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Jeff Ireland is not the devil

This post is not going to be popular. This post absolutely will not fit the current popular narrative surrounding the Dolphins the past week. And I don't take this undertaking lightly because I don't enjoy taking a bullet for someone who is not my family or close friend.

But ...

This Jeff Ireland hatred is getting more than a tad ridiculous.

To begin, I cannot say I agree with every single move Ireland makes. I don' agree with his approach with the media. I am aware agents talk behind his back (if they do it with me I'm assuming they do it with others) and complain of an arrogance that is baffling and approach that sometimes borders on bullying.

But I also do not agree he is a total screwup and gets everything wrong -- maybe that's because he doesn't.

I thought the David Garrard signing was a very good one, assuming the projected use for him is what I believe it will be and isn't followed by a crazy chase of Alex Smith or Tim Tebow. I thought the re-signing of Paul Soliai at a bargain price -- $6 million per year when he had a bigger deal on the table with Denver and for a price that is half of what the team paid last year -- was a coup that got whitewashed in the negative theme of the day.

I like the fact the Dolphins held to their guns in coming to a organizational value for Matt Flynn, remembering that coach Joe Philbin knows this guy as well as anyone. People are saying Flynn picked the Seahawks over the Dolphins. I think it's more accurate to say the Dolphins picked something else over Flynn because I don't believe they wanted to outbid Seattle. I like that Miami made a move to explore Alex Smith. I like that Miami won't be paying Smith $8 million a year because that's crazy money considering seven years of watching this guy has offered only one season of promising production.

I understand (I think) why the Dolphins traded Brandon Marshall. I like Marshall and think he's an engaging guy. He really is great if you speak with him. Guy's charming. But he is a trouble magnet. He is immature and the lack of a father figure in his life gives him no foundation on which to sometimes understand right from wrong and being an adult from being a kid. I believe unless that changes, he's going to be in trouble again eventually. So the move to jettison him is logical on several levels.

I also understand and cannot criticize Ireland for letting Kendall Langford go. Quick, what was the last game-changing play he made? What was his signature moment in Dolphins history? Correct, he didn't have one. He was a grunt, a role-player albeit a nice one. Certainly, he's not a guy worth $6 million per year and a $12 million guarantee, which is what he got from St. Louis.

And, because I am not a hypocrite, I also cannot rip the idea of cutting Yeremiah Bell. Bell is one of my favorite players. He's a tough blankety blank. He's a good locker room guy. But he's 34 years old and his play isn't likely to get better. And for years I've urged the Dolphins to be one of those teams that jettisons players before they totally break down and lose it rather than waiting an extra year and suffering the actual fast decline while the player is on the roster.

The Dolphins cut Bell on Monday before he completely fades out. I cannot rip them for that, considering he brings $4.3 million in cap relief. (Also, we don't know if Miami offered Bell a chance to cut his salary and he refused or not.)

So all these moves that Ireland is getting destroyed for ... tell me how they were terrible. Tell me what he should have done.

The Garrard signing, by the way, is being panned because David Garrard is not a franchise quarterback and Ireland has promised a reach for a franchise QB this offseason. "We need to add a quarterback that can get us over the hump," he's told The Miami Herald.

No kidding. That's been the case for a decade, including five offseasons during Ireland's employment in Miami. And Garrard is not that guy.

But Ireland hasn't said he is. Ireland hasn't said that's his signature QB move of the spring. Seems to me Garrard is a move to add a veteran backup presence who might get a shot to win a job in the short-term. Hello? Compeition is good.

Unless I miss my guess, the Dolphins aren't done adding at quarterback. I believe they will draft a kid on which the club's future hopes will rest. At least that is my sense.

Maybe that rookie will be a bust. Maybe he'll be a star. The point is to rip Ireland for a move not yet made in an offseason not yet complete is hating for hating's sake.

On that front, there's plenty headed in Ireland's direction now. I hear there is a fan protest scheduled for today to rip Ireland. On Sunday, Pittsburgh safety Ryan Clark ripped Ireland on twitter and blamed him for Miami's ills and talked of how "the guy running things is not a good" person.

