like you're rebuilding. Anyone with eyes sees it.

The Dolphins haven't been big spenders in free agency. They are ramping up bigtime for the draft. And I'm hearing more and more whispers from organization sources that you'll not be hearing talk of displacing the Patriots in 2012 because, well, they're as finished a product as you can have in the NFL.

And the Dolphins are a start up production.


I have a hard time believing if Peyton Manning had come to the team the Dolphins would have been in this mode. They would have been led by a 36-year-old QB that needed talented added quickly for a run that will last a relatively short period of time.

But once Manning eliminated the Dolphins, the Dolphins apparently eliminated the idea of really and truly competing for a title in 2012. Their moves are making that plain. They're planning for a title run in two or three years more than they are this year.

They are rebuilding. The only question now is whether Ross will admit as much today.



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Pouncey was taken way too early.

Kris don`t be stupid. Cutting Dansby will not make anything better. In fact it`ll make things worse. If we cut Carlos we`d take a cap hit of 11.35 million in dead money and would cost more to cut than keep by $50000.Thats how signing bonuses affect the cap. Next year we`d save 3.925 million if cut and in the last year of his contract 2014 we`d save 9.25 mill and have a dead money hit of 2.325 million. These guys structure contracts to protect themselves.
He also is a very good football player. The defence turned things around after he started to make the calls last year.

Shoveling off Marshall has pretty pigeon-holed this fo into drafting a wr #1. No way you place all of your eggs in one basket banking on Hartline, Bess, Gates, Moore, or Wallace. Especially when at the time og making that decision, Hartline's clearly the best of the lot.

Clearly you cant go into the future at wr with Hartline as your undisputed best wr. He isnt even a top 5 nfl #2 wr in this league. So where would that rank him becoming your #1 wr?

REbuilding is what the Colts are doing. getting rid of an entire group of players to get younger. We did that when Parcells came in. I am not a fan of his as I think he took the money and bailed on all Miami. WE have a solid nucleaus and still need pieces as does every tema every year. Until we find the right QB it will be difficult. Personally I think the Phins thought they were close a few years ago and gave the big contracts to Marshall and Dansby which did not push them over the top. They need money now to allow for that misjudgement which occured under Parcells. A new coach needs a few pieces, but this is not a dump of all players. They are not rebuilding, but trying to find more pieces that fit the new system. Parcells plan did not give enough speed to the defense to cover 5 wideouts. And the burley lienman could not adjust to the speed of other defenses. They are not that far away from playoffs if the new scheme fits. You can't pay to much to anyone player and still field a team. Manning won only one superbowl. That is why the giants, packers, patriots do well. Spread the money around to a group not a few individuals.Jake Long will have to be reasonable in terms or they can't keep him either. No more then 8 mil/year or trade him for a first.

Just based off of what I saw Moore do this year, and what Philbin wants his offense to look like (think Green Bay), I don't think Moore will be a good fit. He got in trouble when he tried to make quick reads. He was a gunslinger. When he knew he was going to Marshall, he did pretty well. When Marshall was covered (sometimes he went to him anyway), that's when I saw Moore have issues.

So I'm not sure he'll be as good this year as he was last year. There will be a learning curve. No more #1 to focus on. And thinking quickly and making the RIGHT decision doesn't seem to me like Moore strong suit.

I could be wrong (I was wrong on the guy last year). But that's why I don't expect much as far as wins this year. They will still need to get their leader (whether that's Tannehill or whomever).

Oh Armando, sad but true. Problem is the Phins have been "rebuilding" for the last decade. That and the fact they are terrible picking talent in the draft, is the reason this team is where it is. Lies, Lies, Lies!!! I just can only hope the "rebuilding" will start from the top this year with Irescum fired! (Only if Ross gets his head out of his ass). Anyway, another year of rebuilding means I will be rebuilding my savings account by not attending/purchasing anything with Dolphins involve. Sad but its what hasto be done in order to send the message. I hope every true Dolphin fan does the same.

Would pouncey have been there if we would have waited further in the draft?

