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Tim Tebow goes to the Jets ... plays Miami twice a year

I have a suggestion for the Miami Dolphins: Pass on Tim Tebow day this year.

The former University of Florida star, the former Heisman Trophy winner, the man who led the Gators to national championships and the Denver Broncos to the playoffs, is now a New York Jet. He was traded today from Denver to the Jets for a reported fourth-round draft pick.

That ruckus you hear? The sound of the circus pulling up stakes from its recent Davie, Florida run and moving on to its next scheduled gig. Next stop the Meadowlands.

That's not a rip on Tebow. Nope, he's great. Great person. Great philanthropist. Great man of faith. Great football player. He's just not a great quarterback -- at least not yet.

The Jets acquired him to back up starter Mark Sanchez. They also will likely use him in their Wildcat package. Tony Sparano -- remember him? -- will give the Jets Wildcat a decisively Dolphins feel as he is New York's new offensive coordinator.

And Tebow figures to be his triggerman.

The problem is Tebow, the biggest attention-grabbing story in the NFL last season, is moving on to the media capital of the world. He'll be on the back pages. He'll be in the cross-hairs of the paparazzi. He'll be huge!

And he could be a huge pain in the neck for Sanchez.

Although Tebow is ostensibly going to New York as a backup and limited package guy, he is playing behind a quarterback in Sanchez who has proven himself to be, well, stinky at times.

And stinky at times quarterbacks have one unmistakable gift: They get replaced. That means the time Sanchez struggles two games in a row, it won't be long before calls for Tebow to replace Sanchez would be heard in the media or, worse, raining down from the MetLife Stadium stands.

An already fragile Jets locker room will have to lean on its most sturdy pillars or Rex Ryan's ample, ahem, shoulders to keep the place from fracturing.

Yeah, that'll work. Cue the circus music!

"We don't need Tebow. We sell out every home game let him go to Jacksonville, Tampa or Miami," Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie tweeted Tuesday. "Our wildcat offense can be ran (sic) by J Kerley or Joe McKnight we straight."

Later Cromartie was back at it.

"We have @MarkSanchez and just signed Drew. Mark has taken us to two AFC championship game (sic). We need to build on the team we have now."

What a lovely way to welcome a new teammate! Cromartie, by the way, attended Florida State. Tebow is a Gator.

Tebow's first order of business will probably be to show himself the forgiving turn-the-other-cheek guy his faith calls him to be. On the other hand, Tebow is 240 pounds and Cromartie is a comparative a stick figure at 205.

So maybe Tebow's first order of business will instead by to grab Cromartie in a headlock and force him to repent.


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Glad we kept Soliai.

Popcorn, comfy seat, drink, check check check !!!

Good for him, I hope he does well. Can't wait to see what Cromartie says now!!

Why pick a defensive player at 8the who makes maybe one or two plays a game when a first round qb is staring you right in the face who makes 30 plays a game?
I swear, some of you are exactly like what you accuse Ireland of. You want to blow tour premium assets on supporting cast players and then try to find some diamond in the rough to play qb.
Tannehill is rated higher than Flacco and josh freeman were in their years. The right pick is obvious.

Ross Ireland miss the boat again. I guess thats it for any hope of attendance for these morons.

This is terrible for us.........i dont want to play jesus twice a year. I really didnt want him going to the jets. Seems like a bad fit for him. A bunch of thugs and dope dealers with a charasmatic backup leader.

I hope we do reach for a QB in the first and then everybody who's been screaming for a 1st round QB can STFU about it....but they won't.

then they'll all be on here whining about WHO they reached for.

a reach is a reach and it'll work or it won't.

I swear that some here think Ireland should just drop by the FranchiseQBMart on his way home and pick one up.

QBs I'm happy we didn't sign:

Garrard is tolerable for a 1 year, no money down, look-see. I don't still haven't heard what he's being paid.

Ross will honor Tebow every year now. YIKES!!

