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Jeff Ireland is not the devil

This post is not going to be popular. This post absolutely will not fit the current popular narrative surrounding the Dolphins the past week. And I don't take this undertaking lightly because I don't enjoy taking a bullet for someone who is not my family or close friend.

But ...

This Jeff Ireland hatred is getting more than a tad ridiculous.

To begin, I cannot say I agree with every single move Ireland makes. I don' agree with his approach with the media. I am aware agents talk behind his back (if they do it with me I'm assuming they do it with others) and complain of an arrogance that is baffling and approach that sometimes borders on bullying.

But I also do not agree he is a total screwup and gets everything wrong -- maybe that's because he doesn't.

I thought the David Garrard signing was a very good one, assuming the projected use for him is what I believe it will be and isn't followed by a crazy chase of Alex Smith or Tim Tebow. I thought the re-signing of Paul Soliai at a bargain price -- $6 million per year when he had a bigger deal on the table with Denver and for a price that is half of what the team paid last year -- was a coup that got whitewashed in the negative theme of the day.

I like the fact the Dolphins held to their guns in coming to a organizational value for Matt Flynn, remembering that coach Joe Philbin knows this guy as well as anyone. People are saying Flynn picked the Seahawks over the Dolphins. I think it's more accurate to say the Dolphins picked something else over Flynn because I don't believe they wanted to outbid Seattle. I like that Miami made a move to explore Alex Smith. I like that Miami won't be paying Smith $8 million a year because that's crazy money considering seven years of watching this guy has offered only one season of promising production.

I understand (I think) why the Dolphins traded Brandon Marshall. I like Marshall and think he's an engaging guy. He really is great if you speak with him. Guy's charming. But he is a trouble magnet. He is immature and the lack of a father figure in his life gives him no foundation on which to sometimes understand right from wrong and being an adult from being a kid. I believe unless that changes, he's going to be in trouble again eventually. So the move to jettison him is logical on several levels.

I also understand and cannot criticize Ireland for letting Kendall Langford go. Quick, what was the last game-changing play he made? What was his signature moment in Dolphins history? Correct, he didn't have one. He was a grunt, a role-player albeit a nice one. Certainly, he's not a guy worth $6 million per year and a $12 million guarantee, which is what he got from St. Louis.

And, because I am not a hypocrite, I also cannot rip the idea of cutting Yeremiah Bell. Bell is one of my favorite players. He's a tough blankety blank. He's a good locker room guy. But he's 34 years old and his play isn't likely to get better. And for years I've urged the Dolphins to be one of those teams that jettisons players before they totally break down and lose it rather than waiting an extra year and suffering the actual fast decline while the player is on the roster.

The Dolphins cut Bell on Monday before he completely fades out. I cannot rip them for that, considering he brings $4.3 million in cap relief. (Also, we don't know if Miami offered Bell a chance to cut his salary and he refused or not.)

So all these moves that Ireland is getting destroyed for ... tell me how they were terrible. Tell me what he should have done.

The Garrard signing, by the way, is being panned because David Garrard is not a franchise quarterback and Ireland has promised a reach for a franchise QB this offseason. "We need to add a quarterback that can get us over the hump," he's told The Miami Herald.

No kidding. That's been the case for a decade, including five offseasons during Ireland's employment in Miami. And Garrard is not that guy.

But Ireland hasn't said he is. Ireland hasn't said that's his signature QB move of the spring. Seems to me Garrard is a move to add a veteran backup presence who might get a shot to win a job in the short-term. Hello? Compeition is good.

Unless I miss my guess, the Dolphins aren't done adding at quarterback. I believe they will draft a kid on which the club's future hopes will rest. At least that is my sense.

Maybe that rookie will be a bust. Maybe he'll be a star. The point is to rip Ireland for a move not yet made in an offseason not yet complete is hating for hating's sake.

On that front, there's plenty headed in Ireland's direction now. I hear there is a fan protest scheduled for today to rip Ireland. On Sunday, Pittsburgh safety Ryan Clark ripped Ireland on twitter and blamed him for Miami's ills and talked of how "the guy running things is not a good" person.

Then yesterday on NFL Network, former Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter blew up Ireland on national television. He blamed the Dolphins inability to close on, say, Peyton Manning and Flynn on Ireland.

"I think Jeff Ireland has a big part to do with it," Porter said. "I don't think when you come in being recruited by him, you totally believe things coming out of his mouth. I think he's a guy that's not trustworthy. He really doesn't hold up to what a GM's supposed to be."