Then yesterday on NFL Network, former Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter blew up Ireland on national television. He blamed the Dolphins inability to close on, say, Peyton Manning and Flynn on Ireland.

"I think Jeff Ireland has a big part to do with it," Porter said. "I don't think when you come in being recruited by him, you totally believe things coming out of his mouth. I think he's a guy that's not trustworthy. He really doesn't hold up to what a GM's supposed to be."

Well, I really don't think Porter holds up to what a man is supposed to be. Porter is a great guy to have on a team when things are good. But as soon as things go bad, he becomes part of the problem. And as soon as he's no longer getting his way or is out of contract, he bites the hand that feeds him. He previously blew up Cam Cameron. He previously blew up Tony Sparano. He previously blew up Mike Tomlin.

The guy has a history for ripping people that either cut him, let him go in free agency, or stood up to him. So while you don't have to dismiss his criticism, at least understand where it originates.

By the way, this idea that Miami can't land anyone is getting on my nerves. No, they didn't get Harbaugh. No, they didn't land Fisher. No, they didn't get Manning. Which one of those was Ireland responsible for?

Manning, of course.

Well, the Dolphins didn't get Manning. And neither did San Francisco, Arizona, or Tennessee. The Jets, Kansas City, and Seattle all have good to outstanding GMs. None of them could even get a meeting with Manning. So Ireland is a bad guy because the Dolphins swung and missed on Peyton Manning?

Look, I do not agree with every move Ireland makes. To me, the Manning chase was a waste of time that I didn't agree with. I would have been in Mario Williams' jock and tried to sign him and I would have outbid Kansas City for Eric Winston. It would have been two blue chip additions to the team and my overall talent would have gone way up.

Instead the Dolphins are shopping at K-Mart with Artis Hicks and Jamaal Westersomebody.

I also would have gone to the wall (yes, even giving up FOUR first round picks) to land Robert Griffin III. I would have gotten my franchise QB one way or another. Ireland didn't.

But does that make the guy a loser? A man to revile?

Someon hacked into Ireland's Wikipedia page Tuesday and edited in some unkind things about him being born in a Denny's parking lot etc... Maybe that sounds funny to you. Maybe you're cheering the imagination of that move. I guess I'm not talking to you.

I am talking to the folks who are thinking for themselves. Break down the moves on their own merit. Tell me what you would have done. Tell me where you would depart from the current course.

Be fair.

Obviously, Ireland hasn't gotten all his moves right in the past. By the way, no one does. And the pressure is on him to land some, you know, actual stars this offseason because the Dolphins don't have any of those.

He might do that. He might not. But I'm not ready to say this guy is the devil for blowing it when we're only one week into free agency and the draft is on the horizon. I don't judge a team's gameday performance in the second quarter.

I wait until the game's over.

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the Dolphins Suck


5-11 in 2012 w o QB Tim Tebow

Tebow = averaging 14 points a game and relying on the defense to keep the team in it.

Tebow = more field goals (probably without the fist pumps)

Tebow = 3 and outs and punts.

Tebow = last minute heroics on occasion...getting completely lambasted by quality competition the other times.

Tebow to Miami = Tom Brady being a happy mfer...he eats Tebow flakes for breakfast.

Tebow = butts in the seats and jersey sales....until the team starts 0-7 again, then Tebow won't matter.

By the time everyone realizes that they messed up by not going to the games ..i will already have their good seats :)

