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Jeff Ireland is not the devil

This post is not going to be popular. This post absolutely will not fit the current popular narrative surrounding the Dolphins the past week. And I don't take this undertaking lightly because I don't enjoy taking a bullet for someone who is not my family or close friend.

But ...

This Jeff Ireland hatred is getting more than a tad ridiculous.

To begin, I cannot say I agree with every single move Ireland makes. I don' agree with his approach with the media. I am aware agents talk behind his back (if they do it with me I'm assuming they do it with others) and complain of an arrogance that is baffling and approach that sometimes borders on bullying.

But I also do not agree he is a total screwup and gets everything wrong -- maybe that's because he doesn't.

I thought the David Garrard signing was a very good one, assuming the projected use for him is what I believe it will be and isn't followed by a crazy chase of Alex Smith or Tim Tebow. I thought the re-signing of Paul Soliai at a bargain price -- $6 million per year when he had a bigger deal on the table with Denver and for a price that is half of what the team paid last year -- was a coup that got whitewashed in the negative theme of the day.

I like the fact the Dolphins held to their guns in coming to a organizational value for Matt Flynn, remembering that coach Joe Philbin knows this guy as well as anyone. People are saying Flynn picked the Seahawks over the Dolphins. I think it's more accurate to say the Dolphins picked something else over Flynn because I don't believe they wanted to outbid Seattle. I like that Miami made a move to explore Alex Smith. I like that Miami won't be paying Smith $8 million a year because that's crazy money considering seven years of watching this guy has offered only one season of promising production.

I understand (I think) why the Dolphins traded Brandon Marshall. I like Marshall and think he's an engaging guy. He really is great if you speak with him. Guy's charming. But he is a trouble magnet. He is immature and the lack of a father figure in his life gives him no foundation on which to sometimes understand right from wrong and being an adult from being a kid. I believe unless that changes, he's going to be in trouble again eventually. So the move to jettison him is logical on several levels.

I also understand and cannot criticize Ireland for letting Kendall Langford go. Quick, what was the last game-changing play he made? What was his signature moment in Dolphins history? Correct, he didn't have one. He was a grunt, a role-player albeit a nice one. Certainly, he's not a guy worth $6 million per year and a $12 million guarantee, which is what he got from St. Louis.

And, because I am not a hypocrite, I also cannot rip the idea of cutting Yeremiah Bell. Bell is one of my favorite players. He's a tough blankety blank. He's a good locker room guy. But he's 34 years old and his play isn't likely to get better. And for years I've urged the Dolphins to be one of those teams that jettisons players before they totally break down and lose it rather than waiting an extra year and suffering the actual fast decline while the player is on the roster.

The Dolphins cut Bell on Monday before he completely fades out. I cannot rip them for that, considering he brings $4.3 million in cap relief. (Also, we don't know if Miami offered Bell a chance to cut his salary and he refused or not.)

So all these moves that Ireland is getting destroyed for ... tell me how they were terrible. Tell me what he should have done.

The Garrard signing, by the way, is being panned because David Garrard is not a franchise quarterback and Ireland has promised a reach for a franchise QB this offseason. "We need to add a quarterback that can get us over the hump," he's told The Miami Herald.

No kidding. That's been the case for a decade, including five offseasons during Ireland's employment in Miami. And Garrard is not that guy.

But Ireland hasn't said he is. Ireland hasn't said that's his signature QB move of the spring. Seems to me Garrard is a move to add a veteran backup presence who might get a shot to win a job in the short-term. Hello? Compeition is good.

Unless I miss my guess, the Dolphins aren't done adding at quarterback. I believe they will draft a kid on which the club's future hopes will rest. At least that is my sense.

Maybe that rookie will be a bust. Maybe he'll be a star. The point is to rip Ireland for a move not yet made in an offseason not yet complete is hating for hating's sake.