Well, I really don't think Porter holds up to what a man is supposed to be. Porter is a great guy to have on a team when things are good. But as soon as things go bad, he becomes part of the problem. And as soon as he's no longer getting his way or is out of contract, he bites the hand that feeds him. He previously blew up Cam Cameron. He previously blew up Tony Sparano. He previously blew up Mike Tomlin.

The guy has a history for ripping people that either cut him, let him go in free agency, or stood up to him. So while you don't have to dismiss his criticism, at least understand where it originates.

By the way, this idea that Miami can't land anyone is getting on my nerves. No, they didn't get Harbaugh. No, they didn't land Fisher. No, they didn't get Manning. Which one of those was Ireland responsible for?

Manning, of course.

Well, the Dolphins didn't get Manning. And neither did San Francisco, Arizona, or Tennessee. The Jets, Kansas City, and Seattle all have good to outstanding GMs. None of them could even get a meeting with Manning. So Ireland is a bad guy because the Dolphins swung and missed on Peyton Manning?

Look, I do not agree with every move Ireland makes. To me, the Manning chase was a waste of time that I didn't agree with. I would have been in Mario Williams' jock and tried to sign him and I would have outbid Kansas City for Eric Winston. It would have been two blue chip additions to the team and my overall talent would have gone way up.

Instead the Dolphins are shopping at K-Mart with Artis Hicks and Jamaal Westersomebody.

I also would have gone to the wall (yes, even giving up FOUR first round picks) to land Robert Griffin III. I would have gotten my franchise QB one way or another. Ireland didn't.

But does that make the guy a loser? A man to revile?

Someon hacked into Ireland's Wikipedia page Tuesday and edited in some unkind things about him being born in a Denny's parking lot etc... Maybe that sounds funny to you. Maybe you're cheering the imagination of that move. I guess I'm not talking to you.

I am talking to the folks who are thinking for themselves. Break down the moves on their own merit. Tell me what you would have done. Tell me where you would depart from the current course.

Be fair.

Obviously, Ireland hasn't gotten all his moves right in the past. By the way, no one does. And the pressure is on him to land some, you know, actual stars this offseason because the Dolphins don't have any of those.

He might do that. He might not. But I'm not ready to say this guy is the devil for blowing it when we're only one week into free agency and the draft is on the horizon. I don't judge a team's gameday performance in the second quarter.

I wait until the game's over.

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Ross, move your stinkin team to Cal and stop embarrassing S Fla.

Yet another Fin bashing article by PFT, stating Flynn picked Seattle because they are led by the "right kind of people"

Nothing against Flynn's comments, just sick of PFT using every chance they get to make the Dolphins look bad (while snickering in the background while novice NFL fans everywhere join in on the hating)

Do you think the writers over at PFT are Patriot or Jets fans?

To Phins78 @| March 20, 2012 at 11:55 AM,

Thanks for the compliment. :)

You're right; it's best to make rational points while respecting other's viewpoints (they could always be right).

If I could redo my original post today, I would have added that I agreed with not "overpaying" for Flynn and Smith (presuming that Philbin was in agreement).

Anyway, thanks again. It inspires me to try to continue to make rational points rather 'shout' when I write. Lol. :)

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/03/this-post-is-not-going-to-be-popular-this-post-absolutely-will-not-fit-the-common-narrative-surrounding-the-dolphins-the-pas/comments/page/8/#comments#storylink=cpy


I rather use the 1st pick trying to land a instant impact player if available. True because of the new cba the sting of taking a qb 1st rd is less. But our quadmire is still that this team is void of true impact talent.

So why use a #8 pick on a qb whose collge production suggests he 2nd at best? The current situation of our roster suggest we cant do it. If Tannehill's a bust we also missed out on a chance to add a impact player to a impact player starved roster.

Wouldnt you agree?


It didnt take long for Flynn to see how Mickey Mouse the Dolphin organization is.

Don't give me this crap Armando. The question is, what has Ireland done to make this team better? Not a darn thing! As you were told, Flynn was their guy, so don't change it to make it seem like they really weren't that into him. They said they wanted to upgrade the QB spot since last year in the off-season, and who, remind me started the season, Chad Henne. Don't even let me get started on the O-line, if they draft one more lineman, I'm going to jump off. Make no mistake about it, Ireland is responsible for what's happening here.

ONLY 25 PEOPLE SHOWED UP TO THE FIRE IERLAND PROTEST!!!! LOL you people need to quit acting like you are more than yall are by posting under 100 different names ..LOL

Albert & Row think 25 or 30 people at the anti Ireland rally is a poor showing.

