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Jeff Ireland is not the devil

This post is not going to be popular. This post absolutely will not fit the current popular narrative surrounding the Dolphins the past week. And I don't take this undertaking lightly because I don't enjoy taking a bullet for someone who is not my family or close friend.

But ...

This Jeff Ireland hatred is getting more than a tad ridiculous.

To begin, I cannot say I agree with every single move Ireland makes. I don' agree with his approach with the media. I am aware agents talk behind his back (if they do it with me I'm assuming they do it with others) and complain of an arrogance that is baffling and approach that sometimes borders on bullying.

But I also do not agree he is a total screwup and gets everything wrong -- maybe that's because he doesn't.

I thought the David Garrard signing was a very good one, assuming the projected use for him is what I believe it will be and isn't followed by a crazy chase of Alex Smith or Tim Tebow. I thought the re-signing of Paul Soliai at a bargain price -- $6 million per year when he had a bigger deal on the table with Denver and for a price that is half of what the team paid last year -- was a coup that got whitewashed in the negative theme of the day.

I like the fact the Dolphins held to their guns in coming to a organizational value for Matt Flynn, remembering that coach Joe Philbin knows this guy as well as anyone. People are saying Flynn picked the Seahawks over the Dolphins. I think it's more accurate to say the Dolphins picked something else over Flynn because I don't believe they wanted to outbid Seattle. I like that Miami made a move to explore Alex Smith. I like that Miami won't be paying Smith $8 million a year because that's crazy money considering seven years of watching this guy has offered only one season of promising production.

I understand (I think) why the Dolphins traded Brandon Marshall. I like Marshall and think he's an engaging guy. He really is great if you speak with him. Guy's charming. But he is a trouble magnet. He is immature and the lack of a father figure in his life gives him no foundation on which to sometimes understand right from wrong and being an adult from being a kid. I believe unless that changes, he's going to be in trouble again eventually. So the move to jettison him is logical on several levels.

I also understand and cannot criticize Ireland for letting Kendall Langford go. Quick, what was the last game-changing play he made? What was his signature moment in Dolphins history? Correct, he didn't have one. He was a grunt, a role-player albeit a nice one. Certainly, he's not a guy worth $6 million per year and a $12 million guarantee, which is what he got from St. Louis.

And, because I am not a hypocrite, I also cannot rip the idea of cutting Yeremiah Bell. Bell is one of my favorite players. He's a tough blankety blank. He's a good locker room guy. But he's 34 years old and his play isn't likely to get better. And for years I've urged the Dolphins to be one of those teams that jettisons players before they totally break down and lose it rather than waiting an extra year and suffering the actual fast decline while the player is on the roster.

The Dolphins cut Bell on Monday before he completely fades out. I cannot rip them for that, considering he brings $4.3 million in cap relief. (Also, we don't know if Miami offered Bell a chance to cut his salary and he refused or not.)

So all these moves that Ireland is getting destroyed for ... tell me how they were terrible. Tell me what he should have done.

The Garrard signing, by the way, is being panned because David Garrard is not a franchise quarterback and Ireland has promised a reach for a franchise QB this offseason. "We need to add a quarterback that can get us over the hump," he's told The Miami Herald.

No kidding. That's been the case for a decade, including five offseasons during Ireland's employment in Miami. And Garrard is not that guy.

But Ireland hasn't said he is. Ireland hasn't said that's his signature QB move of the spring. Seems to me Garrard is a move to add a veteran backup presence who might get a shot to win a job in the short-term. Hello? Compeition is good.

Unless I miss my guess, the Dolphins aren't done adding at quarterback. I believe they will draft a kid on which the club's future hopes will rest. At least that is my sense.

Maybe that rookie will be a bust. Maybe he'll be a star. The point is to rip Ireland for a move not yet made in an offseason not yet complete is hating for hating's sake.

On that front, there's plenty headed in Ireland's direction now. I hear there is a fan protest scheduled for today to rip Ireland. On Sunday, Pittsburgh safety Ryan Clark ripped Ireland on twitter and blamed him for Miami's ills and talked of how "the guy running things is not a good" person.

Then yesterday on NFL Network, former Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter blew up Ireland on national television. He blamed the Dolphins inability to close on, say, Peyton Manning and Flynn on Ireland.

