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The Dolphins are rebuilding but will they admit it?

There is one word that owners around the NFL hate to use in front of their fanbase: Rebuilding.

The word means forget about this year. The word means that whatever we've been doing wasn't right and we need to start over. The word is synonymous with, we're falling off the NFL map for a year or two.

Oh, and the word is a great way to not sell tickets.

And so it will be interesting to see if Dolphins owner Stephen Ross utters the word today when he meets with media at lunch time because, let's be real folks, the Miami Dolphins are in full on rebuild mode now.

That's how it looks when you're trading Brandon Marshall and not signing either an equally talented or equally experienced replacement. The Dolphins will replace Marshall with a draft pick. You know how often rookie wide receiver make a big difference for their new teams? Do the homework. It is rare.

That's how it looks when you cut Yeremiah Bell, who was probably declining and too expensive but was also the glue in the deep secondary. The Dolphins may re-sign Bell or they may not. Either way, it is not a difference making move. Bell has so far garnered little attention in free agency so there's the idea other teams don't think tons about him so far. And if Miami goes in another direction, the likely way to address it is in the latter (cheaper) parts of free agency or, again, the draft. Rebuilding.

Once the Dolphins failed to land Peyton Manning and he picked Denver, the Dolphins didn't deem Matt Flynn worthy of big money and I was told by a Dolphins source that Alex Smith priced himself out of their market. So the Dolphins are going with a QB competition between Matt Moore and David Garrard. The Dolphins will also probably draft a quarterback.

Let's see ... Miami's grand promise of finally finding a franchise quarterback is headed unquestionably down the path of having two veterans who have never been franchise QBs and probably a rookie to develop. The two veterans are signed for only one year each. One.

Tell me that doesn't feel like you're rebuilding. Anyone with eyes sees it.

The Dolphins haven't been big spenders in free agency. They are ramping up bigtime for the draft. And I'm hearing more and more whispers from organization sources that you'll not be hearing talk of displacing the Patriots in 2012 because, well, they're as finished a product as you can have in the NFL.

And the Dolphins are a start up production.


I have a hard time believing if Peyton Manning had come to the team the Dolphins would have been in this mode. They would have been led by a 36-year-old QB that needed talented added quickly for a run that will last a relatively short period of time.

But once Manning eliminated the Dolphins, the Dolphins apparently eliminated the idea of really and truly competing for a title in 2012. Their moves are making that plain. They're planning for a title run in two or three years more than they are this year.

They are rebuilding. The only question now is whether Ross will admit as much today.



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I am glad you love the jets....

NOW....all you got to do is go join a jets blog....


Stop in from time to time to update us on the NWO...and the Chem Trails...and i'm serious about that....

until then...laters....

Florida's Winning TIM TEBOW and Tony Sparano Rule the NFL World

Kings of New York!

Tebow is saying all the right things at his press conference, attended by 40,000 people.

Anyone paying attention to Gerrard or anything we have done today?

Home is right. I am not Home.

And why wouldn't it make sense to shore up the one of the holes on O-line at either RT or RG??? I'm not saying that this would make us the favorites in the AFC East but it would give us a shot to be better than last year. Why did we even bring in Winston & Jake Scott if Ireland is clearly not prepared to make them a competitive offer???

Sure you trade Marshall & you cut Bell BUT if the mindset is to truly REBUILD now then it makes no sense to keep Jake Long (who is physically breaking down) & Dansby (who is now over 30) on this roster since they are both making over $10 Million a year. Based on their salaries--although there is no realistic trade value for either player--it would clear cap space to pick up younger, cheaper replacements. Maybe Long just becomes a FA after the season & we cut Dansby next year to take advantage of FA in 2013. As for Cameron Wake since his salary is VERY reasonable he should definitely be on the trading block.

BTW--As far as rebuilding this is ACTUALLY a pretty young team. In fact there are only three players over 30 on this roster--Dansby, Wake, & our LS Denney.