I wonder what they think of the 0 people attending a pro Ireland rally?

Oh wait, no one even took the time to assemble one!

Shut up you idiots!!

Darryl Dunphy,

ROTFLMAO! Thats the first time Ive ever heard you dump on anyone in this blog the way you just dumped on Home.

Hillarious and very refreshing. Plus all very true! LOL

Stupid article. If you support Ireland, you're an idiot. This article is like saying "Yeah, but what about all the GOOD things Hitler did?"


Yes you are younger. and skinnier and dumber and un-educated and naive, with a poor vocabulary. That is why you choose to try and insult people with name calling. In short you are a CHILD.

Whoever trying to get me banned from this blog can effin suck it.

Albert, your humor is so funny I forgot to fall off my dinosaur! What a dud!

Tell me, how was your pro-ireland rally? How many people showed up?

fire ireland

when did anyone named ireland,philbin,or ross say flynn was there guy.i must have missed that article.thank God we didnt over pay for another scott mitchell/aj feely/joey harrington/ yet again!

YG..I Couldn't help myself..

YG - If it were me, I'd take BPA, regardless of position....but that rarely happens in reality. If it's a Tackle, so be it....D lineman, so be it....receiver, so be it...RB...well, you get the point.

Teams reach all of the time, based on need. Couple the Dolphins need for a QB with mounting pressure to finally do this in the first round....voila...Tannehill @ 8.

HEY LOL ...he doesn't need a pro ireland rally if he did i bet 100's of people would show up .. anyway when he does have something to say 100's of media people are there and he has 1000's of people listening to what he has to say .. i'd say thats pretty popular! you on the other hand "LOL" have no one caring what you got to say .. haha

So why use a #8 pick on a qb whose collge production suggests he 2nd at best? The current situation of our roster suggest we cant do it. If Tannehill's a bust we also missed out on a chance to add a impact player to a impact player starved roster.
Wouldnt you agree?
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | March 20, 2012 at 02:43 PM

We're sympatico on this one YG.
That, plus the guys I want are supposed to be in the 2nd round (predicted). So yup.

If they reached on Cousins or Weeden in he first, it wouldn' be the end of the world, but not smart.
Trading down to get one of them laer in the first... less horrible.
If we miss on both because we assumed they'd be there round 2? All blame Ireland ;)


Why would they when only 30 people show up against him? By the way LOL, how many years have you been a season ticket holder? How many games do you go to a year?. Probably none and none. You sit on your fat ass and watch the games on TV and then have the gonads to call yourself a fan.

Jeff Row,

Thats because Ross/Ireland has alienated so many Miami fans they no longer care enough to show up and protest him.

Have you seen the price of gas lately? Many dont think Ireland's worth the gas to dr5ive to Davey. Butr of course youre not there because its too far to ride your bicycle. LOL

"Stupid article. If you support Ireland, you're an idiot. This article is like saying "Yeah, but what about all the GOOD things Hitler did?"


That's one of the dumbest things I ever read & that's saying something!!!

He's the GM of a football team not a mass murderer. That comparison is BEYOND ludicrous. Professional football is just a f#cking sport meant to entertain people. Some of you people REALLY need to get a grip.

LOL, shut your stupid punk mouth. You idiots on here regularly do not represent the majority. You are 6 or 7 total losers who hang out here even on Friday and Saturday night.

The majority of fans (and they are still good fans) don't think they have a right or the time to follow each personnel development 6 months before the season starts.

They will watch in September and cheer for the team.

Any tool who showed up at some kind of "fire ireland" rally or pays for a fire ireland banner plane to fly over the stadium is a total nutjob.

The people in Miami embarrass Miami. The team does not embarrass Miami.

You are trash.

I get what Ireland's thinking is. He believes in values. He believes in getting the right players at the right price. He doesn't believe in overspending or getting caught up in the hype of a player. Manning was Ross' wish. Ireland could have gone all out on RG3, but that would be against his firm belief in paying for what is evident, not what is speculated or hoped.

On paper, that seems like a sound strategy, but in reality you have to be flexible and know when to take risks and when not to. The problem is Ireland has consistently taken the conservative, safe approach that has consistently produced a mediocre team. Yes, Soliai and Garrard are good choices, they are not going to get us over the hump. And that's what fans are frustrated about for years. Sure being bold all the time can hurt you (eg. Washington taking Haynesworth), but they also can help you (eg. Brees to NO and Eli to NYG). Likewise, being safe can also hurt you too (eg. Colombo, Olshansky, and slew of other names who came and went in the past 2 years).

