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Tim Tebow goes to the Jets ... plays Miami twice a year

I have a suggestion for the Miami Dolphins: Pass on Tim Tebow day this year.

The former University of Florida star, the former Heisman Trophy winner, the man who led the Gators to national championships and the Denver Broncos to the playoffs, is now a New York Jet. He was traded today from Denver to the Jets for a reported fourth-round draft pick.

That ruckus you hear? The sound of the circus pulling up stakes from its recent Davie, Florida run and moving on to its next scheduled gig. Next stop the Meadowlands.

That's not a rip on Tebow. Nope, he's great. Great person. Great philanthropist. Great man of faith. Great football player. He's just not a great quarterback -- at least not yet.

The Jets acquired him to back up starter Mark Sanchez. They also will likely use him in their Wildcat package. Tony Sparano -- remember him? -- will give the Jets Wildcat a decisively Dolphins feel as he is New York's new offensive coordinator.

And Tebow figures to be his triggerman.

The problem is Tebow, the biggest attention-grabbing story in the NFL last season, is moving on to the media capital of the world. He'll be on the back pages. He'll be in the cross-hairs of the paparazzi. He'll be huge!

And he could be a huge pain in the neck for Sanchez.

Although Tebow is ostensibly going to New York as a backup and limited package guy, he is playing behind a quarterback in Sanchez who has proven himself to be, well, stinky at times.

And stinky at times quarterbacks have one unmistakable gift: They get replaced. That means the time Sanchez struggles two games in a row, it won't be long before calls for Tebow to replace Sanchez would be heard in the media or, worse, raining down from the MetLife Stadium stands.

An already fragile Jets locker room will have to lean on its most sturdy pillars or Rex Ryan's ample, ahem, shoulders to keep the place from fracturing.

Yeah, that'll work. Cue the circus music!

"We don't need Tebow. We sell out every home game let him go to Jacksonville, Tampa or Miami," Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie tweeted Tuesday. "Our wildcat offense can be ran (sic) by J Kerley or Joe McKnight we straight."

Later Cromartie was back at it.

"We have @MarkSanchez and just signed Drew. Mark has taken us to two AFC championship game (sic). We need to build on the team we have now."

What a lovely way to welcome a new teammate! Cromartie, by the way, attended Florida State. Tebow is a Gator.

Tebow's first order of business will probably be to show himself the forgiving turn-the-other-cheek guy his faith calls him to be. On the other hand, Tebow is 240 pounds and Cromartie is a comparative a stick figure at 205.

So maybe Tebow's first order of business will instead by to grab Cromartie in a headlock and force him to repent.


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Weeden and trade up for blackmon

Dansby is next to by fired by the white supremacist Jeff Ireland

Sean payton got suspended for a year for putting bounties on players, can jeff ireland b suspended for the year for putting a bounty on this franchise?

Ireland also made black O'drick do that little gay pedophile dance after he made a rare good play

Very discouraging being a Dolphin fan these days.

Weeden and blackmon doing it in miami just like they in college

Agree no RT in 1st. The one thing I think Tony never got through his thick skull was 5 guys that constatnly play together and know each other on the line is better than 5 1st round guys on the line that don't.
First round possibilities...?
QB - yes, RB - no, WR - no, TE - no OL - ??, DL - no, LB - ??, CB - no, FS - ??, SS - ??

Dolphins draft is begining to shape up. Keeping in mind deep draft in WR (thank god), OL, and inside linebacker:

1st Round: Tannehill if available or CB - Claiborne if not.
2nd: WR - Stephen Hill (think a young Megatron).
2nd: SS - Mark Barron (Trade 2 3rd round pics to move up to 2nd rd).
4th: RB - LaMichael James (think a young Bush and check the combine) if available or WR if not.
5th: OT
6th: ILB

Dont be surprised to see Ireland trade Simply The Bess to the patriots for the white guy in the slot


i dont think blackmon makes it past the browns and rams.as far as rt i think murtha needs a shot.i like long-richie-pouncy-jerry-murtha, but i also take a guy in the middle rounds who is versitile enough to play tackle and guard. irelands biggest mistake this offseason was not at qb,it was missing on a true beast/pancake machine named eric winston.

Home...if that's really you posting because I have my suspicions...layoff the hate today, you're really bringing me down.