I think he's a pretty solid pick

This team has been rebuilding since Jimmy J left as HC. The problem is the instability of coaches and GM's. I agree that Ross hasn't helped the team's cause but in the end the team is 'rebuilding' to match the Offensive and Defesive systems the coaches want to play. Getting the talent in the door to match their systems and keep within the salary cap is the job of the GM.

The Owner impacts the team for sure but the "rebuilding' process has to be on the HC and GM. That said, count how many we have had since Jimmy J. The lack of patience and the unwillingness to keep with a coach longer than 4 years has completely killed this franchise.

Ross needs to get up today and clearly outline the plan they have invested in. I truly hope this is it.

1) We have a 5 year plan to rebuild this team. We know we have a long way to go if we are to be a CONSITENT play-off contender. Keep patient and be excited that we are rebuilding this team. We don't have to take it from scatch but we have a lot to do. We will spare no expense and we will give this leadership group everything they need to succeed.

2) We hired Philbin and his DC and OC. THEY are telling Ireland the schemes they intend to run and the talent they need to run it. Ireland has been told to build through the draft and will only take advantage of free agency for select positions/salary if they make sense.

3) We feel we have some core talent on the team that we intend to build around. Offense: Long, Incognito, Pouncey, Bush, Clay, Bess, Thomas. Defense: Wake, Solai, Odrick, Starks, Dansby, Burnett, Davis.

4) We intend to keep and add high integrity players and those who distract the team from it's mission will not be allowed to remain.

5) We have several positions where we are honestly not certain if the current players will be consistent playmakers. QB, WR, TE, Right side of the O-Line, OLB, CB and S. These players need to know we intend to bring in competition and we are going to play/pay only those who rise to the top.

They don't have a choice but to rebuild, they don't even need to admit it. The question is with this regime on hand that can't get out of its own way? Can't disagree with some of the moves though. Marshall, while a playmaker at times, was unreliable and his off-field antics have always been what you do not need. They better hope Flynn doesn't light it up in Seattle.Their drafts have been very sub par save some exceptions of some good but not great players. They will need to step it up here and a pass rusher opposite Cam Wake would be a good way to go via the draft. I'd take a flyer on Weeden if he's available in the 2nd round. Sure he's 28 but we make it sound like 28 is 82 or something. WRs can be had in the 3rd round. So can the right side of the OL if they fail to pick up Jake Scott who's only 30 and has been a good player for Indy and Tennessee (gotta wonder why there are no takers at this juncture though, maybe an injury?). At the end of the day, I don't trust theguys pullin' the trigger. Had they built efficiently through the draft, then they could have sprinkled a couple of free agents here and there but this team has too many holse and needs to get its act together via the draft.

I agree Ohio Dolfan. And he is stating the obvious and generating a negative spin on it. Of course the phins are rebuilding on offense, they dont have a QB. Until they get a qb they are rebuilding. Just like every team without a qb

Jeremy @ 10:45....

I haven't mentioned Dansby in MONTHS.....re-read over the post and addres that to someone else....

Reality is that we should be able to really improve this team after 2 offseasons. The next two years will be mediocre. The 2012 schedule is going to be weak so we MAY get some false hope that we are better than we are. Truth is we are not.

Truth is that 3-5 years from now is the only chance we really have to be great. Here are the reasons why.

1) It takes that long for a QB to be developed under a a new system.

2) It takes that long for a HC and GM to rebuild to fit THEIR formula.

3) It takes that long for Brady to start to slide on the down turn of his QB career.


Hey if you click on my name now, "Ohio Dolfan", it takes you directly to my blog. Pretty Cool :)

Feel free to join in on the conversations there too!

I agree Ohio Dolfan. And he is stating the obvious and generating a negative spin on it. Of course the phins are rebuilding on offense, they dont have a QB. Until they get a qb they are rebuilding. Just like every team without a qb

Posted by: Slam | March 26, 2012 at 10:50 AM

Not just stating the obvious but crediting secret "whispering team sources" with giving him the inside scoop!

Lol are the team sources he has the hot dog guy at the stadium? Or maybe the parking attendant.

The real question is why they didn't trade for the second pick. RG3 is the real deal in the eyes of most scouts and analysts. I would like an explanation from the front office on that, rather than getting them to admit a semantic word issue.

