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Tim Tebow goes to the Jets ... plays Miami twice a year

I have a suggestion for the Miami Dolphins: Pass on Tim Tebow day this year.

The former University of Florida star, the former Heisman Trophy winner, the man who led the Gators to national championships and the Denver Broncos to the playoffs, is now a New York Jet. He was traded today from Denver to the Jets for a reported fourth-round draft pick.

That ruckus you hear? The sound of the circus pulling up stakes from its recent Davie, Florida run and moving on to its next scheduled gig. Next stop the Meadowlands.

That's not a rip on Tebow. Nope, he's great. Great person. Great philanthropist. Great man of faith. Great football player. He's just not a great quarterback -- at least not yet.

The Jets acquired him to back up starter Mark Sanchez. They also will likely use him in their Wildcat package. Tony Sparano -- remember him? -- will give the Jets Wildcat a decisively Dolphins feel as he is New York's new offensive coordinator.

And Tebow figures to be his triggerman.

The problem is Tebow, the biggest attention-grabbing story in the NFL last season, is moving on to the media capital of the world. He'll be on the back pages. He'll be in the cross-hairs of the paparazzi. He'll be huge!

And he could be a huge pain in the neck for Sanchez.

Although Tebow is ostensibly going to New York as a backup and limited package guy, he is playing behind a quarterback in Sanchez who has proven himself to be, well, stinky at times.

And stinky at times quarterbacks have one unmistakable gift: They get replaced. That means the time Sanchez struggles two games in a row, it won't be long before calls for Tebow to replace Sanchez would be heard in the media or, worse, raining down from the MetLife Stadium stands.

An already fragile Jets locker room will have to lean on its most sturdy pillars or Rex Ryan's ample, ahem, shoulders to keep the place from fracturing.

Yeah, that'll work. Cue the circus music!

"We don't need Tebow. We sell out every home game let him go to Jacksonville, Tampa or Miami," Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie tweeted Tuesday. "Our wildcat offense can be ran (sic) by J Kerley or Joe McKnight we straight."

Later Cromartie was back at it.

"We have @MarkSanchez and just signed Drew. Mark has taken us to two AFC championship game (sic). We need to build on the team we have now."

What a lovely way to welcome a new teammate! Cromartie, by the way, attended Florida State. Tebow is a Gator.

Tebow's first order of business will probably be to show himself the forgiving turn-the-other-cheek guy his faith calls him to be. On the other hand, Tebow is 240 pounds and Cromartie is a comparative a stick figure at 205.

So maybe Tebow's first order of business will instead by to grab Cromartie in a headlock and force him to repent.


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Tim Tebow goes to the Jets ... plays Miami twice a year.

OK is it just ME or does Armando think that the Dolphin Fans are so freaking ignorant, dumb and a bunch of jackasses that HE posts that the Jets play Miami twice a year???

NO FEAKING S- - - Sherlock.

The most dumbest thing that I ever read Armando.

Craig M,

He's a great QB, I wish Saban had chosen differently.

NT G, Why are you surprise, Armando isnt the brightest apple out of the bunch.


Mark Anderson signed for 4 year and about $28 million. He's going to play on an awesome DL with Williams, Williams and Dareus. Is there something about this that was Jeff Ireland's fault? Seriously?? Did Mark Anderson become what will make or break our season? I don't get your logic, man.

Brees is a one season wonder, undersized, finished.
He's not literally finished, but he'll never win another super bowl and is not worth more than $5M a year or so, same as Henne.

NT G, Why are you surprise, Armando isnt the brightest apple out of the bunch.

Posted by: Timmy Couch | March 21, 2012 at 05:22 PM

LOL.. True, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed.

it wouldn't have hurt the dolphins to get Tebow
at this point what harm could it have done- to bring a strong positvive leader, a backup, to add some excitement to this boring boring team.

Blog Fodder,

No question. The TWO moves that REALLY hurt this franchise were picking Culpepper over Brees and picking Cameron over Tomlin. Really set us back!

Trade up for Blackmon
Then pair him with WEEDEN in second.
That all we got left
Tannehill is a huge reach at no.8
I can see us doing the IRELAND shuffle and trade down , then maybe Tannehill will be worth a mid 20 pick.
This way Fireland can still look cool and ahead of the curve by trading down for acorns

We don't want no Church element around here, unless they win for us.