"I think Jeff Ireland has a big part to do with it," Porter said. "I don't think when you come in being recruited by him, you totally believe things coming out of his mouth. I think he's a guy that's not trustworthy. He really doesn't hold up to what a GM's supposed to be."

Well, I really don't think Porter holds up to what a man is supposed to be. Porter is a great guy to have on a team when things are good. But as soon as things go bad, he becomes part of the problem. And as soon as he's no longer getting his way or is out of contract, he bites the hand that feeds him. He previously blew up Cam Cameron. He previously blew up Tony Sparano. He previously blew up Mike Tomlin.

The guy has a history for ripping people that either cut him, let him go in free agency, or stood up to him. So while you don't have to dismiss his criticism, at least understand where it originates.

By the way, this idea that Miami can't land anyone is getting on my nerves. No, they didn't get Harbaugh. No, they didn't land Fisher. No, they didn't get Manning. Which one of those was Ireland responsible for?

Manning, of course.

Well, the Dolphins didn't get Manning. And neither did San Francisco, Arizona, or Tennessee. The Jets, Kansas City, and Seattle all have good to outstanding GMs. None of them could even get a meeting with Manning. So Ireland is a bad guy because the Dolphins swung and missed on Peyton Manning?

Look, I do not agree with every move Ireland makes. To me, the Manning chase was a waste of time that I didn't agree with. I would have been in Mario Williams' jock and tried to sign him and I would have outbid Kansas City for Eric Winston. It would have been two blue chip additions to the team and my overall talent would have gone way up.

Instead the Dolphins are shopping at K-Mart with Artis Hicks and Jamaal Westersomebody.

I also would have gone to the wall (yes, even giving up FOUR first round picks) to land Robert Griffin III. I would have gotten my franchise QB one way or another. Ireland didn't.

But does that make the guy a loser? A man to revile?

Someon hacked into Ireland's Wikipedia page Tuesday and edited in some unkind things about him being born in a Denny's parking lot etc... Maybe that sounds funny to you. Maybe you're cheering the imagination of that move. I guess I'm not talking to you.

I am talking to the folks who are thinking for themselves. Break down the moves on their own merit. Tell me what you would have done. Tell me where you would depart from the current course.

Be fair.

Obviously, Ireland hasn't gotten all his moves right in the past. By the way, no one does. And the pressure is on him to land some, you know, actual stars this offseason because the Dolphins don't have any of those.

He might do that. He might not. But I'm not ready to say this guy is the devil for blowing it when we're only one week into free agency and the draft is on the horizon. I don't judge a team's gameday performance in the second quarter.

I wait until the game's over.

[BROADCAST, PERSONAL NOTE: If you wish to discuss this or any other Dolphins topic with me, you can tune in to my radio show at 640-AM in South Florida or watch the show online at the Miami Herald. You can call the show toll free at 888-640-9385. Also, I will not be updating this blog until much later this afternoon because I have a doctor's appointment after the show. For the latest, check out the rest of The Miami Herald Dolphins page.]


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Lets bring in Tebow. While we're at it let bring in Barry switzer too. That way we can run the Oklahoma wishbone in Miami.

Maybe we have sayaance and bring back Leroy Selmon. I wonder if Barry Simms can still play too.

Why shouldn't We be the franchise to go all-in on Tim Tebow?
We have nothing to lose.If We were to falter,We would have a high draft pick in 2013.Having Tim Tebow on Our team would inspire many Dolphans to tune in again.Tannehill and Weeden are just as risky as Tebow.Ryan hasn't even been qbing for that long.And Brandon is long in the tooth and with some wear on him.I refuse to believe that Tebow won't improve his passing game.The Gators won win him as their qb.The Broncos had a fantastic season with him last year.And We all know that the REAL reason that the Elway Broncos are jettisoning him is cause Tebow just isn't their guy.So they refuse to win with him.When a team commits to Tebow,like UF did,they were reward with National Championships and Heisman statues.
By trading for Tebow We risk very little.He won't cost that much.Elway is desperately eager to discard him and still be seen as the great John Elway.

Craig, I would be careful in trying to peg where Weeden will go. Arizona for one is lurking. I tjink Weeden's age would scare him off the Jets or Chiefs though.