Bill Parcells tried to use the 190's Giants blueprint to build this team. He forgot Phil Simms was a 1st rd qb. Obviously since he drafted Chad Henne 2nd rd to become his Jeff hostetler.

He also forgot Jeff Hosteler had the benefit of one of the best defenses in nfl history. Of course you could play ground and pound with a "caretaker qb" having a defense like that. Even in today's nfl.

The Parce4lians havent even come close to duplicating that kind of defense in Miami even unto today.

They didnt trade for RG3 because not matter what washington was going to win the trade. Jeff fisher and Shannahan are homeboys.

A week away from the Manning "show me the money" tour and having had some time to reflect, I'm glad that Ireland did not make a rash move to appease an impatient fan base (of whom I consider myself a member). In the end, I supppose Ireland /Ross could have signed Flynn or Smith to a lot of money and a wing of hope and fans would have rejoiced at the genius of the acquisition. Ireland / Ross could have sat back with a ready excuse that after Manning, Flynn was the next best option. They would have avoided the controversy they are embroiled in now by doing so. Instead, it appears that they took the hard road...the road littered with mines of critism and scrutiny. I surmise that in the end they felt that Flynn or Smith would not be the answer and that a better answer lies in the Draft (which remains to be seen). Philbin is a new coach, going a different direction offensively with the organization...it stands to reason the some of the pieces here don't fit and new pieces need to be acquired. I'm encouraged that Miami's defense is pretty sound certainly better then what Philbin had in GB and that offensively a few pieces are still needed. I'm also encouraged that since Ireland has arrived, this team has gotten younger & faster, albeit less experienced. I don't think this team is as far away as some may think, but this year won't be the break out year either. In that respect, this franchise IS rebuilding but it's closer in terms of filling holes then most fans think and making a deep playoff run.

These guys should be rebuilding but they seem to change course on a daily basis.

A franchise is always better off wisely drafting it's superstars rather than signing them in fa. Our problem has not only been looking to fa to find our super stars. But to make up for misses on drafting solid core players too.

In fa, signing an even average nfl players costs as much signing a bottom 1st rd to 2nd rd drafted player. Now do you understand where all of the cap money went?


Carlos Dansby is a "solid core player" that will cost us $11 million dollars this season to keep him. Wow!

Still rebuilding?at this pace we'll be playoff bound,(one and done)by 2035.

Dont have a word to discribe how I feel about the Dolphin front office. Ok, incompetent....

Vontae Davis is a 1st rd selection playing like a "solid core player". He has super star potential but is yet far to inconsistent to be considered on a super star level.

These are the type of misses that can no longer be tolerated in Miami. There was much in Vontae's predraft jacket to suggest he has "immaturity issues". That's exactly what we seen of him here in Miami. He's not a trouble maker, but, has immaturity issues holding him back from being a super star.

We been rebuilding since marino retired. Mr. ross must admit it. He had already lost most of the fan base. There wont be any sellouts this year unless a good team comes into town.It hurts being a dolphin fan with no hope in sight. I wish ross and especially ireland just go away. Ill say it again we need a owner that is a gambler and a G M that has guts to make wise and good decisions to get us over the top. All i ask is for this team to be competive and give us some hope. Dolphin fan for life

Sean Smith is like the "hottie blonde" with severe air-headiness. He has all of the hot chick tools(ability), but, his brain keeps telling him 2+2 + 8.

Reminds me of a air-headed blonde that gets gangbanged by 8 guys and thinks it was only 4.

Over the past 4yrs, this has been the only franchise I know of, that can go into a draft with 12 picks and come out of it with only 5 players. Doubling down isnt a feast, it's been a famine here in Miami.

What a shame because before trading Marshall away we were really in need of a new qb (Flynn) and a right tackle away of being a pre-season playoff contender.

Ross is the type of person to look you in the face and tell you no, we are not rebuilding. We are in the win now mode, and I believe we have the team to do it. Bulls#it!

The Dolphins should have started the rebuilding last year after their horrid start. They should have traded Jake Long if possible, cut some players mid-season, played rookies, and they would probably have got one of the top two picks in the draft.

They should have bottomed out last season and then rebounded this upcoming season with either Luck or RGIII.