On that front, there's plenty headed in Ireland's direction now. I hear there is a fan protest scheduled for today to rip Ireland. On Sunday, Pittsburgh safety Ryan Clark ripped Ireland on twitter and blamed him for Miami's ills and talked of how "the guy running things is not a good" person.

Then yesterday on NFL Network, former Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter blew up Ireland on national television. He blamed the Dolphins inability to close on, say, Peyton Manning and Flynn on Ireland.

"I think Jeff Ireland has a big part to do with it," Porter said. "I don't think when you come in being recruited by him, you totally believe things coming out of his mouth. I think he's a guy that's not trustworthy. He really doesn't hold up to what a GM's supposed to be."

Well, I really don't think Porter holds up to what a man is supposed to be. Porter is a great guy to have on a team when things are good. But as soon as things go bad, he becomes part of the problem. And as soon as he's no longer getting his way or is out of contract, he bites the hand that feeds him. He previously blew up Cam Cameron. He previously blew up Tony Sparano. He previously blew up Mike Tomlin.

The guy has a history for ripping people that either cut him, let him go in free agency, or stood up to him. So while you don't have to dismiss his criticism, at least understand where it originates.

By the way, this idea that Miami can't land anyone is getting on my nerves. No, they didn't get Harbaugh. No, they didn't land Fisher. No, they didn't get Manning. Which one of those was Ireland responsible for?

Manning, of course.

Well, the Dolphins didn't get Manning. And neither did San Francisco, Arizona, or Tennessee. The Jets, Kansas City, and Seattle all have good to outstanding GMs. None of them could even get a meeting with Manning. So Ireland is a bad guy because the Dolphins swung and missed on Peyton Manning?

Look, I do not agree with every move Ireland makes. To me, the Manning chase was a waste of time that I didn't agree with. I would have been in Mario Williams' jock and tried to sign him and I would have outbid Kansas City for Eric Winston. It would have been two blue chip additions to the team and my overall talent would have gone way up.

Instead the Dolphins are shopping at K-Mart with Artis Hicks and Jamaal Westersomebody.

I also would have gone to the wall (yes, even giving up FOUR first round picks) to land Robert Griffin III. I would have gotten my franchise QB one way or another. Ireland didn't.

But does that make the guy a loser? A man to revile?

Someon hacked into Ireland's Wikipedia page Tuesday and edited in some unkind things about him being born in a Denny's parking lot etc... Maybe that sounds funny to you. Maybe you're cheering the imagination of that move. I guess I'm not talking to you.

I am talking to the folks who are thinking for themselves. Break down the moves on their own merit. Tell me what you would have done. Tell me where you would depart from the current course.

Be fair.

Obviously, Ireland hasn't gotten all his moves right in the past. By the way, no one does. And the pressure is on him to land some, you know, actual stars this offseason because the Dolphins don't have any of those.

He might do that. He might not. But I'm not ready to say this guy is the devil for blowing it when we're only one week into free agency and the draft is on the horizon. I don't judge a team's gameday performance in the second quarter.

I wait until the game's over.

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Funny how athletes wanna play in Miami in ALL the other PRO sports. No state tax, nice weather. But not The Dolphins??? Hmmmm why is that???


Unless Ross wants to move the team to LA none of this makes any sense. Think he's stock piling celebrity owners to move to LA next year!!






I also wrote that Manning and Ross did speak a common language.....and that language is the same that most athletes speak....


it appears I was right on that one...however...it would appear that Ross and Manning speak 2 differnt dialects of greed.....

I forgot what Troll name was used to debate those common sense notion that STAR QB's LIKE MONEY....

maybe Oscar Canosa can conjur his name back up and comment on that one.....

Jeff Ireland is the man in charge tell me in the last five years what has he done? Show me a another team that would keep it's Gm under a losing years he again show he is over his head and the Dolphin will have another 8 and 8 season . Mr Ross sell the team and head to Hollywood that's what you want.





They continue to beat & abuse me...but I can not leave, I love them!