I can see Weeden beating out Kolb and Skelton though. That QB scenario is worse than ours.

Since when did 'being a good person' become a criteria to being a good GM or coach. Who the f*ck cares? Parcells was a nice guy? Bellichick? Lombardi? Who cares.....show me a nice guy and I'll show a last place team. This is football, not tiddly winks!

For the guys that hang onto the Dez Bryant situation....get a life!! Ever been asked a question you were uncomfortable with in an interview? You think Ireland's the only one who's ever asked a question like that in the history of the NFL. Stop being babies and get past it. It's the NFL...a lot like the military, only teams are going to invest millions in you....you don't think they want to be certain? Give it a rest...

The Dolphins are stupid and lose. Belicheck is smart and wins.

Belicheck will sign Tebow and convince him to play FB/TE. Tebow will get 15 to 20 touches a game and 1,000 years next year for Belicheck. Patriots will go 14-2 or better and again represent AFC in super bowl.

Tebow is a winner with a winning attitude. Of course you want him on your team. He does not belong on the Dolphins, however, because the team and the city is full of losers with losing attitudes.

You will see.

Ozkar is correct on Tebow.

Fact is:
Patriots - just signed a good WR Stallworth
Jets - signed a great safety
Bills - signed the best DE in the NFL

Dolphins released arguably their best player on offense and best player/captain on defense

and signed a scrub QB coming off of spinal surgery



Me coming back in different screen name doesnt scare you. You having to come back in a different screen name scares you. No doubt we both would come back in different screen names.

However, what this would really be about is the winner of our bet gets the pleasure of watching the loser not be able to use his screen name again.

So is it a bet or are you cowardly chicken sh..t?

i dont know home,

time will tell what happens to tebow.if he ends up here,so be it. no one will ever out work the guy,he is athletic & intelligent, and he definitely has the "it" factor. he has to have accuracy though for a west coast to work. i know favre drove holmgrem crazy until the light went on for him, so who knows.

I supported Ireland until now. I thought he made the right pick in picking Pouncey. He has a lot of making up to do, and if he doesn't, I think he's gone before the end of this next season. Right now the entire organization is messed up. I also think Ross is in part to blame. I like that he wants to win, but he just seems lost. Maybe he should sell the team to an owner who will stand aside and let a real GM do his job, without interfering.

Yards. I meant yards. Typo. WRITE THIS DOWN:


Tom Brady loves Tebow. Tom Brady is a winner. (He's slacked lately because he got married and women ruin acheiving men. See eg Abe Lincoln, Tiger Woods). Belicheck is also a winner. They like Tebow.

The people who don't like Tebow are losers with losing attitudes, such as typical Miamians who drive BMWs while being "real estate professionals" who are $500,000 in debt.

Tebow is a winner. UF is a winner.

Miami and UM and people like Yesterday's Gone are losers.

That is all.

After WR injury

Tebow had WR Decker and a couple nobodies to throw to and still got the job done!

So Miami's half asssd WR are much the same

make something from nothing Tim Tebow

Go Tebow!

Lets face face it. Jeff Ireland isnt Joe Thomas or Bobby Bethard. Hell, he may not even be the guy in chrage of overseeing a very small chain of Denny's.

Even the Denny's gm's are laughing at Jeff Ireland.


You might well be right. I don;t see the Jets picking him after basically guaranteeing Sanchez stays there for two more years but I could see them drafting a guy like Cousins or Foles. Arizona you are right. Despite paying Kolb his $7 mil bonus on the weekend, ?I don't think they are happy. I would have pegged Weeden for Denver but not know. There will be teams interested in Weeden and I think you've hit on them.

Ireland's moves are not that bad from a football standpoint, especially now drafting without Parcells over his shoulder.

It is his lack of experience and obviously inability to work or communicate with too many players and their reps that is the big problem. He is the face of the franchise for personnel changes and right now he is not very appealing and hence the Fins are not either.

He acts like Parcells without any credentials. That is a big problem

Jon Gruden loves Tim Tebow and the Spread Offense

Just Sayin, ...

maybe still time for a Do Over !

tee-hee :)

How come u cannot get a good blow job in Canada?

The Phins will draft Tannehill at 8. You don't have to like it, but you do have to accept it as the truth. It's going to happen...might as well prepare yourselves now.