Sorry, my English suffers when I get worked up.

At least the Jets game will sell out now.

Exactly Mark. Also, no one discusses the cost in WASTED PICKS YEAR AFTER YEAR. We've had 3 in just the past 5 years (Beck, Henne, White). We might have gotten solid talent if we weren't constantly trying to find a franchise QB.

That's why the MOST SENSE is trying to get the MOST LIKELY potential franchise QB, no matter WHERE what the cost. That's why I was advocating trading up to get RG3. I think in the next few years we'll see the 'Skins doing much better with their franchise QB, while we'll still be in the wilderness (unless or until we find ours).

But since that's a dead issue, it's time to suck it up and get the next guy (or the guy Ireland feels best about) and see if Philbin can develop him.

For all the flack that Jeff Ireland is taking for being ultra conservative and not making a splash in free agency(some of it fair and some unfair)you can always count on the Jets being on the opposite side of the specturm. You supposedly solidify Sanchez as your QB and you attack him by bringing in Tebow? Boy, this soap opera just hit a climax. It's clear to me this organization craves attention, even if it's for the worse. This'll be fun.

Cromartie has 8 kids by 5 different baby mommas, so I dont think i'll take his advice when it comes to anything.

Yesterday I was imagined how Tannenhill will work out, running the Wild Cat as a trigger man for the Dolphins, and now Tebow will be the trigger man for the Jets.

The question here should be can Tony Sporano do anything with Tebow?
Sporano's history of developing QB's isn't so good.
If anything the Wildcat just got a shot in the arm.


Is Tannehill rated higher than those guys as a talent coming out of college, or is he simply now rated higher in the draft due to the qb's who didn't come out this year?

Remember, Jeff wants value.

Armando is it faith or blind faith?

what about crowder WHO HAS 11 KIDS FRON 6 WOMEN ..........

Dear Roger Goodell,
I heard Jeff Ireland had a bounty system. Please suspend him. Please. We beg of you. Please.

On the Tebow signing, WHO CARES!

This organization is in NO SHAPE to worry about anyone else. They better keep their head in their OWN business, and try to fix the HUGE problems they have.

Until Jets week during the Season, this is the least important story to the Miami Dolphins.

Yeah We already know


At least the dolphins got one thing right

Thank the Jets for taking attention away from the Fins. Gang green is what "desperate" really means, especially when it's for attention.

I think aloco was the one who reported first .

Armando r u going to the protest Martin Luther King BBQ to stamp out the racist Jeff Ireland?

All the best black playas keep getting axed!

I liked Will Allen too, but it's time to move on.


Posted by: Home, Sweet Home | March 21, 2012 at 02:01 PM

And HOME made a jackass out of himself by doing it.

the question is will tony sparano suddenly look in the mirror and in a moment of illumination say "duh tony,can you pass out of the wildcat?" poor clueless b#stard only tried it like 3 times down here even at the end when it was gaining 0.5 yds per attempt on runs into vernon careys stuffed at the line butt.

the jets have been and always will be a freak show. i cant wait to watch that shite this year

Mando, you pay a premium for QB's. Plain & Simple. You either over pay or you reach in the draft.

Look at last years draft. Ponder? Gabbert? Locker? All went ridiculously high compared to where they were rated. Did they worry about value or did they worry about trying to find their qb? Losers talk about value!

If you consider how critical QB's are in todays NFL, there is no such thing as good value for a QB. They're all valuable! Backups are making 3-5 million per year!
If you don't pay, you won't be playing meaningful games.

You either pay up the wazoo to get one or you watch playoff games instead of playing them.

Two QBs who can't throw. At least one can run.

Perhaps it's worth remembering that the jets made the AFC championship game with a QB worse than either Henne or Moore.

Tebow starter by October.

home reported that dolphins have signed p.manning ....

When ALoco talks about brown donkeys he must be talking about HOME.

So Beardy McInterception (Fizpatrick) is still leading the Bills, and the two headed monster of Sanchez/Tebow is quarterbacking the Jets at Sparano's guidance?