Well put Mando, but Tannehill or someone else better be on the horizon and the answer for the the dolphins. It better turn out that Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace are the second coming of Clayton and Duper too, becuase our QB wont have anybody to throw to. If it works out that way and one of these OL men like Jerry or Murtha can be the answer on the right side, then Ireland will have the last laugh but those are a lot of if's. There is a quote but Goethe, "those who strive and live to strive on can earn redemption still", I would tell Ireand we are looking waiting for his redemption.

Nice work Mando and JNovak. I appreciate the time you took to comment. This is certainly a make or break year for Ireland.

dude, screw you armando.. your blog would be so much better if we had a better team.. i know people dont like change, but i am so tired of going to work and having all the jets, giants, and even raiders fans laughing at me. so keep defending your boy. there are petitions being signed by fins fans, and there are viral campaigns being signed by the thousands to get jeff ireland away from us. i am sick to my stomach over this bro. i cant take one more rejection, joke, or release of talent, without anything to balance it out. i am sick of this armando.

Hey Armando is your mom a hooker ???

Armando, as a Jet fan, I want to say thank you very much for this article because the longer fans and beat reporters defend Ireland, and the longer he is in Miami, the longer your team will be irrelevant.

I'd like to see us trade Chris Clemons and Roberto Wallace to the Cardinals for Larry Fitzgerald. Arizona knows it can't win with Kolb so they will be glad to get rid of Fitzgerald and his big contract.

No one is in love with Garrard as the long term answer and he most likely is not. However, this is a smart signing for the price and he deserves a roster spot. People should do a little thinking and analyzing before they kill the front office. Last number is QB rating. Garrard trumps all.

Player Pct Yds Avg TD Int Rate
Garrard 61.6 16,003 7 89 54 85.8
Hasselb 60.3 33,150 6.9 194 142 82.2
Moore 59.1 5,137 7 32 26 80.1
Smith 58 12,543 6.4 68 58 76.4
Henne 60.7 7,114 6.7 31 37 75.7
Tebow 47.3 2,383 6.8 17 9 75.1
Sanchez 55.3 9,209 6.5 55 51 73.2



Ross MUST fire Ireland period! Save face for the fans, save face for the org. I have been a loyal Phins fan since I was 5 and I am now 40. Yesterday watching the NFL Network had me in shock and tears. I was embarrassed!!! Watch this F#ck now trade our 2 weak@ss 3's for Tebow!



LOL Armando you are hilarious. You wrote he is not the devil yet almost everything you said was underline bashing Irieland, sneaky. Anyway Irieland is the devil and that's what devil does he tricks people and he surely is tricking you now so go and see a priest or something, get exorcised. Before I go this is the same Irieland that stabbed Sparano in the back (DEVIL) when he was the one that picked the mediocre players in the first place (DEVIL). He is so power hungry that he rather be in control rather than put the team first (FISHER / MANNING) so I say anyone including the owner that sees themself more important than the DOLPHINS and their FANS is the DEVIL (SATAN/LUCIFER). He knows the public is against him and he isn't quitting even at the risk of losing ticket sales - he cares about himself (DEVIL). ANSWER that ARMANDO - AM I WRONG?

i believe someone within the org asked mando if he could soften the criticism of ireland. to me, irelands steadfast refusal to speak to the fans has hurt him. he doesnt "own" or admit mistakes and players dont line up to defend him. he lost the respect of sparano,dez,jt,ryan clark,flynn,channing and the fans who pay his salary etc etc.

Looks like Mando is trying to put out the fire as a favor to the fins. Whatever. Why didn't fins sign Eric Winton? Fins jettison their #1 receiver and don't replace him in free agency. Unacceptable! Why tell fans we are in win now mode? Ireland is a bad dream. The emperor with no balls.

Salguero has just won my respect in spades. This is was a terrific piece that was long in coming. The only thing I'd add is that Joey Porter, Warren Sapp and Dwight Clark are idiots.