All the cocksuckers are down here! (south Florida)


Dolphins will draft Eddie Moore w first pick


tee-hee ;)

all these things happened because you all CALLED FOR YOUR COACH TO BE FIRED ...GUESS WHAT YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED !!! TONYS GONE!!! Now you have to live with rebuilding again with Joe Philbin, cause he didnt come here to run Tonys team .. !!! he is trying to build his own team!! and that doesnt include some of these players on this team! Expect more changes to come ... I CANT BELIEVE SOME OF YOU FANS!! Expecting Joe just to come in here and run Tony's team and just add a few more pieces ! IT'S REBUILD TIME! He doesnt want tonys team!
Posted by: Jeff Row | March 20, 2012 at 11:18 AM


Just about the smartest thing I've read on this blog in ages. I don't see how so many fans thought that the Phins would jettison the entire coaching staff and bring in a new one wasn't going to constitute a major overhaul. It's just baffling....I mean, maybe we're not talking a complete ground up rebuild, but this is a major re-model in progress here....complete with knocking out walls and re-doing the kitchen.

Posted by: wolfman13


and and by re-doing the kitchen , that means throwing out all the old Groceries. and the one that got bugs crawling on them (Brandon Marshall) ... and next to be re-modeled is the bathroom! ONLY WISH WE COULD RE-MODEL THE FANS AS WELL !!!!

The big problem with Tebow is let's just say we get him cheap and he doesn't work out. It will be impossible to get rid of him. Denver was put in a no win situation to replace him him. The fans would have revolted. The biggest plus for Denver getting Manning is that he was the only guy they could replace him with and still keep the fans happy. The other issue is he will have to become a NFL passer. The college spread will not work. It did for a few weeks but once teams prepare for it they will shut it down. Running that offense in the pros puts way to many hits on the QB. The were worried about that when he was at Florida playing in the SEC. He got pretty beat up his sophomore season. Can't put your starting QB in that many situations where he can get hurt.


screw fisher. fisher=wanndstedt=sparano=parcels all dinosaurs from a bygone error when you got concussed & got smelling salts not a stretcher. ross(who should just shut up ans sign checks)wanted the big splash(aka fisher). ireland got us a 21st century coach who worked with mccarthy,favre,rodgers.


You've got a gentlemen's bet in on this. If we were both in Miami you'd be picking up my tickets to the game and food and drink. No point betting something we're not going to abide to. I've never posted under anyone but me and I'm not going to start now. I IS WHO I IS....LOL.

I'm not saying Dansby WILL be traded, I'm saying I think Ireland should explore it and Dansby is one of my favourite players. I don't see a point of keeping him at his contract if we're likely a year or two away from challenging. Save the money and maybe look to spend it next year in FA. Get another pick or two and rebuild. Use it to get that QB or WR if necesssary.

Well I checked and was right. The only people who actually answered Armandos question in a calm rationale manner were Sigh and takeafterme. Both posts were well thought out and made great points. They took Armandos question and answered it well with their own opinions and no insults. Awesome work.

The objective people are obviously still around and staying on point.

Then you have "the others". Half of the posts started out hurling insults backed up with exclamation points. (Stupid people scream when they have nothing to say, they call people names because they are scared and insecure about not being able to use rationale thought in an adult manner so they revert to acting like a child, it is where they were last able to get attention). And MOST of those posts only kept repeating over and over what we already know. They wrote for us,,,,AGAIN,, the questionable things Ireland has done.

But the question was "what would YOU have done differently?". They just don't get it and probably never will.

Tebow's contract is for 1.3 million this year

Gonna be funny when something happens to Manning @ 95 Million

and Tim Tebow goes on with his lifetime of Winning, somewhere else

tee-hee ;)

@The Coach
I dont think Denver fans or any other team for that matter care who is playing Q/B as long as they are winning games. the reason the fans in denver loved Tebow was because they started winning games when he came in ..and the reason they were calling the team to start him is because they were losing.


There is a point to these blogs !!!

tee-hee ;)


Ask your doctor to fix your brain too. Add your heart too to the list as I don't think you love this team.

What the F...!!! David who? Nobody wants to deal with Ireland, so tell how is he suposed to run the football operations?