But no. Instead, the Dolphins will probably do yet another rebuild without a young franchise QB. Just as they have done for a dozen years.

Expect the Dolphins to focus their rebuilding efforts on the OL, DL, LB, Secondary, and RB positions. Again. Just like Wannesdt, Saban, and Parcells. Cameron started rebuiling with a punt returner.

The Dolphins will probably go 5-11 to 9-7 in 2012, depending on various factors. In short, just enough to ensure that drafting a quality QB prospect will remain a near impossibility.

Yes, the Dolphins are rebuilding. With Ireland in charge for perhaps a few more years. At least he knows how not to do it, but will he do it differently this time? Or will the Dolphins get a partial rebuild and go looking for a 'value' QB for the 15th time?

Anyone that calls a rookie player a bust after only one season and a lockout that ended their off season training and training camps is stupid. Plain and simple you are stupid, it's not even ignorance at this point. If you have not learned about the NFL in today's society with all of the access we have to information, you are quite simply a stupid person.

Im almost done with the Vontae Davis experiment. Yes he'll give us 5 games of pro bowl corner calibre play. But the other 11 games will be average to slightly above average nfl corner play.

With the tools Vontae has we should be able to get 6-7 picks a year until qb's stopped throwing his direction period.

Sean Smith's a middle of the pack starting nfl corner period. Im assuming his upside in even making that assumption.

Im out. Coming here only shows me this team is worse than I even thought coming in. LOL

I've been saying this since the former coaching staff was let go. That's pretty much what happens....new coaching staff generally means lots of changes...new players to match "their" system and philosophy. Very rarely do you see an entire coaching staff disolved and a new coach come in and simply take over where the previous left off.

BTW, I would not say that the Phins have been "rebuilding" for the last decade. Really, the Parcells era was the first true attempt at a rebuild...and yes, it failed. Prior to Parcells, it was more of a patch work effort from Wanny through Cameron.

Another meritless article. THEY AREN'T REBUILDING. You don't rebuild by signing a nobody like garrard! That's called plain moronic. To rebuild you have to first have a clue. Their choices the last week show they not only don't have a clue (much less a plan) they probably don't even care. If Ross is this ignorant (that he continues to employ Ireland) then that means he has no clue.
They aren't in the stages of doing ANYTHING other than spinning wheels, period.

Yesterday's Gone,

Comparing Sean smith to a "Hot Blonde" caused my brain to explode a little bit. Jusy Sayin :)


How are they rebuilding if we've actually added to the defense? Did the Dolphins cut a bunch of old veterans on the defense because we're going to now build through the draft? NO, even though that is what a rebuilding team does, see ;THE COLTS, they have not done this. OH and probably because we already had been rebuilding starting 4 years ago and most of our defense is young. So the defense isn't being rebuilt.

The offense is being re-tooled to fit the WOC. That is obvious to anyone with half a brain so that explains why the Herald doesn't see it. And then we will have a story about how Ross lied to everyone today because he didn't admit they were rebuilding. I wish they would retool the Miami Herald sports staff. They have been average for years now and we as consumers deserve better right? That's what they're always telling us about the team so the same holds true with the paper. Maybe we should stop buying it and stop supporting their advertisers until something is done? Why does the south Florida media hate it's home town team so much? It's f***ing weird. I live in NY and the Jets have been nothing short of an embarrassment except for 3 afc championships and 1 super bowl in their 46 year history, yet the papers aren't half as harsh on the owner or team. How is that possible? It's freakin NY, THEY HATE EVERYONE!


D-Thomas isnt a bust, he's Bush's backup. Until Bush is injured I dont see that changing anytime soon. The wco will take advantage of Bush's skill set even more.

As long as the Pats have thier TE combo, you wont see Charles Clay in any pro bowls any time soon. As a 6th rd draftee, I dont expect to see Gates come on strong until 2013. But I do expect to see him become increasingly more productive as 2012 wears on. If not, he's headed for bust university.

Dolphins are not rebuilding

They Suck


Barring injury, in the wco, Reggie Bush could become Roger Craig 2.0. JUST SAYING! LOL

We will need some receivers to step up and make plays so Bush has some room to work with, otherwise he will struggle.