Not sure if this was discussed or not on here today (sorry busy day, I haven't followed along), if Blackmon and Tannehill are there at 8, who do you take? Yeah there's a good chance that Blackmon is gone before 8 but hypothetically, what do you do?

This may not be popular, but I think I'd take Blackmon. More of a sure thing, more of an impact guy right off the bat etc...I know Mark in Toronto for me picking him but I would have NO problem taking Weeden later (assuming he's there) and WORST case scenario, I'd take that possible 'franchise' QB next year. Maybe not a popular idea but that's what I would do.


Btw, I read the Cousins/Brady comparisons today. They guy Cousins reminds me MORE of is Henne. Similar College numbers and neither one does anything particularly well. I could be way WRONG on this guy but I don't see him being anything but a mediocre NFL QB. Just my thoughts....nothing scientific or anything.

Tannehill in the first (and you'd better be right Sherman), or wait until about the 6th round. No Weeden or other 2nd or 3rd rounders. I'm completely tired of that crap. We need a first round QB period. If we end up sucking this year we'll be able to get a stud QB next year. I'd rather go through one more crap season since I'm used to it anyway than grab some QB like Weeden and pin our hopes on him. We need Barkley or one of the other 3 or 4 1st round QB's next year damn it!

Garrard had to chose employment between the Dolphins and Wendy's.

Boy, I thought I was mad, but is YG/DB/ Home or whatever he wants to call himself as mad as all Hell.

Hey, dusty, how the hell did we wind up with Henne and Denver with Tebow?

finally some good news. jets continue to make awful moves with players and coaches, love it

Threw fried chicken...HOHO!!

It will be exciting.

duhhhhhh............uh..............slobber slobber.........duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Tim Tebow goes to the Jets ... plays Miami twice a year

WHAT???, when did we start playing the jets twice a year....hell, just one conspiracy after another for these dolphins...

PS... Armando,.....well damn, I guess I can live with the playing the jets twice a year...just dont say we have to play the pats twice a year man, I just wont be able to handle that!!!

Craig/Signal, good things to think about.

Signal, if that was the case (Philbin was overruled by Ireland), I don't know how he handles that. Has anyone EVER heard of a HC being overruled by a GM? This isn't just a bottom-of-the-roster move, this was potentially the STARTING QB. Philbin impresses Ross. And yes, I understand Ross says Ireland has final say, but I really, really, REALLY don't see how this relationship works if Philbin can't even get his QB coming in the door (this wasn't 15mil/year like Peyton, this was a little more than what they gave Garrard. Plus, are you telling me Ireland is going to act like he knows Flynn's worth more than PHILBIN? Don't see that. If that was the case, and I was HC, I'd walk (obviously this franchise has no plans in helping me succeed would be my reasoning).


I'm not talking about Flynn here (could care less about him). I'm talking about Philbin getting the players HE wants. Not WISHES. NEEDS. If he felt he NEEDED Flynn to get the program off the ground, then do you really see Ireland overruling that?

It's gotta be that Philbin thinks a drafted QB is the better way to go. Or that route would produce just as much as Flynn. Or he's gambling with Moore in the hope that if it goes wrong, Miami will get a high pick next year and grab a top QB.

My firm belief is Philbin didn't think that highly of Flynn. Sherman must have convinced him Tannehill was every bit as good or better.

One day I'd love to get an answer to that question (though I won't hold my breath).

if Blackmon and Tannehill are there at 8, who do you take?

Posted by: Craig M | March 21, 2012 at 05:33 PM

I will take Blackmon, he will make any QB look better. Not a much vertical thread, but, it seems that he can break easy any jam, and get separation quickly, very useful at a West Coast Offense.

I'm just posing this scenario to try and understand the relationship with Ireland and even his Coaching staff. Obviously there was a rift between him and Sparano. Anyone think Nolan was in love with Ireland? Didn't really look like it to me (in all the interviews and such I saw/read with Nolan). I have no definitive proof here, I'm just speculating.

Now if there's the beginning of a "disliking" between Ireland and Philbin (and his staff), then we've got problems. GMs and Coaching staffs need to work hand in hand without any animosity.