Denver is now rated as Super Bowl FAVS in the AFC

Ive been reading your commentary for a while now. often I disagree with what you have written, Sometimes its just boring dribble. Sometimes its pretty good stuff. But this has to be the best. AN EXCELLANT READ!!
I have in the past been guilty of jumping on the Ireland bashing train, primarily last season. I have questioned a few moves this season. At first I could not figure out why he traded Marshall, I was shocked. I even posted "I was at a loss of words". Until I found out the reason behind it, at which time I thought it to be a good move. I too think the whole Manning run was a waste of time. Im not so sure about the whole Garrard signing, but I understand your point. And looking at it objectively, it was a better move than wasting a whole lot of money on Flynn, Smith, and Manning.
But who is to blame for our cap space? who is to blame for the fins nearly being capped out and not having any play makers? Unless Im wrong, that has to lay squarely on Irelands shoulders. Restructuring contracts should have been a priority, and would have been mine. But Im not the GM. It seems the entire FO was so preoccupied with Manning they failed to prepare for FA. Thats just my opinion.
(FANS)Someone here had it right. Most of you yelled and screamed for Wayne to sell this team. You got what you wanted, and now you are screaming for this owner to sell also. In fact a lot of you were screaming for his head within 3 yrs as owner. You screamed and yelled for the Firing of Sparano, you got what you wanted. A few of us here made comments "be careful what you wish for". Some of us tried to explain what that ment. and that most fans would not have the patience for a regime change. You got what you wanted, so shut up!!
I have been a fan since the beginning, I have seen it all. I have seen the good, and the bad. BUT NOT ONCE HAVE I NEVER THREATENED TO STOP BEING A FAN! NEVER HAVE I THREATEND TO BURN MY JERSEYS AND SUPPORT ANOTHER TEAM!! I HAVE NEVER WISHED MY TEAM TO LOOSE!! You who are guilty of this are not fans in my eyes. You come here on this blog and fill it full of your pathetic whining, and threats. When the rest of us just want to debate football and primarily our team. Let the fans come here and enjoy the comfort of being a fan. Let us Fans have our time to discuss, debate, and sometimes argue our points with another.
To the rest, go find that team, that other Blog, and let the real fans enjoy ours. Thank you

It's NOTHING like Henne all over again with Tannehill. First of all Henne was a second round pick. Secondly, if the Dolphins do things properly Tannehill won't even get a sniff of the field. If things work out well hopefully it will be at least a couple of years before he sniffs the field. That's how the Packers do it and it's how the Pats are doing it with Mallett. Neither guy is ready and you don't rush them, desptite what the fans may want. You insulate these guys until they are ready, as the Niners are doing with Kaepernick.

Posted by: Craig M | March 20, 2012 at 01:39 PM

His holiness has spoken. AAAAAAAAAAMEN

wolf @1:37pm,

You are dead right. Henne was dead in the water before he even started. If this regime made a mistake they didn't insulate Henne enough. There should have another QB on the roster that played when Pennington went down in the second season. Henne wasn't ready and people expected him to be Dan Marion right out of the gate...ridiculous! The Dolphins came off an 11-5 season and everyone expected it would be better the following season and when it didn't happen everyone turned on Henne....he was dead. The reality is he wasn't ready and the roster wasn't good enough.

I hope he shines now that he's out of Miami....


Excellent post. However what we have here is a mob wanting nothing more than a public hanging. It's useless to reason with a mob. They are too busy screaming to listen.
Posted by: Albert | March 20, 2012 at 12:57 PM
It just so happens that the mob is the overwhelming majority which means the non-mob (you)are the overwhelming minority.
I bet you wouldn't know if a fat lady sat on your face & wiggled that's how oblivious you are as to the state of the phins franchise.
Posted by: LOL | March 20, 2012 at 01:24 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/03/this-post-is-not-going-to-be-popular-this-post-absolutely-will-not-fit-the-common-narrative-surrounding-the-dolphins-the-pas/comments/page/11/#comments#storylink=cpy

I suspect the majority that wanted Castro in Cuba, or Chavez in Venezuela or Hitler in Germany or Mussolini in Italy... They were all right to. By your reasoning I mean. You have the education of a wet fart.

Is there a family of Home's?

Home 4 Christ's Sake ;)
March 20, 2012 at 10:05 am

Pro Bowl MVP Brandon Marshall had only 6 TDs playing all of last season

Tim Tebow had 6 4th Q or overtime comeback WINS and scored 6 TDs himself rushing in only twelve games

Oh yeah Tebow’s first pass on overtime was a TD and Tebow threw for almost 10,000 YDs in college, … so maybe he is In- Orthodox at QB but he still WINS!

