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Tim Tebow goes to the Jets ... plays Miami twice a year

I have a suggestion for the Miami Dolphins: Pass on Tim Tebow day this year.

The former University of Florida star, the former Heisman Trophy winner, the man who led the Gators to national championships and the Denver Broncos to the playoffs, is now a New York Jet. He was traded today from Denver to the Jets for a reported fourth-round draft pick.

That ruckus you hear? The sound of the circus pulling up stakes from its recent Davie, Florida run and moving on to its next scheduled gig. Next stop the Meadowlands.

That's not a rip on Tebow. Nope, he's great. Great person. Great philanthropist. Great man of faith. Great football player. He's just not a great quarterback -- at least not yet.

The Jets acquired him to back up starter Mark Sanchez. They also will likely use him in their Wildcat package. Tony Sparano -- remember him? -- will give the Jets Wildcat a decisively Dolphins feel as he is New York's new offensive coordinator.

And Tebow figures to be his triggerman.

The problem is Tebow, the biggest attention-grabbing story in the NFL last season, is moving on to the media capital of the world. He'll be on the back pages. He'll be in the cross-hairs of the paparazzi. He'll be huge!

And he could be a huge pain in the neck for Sanchez.

Although Tebow is ostensibly going to New York as a backup and limited package guy, he is playing behind a quarterback in Sanchez who has proven himself to be, well, stinky at times.

And stinky at times quarterbacks have one unmistakable gift: They get replaced. That means the time Sanchez struggles two games in a row, it won't be long before calls for Tebow to replace Sanchez would be heard in the media or, worse, raining down from the MetLife Stadium stands.

An already fragile Jets locker room will have to lean on its most sturdy pillars or Rex Ryan's ample, ahem, shoulders to keep the place from fracturing.

Yeah, that'll work. Cue the circus music!

"We don't need Tebow. We sell out every home game let him go to Jacksonville, Tampa or Miami," Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie tweeted Tuesday. "Our wildcat offense can be ran (sic) by J Kerley or Joe McKnight we straight."

Later Cromartie was back at it.

"We have @MarkSanchez and just signed Drew. Mark has taken us to two AFC championship game (sic). We need to build on the team we have now."

What a lovely way to welcome a new teammate! Cromartie, by the way, attended Florida State. Tebow is a Gator.

Tebow's first order of business will probably be to show himself the forgiving turn-the-other-cheek guy his faith calls him to be. On the other hand, Tebow is 240 pounds and Cromartie is a comparative a stick figure at 205.

So maybe Tebow's first order of business will instead by to grab Cromartie in a headlock and force him to repent.


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I understand what you are saying regarding player values in the draft and how their draft positions are affected.

I guess it all comes down to the value Ireland puts on these incoming qb's. We all saw last year Ireland moved up for a rb he valued. Will he do the same this year for a qb he likes?

I just really think that if this is the QB we are eyeing then don't try to be tricky, just pull the trigger at #8.
He may not be. Sherman could be saying "eh, yeah he is pretty solid"
In which case then I would also trade down and see what starts to happen.


Armando was drooling all over himself with envy for the Redskins after their trade for RG3, but picking Tannehil early wouldn't be prudent- not good value!


that works too. just get the qb in round 2. dont sit there waiting until round 3.

Wow, sending Tebow to the Jets is like forcing the Pope to mow Satans lawn. lol.

I wouldnt be surprised in the least if we end up choosing Brandon Weedon over Tannehill.

Look, Garrard signed to only one year, leaving the door wide open to this. Many reports suggests Tannehill may not be fully ready to hit the playing field for 2 yrs. He has lots to work on.

Only two raps on Weedon are age and he could be slightly over cocky with his abilities. Other than that, right now, Weedon's far more ready to see the playing field in 2013 than Tannehill. Tannehill's on the field projection is slated as 2014.

Just because of age, Tannehill's more likely to have the longer pro playing career. But Weedon's projected to have the most immediate impact.

Oh look! Homely, homer created yet ANOTHER name!

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Tebow=Luke Skywalker
Rex Ryan=Darth Vader

In what was a non move in getting tebow, it was the move of the offseason in a football sense for the dolphins. All tebow brings to a program and a team is a circus sideshow. Enjoy the clowns and the circus atmosphere jets. Bhahhhbahhha.

And just when I couldn't take being a Dolphins fan anymore, I get reminded that at least I'm not a Jets fan.

your value? armandos value? ESPNs value? this blogs value? the Dolphins value?
Whos value are you talking about?

Tannehill, Weeden, Cousins, I don't care one way or the other.

...Ireland and his college scouts have a complex formula for assigning value to these QB's and there is nothing we can say or do that will change this.

My only hope is that Philbin & Sherman have a lot of input into the QB drafting process so that there is a consensus on draft day that we are getting the right guy.

Moore + Garrard + Rookie QB in 2012 (sorry Devlin your out). I can live with that set up.

No Worries

Home is back

and Tebow is King!

Crime is going to be lower in New York now that Tebow is there!

Long live the Messiah!

Oh look! Homely, homer created yet ANOTHER name!

