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The Dolphins are rebuilding but will they admit it?

There is one word that owners around the NFL hate to use in front of their fanbase: Rebuilding.

The word means forget about this year. The word means that whatever we've been doing wasn't right and we need to start over. The word is synonymous with, we're falling off the NFL map for a year or two.

Oh, and the word is a great way to not sell tickets.

And so it will be interesting to see if Dolphins owner Stephen Ross utters the word today when he meets with media at lunch time because, let's be real folks, the Miami Dolphins are in full on rebuild mode now.

That's how it looks when you're trading Brandon Marshall and not signing either an equally talented or equally experienced replacement. The Dolphins will replace Marshall with a draft pick. You know how often rookie wide receiver make a big difference for their new teams? Do the homework. It is rare.

That's how it looks when you cut Yeremiah Bell, who was probably declining and too expensive but was also the glue in the deep secondary. The Dolphins may re-sign Bell or they may not. Either way, it is not a difference making move. Bell has so far garnered little attention in free agency so there's the idea other teams don't think tons about him so far. And if Miami goes in another direction, the likely way to address it is in the latter (cheaper) parts of free agency or, again, the draft. Rebuilding.

Once the Dolphins failed to land Peyton Manning and he picked Denver, the Dolphins didn't deem Matt Flynn worthy of big money and I was told by a Dolphins source that Alex Smith priced himself out of their market. So the Dolphins are going with a QB competition between Matt Moore and David Garrard. The Dolphins will also probably draft a quarterback.

Let's see ... Miami's grand promise of finally finding a franchise quarterback is headed unquestionably down the path of having two veterans who have never been franchise QBs and probably a rookie to develop. The two veterans are signed for only one year each. One.

Tell me that doesn't feel like you're rebuilding. Anyone with eyes sees it.

The Dolphins haven't been big spenders in free agency. They are ramping up bigtime for the draft. And I'm hearing more and more whispers from organization sources that you'll not be hearing talk of displacing the Patriots in 2012 because, well, they're as finished a product as you can have in the NFL.

And the Dolphins are a start up production.


I have a hard time believing if Peyton Manning had come to the team the Dolphins would have been in this mode. They would have been led by a 36-year-old QB that needed talented added quickly for a run that will last a relatively short period of time.

But once Manning eliminated the Dolphins, the Dolphins apparently eliminated the idea of really and truly competing for a title in 2012. Their moves are making that plain. They're planning for a title run in two or three years more than they are this year.

They are rebuilding. The only question now is whether Ross will admit as much today.



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Washington signed mcnabb, jets signed brett favre, Arizona signed kolb, kc signed Matt cassel, I'm not even going five years back, and I'm picking the major picks of free agency, the 'tops' lol....
Point being, it doesn't matter about players, because more times than not, the choices are wrong.
Even though that proves u wrong, it's not to disagree, both sides are valid and not valid. It's all about the people making the decisions. And that's the point. If u have Kraft, or someone like that, u become a dynasty. If u have Ireland and Ross, u become a joke. People's can turn it around, mike brown is still hated even though he's basically gotten it right the last few years in cincy, so maybe Ross and Ireland will wake up. Most likely, they will Matt Mullen and not.
Quit talking about FA when there is nothing left this year anyways, and quit referring to yourself in the third person unless ur making fun of how douchey it is.
Summer's Eve out.

Home Fact:

Tebow played much better than John Elway in the beginning of his career

Go Tebow!

Tebow in the spread

handed off to MaGahee wo ran 8 Yds and fumbled back to the Steelers

Denver D also looking terrible, Pitt going by air and ground no prob

Only Tebow is playing good for the Broncos

God Bless Tebow!

Home wants to worship God w Tebow


There is still time for u sinners to repent

Come join Home for prayer

Home Loves U, man!

Phins, Home doesn't get it so don't bother.

And Clue, you heard it, those posts were from his own personal archives.

In the same room as his Tim Tebow blow up doll.

"Tebow in the spread"

- Brought to you courtesy of Home's jacking sessions.