Had Ireland been bold with grabbing RG3, then the fans would've praised him and eaten up tickets. Even if RG3 floundered, fans (like me) would give Ireland some respect for trying. But Garrard? Come on, it doesn't matter if he's a backup, it's a yawner move that instills no confidence.

Bottom line is Ireland's safe strategy is a contributing factor to the mediocre records. And you are what your record says you are. So no, Ireland is not the devil - he's an acorn GM playing in a forest of giants.

Old foggies, Mando has no ability to ban someone from this blog. He has no time or ability to monitor IP addresses and there is no sign in mechanism.

Yesterday's Gone, wrong again. Tannehill destroyed RGIII in a head to head matchup. Do you make a concerted effort to be wrong on every single issue?

Jeff Rowe,

I think LOL is really the Big O. He is mad because all his fist pounding for weeks only produced 30 people to show up. Then again that is probably half his listening audience.

Could Ross/Ireland have found a WORSE coaching staff?? LOL

cosmodo - well said!

Top 5 stupidest people here:

1. LOL
2. Yesterday's Gone
3. DC Dolfan
4. Craig M
5. Clue

Its obvious that its ross fools!


If desperation was so great they couldnt help themselves but reach. The best qb availble in that scenario is Weedon.

All of the talent scouts agree Weedon would have been a top 5 draft pick if not for his age. So if you reach, it only makes sense to reach for Weedon and overlook age. I really dont wanna reach at all.

You guys can make all the excuses that you want .. but the truth is there really isn't a bunch of people that want Ireland gone only a handfull and most of them are people that never go to the game anyway .. so all you 25 people that post under different names to make it look like there is such a big % of poeple that want him gone .. WE ARE ON TO YOU!
and buy the way there are 100's of bums that hang out doing nothing .. yall couldn't even get them to back you ...LOL .. GET A LIFE!

Ross has the cheapest GM, HC, and QB's in the NFL...by far. Expecting these jokers to win is a pipedream.

LOL, you stupid child. Such a poll is already up, in more or less the same words, on the main herald sports page. All online polls do is attrack fanatics like you nerds who post here on Friday and Saturday nights. In fact, the results should be read to be the exact opposite of truth. In this case, 75% (the total clueless morons) think the offseason has been a disaster.

In reality, Jeff hasn't really had much to work with and things are fine right now.

Timmy Couch,

Great post's

Could Ross/Ireland have found a WORSE coaching staff?? LOL
Posted by: Gregg | March 20, 2012 at 02:55 PM


And what exactly have they done to be the worst? Did I miss something? Did the season start? What's our record. Oh yeah..... 0-0-0 with months to go before opening kick off.

Douche of Despair!

ACtually wolf, yes, tebow wins. Newton lost.

Tebow made his team win. Newton lost. TEbow is better.

Top 5 stupidest people here:
1. LOL
2. Yesterday's Gone
3. DC Dolfan
4. Craig M
5. Clue
Posted by: Timmy Couch


Ya gotta be pretty stupid to still be a Dullfin fam! HAHA

Outside of Richard Marshall who MIGHT compete for a starting position in the secondary (either CB or FS) we've added Westerman @ OLB & Hicks @ G/T for depth & a backup QB who has problems staying healthy.

I just don't understand why the fans have been so critical of Ross & Ireland after going 6-10 (0-7 to start the season) last year??? Address a damn need Ireland & maybe the fans will back off. Or maybe not.

ACtually wolf, yes, tebow wins. Newton lost.
Tebow made his team win. Newton lost. TEbow is better.
Posted by: Timmy Couch | March 20, 2012 at 02:59 PM


Since when is football NOT a team sport. That's just about the stupides thing I've ever heard.

So...Manning was a complete loser when he started out in the league...I mean, the Colts only had 3 wins. Wonder what turned Manning around? Must have been some pretty damned awesome coaching to turn that loser bust P Manning around.

Ireland is not the Devil. He is a little respected two bit hack of a GM. His best signing is Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine. Here comes another losing season.

Timmy Couch,

He destryed RG3 for his only great game of the season. Here is link, look at game to game completion percentage and tell me it doesnt look like a heart attack chart.

Looks sort of like Henne's game by game completion percentage chart in Miami. You'll also see where he had 1 great game the entire season(RG3). Chad Henne was good for one great game a year too.