So why exactly is Miami being penciled in as the bottom-feeder of the AFC East? Surprisingly, it shouldn't be because of quarterback instability. I'll take Matt Moore of David Garrard.

Somebody give the homer new batteries for his vibrator so he'll leave.

Pretty sure ESPN reported it first.

we drafted pat white for the wildcat. tebow makes alot more sense.

Signal, just going by Scouts Inc. overall player ranking for this draft. Tannehill is ranked #17 (http://espn.go.com/nfl/draft)

IN their respective draft years, neither Flacco nor Freeman were rated 17th overall in relation to their draft peers.

I don't see this as much of a reach at all.

Joe Schmoe

I am so glad ireland resisted the urge to trade up to get Blaine Gabbart. i saw him play this year and that dude has the pocket yips. i don't think you can coach that kind of fear out of someone.
this year i like tannehill by a schmose because he knows the system. in looking at the current draft order there are really no teams from 9-21 that need a qb so perhaps if he's there at 8 we trade down,aquire a pick or 2 and still land him later in round 1.if not i like cousins,osweiler and weeden in that order.

Best bet is to trade back late in first round and draft Brandon Weeden.

Look at our history with 4th and 6th round picks (most never make it to play one season) and I can't understand how we didn't trade for Tebow. This is my last straw, so I hope Ross sells the team and fires everyone who didn't sign off on the Tebow trade.

OK follow me on this... Saints lose coach for year, have no pick in rd 1 and now loose 2rd pick as well and Brees is not happy with Franchise Tag. So... If I am Ireland I call Mr Benson and offer my #1-2this year (player if needed) and 2and 4 next year Remember Saints loose 2rd next year also. Anyon agree? Would be shocked if Benson does it but I would sure as hell try.

Given what happened to Manning and Flynn, and with Sherman as O.C., one has to consider that Tannehill may be on the radar with this front office.

Starter = Moore
Back Up = Gerrard
3rd = Tannehill

Just a thought nothing more.

And Signal, furthermore, every year player values are affected by those that choose to stay in school.

If Luck came out last year ...

WOuld Newton have been the first pick last year? Would Locker have been top 10?

I don't really think Landry Jones staying in affected Tannehill's stock too much. Might have moved him up 4-5 slots but it's obvious now with teams like KC and Arizona so unhappy with their QB positions that Tannehill would have ever dropped to the 2nd round.


Now, THIS IS FUNNY! How's this for salt in the wound?

Flynn, 27, cost Seattle, without incentives, 10 million guaranteed for 3 years. Equivilant to $3.33 million per year. He also told reporters he chose Seattle because they had the right people in place.

David Garrard, 34, will make $3.35 GUARANTEED for 1 year & he told Sirius NFL radio 2 weeks ago he isn't 100% healthy.

LOLOLOL Be afraid Phins, be VERY afraid!

From the Sentinel:

"Earlier this week the Dolphins signed Garrard to an incentive laden one-year deal that will paid him a $1 million signing bonus, and $2.25 million in base salary.

Garrard, who will complete with incumbent starter Matt Moore for the starting spot, will also receive a $100,000 workout bonus for participating in the team’s offseason program.

Garrard also has up to $1.5 million in incentives that can be achieved for playing time, touchdowns scored, and win totals.

Without factoring in the incentives, Garrard will cost the Dolphins $3.35 million in 2012"

Ha ha! T-blow with the sucky Jets.

Cue the circus music!

Just draft Tannehill at #8.
Just draft Tannehill at #8.
Just draft Tannehill at #8.
Just draft Tannehill at #8.
Just draft Tannehill at #8.
Just draft Tannehill at #8.

Just keep saying it, it sounds pretty good.

Funny how all the Ireland haters want us to do pretty much what they constantly complain about him doing in the draft. OL/DL/LB in the first round? No thanks.