Again, this is all just speculation on my part. I'm trying to understand the dynamics playing in the background. Last year, those dynamics led to a horrible Season. I'd just like to get ahead of this if I can (though I know I probably won't be able to).

Agree with you there DC I think they sat down and weighed the pros and cons of Flynn vs Tannehill and it was agreed for the price and upside Tannehill was the better choice. Where might Tannehill be with 4 years of qb coaching and expierence running the offense compared to where Flynn is today?

See, I learned last year that you don't take value in the Draft, you take good Players that fit your System. So, it's anybody's guess who Ireland will take, Blackmon, Wright, Floyd, other. Ask him.


Barry Jackson has an opinion piece in today's Miami Herald where Nick Bouniconti rips the Phins FO and Ireland. Intense!


I think Blackmon has better odds of being a top player in his position than Tannehill. Although I guess you have to factor the QB position has a higher value.

If it were me with our track record I would go with odds and Blackmon.

Got the feeling the actual pick will be Coples or Perry because Blackmon won't fall to 8 and Ireland won't like Tannehill's value there.

Ray Lewis the 3rd to UM, not Ray Lewis to the Dolphins.

Fins Fans Not everything is Lost check this link out ;)


Hold up all you tebowmaniacs(ARMANDO)

now jags talking to broncos about taking teblow since jets and donks can come up with right compensation....well, at least THIS florida appears out of it but you dont count out dumbshell ireland, he may still surprise!!!


I'm not arguing the merits of some of the coaches who may have "passed" on the chance at coaching the Dolphins since Sparano, but they did seem the type who would want more say(maybe power is a better word), in personnel decisions.

No tannehill, no weeden, no any qb in this fraft. The dolphins will be horrible next season anyway so try and get that top pick and draft barkley!


Brandon Weeden FTW


I guess you pride yourself on having a censor free blog and that's OK - NOT! But can't you at least find a blogging tool that let's each of us selectively tune out other posters who are obscene, obtuse, juvenile. It would be a lot more fun to participate if I didn't have to thread through so much crap. For example the idiot posting as "Home, Sweet Home". This is a classic case of some nine year old that got on mommy's computer without her knowing it. The kid should be taking something for his bipolar disorder.

I woke up one morning and turned on ESPN and on the Mike and Mike show they were reporting that Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland was fired overnight by Dolphin owner Ross for being insubordinate.

They also showed video of Armando being chased down the street from the Dolphins practice facility in Davie, Fl by a crowd of 300 fans as they pelted Armando with chicken wings (hot and spicy ones.

They also reported BIG NEWS that free agent Drew Brees has signed a 7 yr $150 million with $75 guaranteed with the Miami Dolphins acting GM Dan Marino.

Brees decided that he does not want anything to do with the Saints as their image with the Bounty and suspensions has turned Brees against his former team.

Brees is delighted to be a Dolphin AND THEN I woke up and realized that it was all a just a dream I begun crying uncontrollably.

Patsies sign will allen. Miami is not even going to get a chance to draft tannehill. Cleve is going to be dumb enough to tske him at 4. Go cleve!

My fantasty fins draft...that won't happen:

1.J Blackmon WR-OSU
2.W Mercilus-DE-Illinois
2.B Weedon-QB-OSU (trade up)
4.A Allen-S-S.Carolina
5.J Wright-WR-Arkansas
6.M Egnew-TE-Missouri
7.L Walker-OT-Clemson

Dolfan Rick for GM. Great draft, just pull the trigger and make it happen. .

This is great news for the Dolphins. Tony Sparano will be trying to win with the wildcat offense that he is putting in place for the NY Jets. Mr. predictable will try to run an offense. Forget about the element of surprise with Sparano. He is captain obvious.....




I doubt that you're still around but a couple of other thoughts. I read your comments on Flynn saying 'the vibe just felt right' in Seattle. You're not the only one to suggest that means 'things aren't all right in Miami'. My take? I think Flynn's preference would have been to go to Miami and work with Philbin in his system but I think Ireland became very guarded in what he was prepared to pay Flynn. He had a 'value' if you will. I had read that there were some in the Dolphins FO that were 'lukewarm' on Flynn and I think it's fair to say that Ireland fell into that category. Now the tendency for most would be to jump on Ireland and say 'what an idiot....you're wrong' but you've got to hand it to the guy, he had a plan and he stuck to it. Was he right? We'll find out. Prsonally, I think he was drafting QB all the way and I think his plan was to buy Tannehill 2-3 years. Seems to me he's accomplished that without selling the farm for a guy like Flynn.