Two options for Ross (another football incompetent):
Sell the team ASAP! or let go Ireland and hire a respected figure in the like of Bill Cower,etc. Maybe Dan Marino (like Denver with John Elway).

Do something as it is ridiculous.
PS the worst post I red from you so far. Lack of judgement.

Agree Jeff Row

Nothing was Exciting and fun as WINNING W TEBOW!

I'm out guys....cheers....good talking!

NANDO: Once again U r missing the point. JI is not
the devil,but he's severely handicapped as far as --
football knowledge is concern. He's disdainful with
fans. He's extremeley arrogant, but he's also clue
less about the fins needs. Unfortunally for us, Mr.
Ross is also clueless. He think the hiring Dee, was
going to give the fans a total expirience at the game
Where do these guys come from? All we ever wanted was
a good football minded FO & GM. Ireland is despicable
& totally unprofessional.DO NOT GO TO ANY GAMES ON

Homey D Clown,

Mannings contract was actually $96 million....you forgot a million of it. :)

Too bad your pen isn't a gun...you could shoot yourself. You know about as much as this team and it's direction than the politicians know about reality. How did you get this job ? loser !

It's simple ... I would've taken a chance on Flynn or used up bunches of picks to take a chance on RG3. Stop being stingy with these players ... everybody knows you have to overpay for free agents. So overpay. Get the players you want. Don't settle. I feel like Ireland has been penny-wise and pound foolish.

Us Tebow Fans

Never had such a great day and finish as watching TEBOW score 15 points in less than 3 minutes including the 2 point conversion against the MIAMI MULLETS, in their house

What Dolphin great defense ?

tee hee :)

Go Tebow!

BobbyD12 no gaping hole too worry about. Bell wasn't a play maker and we all know it. We have 4 guys on the team who can compete for the spot because Marshall is most likely going to win the FS spot. That leaves Wilson,Clemons,Culver, and Jones who in my opinion is the favorite to win because he manned the position well in college and is why he was drafted. I think Wilson will blossom as a nickle cb if he doesn't take the SS spot. Really no need to fear at that position as long as the young guys do what their supposed to and take the next step in their careers.

I think a lot of people are forgetting we are a fairly young team at a lot of positions and have been waiting for the young guys to step up. It's year two and three for a lot of them so it's time. Bell was a great leader and run stuffer but that's it, we should want more.

lol @ Ohio Dolfan

you talk like you know him. when has he been any of them things that you called him?
and when has Ross ever said any of then things ... ALL THESE THINGS ARE IN YOUR MIND!

Posted by: Phins78 | March 20, 2012 at 11:55 AM

Oh those dumb bloggers. Always hating. Always insulting.

You repeat yourself more than home & thats sayin something! BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get a life dude!


If u would give up 4 years worth of first round draft picks for an unproven college QB that played in a girl's division,
Than how much do u pay your wife for sex?


tee-hee ;)

Whoa MM. Tebow being a Gator alumni shouldn't prevent him from being embraced by Miami Dolphins fans.To say We need a qb is putting mildly.Where he went to college should not matter.This is a BUSINESS ABOUT #WINNING.AND TEBOW'S WINNING % IS RIDICOUSLY IMPRESSIVE!

No superbowl contender has ever built through free agency!get over it...the draft is were its at!

I'm out guys....cheers....good talking!
Posted by: Craig M | March 20, 2012 at 11:58 AM

I don't see where Mando asked the question "What would you have done differently?"

Sorry you didn't think my post on Ireland was not worthy. I did try to be objective with not explanation points. Would love your thoughts on it.

Armando, great post and very positive.

ozkar at 11:41

hard to argue bro.he's smart,athletic, and nobody works harder then tebow. is he any worse then some of the other meat bags that have tried to replace marino? i would take him over anyone of them with the exception of pennington. i would also take him over locklear,gabbert,and ponder.

Us Tebow Fans

Never had such a great day and finish as watching TEBOW score 15 points in less than 3 minutes including the 2 point conversion against the MIAMI MULLETS, in their house

What Dolphin great defense ?

Oh Yeah, that's right, some geniuses said QB Tebow cannot play!

tee hee :)

Go Tebow!