Tebow scored 15 points against the Dolphins 6 ranked defense w 2 min left in their own house and then beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Playoffs

Dolphin have not even sniffed a Playoff Win in over a decade!!

Just Saying, … Go Gators ! Go Tebow!


How about the fact that we started this season 0-7??? And wasn't this was our third losing season in a row???

Just curious--How long does Ireland earn a pass as not being part of the problem here???

those asking"why did we pursue flynn,smith,manning et al if we did not intend to sign them?" would have been the 1st to form a mob with torches if we didnt!
manning=went for the $ and the easy AFC West
flynn=why overspend for scott mitchell/aj feeley/etc
smith=to much $ and he aint leaving the niners.

draft cousins/osweiler/tannelhil then let them develop behin stopgaps(note not franchise)qb's moore or garrard.with philbin & sherman's coaching get em ready for 2013

Home 4 Christ's Sake ;)
March 20, 2012 at 9:39 am

Mike Vick and Cam Newton are not traditional quarterbacks either

Tebow was directly responsible for many of Denver’s wins, remember Denver was 1-4 last season with the same defense and reliable QB Orton

Go Tebow!

Go Phins!
Home 4 Christ's Sake ;)
March 20, 2012 at 9:44 am

Tebow = Sellouts

plus Tebow would be playing under Gator center Mike Pouncey again :)

Right now the Dolphin’s franchise is an absolute mess

Just The Facts:
NOBODY is wasting their Sunday and hundreds of dollars to watch QB Moore or QB Garrard
NOBODY is excited about these field generals

We dont care about the naysayers
There are plenty of Gator & Tebow fans to fill this Florida stadium

Go Gators!

Go Phins!

Armando, Jeff Ireland isn't the devil.

He also isn't a very good GM. Stop sucking up!

Tannehill fans please see this:


Look at his completion percentage for each game he played last year.


This guy is not #8 draft material!

4 first round picks for RG3?!?!?

1. Thank God Armando's not the GM.
2. Suck for Luck wasn't as crazy as you made it out to be, was it?

What Home is trying to say is that he's a sucker for a big name....even if that "big name" is all media hype and nothing more.


You seem a little at odds with yourself on this one. The Drive By Truckers said it best "Daddy used to tell me, everything comes down to what they say about you when you're not around" it seems to me that Ireland is not respected by most and that seems to be integral in him doing his job. It sounds to me that he comes across as an a!@#$%^ he has certainly done his part to make this organization look ridiculous over the past 30 days. His inability to communicate with the fan base and Media over the Brandon Marshall issue is pathetic, he could have gone out front with that and sold that as a positive move for the franchise, instead he hides from it and gives the fans a feeling that it is part of a bigger plan to get Manning when lets face it Manning was not returning his calls they had to get Dan Marino to contact him just to meet them. Doesn't that say enough right there when a player won't return a call to a front office? One more thing why don't you ever see Stephen Ross and Dr. Tyrell from Blade Runner in the same room?

Armando nice try but the problem with your post is that in that entire list of things that Ireland got rite none of them are star playmakers for this team. He spends to much money on average players and when there is a true star rite in front of him he doesn't find a way to get it done, because his entire focus is on being able to say, see i got us a good deal; so there!,when his phylosophy should be I targeted a guy that I knew would make a difference and convinced him that this was the place to play, I believe he will earn his salary as a Dolphin.


I looked at Tannehill's individual game by game completion percentage for 2011. He's all over the chart. From game to game you dont know whether you'll get the 80% completion guy, the 40% completion guy, or anything else inbetween.

From game to game in 2011 Texas A&M hadnt a clue which Tannehill would show up that day. Game to game his completion percentage for 2011 looks like a heart attack. chart. Thats not good at all!

1) You said yourself the other day that the Dolphins cap situation and limited funds for FA were a result of mismanagement and misjudging players values so to turn around and say that they should be commended for sticking to their guns and not overpaying Flynn doesn't hold any water. Ask yourself this, how much did they offer Garrard last year and how much did they offer him this year and does a guy who couldn't even get on the field last year deserve a raise?

