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Dolphins fan protest not as effective as possible

I love and admire Dolphins fans.

You are the reason I am employed. You feed my family and put a roof over my head. You are passionate. You are usually well-informed. Many of you are bright. And you're beaten down after a decade of unacceptable results by your once-elite football franchise.

But Tuesday's protest across the street from the Dolphins practice facility in Davie, Fl.?

Not the way to do it.

Firstly, it was hastily planned. It was modestly attended. It was not exactly exactly Martin Luther King's march on Selma, Alabama as you can see by the video I shot below.

The Dolphins recognized the gathering. The club released the following statement through a spokesman:

"We have the most passionate fans in football and they are not shy about letting their sentiments be known. We understand and we are working hard on giving them something to cheer about this season."

And here is the video:

But here is my point:

That is not the way to do it.

A gathering of two dozen Dolphins fans in the middle of the afternoon in the offseason doesn't really touch the team. It doesn't make the team feel your pain. It doesn't move the meter to force change as much as other things do.

What things?

Do. NOT. Buy. Tickets.

Do. NOT. Purchase. Jerseys.

If you are disgruntled with Miami Dolphins LLC, you have to send a message to this business by approaching it in a business manner.

And if you do have to attend the games and purchase $10 beers and $18 sandwiches in the concession stand, then do it on a day when Stephen Ross is likely to be on the field. Arrive early to Miami's home games when Ross is roaming the sideline. And then boo him lustily or chant or otherwise voice displeasure so you get his attention.

In other words, deliver the message to the person with the power to change things. And let him know you are upset in an up-close-and-personal manner.

Golden State Warriors fans took that approach this week. And it is all over the national news. And it embarrassed Warriors owner Joe Lacob. And chances are really good he now understands how toxic he has made things with Golden State fans.

There were 18,000 people gathered at the Warriors' game and they rained down holy heck on Lacob. That is much, much, much more effective than 24 souls holding up signs across from the training facility ... while Ross is home in New York.



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TEBOW TIME!!!!!!!!

Rob M, then don't blog here either. The attention this blog gets good or bad is good for the fins team. If the blog goes dead, that shows the fan base is detached and losing interest, and that will worry them.

Agreed! This sideshow of Ross and Ireland has brought us to a time that will now be referred to as the Dark Ages.

Seriously. What a joke. Aren't there more important things to protest anyway. A few (or a season of) blackouts ought to send the message.

Organized fan displeasure and booing the owner worked in DC. They fired the GM Vinny Cerrato and then drafted RGIII.

Bring in Tebow! Do it!

General Mills is running a contest where you can win tickets to Super Bowl XXXI next year. The fine print states the odds of going to the Super Bowl are about
460,000 to 1, the same odds as for the Dolphins going.


Ross is quickly becoming public enemy #1. For just plain stupidity!

Tebow would at least give the fans some hope during these bleak, dark days. How much more.can Dolphins fans take? Give us a reason to go to the games. Tebow would at.least generate some enthusiasm. I can't t believe how far we've fallen. Will we ever be good again?

i'll give those protesters credit for doing something they believe in. we fans arent organized and really don't know how to express our frustration with the FO. to me its as if my dolphins have been hijacked by 2 imbeciles who could care less what the fans think/want. its like its their team,not ours but we are expected to accept all their decisions,cloaked in secrecy, and "pay the freight". we have the only GM that barricades himself in a facility year round refusing to speak to the fans. on the rare occasion when he does, no one can believe anything he says. CREDIBILITY????

Seriously. What a joke. Aren't there more important things to protest anyway. A few (or a season of) blackouts ought to send the message.

Posted by: Marc | March 21, 2012 at 06:32 AM

You are so right, did you see the morons that were there. That makes us the laughing stock of the league, even more than what has happened on field or in the FO.

Even if nothing else comes of it, at least Jeff Ireland stuck his head out of his hole and saw his shadow! Six more weeks of agony for fin fans till the draft! I thought Ireland had lost his vocal cords, but I guess not. As usual, nothing meaningful comes out of his mouth. Makes him a good match with Ross. Do I sound disgruntled? I would rather be gruntled

hahaha, Armando, are you trying to get on managements bad side? dont get me wrong, i love it. just might not be in your best way to approach from your business perspective.