With all of that said I still for the life of me can't understand that since we are clearly not expecting to compete now how Ireland can be assigned the responsibility to build this team. IMO--As long as Ireland is here & we don't find a top personnel guy like Bill Polian to replace him we are continuing to dig a deeper hole for this team every day.

Kris236 -- Pouncy "verdict still out". Gates a bust? D Thomas a bust? Glad your not running the team.

Jets had to do a player "availability" (can't even call it a press conference because he's the backup QB) for Tebow and it is now the biggest media event in the Jets' team history. They are having it on the 20 yard line of the field because 40,000 people wanted to attend from all media worldwide including even in China and Russia. No such thing happened even when Rex was hired as the head ball coach.

I'm a Tebow fan (or was before he become a Jet)

But saying all the right things doesn't translate into wins....


Ireland's 4 Drafts Yield Very Little Impact



Please stop using the rebuild word. That just gives the FO a free pass to suck again. Your letting them off the hook. Ask Dennis Green what happens when you do that.

Jim Harbaugh went 13-3 with the 49ers in his fist season last year.

We should be putting in the WC offense amd terminology with alacrity.

For all those caling for Long, Dansby and others to be cut or traded are off their proverbial rocker's!

I mean do you think you get to make the draft selections youself? Do you trust Ireland to try and do better than those players with his draft history.

Like Marino used to say, what we need is sense of urgency. We should be playing to win every game.

I'm not all about the protesting but I'm betting their theme is not "2 or 3 more years of futility please!"

Oh and one note for Samantha. I've said on a few occasions that the Big Tuna took his 14 million and rode of into the sunset for absolutley nothing. His heart was never truly into the Dolphins IMO.

Tebow Wins and is a great role model and human being


With all due respect we started last season by going 0-7. Maybe that's competitive in your world but the season was over for all intents & purposes before we actually started to "compete" & show some signs of life.

This team was completely unprepared to start the season & that falls on the entire organization from Ireland all the way down to the 53rd man on the roster. The defense in Week One which was supposed to be our strength got picked apart by the Patriots like we were a HS team. Completely unacceptable.

2012 Miami Dolphins will lose probably 1-4 at best

Tebow WILL WIN like he has done his entire life

Dolphins have made the biggest mistake of a lifetime
not bringing the best college QB Ever back to Florida

Now they will pay for that mistake 4 EVER!


FIRELAND 3.29.12 Protest

I agree he is a great role model and human being.......and he has won in the past

But you can't just this year until the games are played. Big media hype in March means absolutely nothing in August through January.



Im suggesting when you spend 1st-2nd rd picks on "skill positions". These players need to play at or at least borderline pro bowl level. At least by yeaqr 3.

Vontae and Sean Smith havent done it. Davis gives you 4-5 games a season at or near pro bowl level. The 0ther 11 games are more average than even above average.

We havent drafted one 2nd rd'er that's yet to even play like a 2nd rd draft pick. No it doesnt make them all busts. But it sucks when they're "under performers" too.

Easily our best early rd picks have been Jake Long and Pouncey over the last 4yrs. Too bad they're olineman. All the rest are now either cut or are "under performers".

*judge this year

Fins are in perpetual rebuilding mode. The key factor is the QB and it is neglected year after year. It is time the fans get some respect. Therefore, we must BOYCOTT the team and come back when the Fins get a legitimate QB.

Ross and Ireland = Bulls**t (don’t believe them anymore)


NY JETS & TEBOW will get all the winning spotlight for years to come

Dolphoons have Garrard

Maybe JEF FIRELAND never heard of Tebow

and thought Garrard is the best QB in the NFL

Protest March 3.29.12 Fire Ireland

Dolphin Rick,

Rebuild doesnt give the fo a "free pass" to suck. We have not much choice but to rebuild because the fo decisions over the past 4yrs pretty much sucked!