2) The fact that Soliai signed for half of what he made last year paints Ireland as more of a buffoon than a sly genius. What about Soliai's stats makes him a $12mil/year player? Nothing. Which goes back to point #1 about his inability to discern the proper market value for players.

3) Ireland held his ground in the Flynn negotiations. That doesn't necessarily mean that Philbin was in agreement. Of course getting his honest assessment on this would be next to impossible seeing as how he's a first time HC in the NFL (another example of Ireland getting just what Miami DIDN'T need).

4) Let's see how Garrard feels about being a backup before we annoint him as the best #2 in the division. My guess is he starts or he gets cut because he sure doesn't sound like a guy willing to play second fiddle to a guy with far less experience like Matt Moore. And if Ireland takes a QB in the first round, essentially doubling down on resources for options D (Garrard, plan D at best and ONLY in Miami would he qualify as Plan D) and G (Tannehill, assuming he's even still on the board after Cleveland picks at 4) seems beyond ridiculous.

5) There's nothing about the way they cut Yeremiah Bell that says they respect or value the good soldiers in the lockerroom. Great for morale, nice job Jeff!

6) What about the last several drafts suggest that Ireland has, or ever will hit it out of the park? His best acquisition on offense was his trade for Reggie Bush, who's a FA after next season and what's his motivation to stick around longer? His 2nd best acquisition was his trade for Marshall, who he just firesaled and his 3rd was getting lucky on Moore. His best acquisitions for the defense have been Dansby and Wake. So again, the likelihood of Ireland uncovering one Pro Bowler in the draft are slim to none. He missed out on Gronkowski, Graham, and Hernandez in past years. He didn't pick Andy Dalton because he has red freaking hair for crying out loud. So forgive me if I have little faith in his player assessments.

7) The Bills totally overpaid for Mario Williams but at least their cap management allowed them to be in a position to do that and they have a QB they think they can win with, signed long term. The Chiefs had more talented players on IR last year than Miami had on the field and they still had the ability to add Winston. Something else Miami couldn't do.

Ireland's performance is indefensible on so many levels I could do this all day. He's in WAY over his head and this team is screwed until Ross identifies him as the problem.

Maybe they don't draft a QB.

Is everyone prepared for that?

Maybe they go with Moore/Garrard/Devlin and use draft picks to bring in playmakers on both sides of the ball.

Maybe they don't reach for Tannehill, but take Weeden in the 2nd or 3rd, or somebody else even later, or not at all.

I think it's possible they call Moore the starter for the near term and address all the other needs that everyone has identified multiple times right here on this blog.

I wouldn't be surprised, and I'm not sure I'd disagree with the approach, either.

They can't address all the needs in one off-season and there will be some good QBs available in next year's draft.

another idiotic article.. not sure who's worse at their job, Mando or Ireland. tough call.
for those Dolfans that tweet: #FireJeffIreland

Tebow = Winning

Esp when he smoked the Miami Dolphins only a few months ago setting an NFL record in the AFC for scoring 15 points in less than 3 minutes and beating the stuffing out of the Dolphins by passing, running it up their gut and a 2 point conversion


and grab a shave, will ya wolfman13

Miami went 1 -15 and didnt have a blackout what makes you think they are gonna have one now? Like i said everytime one of you suckers dont buy season tickets it allows people like me to get a better seat .. so dont renew maybe we can get the real fans to have the best seats around and all of you guys will be stuck with the nose bleeds when things get turned around this season .. good luck

Agree on Ireland performance, however concern on his attitude and behavior based on Dez Bryant, Sparano, and recently Bell histories.
You can not said one thing and do the opposite, why tell Bell you ar safe when you can tell we look for upgrades in all positions period.
I do belive there is a true behind Ireland untrusty personality that scare players to sign with Miami, but agree it is not the ONLY issue

ebow = Winning

Esp when he smoked the Miami Dolphins only a few months ago setting an NFL record in the AFC for scoring 15 points in less than 3 minutes and beating the stuffing out of the Dolphins by passing, running it up their gut and a 2 point conversion


and grab a shave, will ya wolfman13 ;)

Curious to know,...
How many folks that want us to draft Tannehill actually looked at Tannehill's games, and are impressed by whatever they see....