Yo Home, keep me posted on next Thursday's protest info. I'll be there with 20 peeps.. This sorry excuse of a GM has got to go!!

I think aloco was the one who reported first .

Posted by: cocacjoe | March 21, 2012 at 02:02 PM

Nice try asswipe

The NFL should cancel it's games in London and have the Tebow led Jets play the Cardinals or Saints in the Vatican.

home/sybil/the many faces of eve:

you left out thee most important empty suit, and i happen to know he is not doing anything right now. you must must must stop posting right now and call obama to come to your march.

Crusher, I'd rather my team swing & miss, like the Jags,(which is stil unknown if they did ot not), than get called out on strikes everytime.

At the end of the day, both teams suck, so how was Miami's approach any better? They net us the same losing records every year.

At least those other teams tried.


i am willing trust philbin to work with ireland to turn this around.for years we've been known as dallas south.why? the real dallas is a train wreck...how did parcels' & jones' ever fit their egos in the same room...now we got 2 guys that come with GB packer pedigree & hopefully ron wolfe/ted thompson/mike mccarthy conviction.


I no but we need to move up a few sspots and give one of the thirds for letting us....this offseason is fu*** so far

home/sybil/the many faces of eve

i have it from one of armando's reliable sources that even though you did not formally invite them jesse jackson & al sharpton will be at the march(but only if there are news camaras rolling)

If we pick up tannehill, we should of got smith cuz in 6 yrs that's where he will be were smith is now.....if we can't move up get wallace for the 1st pick to pitts

Well ladies and gentlemen it appears that the Tebow deal with the Jets may hit a snag. The Jets may need to pay an additional $5 million dollars and if they don't they will need to forfeit Tebow who may go to the Rams. AWKWARD..Jets to Sanchez "Hey, just kidding about that Tebow thing".


if cleveland takes a swap of 1st's and one of our 3rd's ireland should have done that deal the day we traded marshall. i'd even give them the other extra 3rd from next year.

Profootballtalk.com just reported that the Tebow trade with the Jets might be voided because of a clause in the Tebow contract. He might end up with the Rams now.If that does happen St. Louis will have to change it's name to St. Tebow.

Ignore the blog idiot. Then watch his attn whorish ways of creating fake names to talk to himself.

He feeds off your replies. So, do all bloggers a favor & ignore him! You'd be treating him no differently than his parents. He's ok with it!

Ireland said black people dont buy tickets anyway, they win them in Dominoes or steal them

Rumor has it that now that Sean Payton has been suspended for a year Stephen Ross will try to sign him to coach the Dolphins from the Parking Lot of the Stadium.

tebow to the rams! perfect. then jeff(the dinosaur .500 coach)fisher can line him up and run the ball into the line on every play old school style...i am so glad we didn't get that guy.
we play st lou this year and i have a vision of bradford/tebow/whoever running out of the pocket with wake breathing down his neck.they close in on the sidelines and BAM wake hits bradford/tebow/whoever like a deisel locomotive. they fly into fisher and knock his mustache around to the back of his head ala the Daffy Duck bill gag from looney tunes...i'll even take the 15yarder for necessary(from a dolphans POV)roughness

might not be going to NY Jets after all, contract language may void it, and St/ Louis might end up getting him just heard on ESPN radio.....

Crusher lol I like it


U can bring a foil tray for chicken wings and hot sauce too for the protesters of the Miami Dolphins racist GM Jeff Ireland

After Home can make foil hats for the crowd in case Illuminati NFL owners try to beam HAARP mind control on the crowd like Bush did the Iraqis and they threw their weapon down and hands up as their eardrums were popping and bleeding

Suspend tebow for a year, impersonating a QB

Whats long and hard on Home?

second grade

Dont be surprised to see Ireland trade Simply The Bess to the patriots for the white guy in the slot

Posted by: Home, Sweet Home | March 21, 2012 at 03:14 PM

Well this is just stupid!
1) To turn the blog into a racial contest is just ignorent.
2) Have you seen the Patriots offense? It was mostley white dudes last year! Moreover they added more white guys, Robert Gallery & Anthony Gonzalez, this year.

Can we just stick to football, PLLLEEEEASE!




Now there will be way more JETS/TEBOW fans than ever b4 at Chemtrail Death stadium during the fish football follies game

We like to go and laugh at sean smith impersonating a CB

U should see sean when he tries to catc h a football

Omar Kelly has reported for 3 years in a row that sean is going to the Pro Bowl LMAO!