I hope he has another great year, glad he had his best year with the Phins last year!


Here are some interesting stats on Tannehill:

In the bowl game against LSU he threw 2 td’s and 3 int’s in a 41-24 loss.

In 2011 Texas A & M beat the following teams with Tannehill at quarterback:

Idaho 2-10
SMU 8-5
Texas Tech 5-7
Baylor 10-5
Iowas St. 6-7
Kansas 2-10
Northwestern 6-7

A & M lost to the following teams:

Oklahoma St. 12-1 2td’s 3 int’s
Arkansas 11-2
Missouri 8-5
Oklahoma 10-3 2td’s 3 int’s
Kansas St. 10-3
Texas 8-5 2td’s 3 int’s

For what it’s worth.

17 different QB's since Marino and 6 coaches! There is no consistency in direction or personel. Every time you change a coach, you change a system. Trying to find an elite QB is the trick. Brees was the closest the phins ever came and Saban jacked that up.

Don't underestimate Thomas in Philbins offense. The man has great hands.

YG, I might be misreading your post but are you suggesting that players that don't become pro bowler's are busts?

Thomas is a back up, that can not be argued. But someone called him a bust. That is stupid. Especially considering the NFL community was impressed with his limited action last season. He showed some glimpses with some great runs up the middle and even had some spin moves and cuts that made tacklers miss on occasion. Players who show promise after such a BS off season CAN NOT be considered busts. If Bush gets hurt and Thomas is asked to start and then doesn't perform, in year two after backing up Bush,,, I STILL WOULDN'T CONSIDER HIM A BUST. Year three is the time that any young NFL player needs to put up or shut up. If someone is judging them before that they are simply guessing, and it's not even an educated guess because none of us are on the field or in the business.

Agreed on Gates.

In short, the Dolphins are a 6-10 team on the decline. They have no playmakers, pay rock bottom cash salaries, but are up against the cap due to poor drafting and over-investment on the OL, DL, and LB units.

The OL is horrid; the pass defense a joke.

They are rebuilding. And Parcells/Ireland did a terrible job in the first rebuild. The Dolphins never take positive risks to improve the team; instead they take foolish risks. Getting RGIII would have be a positive risk. Overdrafting Tannerhill may be foolish unless he is actually very close to the prospect that Luck or RGIII is. In which case, Cleveland or another team would do whatever it took to draft him.

The Dolphins make excuses for each and every failure and try to justify not doing what needed to be done to find an elite QB. They practice failure and they've got quite good at it. If a team always takes the 10th best option, then that doesn't tend to add up to elite success.

Im out. Coming here only shows me this team is worse than I even thought coming in. LOL

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone

That's funny. :)

I've been saying that for a while professor Lou

Tannehill in Tue 1st round will set us back 4 yrs, not to mention he is a converted WR who has only QB for 18 games


The term rebuilding no longer applies to this franchise since it has been alternating between mediocrity & pathetic ever since Shula was forced out when Huzienga bought the team. I'm sorry but wasn't the job of the Trifecta--which included Ireland as GM btw--supposed to be doing that for the last 4 years??? So Ross comes up with a brilliant idea after another pathetic season--Fire Sparano & keep the GM. Does this make sense to anyone??? Sure Sparano failed in Miami to get the O-line right & to get an offense that could score points but to put all the blame on him & excuse the man who is responsible for shaping this roster is lunacy.

I don't know how you can fully analyze the Miami Dolphins offseason when the most important part is still a month away.

Especially when the current regime has the gameplan that you build through the draft, re-sign your own that merit it, and add complimentary pieces externally in free agency.

I would bet dollars to donuts that the same people applauding the Mario Williams acquisition will also be laughing at the Bills in three years when Mario is spent and the Bills have a huge albatross of a contract.

Point is, free agency kills.

Agreed that the Dolphins need to draft better. That is what I'm most critical about with this regime. And stop drafting SCARED!!!