Jags tried, but in the end would rather pay Henne than Tebow.
How long will it be before that mistake bites them HARD.
And why the heck did it have to be the Jets? Any other darned team, and I'd have bought a jersey and pom-poms.
And watch his team once again beat us. Maybe twice.

Good luck Tim.

Typical Florida State Classless, hateful mindset. Tebow is a much better man than Cromartie ever thought of being. Go Tebow!!! Just Not rooting for the Jets - I'm a LIFELONG Dolphin Fan Good Times or Bad times you do not give up on your team!!Changes need to be made in the front office, no question. But the Dolphins are my team. Draft a QB and Floyd at #8 !!! Go Fins!!!

4th and 6th rounder for Tebow only and we pass. A guy with more 4th quarter comebacks and higher red zone TD percentage then everyone combined since Marino here...big mistake...

Finally a lucky break for Chad Henne!

He'll probably replace Gabbert while Sanchez (God help him) is stuck with Tebow and Sparano's wildcat offense.

Tim who??

There is a GOD, and he made sure that Tebow stayed out of Miami!


Capt, then flynn will get 3.3 this year, plus his salary, lets compare apples to apples. Moron

Tannehill's game by game completion percentage read like a heart attack chart last season. From one Saturday to the next A&M didnt know if they were going to get the 80% completion Tannehill or the 40% completion Tannehill. Check his 2011 seasonal stats for yourselves.

Tannehill's college qb stats reead eeringly simi8lar to Chad Henne's. Even thier Physical statures are eeringly similar.

Tannehill's hig volume of picks and heart attack chart game by game completion percentage suggest to me there are both footwork and decision making issues. If we do draft him 1st rd, please dont expect to see him on the playing fiedl any time at all this season. Sort of both qb's going down to injury or small mop up duty.

Tannehill's college chart, though moderately productive, shows there's still much work to be done. Hard to tell right now if he's the next Aaron Rodgers or chad Henne.

Anyone who thinks god cares about what happens on a football field on sundays should inquire about a refund.

Need to replace Marshall with Floyd at #8 , then go for Weeden or Cousins!


how you doing. i think tannehill is the front runner too because he knows the system, but if he's there at 8 the riverboat gambler in me wants to trade down between 9-21(no one there really needs a qb)obtain an extra pick or 2 and (cross your fingers) still pick up tannehill. if he's gone, i'm happy watching cousins or osweiler sit and learn for a year behind garrad/moore.

I think a big part of it will be his tutors at this level. Henne could have gone a different path with the right people guiding him. He did not have the right people guiding him. I agree that if he is drafted not to expet him to start the upcoming season. I am not a Tannehill fan or all about having to draft him. I'm just saying, why not? Give it a shot. The last QB we drafted in the 1st was 13.

Joe Schmoe
I am so glad ireland resisted the urge to trade up to get Blaine Gabbart. i saw him play this year and that dude has the pocket yips. i don't think you can coach that kind of fear out of someone.
this year i like tannehill by a schmose because he knows the system. in looking at the current draft order there are really no teams from 9-21 that need a qb so perhaps if he's there at 8 we trade down,aquire a pick or 2 and still land him later in round 1.if not i like cousins,osweiler and weeden in that order.

Posted by: The Crusher | March 21, 2012 at 02:11 PM

I don't think you got my point. I'd rather have a team & GM with conviction & a have a real purpose of addressing the Qb position rather than worrying about where his value is in the draft. The Titans, Jags & Vikings all displayed that last year.

No offense but, what you feel about his game & whether you think he was worth it is irrelevant. None of us are scouts. The Jags think he can be their guy & made the choice to pick him. If you want him, no reason to wait around.

They had a conviction about him & they went for it. They just hired a Qb friendly coach. They weren't worried about whether he was value. They are trying to coach him up.

I can respect that go for it attitude more than Miami's recent approach of trying to maximize the draft pick. Trying to get the most value out of a pick is usually the recipe to ensure you don't get what you need.

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