Because he's listed as the 3rd rated QB by Kiper/McShay et al.

Wow Armando. What a piece of garbage! How much did Ireland pay you to write that? Or will he be paying you back tonight?

Here is what you are defening in your article:

Medicore drafts(1 probowler in 4 drafts)
Below average results in Free agency
Below average results with trades
Bad publicity - Earning a reputation for being dishonest, unloyal, egotisitcal & condescending.

Nice guy to throw your support behind! Castro rubbed off on you!

This article is the kind of homer crap that leads to the dolphin culture of losing. Armando keeps his access by writing this garbage. The NFL is about QB, GM, and Coaching in that order. Look at the teams that win Super Bowls. Because Ireland is at best incompetent, they cannnot compete for sought after coaches and QBs.




Tebow Crushes The Dolphins @ their stadium w his bare hands!






Hi Jeff Row, thanks for responding. I agree with you that building through the draft is best; however, I don't have a lot of confidence in Ireland building through the draft. For the past three drafts we have missed on early rounders and have failed to pick otherwise successes. Let's look at facts: 2008: Jake Long Tackle. We PASSED on the following: Matt Ryan, QB; Darren McFadden RB; Joe Flacco QB; Felix Jones RB; Chris Johnson RB. Had another pick and missed Matt Forte RB; Desean Jackson WR; Ray Rice RB; Mario Manningham WR; Tashard Choice RB. 2009 Vontae Davis ahead of Clay Matthews; Hakeem Nicks WR; Kenny Britt WR; Took Pat White ahead of Lesean McCoy; made two picks in 2010 ahead of Rob Gronkowski; not to mention passing on Jason Pierre-Paul; Maurice Pouncey; Dez Bryant; etc by trading down the 12th overall. 2011 Draft probably too early to know, but look at how many we've missed out on. Philip Merling? Chad Henne: Bust. Kendall Langford? Pat White (2nd rnd); Patrick Turner; Odrick?; Misi?; John Jerry?






Burn the witch...burn the witch... the devil is Ireland!!!


Stupidity at it's best.

2008 draft Ryan rated #1, Henne rated #3, Flacco #5. Result now known. Btw, only those 3 started any games.

2012 draft, Luck rated #1, Tannehill #3, Cousins #5. Results to come.

Just sayin....




People, only 1 team is going to get a player. Why didn't AZ, Tenn, KC, the Jets, etc. get Manning? Why couldn't Seattle even get a meeting with him? Are all of their GMs worthless? How come Miami was one of only 2 places Fisher would even consider going to? (Look at the trade they just made with the Redskins - I might have seen that too if I were Fisher and you don't think they are setup nicely now???)

What about the Eagles last season, the Redskins a few years ago, how great the Ocho Cinco pickup was going to be, etc. Watch Mario Williams be a bust this year when the Bills don't put a DE opposite him.. How did those all pan out?

Philbin is putting in a system. He needs the right players for that system. I don't know if Moore or Garrard are the right QBs for that system and neither do you. Obviously the brass didn't think Marshall was the right WR for that system either. Unless you know what the system is and how it works, how can you rip the moves being made?


My firestorm of anger and disappointing is abating somewhat over this highly disappointing off-season, which allows for my logic to return a bit to make some subjective observations.

1. There is/was a plan with multiple parts A, B and C., "check-downs", if you were. 2. Ireland appears to have set budgets to all these plans and is doggedly keeping by them. 3. Not sure we would have even been able to afford Manning if we were one of the top choices. 4. Flynn's set value seems to be set much lower than everyone expected. Possibly at a backup level.

Much of the public criticism of Ireland is generated by the public's value of players vs. Management's value and the lack of motivation of the Dolphins to close on deals the public wants.