Lastly, I think it's fair to say this COULD create some tension between Ireland and Philbin. We know Philbin is familir and likes Flynn (how much we don't know) but it was Ireland who has final say on these things. Ultimately, it was him who wouldn't budge on the money. We'll have to see if that affects things between Philbin and Ireland going forward.

Last point on Ireland (and I brought this up with Armando yesterday). I sometimes wonder if Ireland's 'arrogance' or 'standoffishness' is in fact that or if he's just an intense individual. I think he takes his job very seriously (maybe too seriously) but I think part of that is he's trying to make a name for himself and I don't believe his age helps him sometimes. I don't think people would have as much of issue with him if he was in his 60's. I feel like he always feels like he has to try harder than everyone else to do the job and I think he's a very serious individual. I don't think anybody wants success more than Jeff Ireland. I actually think he's very misunderstood.

Will do NY "G". Just gotta get out my prototyical player value mold knock down turn around and pick bale of cotton slide rule, then see if i can pull em out from under their repsective rocks!

Ryan Leaf you are naïve to say the least. Where did Crowder go to college again? Right.

HOF jets Qb joe namath is even scratching his head saying, "what the hell are these guys doing?"
And I have respect for any man that can get drunk and hit on women in front of millions of people. Freaking AMAZING!

Will do NY "G". Just gotta get out my prototyical player value mold knock down turn around and pick bale of cotton slide rule, then see if i can pull em out from under their repsective rocks!

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | March 21, 2012 at 07:29 PM


rehire YB at the right price, and something tells me that Brees could be treated

Tebow will be wiping the field with the Dolphins

trade down mock draft for #2 and #4 + #6

1st rd Brandon Weeden QB Oklahoma State
2nd rd Kevin Zeitler OG Wisconsin
2nd rd Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers
3rd rd Tommy Streeter WR The University of Miami
3rd rd Derek Wolfe DL Cinncinnati
4th rd Brett Roy DL Nevada
4th rd Tank Carder LB TCU
5th rd Philip Thomas FS Syracuse
6th rd Ron Brooks CB LSU
6th rd Miles Burris OLB San Diego State
7th rd Tony Dye SS UCLA

and people think miami's front office is a laughing stock? the jets extend sanchez with big bucks, hire the uberconservative tony s to run the offense then spends some more money bringing in a QB that sucks up the spotlight and sucks at being a QB. i'm feeling pretty good about jeff and david garrard!!!

Tebow plays miami 2X's - Great Maybe Ross and Ireland can honor him and the gators once again.

Just another Bonehead move by our organization.

Tebow to the Jets!!!! Thank you Jesus...can I get an AMEN????

You idiots on here upset that we didn't get Tebow becuase we're not going to fill seats for Ross...are you fools for real....we want to win football games that's what fills seats not some gimmick quarterback. grow up people..

This will be a typical dolphin year, win just enough games not to get the top couple of draft pics, then flounder around again in FA. Then we will be having this same conversation next year because all the "real fans" will be telling us rebuilding takes time. LMFAO....WTF have we been doing the last friggin decade?!

Tannehill has better footwork than Luck. Far far better than Grifith 3. If you want to know what a QB will be look at his feet. Tannehills are amazing. Maybe some of the best to ever come out.

He needs to sit behind someone for a year maybe 2, then we have our guy.

If Ireland an Co. can go get him.

there'd better not be a Tim Tebow day now, he's a division rival now!

Yay tebow day twice a year.... I agree with steele. Was a tebow fan till now. Now he's the enemy.

Not sure either Sanchez or Tebow are going to ever be great qb's. Probablly a little better than we have though!! That Cromartie guy sounds like a typical Jets player...

For the first time in his life Ireland is actually preplanning his moves for the team. Too bad he is planning his #1 2013 pick, before the 2012 season even begins.

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