Home why don't you go f**k yourself you stupid Jets loving moron. WTF are you doing in here????????!!!!!!! My God could you be a bigger loser hanging out in a Dolphins forum as a Jets fan talking about Tebow? Holy s**t you are so pathetic I have to leave. It's embarrassing just knowing I'm in the same blog with someone who is so obviously brain dead. I'm out, f***ing loser.

Yayyyyyyyy the Jets! One superbowl and one afc championship win in their entire history! Four division titles in 53 years! WWWOOOOOWWWWW what a great team! The only time they won back to back division titles was in 68 and 69! Lets all bow down to the mighty Jets! Hahahahahahahaha Thankfully the Giants allow the Jets to play on their field or they might have to play their home games at Hofstra seeing how 86% of New York voters voted against building them their own stadium! Yeah, their "home town" fans voted against a new stadium for them! They are so loved! Because they've always been so great!

LOL @ Mark, Good one.

Ha Mark! That is freakin hilarious.

good stuff man

Phins fact; Henne played much better than Steve Young in the beginning of his career. Of course that doesn't mean jack s**t but don't let Home in on it, HE ACTUALLY THINKS HE'S MAKING GOOD POINTS.

Tim Tebow will win a Super Bowl before Our franchise does!

Sorry Mark and others, went a little overboard there. Can't take the nonsense, should have left when the leaving was good. See ya.

Not with the Jets he won't.....

As a backup QB maybe

It's all good Phins......Home has that effect on people

Sorry Mark and others, went a little overboard there. Can't take the nonsense, should have left when the leaving was good. See ya.

Posted by: Phins78 | March 26, 2012 at 02:14 PM

You weren't bothering me. Give em hell dude!!

You know this blog is going downhill when people spend ALL DAY talking about the NYJ backup QB.

Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Let's go to the NYJ blog and see if they're talking about David Garrard.

Agreed DC......Agreed

I'm a die-hard Dolphan but the NY jests will be even better than the Broncos were last year.Tim Tebow is the perfect qb for coach Sparano's Wildcat.Like Bart Scott said,"CAN'T WAIT" till the draft when the jests trade Sanchez away.
Armando may think that the belicheaters are a finished product but the jests are coming for the patsie a sses!

LOL DC. Fat chance of that. We're not even talking about him here.

It would be wonderful though if the whole league was talking about his incredible play in november or december.



Gino Toretta won a Heisman...just sayin.

Phins, I enjoyed it. Home can be a douche and when he gets it, most of the time, he deserves it.


Ask Ross how he became Ireland's puppet?


When the dolphins made the playoffs in year 2 of the Bill Parcells era everyone got giddy. Be a true fan and stop whining. This pround franchise will rise again. As Reg said these things take time. The dolphins don't have the cap space and are getting smarter I think. I think they will compete quite well this season. I would take Matt Mooore and David Garrard over quite a few NFL starters right now. Brandon Marshall was a prima donna and could'nt hold on to the ball when it counted. I'm not going to miss him. Maybe now some of the younger talent will be allowed to shine. Y'all are some sorry ass fans!!!!


I get that Tebow is competitive, i get he is athletic, and i get he is talented. He is no doubt a special individual.

Apparently he is truly baby Jesus as well. I mean turning people into Broncos fans is one thing but turning people into Jest fans is truly unexplainable.

I'm not losing my religion though..or my team. Go Fins!!

Go Jets!

Go Tebow!

Jets are a Better team than the Dolphins!

2 Jets QBs are better than the 2 Dolphin QBs!

Good Teams need to be built thru the draft & Free Agency

Mark the Canuck with the big beak and puke inducing white pastie skin no nothing about American football

FA signings Peyton Manning & Tim Tebow will greatly improve their new teams

Dolphoons FA Garrard will also help the Dolphoons in their losing ways prob from 6-10 to 4 -12


when was the last time you WENT OUT ON A DATE ?

I won't ridicule Tebow for his displays of faith.
I WISH that he wouldn't do that.It makes some people uneasy,I get that.Futhermore,in the Bible it mentions self-restraint in that regard.But the guy is a footballer.