Its just sucks having the last remaining component from the last rebuild in charge of doing a new one. LOL

Man its like talking to a brick wall sometimes

Last season, after getting only 2nd team snaps and after a shortened preseason, Tim Tebow became the starter and took a 1-4 team to the playoffs. There he beat the vaunted Steelers, thowing for 316 years in the playoff victory, thereby continuing his lifelong record of #WINNING.

On the other hand, in the last game of the season, the Jets' starting QB Mark Sanchez lost to the horrible Miami Dolphins, even though the Jets were playing for a playoff berth and the Fins had nothing to play for. Jets scored only 19 in that game so he can't blame it on the defense.

Tim Tebow is a winner who is saying all the right things, right now, about how he just wants to help the team win. That's why Tim is a winner.

On the other hand, Sanchez, whose name ends with a "z," is crying and questioning why, if he's the QB, the team brought in Tebow, even though for a 4 round pick and peanuts as Tebow's salary, it was a steal for the team.

Sanchez is not a winner. He exhibits a selfish, me-first, me-only attitude exhibited by losers and most people whose name ends with "z". I'm surprised the loser Fins don't have Sanchez; he'd fit in just right here in loser Miami.

"Oh and one note for Samantha. I've said on a few occasions that the Big Tuna took his 14 million and rode of into the sunset for absolutley nothing. His heart was never truly into the Dolphins IMO."

Then that's on Huzienga. Parcells was getting old & his last job in Dallas did not produce stellar results. The Parcells name brought instant credibility to Miami but his mistake was believing that Sparano & Ireland could succeed in their respective positions.

To answer Armando's blog:

What's wrong with the word "Rebuilding"?
What part of 6-10, and fired coach, and searching for a starting QB spells Super-bowl run to anyone else?

Sure it sucks, but at least its honest. One player away from a Super-bowl? Yep, thats what I hearing when we were chasing Manning. Even then it was wrong.
One player-away-from-SB teams don't fire head coaches, have no QB, and compete for the top draft pick the previous season.

Rebuild. Do it honest. Start down the path that actually has a a foreseeable goal and equitable journey.
Patching holes with band-aids and throwing money at the problem with no solution is why we are where we are. Right the ship. -Geez, sounds like a political campaign, but it's as true as one anyway.

Fix this mess for real, the honest way.

I'm all for trying to win every single game.

I do believe after the Dolphins started so poorly last year, they should have traded some players (Long, Wake) if possible for draft picks in 2012, cut a few players, benched a few players, let rookies and reserves play significantly more time, and let it play out. The Dolphins would probably have finished with one of the two worse records in football while still trying to win on the field.

Instead, the Dolphins have almost no chance to find an elite QB in 2012. And they will be rebuilding until they find an elite QB.

You can win a sb title without a franchise qb. But you better have a defense that ranks as one of the best in Nfl history to do it. See the 2000 Ravens.

Never developed and discard X-Dolphin 6.5 WR Pat Turner who has been to the AFC Championship game w the NY JETS

will be called to catch the game winning TD called by Tony Sparano to be thrown by Florida's QB Tim Tebow

Go Jets!

What should Miami Do in the 1st Round of the draft?

Get a QB? Get a WR? Best player available? Trade Down?

So far getting a QB is winning with 44% of the votes. Disagree?

Take a second and vote here!


Comment on there why your choice is the best for our "rebuilding" situation.......

Once again, Home is correct.

I forgot to mention that, in contrast to Sanchez's 19 points put up in a crucial 16th game of the year playing for a playoff berth, Tebow put up 37 points on the vaunted Steelers. So it wasn't just "yards between the 20s" when Tebow threw for 316 yards in a playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, which was watched by Sanchez on TV because Sanchez failed to beat the Miami Dolphins in the last game of the year when the Fins were playing with a lame duck temporary coach and had nothing to play for.

You see, sheep, it's a difference between winners and losers. Many of you don't know the feeling.