Wonder if this will be the fourth year prediction for sean smith from Omar Kelly the Sun Sentinel reporter posing as a rapper

Wrote a 21st century fight song for the dolphins. call it version3.wanna hear it...here it goes (sung to the tune of version1)

miami's got some dead wood they call a football team
they make me laugh,they make me cry,they make me want to scream.
what happened to our dolphins,they used to be the best.
but now we watch as jet fans laugh on the internet

cause we had
dave wannstedt's mustache
nick bubble satin
fall forward fast cam caMORON
and there was randy TOOLer
many samoans
and then big ruiner jerked us all

follow the williams sisters' bouncing ball,tune up yur banjo's,take out yer teeth and sing along...coda

words & music by calhoun tubbs...yeah!


All I can say about the Flynn thing is obviously Philbin doesn't think he's all that good. If he really thought he'd be a great QB in his system, I don't see how Philbin doesn't go to Ireland/Ross and force them to make it happen. Especially when their next option was an injured player who couldn't do squat in Jax (with the 2nd best RB in the AFC).

Q. What's the difference between Home & bucket of sh*t?

A. The Bucket

We r looking for 300 or more protesters next Thursday for the outstanding job Jeff Ireland is doing getting rid of all of our best black playas and getting us Dallas cast offs or practice squad caliber playas


Q. What's the difference between Home & bucket of sh*t?
A. The Bucket

Posted by: Home is a pathetic blog trolling douchebag | March 21, 2012 at 03:51 PM


"Bengals agreed to terms with RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis on a three-year contract."

Very solid signing. Underrated RB that never fumbles to go with Dalton, AJ Green, & Gresham. Look out Jeff now the Bengals are becoming legit.

U r only pivking on me cuz I'm black and support my people.

Come to the protest and let's have some BBQ ribs & watermelon together w Channing Crowder, Brandon Marshall and Y-Bell

Like all pathetic attn blog whores do...

Home likes to f himself!

Home likes to f himself!

Posted by: Home's Booty | March 21, 2012 at 03:55 PM

It's true! Just ask his mouth!

Well, shouldn't be a problem since we started the Wildcat offense. If we started it then we should be able to defeat it.

PS...Bell had 6 INTS in 8 years. He is not that good.

What really sickens Home is the fact that

Jeff the racist Ireland would not trade up and draft RG3

U see RG3 has a white GF w big knockers and Jeff thought RG3 was a "Race Trader"

Brees pissed off, offer number 1 number 3 and 2013 1 for him.

I don't speak for everyone Mr. Blog Idiot! But, I pick on you because you:

A. Are bumber than a 2x4
B. Have the wit of a 3 year old with OCD
C. Got beat up by the vibrator of a blogger on the Sentinel
D. Your mom won't stop issuing Silver Alerts for you
E. Need to create fake names to talk to yourself

Reasons F-J to come tomorrow.

If u think Y-Bell is not that good than u r a fool

Y-Bell is a force setting the tone w punishing bone crushing hits

He was fired cuz he was a black man making too much money in the eyes of Clan Master Ireland


With Tebow the place that he is is the "right source". Your foolish management could have obtained him and all the positives that Tebow brings with him. Too stupid to do so.

Now Tebow will fit in as best he can, have more time for his charitable works, commercials etc.

When his contract is up his agent can get him a better opportunity.

ARMANDO Tweets >>>>Mark Anderson signs a four-year deal with Buffalo. There goes Miami's last hope for a proven free agent pass rusher. Bills coming strong.<<<

Yesturday you created a blog or two about how much you are in l;ove with Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland. WE fans are disgusted with that occupier of the GMs office and we all want him fired.

As far as you tweeted above, WHO THE HECK IS RESPONSIABLE for ALLOWING what you call a PROVEN FA PASS RUSHER Mark Andeerson, to get away?????

Um, which way did he go George, which way did he goooo???


So are you still having a love fest with THE SCOUT after another one got away???

Ireland Sucks and the team reflects the same as it's leader, they SUCK.

Fins could still be in the running for TEBOW!

Broncos trade is also asking for $5,000,000 on top of 4th and 6th rd. picks.

Tebow going to the rams, this is too funny

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