Miami HAS signed significant free agents. Those that don't stay, like Clark, do so because Ireland won't overpay for them. It's about money and that's it.

I will say this, I see the dolphins winning at least 9 to 10 games this season because teams aren't going to take us serious and for that we will take advantage. Moore maybe a stop gap but he is the best QB option this offseason other than Manning. BTW second place in the East this year will not be attributed to Irieland but to Philbin and Moore for ensuring that their resume is intact for their next job that maybe terminated by Irieland.

Did Ross pay you off to write this article? Ireland has no plan. He makes moves that make everyone cringe. And what do we get out of these moves? Another losing season. This year, we may be trying not to match Detroit's 0-16 mark. Our team is significantly worse than it was when last season ended. Matt Millen can now get a repreive as the worst GM in history. He can get up off the turrrd and let Ireland bury his face in it. Ireland should be used to the taste since he tosses Ross's $alad daily.

Well, if I performed the way he has in my job, I'd have been fired years ago. And if I treated a potential employee the way he has, I would also have been fired.

I like the article as I appreciate logical, methodical consideration. But let's face it; he makes a heck of a lot more money than most of us to make decisions about people who make a heck of a lot more money than most of us. So I am not feeling sorry for public backlash he partially created.

Armando's On The Rag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No one's painting Ireland to be a horrible person. We're painting him to be a horrible gm.

Armando you can throw in all of the superlatives you like in defense of Ireland. Truth is, Irelands creates the negatisism for himself with moves like Dez Momma and the Sparano "et tu Brutus". Then thus far proving to be average at best as a gm and appearing joined at the hip to what maybe even a more horrible owner.

So lets just put it like this, "Ireland hasnt done himself any favors lately".

Why reach and take a QB in the draft now that isn't worthy? Both franchise QB's in the draft will be gone when Miami picks. We will suck this year and be one of the worst teams in the NFL. Wait for Bradley next year imo....

Armando claims this blog was for those who think for themselves. How can this be true when the very nature of this blog writing today attempt to control your thinking to mimick his.

So much for this blog writing today being for those whom think for themselves! LOL

I haven't hated on Ireland, check my previous posts.

I don't know if he's abad guy or not. I do know he doesn't appear to be a very good GM.

Get rid of Marshall and Bell? Fine but what about replacing them?

No trade for RGIII? fine but where do we find a good QB?

No elite players but up against the cap? Isn't something wrong there?

Have answers to all these questions? Good but why not share some/any information with the fans who pay for it all!

1st round - QB, 2rd - WR/DE, 3rd - WR/TE, OTHER 3rd - WR/DE, 4th - WR, 5th - WR.... Get my drift?

Don't people in Miami have money or did labron James take up all the cash? That's sad I didn't know k mart was so big down there. And hookers are a lot of Fun too!

YG........GOOD FIRST POST TODAY.............




Does Ireland, when conducting a player interview, ask as his first question: "So is your mother a prostitute?"

Just wondering.


Nice piece of work in this article. Ireland made a big mistake in the Dez Bryant recruitment; asking about Bryant's Mom. However his body of work after Parcells has been good and he can not be blamed for not getting Manning. Your video buddy Mike Florio is spinning some stuff out there but I see the Dolphins the way you do. They have made some good moves this off season. We only disagree on going to the wall for Griffin. It would have cost to much. The Dolphins are not an elite franchise anymore but they are moving in the right direction in my opinion. Parcells moving on has helped. Ross just has to calm down and realize that winning will help put fans in the stadium and not just the huge splash.

Its the entire Parcellian era dolfans wish to be cleansed of. Ireland's the final piece.

Coming in the Tuan fish himself, promised with Ireland/Sparano "we'll be in good hands for years to come".

Duhhhhhhh...... 5 yrs in and we've appeared to have moven backwards, not forwards. One of those supposed "good hands people" is already gone(Sparano) while the other(Ireland) is still here.