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 26, 2012 at 10:09 AM


Dolphins cannot compete because they draft players high in the second and third round and then they never develop them properly and cut them or let them go

QB Pat White
QB Chad Henne
WR Pat Turner

or spend $50 million dollars & two 2nd draft picks on one of the best WRs in the league and just when he is about to peak as a player
Cut him because his wife is a crime victim and Ireland is an ignorant racist mismanaging the team

and Mark
FA agency gets u players like Tim Tebow, Matt Flynn, Peyton Manning,Drew Brees,Wes Welker,Brett Favre to Green Bay, Reggie White, LT to Jets,Ricky Williams to Miami, etc, etc

and while your betting your Canadian doughnuts, Buffalo fans will be enjoying many years of the Best DE Mario Williams for years sacking losers like QB Garrard

Stop being such a Jaded Homer

The Dolphins suck

They were not planning on rebuilding

The Dolphins Always look like they are rebuilding

U play for today, this year

Every 3 years teams lose players and coaches to FA, injuries, trades or they get too old or dont fit in with the new players

U only use the team rebuilding cuz u failed miserably and the whole organization is a train wreck

The Dolphin Suck

F'K Philbin

He could not build a team around Tim Tebow like Urban Meyer did and the Dolphins would have been admired by the NFL world for a decade

Tebow Wins


Tebow won 6 and tore a path in the AFC beating the Jets, Dolphins, KC and the Steelers in the playoffs in his very first try w a losing 1-4 team, only one decent WR and an average RB

Philbin aint gonna do poop

Philbin & Sherman will be fired in 2-3 years and we will be "rebuilding" again

Tim Tebow is about to take center stage for the NY Jets

Go Tebow !

Go Jets !

Tebow WILL win a few Super Bowls

sooner rather than later

and the stupid moronic Dolphins still dont get it!

Dolphins failed miserably


FIRELAND Protest March

The NY Jets are beaming in national spot light across the world right now w Tebow Live!

and the Miami Mullets are the laughing stock of the NFL with no play makers and QB Garrard to shuffle around in the 1.1 Billion Dollar heap of trash known as the Miami dolphin's organization

Tebow Rules

Best College player EVER with 57 rushing TDs and almost 10,000 YDs passing

Best NFL QB in the Red Zone 2012 Tim Tebow

Home has returned.....

Craig and Lou @ 12:03....

I agree...drafting a QB for the sake of drafting one is a losing stategy for sure...

If a QB isn't truely worthy of being taken in the 1st RD...and you draft him there...well...then you just EFFED up...big time....

This whay I am trying to get across to Mark....

We need a 1st RD quality QB....but he must be a TRUE 1st rounder....

Not somebody who is moved up to the 1st rd cause some other QBs decided to stay in school....

as I see it everyone keeps bringing up two words, competitive and rebuilding. in reference to competitive, I will point out that we won 6 games and lost 5 games by 3 points or less. I think that is competitive, I also don't think we should be striving for competitive. on the point of rebuilding, believe it or not the phins for the first time that I can remember (fan since 84) we have put together 3 good drafts in a row. '11 pouncey, thomas, clay, smith, all either starting or getting significant playing time, plus gates as a project, '10 odrick and misi going to be big time defensive cogs plus carrol and jones both in the secondary rotation. '09 vontae and sean two starting (top 20) corners, plus hartline and clemmons. '08 we got jake long. did we miss on some guys, yea of course we could point out pat white. but we haven't missed in the first round since '07 ted ginn, and that's what's got us in this trouble in the first place. you can't miss early in the draft! from 97 - 07 here's how the 1st two rounds read: '97 1st yatil green, 2nd sam madison. '98 1st john avery 2nd patrick surtain, kenny mixon. '99 1st traded away 2nd james johnson. '00 1st traded away, 2nd todd wade. '01 1st jamar fletcher, 2nd chris chambers. '02 1st and 2nd traded away. '03 1st traded away, 2nd eddie moore. '04 1st vernon carey, 2nd traded away. '05 1st ronnie brown, 2nd matt roth. '06 1st jason allen, 2nd traded away. '07 1st tedd ginn, 2nd john beck and samson satele. that's 7 picks in the top two rounds traded away in 10 years. the cupboards were dry dating back to '06 we've been rebuilding since at least '08. the good news four straight good drafts mean we should only be the firing of jeff ireland, 2 more good drafts and some luck away from being overtaking the pats (counting on brady only having 2 more superman years left)


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