Armando the issue with IRELAND is twofold....What is his Plan??? He needs to open up to the fan base with the truth and not mislead everyone to think that our priority is "FRANCHISE QB" when he does not trade up to get one....(RG3)...and opens himself up for criticism....2 is his "ARROGANCE" he has single handedly turned the fans and other free agents off and has tarnished the brand name of the Miami Dolphins. This will impact the business side and Mr. Ross will see the results in the lack of interest in this once Flagship NFL Franchise. When you make a move you to rid your team of star and popular players you must have a plan in place to execute. Ireland's lack of execution of a plan is my problem. He cuts Marshall and he does not address it by having signed a replacement for him hoping to find a receiver in a draft (50% odds he does not find a good receiver). Cutting Y. Bell after both solid starters Landry and Nelson signed hoping that a 5th round pick Reshad Jones can play. Hope does not cut it you need to know!!! In the end we will see the results with time. However when his decisions and severly criticized by 95% of NFL peers, the odds are not in Ireland's favor.

He has a horrible track record and players around the NFL do not like him. So Who's fault is that? This guy is a joke along with the owner and i hope fans stand up and stop going to games. These people take fans for credit.

Hines Ward Retires!

Once again, good post Armando. One concern with Ireland: at least in public, he does not seem personable. If that's the case behind the scenes, how does he sell the Dolphins organizations to free agents? He might be an excellent talent evaluator and contract negotiator; but there's a step in-between: hooking the free agents on the Dolphins personally.

Ok I understand some are questioning Ireland (and that is your perrogative) about what is the plan. Do you really expect Ireland to tell the media and everyone else "Hey we are going to try to draft Tannehill at #8)

The Broncos may have won some games with Tebow under center....but they were excrutiatingly painful to watch (that's our afternoon regional action here every Sunday on CBS). Your best bet was to simply tune in to the last 5 minutes or so...maybe the 4th quarter.

Other than that, it was 3 and out...punt. Two series, punt. 3 and out..punt. A couple series...50+ yard Pratter FG. And on and on. Very boring games except for the last 5 minutes or so.

Of course, for it to work means that your defense has to hold you within range for some miraculous play to happen that hasn't worked all day....and then you have Mr. Pratter who just sits back and boots them from 60 yards out for 3s.

Not sure why anyone who was displeased with running the ball...relying on defense to win games....punting and field goals the last decade plus would want Tebow as their starter under center. 9 out of Tewbow's 11 starts resulted in an average of 14 points being scored by the Broncos....yeah....that sounds very exciting.

This is not personal, there is a body of work that we have to evaluate in his time as GM that states the obvious: He has not drafted well and has had moderate success in signing Free Agents and making trades. He is not well-liked in the league especially by players due to the Dez Bryant incident and he goes out and cuts a team captain two weeks into free agency when he previously said he would not. The man does not keep his word or inspire trust in anyone. He tried to stab his coach in the back last year with the Harbaugh meeting.

U see

Garrard is a black QB

and not just a little black

Home is talkin Chocolate Cake Black

These Chocolate Cake Black QBs just dont win in this league

U have to be a lil Vanilla like Warren Moon or Cam Newton

but NOT Chocolate Cake Black

tee-hee ;)

The owner has a thing for JI, but that will last only so long, I am ok with QB as it stands, hope we draft another. Lets get the rest of this team in line. Moore proved he can win games, but can he do it against the big teams like the Pats etc. God boy proved he could not.

Mondo, are you drunk?

They were already a bad team last year, to fix that this year they have... Lost out on a head coach, and three quarterbacks (counting Griffin), traded the best player on the team for a couple of 3's, and signed a quarterback who was cut from a crap Jacksonville team a year and a half ago.

I dont hate bringing back Moore, but without Marshall they now have the worst group of wide recievers in the league. Shocking

We agree that Ireland is not literally the spawn of satan. Other than that...
Blog troll is working over time these days!

We really don't know which of the Dolphins bad past decisions were attribuitable to Ireland and which weren't, having a type A boss such as the Tuna behind it all. I guarantee you that isthe reason he's still around, because the owner was privy to this and we weren't. Matt Moore FAR EXCEEDED my expectations and this is the loyalty we show to him? Let's solidify the pass rush so we can give Brady happy feet. Has anyone seen how many WR New England has signed this offseason? Heaven forbid if we don't have a pass rush!!!

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