Parcells promised with Ireland Sparano we would be in good hands for years to come. Now coming into the 5th years. One of those supposed good hands is gone and the baby(Dolphins franchise) appears to have been dropped and fallen on its head.


Seriously guys, Jeff Ireland is great for your organization. You need him there. #sarcasticjetsfan

I agree... sort of. While under normal circumstances you might be correct, at this point Ireland can not afford to fail. The Dolphins have not successfully brought in a player that would help them win in a while, and if Ireland cannot do that, no matter what the reason is, he should go.

Thanks for talking me off the ledge. Well written! What I really want from the Dolphins is conviction. The wherewithal to identify their high ceiling QB, go get him at any cost (it is a QB league), then put the right structure around that QB to thrive. Not one Dolphin coaching staff since Don Shula has had one ounce of success developing a QB. That history is not on Ireland but it's his burden now and to what we must hold him accountable.

Armando, This is a good article and you cover many points. However, you fail to mention where blame should be directed towards. It was Ross who told Ireland to go after Peyton(by the way, I did not want Peyton for various reasons from his health to him wanting to go to a team to win a SB and a huge contract). Next, Ross allowed our team to be held hostage by Peyton. It was Ross who went after Harbaugh, while we had a coach. Ross's mess again with Fisher and Cowher. Ireland is left to clean up his bosses mess. Next, it was Ross who leaked to the media, that we were after Peyton 100%, and not interested in Flynn.

I disagree with you on Flynn. Do you happen to have the numbers what Miami offered Flynn? The word was "low ball", and if I were Flynn, why would I want to come here, if I were "low balled"? A team, who has a desperate need to fill their QB position, only calls him after Peyton is not coming to Miami. No one wants to fill like being on the back burner. From the contract Flynn got, we could have offered him that. Chances, are, Ross told Ireland to try and get him on the cheap, when Flynn knows he would be getting more then want Miami offered. It was not a matter of Miami not wanting Flynn, because Miami needs Flynn, more than needed Miami. To think, those reports that Ross does not want Flynn and then try to "low ball" him does not have an affect, it does! Anyone would turn that down. I think Flynn wanted to come here all along, but Ireland probably had to make amends for his boss(since their is a history of that), then try to get him cheaper. I rather get Flynn for what the contract he signed in Seattle, then signing Garrard, to fill a roster space.

Said this yesterday on blog. Everyone needs to step back and take an honest look not points driven by jock kissing jet fans hat are talking media heads.

Great post, Mando! I just keep reminding myself that this offseason isn't over with and we just signed ourselves a QB that will be more productive than Alex Smith if he's healthy again. I'll end up being happy with this offseason if we draft Tannehill or Weeden.

How many of you are going to run and hide and change your names when we go 14 and 2 this season? Yeah, I thought so.

So Armando, you pretty much covered all the bases for Ireland and all. He's only human- we all make mistakes- he wants the same thing that everybody else wants; the team to succeed. So He didn't do anything out of ordinary to deserve all this criticism? Stevie and Dave got you on a payroll or something?

To be in socalled "good hands" for years to come. Parcells seems to have saddled us with a average at best gm(Ireland) and less than .500 winning average hc(Sparano).

Parcells nbegan this mess in what is now Miami. Then seemed to have left us with a couple underachieving homers to try and clean it up(Ireland/Sparano)

One of those two homers was run over by a bus(Ross) at seasons end. While dolfans still wonder why the bus driver(Ross) didnt do a two for one(Ireland).

So thats where we still are right now today. Mr Ross why wasnt your bus big enough to run both homers(Ireland and Sparano) over while your foot was still on the gas? Inquiring dolfans would like to know!

thank you for finally writing a blog I agree with. Ireland does have issues with people but to say every move he's made this offseason is bad is wrong. He had philbin had a plan and their following.
And if I was gonna ask someone for their opinion of IReland I wouldn't be asking porter, clark or crowder.