NFL Network shoing Tebow &the Broncos beating the Bears after


Tebow drives thru the air and with his feet rushing and gets team in position to WIN again

NFL network also shows the Dolphoons miserable season and once again the Patriots SWEEPING the fish

Brady usually scores 50 points on the low stank fish and then takes the 4 th quarter off

JEF FIRELAND says Garrard was the best QB he could find in the NFL

Even though Garrard was sitting on his couch for a year after being FIRED as a back up QB for the loser franchise JAX and the phone did not ring for 2 yrs

Go Fish!

Guess I confused some here.

When I said Dansby has underperformed, I meant according to the money he's getting in his contract.

Anyone a team pays $11 million dollars for one season has to be a perrenial pro bowler. If not that guy is underperforming. Dansby's yet to become a pro bowl "alternate' at any point of his career.

At $11 million for a single season thats underperforming no matter how "above average your play is.

Tebow = Love

Moore should have been our guy from the start. Philbin most likely never should have been hired, and Sherman is bringing in a system that we are very much lacking the personnel to run successfully. 6-10 is not acceptable, of course, but the last half of the season should have been a foundation to work off of, not just forgotten like the FO have done. Trading Marshall for 2 3rd rounders is only somewhat low and not the travesty many fans have claimed. However, trading Marshall at all was a mistake. We should have kept the same offensive system, tweaked it in preparation for an influx of talent at the WR/TE positions, overpayed for Mike Nolan because he had a defense that was one or two players away from being top-5 (it's still capable of this but, the way this offseason is going, I would be happy with top 15). Chasing Manning wasn't a mistake, many signs pointed to him being a good fit in Miami. It's the things that have happened before that that bother me. Hiring Philbin should have been a required package deal along with Flynn. The WC system should have never been implemented. We need to figure out if Bush/Thomas is the sort of backfield that can open up the pass and help Moore avoid situations where he has to force passes. Our OL is designed in favor of a heavy running attack. I know forms of the WC can adapt to that sort of attack, but did we see that from Philbin's Packers? No, this season now has a frightening prospect of featuring an offensive system that just does not compute with the talent at hand. No Philbin, Marshall stays, Moore given a year to prove himself (anyone who disagrees, I beg you to consider the alternatives and ask yourself, truly, how they would have been any better. Besides Manning.), free agency used to solidify the RG (Nicks, Grubbs, Mathis? Did we even say hi to any of them?) and depth at OT, pass-catching talent (Garcon, Manningham? I doubt so much as a passing glance from the FO), and then use the draft to flesh out the D and add depth elsewhere. Also to bring in a QB who might be able to compete for the job. This would have been a sensible approach. As for the head coaching position, there were a long line of candidates this year. I fail to see how Philbin was the logical choice after Fisher turned us down.

I'm still hopeful, like I am every year, that my team will put some magic out of their hats. This is the hope that I firmly believe every fan of every last one of the 32 teams has a right to before a season starts. But when you put your opinion caps on and start to weigh out who looks ready and who doesn't, Miami belongs somewhere amongst the bottom 5 or 6 teams in the league.

Who do you blame? You blame Ross, Ireland and anyone else making decisions on personnel.



If it had the same effect it has here. Me posting on Ohio Dolfans site could deter more posters than it attracts. Especially poeters here like CraigM who are only legends in thier own minds. LOL


BP had the right idea but he made 2 mistakes that would have set back any Team not 3 but 10 yrs. Drafting Henne as a franchise QB and designating Sparano as HC. Then came some kind of conflict with Ross and everythig went to hell. I believe that we are very lucky to be where we are now.

Nice shot at Craig, YG, too bad he isnt here to defend himself,Brutus!


I understood what you were saying about Dansby and your probably right.

Its not a perfect world though and some will be underpaid and some overpaid.

I just believe we are good at lber and can use our #1 for one of the many other areas of need.

I wouldn't disagree with you if Dansby could be moved to the outside as a pass rusher opposite Wake.

They just didn't seem to use him alot in that role in the past.


Im sure one thing you've learned about me is I wouldnt say anything behind anyone's back that I wouldnt say to thier face. That includes you too Mr. Clue-less!