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Posted by: Home, the blog idiot! | March 21, 2012 at 02:32 PM


As far as tutors are concerned. Qb's coming in with decision making and footwork issues. Its more on the qb than the tutor to correct this.

Footwork is a lot like dancing, those with the natural gift pick it up right away. Those who dont, it takes time to learn. Then there are those who never learn.

Decision making is based on both how quickly and how thoroughly a qb downloads and proccesses information. Again, this can be a natural ability, learned over time, or never quite get it type of proposition.

Tutors are a great thing, but, even the greatest tutor of all doesnt guarrantee success. Because even with the greatest of tutors. A lot still depends on the qb. But a great tutors does slightly increases the odds of success.

Moore + Garrard + Rookie QB in 2012 + Delvin on the practie squad.
I can also live with this set up.


the jags had a conviction and blew it.how do you miss a guy who has no conviction to stand there and take a hit. all the great ones have it. i hope the young man can overcome it but i want my gm to be smart enough to pick that up on film/from scouts. ireland had a conviction on pouncy last year and he was ridiculed for picking him.pouncy is a stud in the mold of langer & stephenson.in todays blitz happy pass 1st NFL you need the pivot man to make it go and protect that higher priced talent behind him. i think they have the conviction for the qb this year. i dont know who but they just need to take one of the 3

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Breaking News....Saints coach Sean Peyton is suspended for the 2012 season.
Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams suspended indefinitely.

Maybe free agent Drew Brees will be looking to get out of New Orleans for this year....go get him Ireland!


Home broke the story on Tebow and the saints getting banished and fined

Sorry called u well over an hour b4 the blog started w all the breaking news prior to NFL network and ESPN which Home has in his internet media room on 24/365

but the obscure New World Order Resistance Fighters Web Site in conjunction w Home's personal buddy and global patriot Julian Assange broke the NFL news to Home to pass on to the Sheeple

Good Day Sir!


We have to very careful when we here the word "complex formula" from anyone. Whether is from our football team or weatherman.

It usually means, "Even we barely have a clue". Or "We're still catching hell trying to figure this out"!

As far as tutors are concerned.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | March 21, 2012 at 02:41 PM

Someone please tutor Yesterday's Breed to go away.

Good post, I agree.
I do believe though that like in all things in life there are the 10% top, 10% bottom and 80% everyone else.


The question is: when will these 3 QB's (Tannehill, Weeden, Cousins) come off the board in the draft?

Possible teams that will choose a QB in the draft are:

Buffalo - possibly

Those are off the top. There may be a couple others.

So, if Miami covets 1 of these guys where will they be there for a good value pick? If Miami waits until the 2nd round, will just 1 of these guys be there?

It is going to be nerve racking to say the least.

Good Day Sir!

Posted by: Home, Sweet Home | March 21, 2012 at 02:44 PM

Does this mean the douche bag is out?

Moore + Garrard + Rookie QB in 2012 + Delvin on the practie squad.
I can also live with this set up.

Posted by: thavafin

or garrard+moore+rook+devlin...is it possible we won't see this? if ireland does not make this a reality he needs to thank God he has no window because some one will have him lined up in the crosshairs

Official Breaking NEWS!!!!!!!

Tebow to the Jets!!!!!

Posted by: Home, Sweet Home | March 21, 2012 at 12:38 PM

JETS and TEBOW to beat Miami again!

Posted by: Home, Sweet Home | March 21, 2012 at 12:42 PM

Peyton suspended for 1 yr w o PAY! other coach suspended 4ever!!!!

$500,000.00 FINE!!! + 2 second round picks!!!!!!!

Posted by: Home, Sweet Home | March 21, 2012 at 12:52



Posted by: Home, Sweet Home | March 21, 2012 at 01:01 PM

We could have got our starting qb for a fourth round pick. I'm disgusted. Oh well, let's hope for some amazing pick in the draft.

"Bills signed DE Mark Anderson to a four-year, $27.5 million contract, with $8 million guaranteed."

Ralph Wilson is on a bender!!! WTF???? I have a feeling that may be a LITTLE bit more than Ireland & the Patriots were willing to spend.

True...Garrard can beat out Moore in camp, and if he does, I'll support it 100%.

The Shocker, but really non shocker of the draft, will come when Brandon Weedon's name comes off the board before Ryan Tannehill's.

So dont be shocked when this what should have been a non shocker happens!

Tannehill in the 1st round is pure INSANITY!

Sure, you can put value aside to a certain extent. The problem is, Tannehill had ONE SEASONS worth of MODERATE success. Other than that, he never even won a QB competition.

I have to agree with Mando on this one. You can put value aside, but not to the extreme of using a top 8 pick on a guy that's been nothing but average at BEST!

I'm sorry, but when you have a top 8 pick, you HAVE to come away with a blue chip PLAYMAKER-Period!

Tannehill just ain't that!

Fire Ross!


Maybe Tony Sporano can have Tebow kick field goals too.




"Home.........Lexapro and Klonopin........

I would advise both pills daily for your condition..."


LMAO!!! That's NOT going to cut it. He needs to start taking the anti-psychotics like Abilify or Depakote.