Miami has one of the worst secondaries in the NFL

is Pro Football Focuse's worst rated starting CB still on the Dolphoons

Does CB Smith still have the franchise record for dropping 14 potential INTs in one season

So Ireland let the team captain and leading tackler safety Y- Bell go and, ... kept CB Smith?

FIRELAND 3.29.12

keep sparano- get blamed
get rid of sparano=get blamed
keep ireland get blamed
get rid of ireland, blame owner
Philbin....your next

i feel sorry for you. ross, move out of miami. there is your overall problem. bills sucked worse than us for 10 years and yet there fans are still there to support their team.

Next year we will watch Timmy Tebow account for 4 to 6 TDs in the 2 games the Jets dominate the Fins. Go Jets.

Posted by: THE FAN FORMERLY KNOWN AS TIMMY COUCH, NOW A JETS FAN | March 26, 2012 at 10:20 AM


I'm going to go out on a limb and say that most of us here would not don the green and white even if our beloved fins sucked for the nex 30 years!

In all of the Big Apple surely theres a place you can post your comments.

You can win a sb title without a franchise qb. But you better have a defense that ranks as one of the best in Nfl history to do it. See the 2000 Ravens.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone

That's very true. And even Dilfer was a former first round pick. The Ravens have also spent thier own first pick on two quarterbacks - Bollier and Flacco. Not saying those players are elite, but the Ravens front office know to try to find an elite QB with high potential.


I totally agree with your assessment on our draft picks. Sure teams NEED to build from the draft but that strategy can't work if you keep continue to take mediocre players.

When your LT & Center are the only picks in 4 years that are your best starters then clearly there are MAJOR issues in your scouting & evaluation departments. You can't hit on every player but when you consistently miss on picks in the first two rounds like Vontae, like Chad Henne, like Merling, like Misi plus Dobbins, like Pat White, like Sean Smith....You're going to be team that is lucky to finish 8-8.

Ross will probably just announce another B-list celebrity part-owner.

Guys I just heard oover the sports radio at the NFL owners meeting Sean Peyton approached Bill Parcells to possibly coach his team in 2012. WTH!?

Amen Dolfan Rick.........Amen

We should put Kim Kardashian at RB and the would-be tacklers would bounce off of her boobies. She could have 100 carries for 5,000 yards and 100 TDs!!!

If you remove Ireland's entire draft from last year, the Fins still go 6 & 10. Then u pass on Dez, Demarco Murray, Hankerson etc... Now we have Moore and Garrard. Really Ireland? U suck!


Jets arent seeing any sb this year. They are similar to us in that they have to blitz to get to the qb. Nfl oc's know this. That makes them not have a great defense.

Neither do they have a franchise qb. Sanchez has just about proven this. It's also been proven you cant win sb titles with a "suspect defense" and a "care taker" at best qb. Buffalo may rise to 2nd best team in the afc east this year. While we shoot it out with the Jets for the cellar.

The Bills will be able to get the opposing teams qb's without having to consistently blitz to get there. Dolphins and Jets are nearly carbon copies of each other right now. One of us will finish in the cellar this year. This draft may decide who that is.

New York wins. Miami loses. That's just how it is.

"You can win a sb title without a franchise qb. But you better have a defense that ranks as one of the best in Nfl history to do it. See the 2000 Ravens."


Totally agree. Just look at the Niners with Alex Smith this season. If that retard Kyle Williams didn't muff those two punts in the 2nd half against the Giants they are most likely playing the Patriots & beating the sh#t out of Brady.

That's a team that has a defense that REALLY gets after it which is nothing like our defense IMO.
Our defense might be good against the run but our secondary is soft, we don't scare anybody, & usually when we need a BIG stop in the 4th Quarter we wilt.

All of this is just entertainment. Tebow makes things exciting. The Jets are now a more interesting team to watch. Period. That's why 40,000 people just stood on the football field in New York to watch a "player availability" involving the Jets' backup QB/FB/TE playmaker.