Having said that I still stand by my comments earlier, that he should be fired. He is a detriment to talent acquisition by contributing to lowering the overall image of the organization. In short, he viewed by many as a snot-nosed, sneak-in-the-grass, SOB. I support any peaceful public protest against him. We need a GW with high integrity, professional respect and the ability to close. Ireland has lost all three.

" I like that Miami won't be paying Smith $8 million a year because that's crazy money considering seven years of watching this guy has offered only one season of promising production."

hmmm i know someone who fits that bill to the T.....Garrard....he had one Ok season at best. horrible signing. we could pay him the vet minimum and it would still be a terrible signing. FIRE IRELAND

As usual, Homely, homer ruins the blog with his incessent spamming of idiotic nonsense. What a doucher!

What's the matter loser? The SS ban you again?

What I would like for somebody to tell me is how the hell were we to pay for the 30mill/year Peyton is asking for. Is this some new kind of Game you guys have learned, Ross/Ireland? Let us Fans now for sure, will ya?


Time 4 a diaper change ?

U poop slinging monkey. lol

Mando clearly Ross got on the phone with you and let you know you had to toe the line, or else...which, of course, you did

nice little Rosses lap doggie, Mando, nice little doggie....


"I don't judge a team's gameday performance in the second quarter."

It's been FOUR YEARS. He's been here four years. That's more than two quarters. Everyone always says you need three years to turn a franchise around. Which I don't really agree with, cause you can do it faster, but whatever, my point is that he's had four years and we've gotten worse every year. That's a fact backed up by stats and numbers, not my personal opinion.

And we're capped out. The teams that are capped out all have good teams and star players to show for it. Not us, we're capped out and have a bad record and no star game changing players to show for it. That's on Ireland. He built this team. He signed the players. He deals with the money. He's been given the green light to spend but he's done so unwisely. How the hell can we be capped out and not have a quarterback or number one receiver? And all we do is draft lineman, but who do we have that is actually good from all the lineman we've drafted. Our o-line sucks. The only line players that Ireland has drafted that are good are long and pouncey, and that's cause they were REALLY HIGH first round picks. On defense, there's merling, who was basically a first round pick, and has never even been a starter. Oh and we passed on Desean Jackson and other Pro Bowl players to get him. All the defensive lineman that are good were not drafted by him. So all those draft picks on lineman and we've only gotten two starters out of them? And as for free agency, everyone knows that Ireland completely sucks in that aspect. So what does he do good? The only thing his supporters can say is CAMERON WAKE. Okay, he signed Cameron Wake, what else can you say? Signing one good player in four years should not allow you to keep your job for this long.




There are some dumb homers here! Starting with the author! The lack of intellect on this blog explains what's wrong in America!

Totally agree on Tannehill.
My biggest issue with him is his TD/Int ratio. Worst by far to all top QB draftees. Turnovers produce L's in the NFL.

Not to mention Sherman & Tannehill combination didn't keep Sherman's job last year. Not a great record to start with.

Got banned for calling Omar a "coconut head" &"Illiterate Omar" & "Jack AZZZ of the month" "liar" "jaded" and a 'monkey w braided hair"hand not conforming to the New World Order or drinking high fructose corn syrup

tee-hee ;)





WHATEVER, IRELAND HAS GOTTEN MORE WRONG THAN RIGHT. No one expected him to be perfect. But he is EXPECTED TO MAKE MOVES (SOMETIMES TAKE CHANCES) that will help the team. HE'S EXPERIMENTING at his job and NOT actually doing IT. Don't get twisted. HE HAS FAILED TO ADDDRESS THE MOST IMPORTANT POSITION FOR 4 YEARS NOW. And for THAT, he doesn't deserve anything but criticism. ESPECIALLY when having more than enough opportunities to fix it. HIS SILENCE TO MEDIA AND FANS DOES NOT HELP his cause either. FANS pay the salaries, THEY DESERVE AN EXPLANATION about his choices!!!

@Yesterday's Gone
the link that you took me too .. showed me that he improved every season and had a completion % over 65% and that he threw for at least 250 yards in every game except 2 ... not bad if you ask me ... way better than what Chad henne did

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