Oh, you are here to defend yourself arent you! LOL


Why not go for the strikeout and add Ireland as well.lol

It is what it is. Gotta move forward now.

Hopefully Philbin is the right guy. We need some karma bigtime.

Why not Ohio blog? WHen YG, HOME and other aliases go ranting other posters have a space for solace. Why not?

Dolfan Rick,

I guess we have to believe there's a reason Dansby has never been a full time olb. Pass rushing from the ilb position is usually a "designed scheme" to create an open rush lane for him. Or relying on the element of surprise.

To be a great pass rusher requires more than just speed or quickness alone. It requires a "skill set". You cant just automatically assume Dansby would be a great pass rusher on a full time basis.

Henne and TS are proven failures at their respective positions, Ireland is yet to be confirmed, Rick.

I believe Ireland is a gifted talent evaluator; just let him do his thing, in his own way. Believe me, if he can't do it here, he will do it somewhere else. His kind are more rare than franchise QB's.

THE jets have been re-building since 1969, rmmember? I'm sorry folks. I can't wait that long for Miami. Perhaps its not just the players but the people picking the players. Hmmmm. Get a GM who's a football guy and not afraid of the owner. I'll be waiting.

some people... How can some of you gripe that they didnt land Peyton Manning, and then gripe because they signed David Garrard. Believe me, I know they are two completely different players and that Manning is much better. But both are older, didnt play in 2011 and Manning doesn't play west coast offense... It is practically the same team minus Brandon Marshall. Good riddance! He dropped so many passes and threw Matt Moore under the bus like he did Chad Henne in the past. Sounds like a wonderful guy. And Bell will be back with the team. Bet on it. But he's aging too and never has been a big play safety. So quit whining about the moves and support our team. It is still a month away from the draft. Lets wait it out until after the draft and then critique their decisions.

Steve back again, as i said earlier ive worked for the dolphins voluntarily in the 8-0s early 90s in NY at the draft and while that doesnt make me an expert it gave me insight ill never forget. It appears to me the Dolphins arent setting up Tanneyhill as their savior, Tannyhill will be their fallback for not getting Barkely in 2013 draft. Dont expect a trade up for Blackmon, Philbin has seen the success of the system in GB making quality players out out Finley, Driver Jennings Nelson and even flashes from Cobb. If your offense is created to get guys open ala NE GB NO all have one thing in common, theyre the most successful wityhout a true No ! WR. Granted they all have hall of fame QBs but designing the right plays makes all the difference in the world, Maybe we wont have to watch Bess catch 8 balls for 41yds anymore. Personally id like to see Upshaw taken first, but realize this team is drafting hope for the fan base as much as it is a player at No 8. And stop griping about Marshall deal for just 2 3s. maybe if we hit on some of our twos and threes in the past drafts we wouldnt need to spend one on a RT in the first agian . Hit on some of these 2-3rdrs and they will be valuable.

Good luck in rebuilding a team with empty stands.

This was posted 90 mins ago. The funny part is that every player listed, regardless of the pick, is better than whoever the Dolphins ultimately get:http://espn.go.com/blog/nflnation/post/_/id/56451/todd-mcshays-mock-4-0-afc-north-style

With the exception of Pat White who retired all the other 2s&3s that left this team are playing and many of them starting.
The issue is not that we didn't hit, the issue is that Jeff Ireland should be trading these players when they have a year left rather then letting them hit free agency.
For example: Matt Moore (acorn not drafted) is entering the last year of his contract. He has trade value now. The same can be said for Garrard. and Long.
Philly lost an OT today, maybe we can get a 1st or 2nd for Long and free up cap space.
Instead all these FAs leave, we get no compensation, we can't sign any FAs and so everyone drafted makes the team and acorns come in and start right away: Columbus, Olshansky, NoodleArm, Fasano.

Anyway being a fan of this team is a horrible experience.

Who talk about acorn?
Only I talk about acorn.
This whole team one big acorn patch.
Good free agents go other teams.
Acorns come here.
This team is phuc-ed up because too many acorns.
Acorn belong on end of wang not in starting lineup.

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