The concerned passionate Miami Dolphin fans are already planning a much bigger protest, believed to be next Thursday and "Goldie" the Florida Panthers play by play announcer has volunteered to send 10 large pizzas from Hungry Howies to the protesters against the racist Jeff Ireland

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Next Thursday a much bigger organized BBQ for Home's black people and pizza from "Goldie" for the white folks, Latinos dont care as long as it is free, protest party

It was just announced on WQAM w Koop & Goldie
Home supplying the BBQ 4 Black people, Goldie doing pizza and maybe we can get Armando from the Miami Herald to do chicken, rice and beans for the Latinos

What do u say Armando

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Anyone ever notice that the Jets pick up anything, everything from free agency, then their stinkin' fans profess to be SUPER BOWL CONTENDERS the next year...then, as usual, they crawl back under their rocks till the next season....it's the same thing, over and over and over and over..................................................and over!!


Sparano is gonna have Tebow in the Wildcat running it right thru the Dolphins from inside the red zone!

Dolphins r done!

Ireland the racist fired all the good black playas

Dansby is next

Ireland said black playas r getting paid to much in the NFL

looks like our free agency spending spree is almost over and here are out premier signings:

David Garrard QB
Richard Marshall DB
Artis Hicks OG
Paul Soliai NT - a 'resigning' but does count against the cap.


Brandon Marshall
Kendall Langford
Yeremiah Bell

Biggest Misses:

Peyton Manning
Matt Flynn
Alex Smith
Eric Winston

So far I give Ireland a C-

This sucks. I hate the Jets, but love Tebow.

Why sign Eric Winston when you are taking a brand new RT in the 1st round!

Yesterday's Gone

i like weeden.monster stats in college.if they take him he may even get in the line up by mid 2012.if he were 22 he would have been considered 2a or 2b depending on how you like rg3

also, do you think tony knows you can throw a pass out of the wildcat? he did it, what, like 4 times in 4 years here even when the run option was getting tackled for .5yds by vernon careys stuffed at the line butt.

Garrard is an old beat up 2nd string QB coming off of spinal surgery bigger than Mannings

Jeff The Racist Ireland only brought him in to watch another black QB fail

Like he did destroying Pat "White"
Making him take his gloves off, drastically changing his throwing motion, getting NO WRs other than flag football "alligator arms" Ted Ginn and his family and then made lil undersized Pat "White" run against the Steel Curtain

We will march against the racist Jeff Ireland w Channing Crowder, Brandon Marshall and Y-Bell

Fire Ireland

Stop Racism now!

Weeden did beat Luck....

Maybe Home can get Odin to bring Home's people some watermelon


just say no to a RT in rd 1...
next years oline:
1st alternate garner.
draft:1 guy who can play tackle or guard in the middle rounds.


The pope goes to Cuba and Tebow goes to the Jets. Ironic Huh.

We had an interim HC Bowles but he was fired by Ireland cuz he was black

Try to contact HC Bowles and let him protest and march against the racist Lilly white Jeff Ireland

".....The Dolphins talked about how important it was to find pass rushers but haven't done anything in that regard beyond adding Jamaal Westerman, who has 4.5 sacks in three years as a Jets reserve. They still must replace Jason Taylor's seven sacks. They'll likely look in the draft, with Melvin Ingram a possibility with the eighth pick."

This is Barry Jackson's words who IMO does a better job covering this team than any other reporter. And he's right. Ireland said the most important things to find were a franchise QB & pass rushers. We know what happened with Peyton but if you want effective pass rushers you have pony up dollars. In terms of modern day NFL contracts I'm afraid that Ireland is living in the stone ages.

Premium players are NOT going to come to Miami & play for a discount. Maybe if we were close to a SB but even then they'd be older players. Guys in their prime want to get PAID.


When the Pope visits Cuba did the Vatican get a draft pick?

We need blackmon and weeden

Our people r coming back after Jeff Ireland the clan leader and racist

U dont fire the best playa on offense and the best playa on defense just cuz they are black

R people deserve better than this!

Crowder may go with you as he is unable to find a job and play in the NFL.
B Marsh probably has court that day.
Y Bell won't go because he will be back in a Phins jersey in a month.
And damn those racists that ruined Pat Whites minor league baseball career as well....er there lack of.
And I am also fairly certain Jeff had nothing to do with drafting Ginn.

You my friend are a douche


And we need someone anyone to help at rt


Tebow goes to the Jets and Sanchez will get crucified.

Tebow goes to the Jets, Anderson is signed by the Bills who already signed Mario Williams. Notice that our rivals are going out and aggressively making moves to improve their teams. They may not hit on every addition, but at least they are going with their convictions. It would be nice to see us do that once. For once go all-in on a player that they want and do what is necessary to land them. No guts no glory.

Ireland the racist will never draft Blackmon becuase of his name and because he refuses to pay black people checks like the white people get!

Prob draft another Lilly White Jake Long or

Draft a black guy w brittle broken bones so Ireland can laugh at Home's people

Then when O'drick breaks his leg b4 the season starts Jeff Ireland the racist can say, "I told u so black people are no darn good"

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