RG3 had a rare bad game and Tannehill had a rare great game. Thats all this suggests! LOL


yeah they could have hired rex the loudmouth ryan or his brother,norv turner,anyone who mans the browns sideline,greg sciano,dinosaurs like jeff fisher(whose ass we will kick this year) & chan gailey, mike "i cant win without t davis" shanahan,or whatever joke jerry jones hires.

fact is jeff ireland got a man with GB packer bloodlines,plus he has charactor(as evidence by how he handled the loss of his son).in the future jeff and ross should shut the F up, & let this guy do the talkin


In reality, Jeff hasn't really had much to work with and things are fine right now.

Posted by: Timmy Couch | March 20, 2012 at 02:58 PM

You make a statement like this & you have the audacity to call somebody else a stupid child?

Drunk & stupid is no way to go through life!

The Crusher,

"*Before the Dolphins ended their visit with Matt Flynn on Saturday they told him they wanted him as their quarterback."

-Armando Salguero

"I was told three days ago Flynn was going to be Miami's guy. I was told it would take a significant screw up to fail to get him in a Dolphins uniform because the club believed he could win the starting job and Flynn liked the idea of playing for Philbin."

-Armando Salguero

Just a few thoughts about the Dolphins front office:

Parcells - Hall of Fame

Ireland - Hall of Shame

Ross - Hall of Suckers

Philbin - Hall of Fame - Takes over the draft, makes Ireland obsolete and eventually fired, and wins 2 championships w/Dolphins
Oh, Moore and even a healthy Garrard is better than Jets' Sanchez!

Philbin = Cameron NUFF SAID!

Can't believe somebody compared Ireland to Hitler

Absolutely idiotic statement. Get a grip

Im sick of the Philbin has dealt with the death of his son.

Has it occured to anyone Philbin's hiding behind football to avoid dealing with the death of his son?

Geesh some of the stuff you hear on here! LOL

This is pretty simple math. Anyone that really knows the business of football understands that Ireland is not 100% responsible.

BUT someone has to take the bullet here.

Last year we finished that 8th worst team in the NFL.

TODAY with the possible exception of Indy, we are the worst team in the NFL and we don't get LUCK or RG3.

So if you add that up, Either IRELAND or ROSS one has to go, I and do not think unfortunately it will be Ross.

We have no QB, or even a number ONE WR. We are looking at a 1-15 or 2-14 season. Will Ross me the one to blame when that happens next year?

Or has he been the one to allow it to happen the last 4 years.

One fed up fan here.

"In reality, Jeff hasn't really had much to work with and things are fine right now."


You REALLY believe that??? We just went 6-10 & other than adding Richard Marshall to the secondary we haven't upgraded one starting position. No upgrades by adding a pass rushing DE/OLB, no upgrade @ RG, no upgrade @ RT, no upgrade @ QB, nothing at WR, & nothing @ TE.

The colts dropped Manning for????? Cap space and age. What makes Bell different? The problem is the arrogace and demeanor Armando mentioned at the beginning, not necessarily the decisions.

Timmy Couch, Give us all a favor and go eat your mom puss out.

ACtually wolf, yes, tebow wins. Newton lost.
Tebow made his team win. Newton lost. TEbow is better.
Posted by: Timmy Couch | March 20, 2012 at 02:59 PM

SHUT UP HOME!!! Nobody cares!

Hilarious!!! Homes names disappear & you show up citing the same trash as him. God, you're such a LOSER!

Forget it you'll never win with some of these people .. they are always right , and they know who the best players are and no matter what the team does they can never do anything right unless they blow their whole wad on a couple of player .. cause to them football isn't a team sport .. they just wanna go to watch a couple player have awesome games but we still lose .. most of the people that are pissed about B. Marshall being traded aren't mad cause he is gone .. they are mad because they spent 180 dollars on his jersey and now they cant afford another one so they will look like a fool when they walk into the sportsbar and he isn't on the team anymore ( they wont be at the games because they cant afford to go) ... so just let them whine..LOL

DD, I appreciate your plan but I'm not sure it would work. I know in other sports, in order to sign restricted free agents, you have to offer up your own first round pick, not one obtained in a trade. So to get Wallace, you may have to offer up number 8. Is that OK?

Im out guys. The kiddies are here for reccess! LOL


Don't forget the Browns who everyone keeps overlooking b/c of Irelandgate. They've done even less than we have so that's definitely saying something.

Clue, shut your punk, uneducated mouth.

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