Correct Parcells is one option for the Saints

but who really care about BP?

He would ruin that team

Home would feel sorry for Brees

We should put Kim Kardashian at RB and the would-be tacklers would bounce off of her boobies. She could have 100 carries for 5,000 yards and 100 TDs!!!

I'd go with Ricky Williams' twin sister (or brother???) Serena Williams to carry the rock.

The following teams are exciting:

1. NY Jets
2. Denver Broncos
3. NE Patriots
4. NY Giants
5. San Fran 49ers

The following teams are not exciting:

1. Miami Dolphins
2. St. Louis Rams
3. San Diego Chargers
4. Kansas City Chiefs
5. Tampa Bay Bucs

Would not bet against Tebow losing

Home has watch Tebow for 6 years

Folks who have bet against him have lost everything

Agree Bills are def getting better

Their defense should be very good

Bills have play makers in their secondary also, it showed in the first half of the season w FitzMagic until the sump

Ohio Dolfan,

Its not what I want, but, Luke Kuecheley makes the most sense as our #1 pick. $11 million a year for Dansby is obsurd. Plus he has only abotu 3 very productive years left.

Kuechley represents a much cheaper now option, plus I believ right out of the chute he gives at least what Dansby's performance now gives. Plus Kuechely's a much better option moving forward and will only cost $4-$5 million a year over the next 4yrs(rookie contract). Versues Dansby's $11 million, that a $7-$8 million saving this year alone.

Kuecheley doesnt have to be a pro bowler this year. Just give us Dansby's level of play. Which is slightly above average.

Everybody need to relax on the Jets with Tebow. Their offensive coodinator is Tony "Mr. Maggoo" Sparano okay??? Not exactly an innovator if I remember correctly. Once again the Jets will continue to be the Patriots beotches.


Home, I would rebut but with you, and considering how under the weather I feel, I think my energy is best spent elsewhere.

I will just say this, anyone who knows my thoughts here, knows I'm anything but a blind homer.

And in my post, I did say the drafting needs to improve but I do agree with the philosophy of drafting and signing your own.

If free agency is so important, other than Drew Brees, who was the last free agent that changed his team's fortunes for the best significantly? Reggie White?

Great, that's two free agents in 20 years of free agency.

I've already said more than I cared to but you get my point.

Dolphins best bet is DE Coples or DT Poe

Tanny is not a franchise QB and has a history of losing

Unlike Tim Tebow :)

When has miami ever stopped "REBUILDING"....those words mean nothing anymore to this franchise, its just a part of this organization now...

No plan, No stable fanbase, No hope = Bad Management, Bad Owner, Bad product!!!

Mark in Toronto

How bout Wes Welker to the Pats?

I'm with ya Mark

Ohio Dolfan,

Also Tannehill is a reach in the 1st rd. If you have to reach for a player. That means there's a greater chance something can and will go wrong.

Kuecheley 1st rd immediately solves the Dansby problem($$$) and gives a "young" impact calibre player at a skilled position moving forward. Check ilb off of the needs list for the next 8-12yrs.

Kris, if other teams have followed your advice, the Bucs wouldn't have had Josh Freeman and the Ravens would not have had Joe Flacco. Two guys with bright futures.

Manning to Denver ?

Williams to Bills?

Tebow to NY JETS?

All will have significant impact this year on their new teams

Apology to Kris. I misread the person at 10:05 I meant Clue

Yea Kris, these clowns will take him to say, see we took a QB in the 1st round. Especially especially with Shermur as OC.

Totally see it happening

Coples is still a slight reach at #8. If using the #8 Kuechley solves the most problems, especially with the $11 million an underachieving Dansby will get this year.

But Coples does make more sense than reaching for a qb(Tannehill). If we suck as expected, we'll be in position to draft outright or trade up for one of the top 2 qb's in 2013. So why reach for Tannehill now?

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