Total garbage Armando. The pair of Ireland and Ross are responsible for every F-up this organization has been involved in. And it's not the "decisions" that are bad, but the handling of the decisions. If you're not gonna pay Flynn and don't think he's the answer, act like Cleveland did. DON'T GET INVOLVED! Tell his agent your price and if he's not interested, move on. Don't hang onto Manning like a stale fart when everyone with 1/2 a brain knew we were out. MOVE ON! Don't bring in a high caliber tackle like Eric Winston and lowball him when you know he's getting serious interest in other teams. Make him a REAL offer or don't bring him in. Because while Ireland may not be making "all" horrible decisions, the way he plays them out makes the dolphins look like total failures. And I'm sorry, but it's not just Porter speaking out against Ireland. It's Ryan Clark, Porter, Channing Crowder, and even Jason Taylor. You don't get that kind of negative media from players unless at least part of it is due. The guy is a grade A A-hole and everyone know it. Pair him with a jet setting clueless imbecile Stephen Ross and you get one heck of a F-up tandem who can't close anything except David "garbage" Garrard. Sorry Mando. You're WAY off on this one. .

Oh man, this is pretty said.

DAVID GARRARD? Seriously!?

Dolphins fans must be joking.

As Jets fans, we love Jeff Ireland.

YG give it a rest, it's getting old.


Ireland was right to ask Dez Bryant that dreaded question. If I'm about to hand a young man 50 million dollars I need to know if he can handle being asked something ugly about his mother by a 40 year old white guy.

Why? Because Darrel Revis is going to say a whole lot worse on sunday when it's 3rd and 10 at Metlife Stadium.
If the guy I'm about to make a millionare can't handle the white guy asking the question what do you think he's going to do when Revis rags him about it all day long?

Good, well said,

Ok, honestly speaking, most fan hold Ireland equally responsible for the 6-10 mess 4yrs into rebuilding. Thats Irelands greatest obstacle to overcome in the eyes of most dolfans.

How can Ross seem to hold Sparano responsible alone and firing him but not Ireland? Those are the winds fanning the flames now consuming Ireland's gm office.

Yes you can put blame and responsibility for this mess in the laps of Sparano. However, you can look at the roster and see there wasnt very much real talent here either.

That's a gm issue too.

Darrelle Revis would never say that to Dez Bryant. Revis has much more class than your own Jeff Ireland.

Love the article all you cry babies whining about letting Bell and Marshall go but not getting anything in return????? Players on team are better at ss then fs and will move over. Young promising wr's and that weird thing coming up something called the draft. We are only a so called joke in the eyes of the Dolphin hating worlds of some higher ups at ESPN AND NFL networks and because some of our fans whine at everything instead of backing your team. Honestly look at the whole picture for yourself and who cares what Porter and some others say BE a FAN and back your team

The post by Max Vain on page 1 at 6:39 is pretty much right on the money. The 1 exception IMO is waiting until Ireland's contract is up. I say bite the bullet and let him go now.

We still have time before the draft and IMO Ireland is the one person that scares me going into the draft.

If Ross did want to wait until next year I would say at least give coach Philbin the power to be the decision maker on the draft choices.

AND no more personnel moves unless approved by Philbin.

This way at least we know Ireland can't screw up this years draft.

Don't you Phans realize you're throwing away this season on purpose for better drafts picks in 2013?

All hope is lost for you guys this year.

Where is Kyle Orton now??? oh yeah backing up in Dallas, just saying

Armando, I'm glad you posted that. I was getting to the point of not even want to read about whoever you were dissing on any given day.
Kudos for the article!

Alot of what you say is a decent defense of Ireland...BUT, eventually you just have to make a deal with a BIG name to put us on the map, even if it's not cost efficient. Will make us look more attractive to other players and will fill those empty orange seats! As well as please us disgruntled fans. Peace

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