This whole offseason has been hilarious to me. Fans are so silly to believe that seasons are won or lost in March. And what will be really funny is that these outraged fans will come slinking back sheepishly when the season actually begins and the Fins start winning games. Trust me, when that happens, this offseason will be quickly forgotten. Remember, last season's offseason champs (Eagles) didn't make the playoffs and a big loser last March won the SB.

Poor angry people - running around all their life pissed of and mad at everything - life is to short. Focus on the positive things and enjoy your life a little more.

We have a new coach, who it seems most of us think is a good choice, Reggi B had a breakout year, we're going to get a high powered offense, and like it or not we have a pretty good QB tandem who will compete for the starting job.


BTW Dan Marino had a lifetime QB rating around 86 and most of you folks love him. Give Matt Moore a chance.


Free agency is two weeks old, they weren't ANY franchise QB's available in free agency ( other than Manning ) and he really never consider us, but before you say it's because of Ireland keep in mind he turned down the best team that could take him to the SB ( 49'rs ) and the Dolphins philosophy is to built through the draft were they will get their QB.

And all you mindless baboons are bashing Ireland and the Dolphins and the draft is still a month away ?

god gave you a brain, it wouldn't hurt to used it everyone in a while.

Bringing in Tebow would be only stupid.
Bringing in Tebow would be only stupid.
Bringing in Tebow would be only stupid.
Bringing in Tebow would be only stupid.
Bringing in Tebow would be only stupid.
Bringing in Tebow would be only stupid.
Bringing in Tebow would be only stupid.
Bringing in Tebow would be only stupid.
Bringing in Tebow would be only stupid.
Bringing in Tebow would be only stupid.
Bringing in Tebow would be only stupid.
Bringing in Tebow would be only stupid.
Bringing in Tebow would be only stupid.
Bringing in Tebow would be only stupid.
Bringing in Tebow would be only stupid.
Bringing in Tebow would be only stupid.
Bringing in Tebow would be only stupid.
Bringing in Tebow would be only stupid.
Bringing in Tebow would be only stupid.
Bringing in Tebow would be only stupid.

Thhere is a zero percent chance Ross would ever appear in front of the fans like the warrior's owner did. The booing he would get would make the warrior's owner look popular in comparison.

good points Count and y-not. Last year everyone was angry because we didn't overspend on Orton and got Moore instead; that worked out pretty well IMO since he clearly was better than Henne.

Don't pay attention to the crackhead fans

"Organized fan displeasure and booing the owner worked in DC. They fired the GM Vinny Cerrato and then drafted RGIII."

2 things - First, Wash has not drafted RGIII yet.
Second, what exactly has "worked"? The Skins won fewer games than Miami last year and they haven't even won a preseason game with Griffin yet. Right now, Matt Moore is a far more accomplished QB than RGIII. The only thing that has "worked" is to fire up an ignorant fan base. And we'll see how fired up they are next March coming off a losing record and with no 1st round pick.

ok, so we have unemployment at nearly 9%.....world at war.....countries building nukes......middle east still a mess.....europe financial system under stress, and ours isn't a lot better--and this tiny group of 20 yr olds are protesting....what, because we didn't sign Matt Flynn?.....or get Jeff Fisher (who plenty of people didn't want anyway)--or Manning or Harbaugh (neither of which were ever coming, but you can't blame them for trying)--O.....K

kris is a local h omo that likes to post here but doesn't know much about acting like a man.
I try to coat his throat about 4 times a year. I always hold his ears when doing so.
Sometimes he starts crying when I'm holding his ears but I simply turn him over when that happens and that seems to release the tension on everything.
Frequently after I finish with kris I go to Denny's for brefast and get a BJ out of the the slightly-olders-slightly-heavier-slightly-stankier women that I will be pumpin toinight

Posted by: TheSMF | March 20, 2012 at 12:50 AM

Mando on the surface you MAY have a point. But Rosa Parks was one person, MLK was one person, Gandhi was one person. Any movement starts with those few that are willing to get things started -- who is to say that this will not be the beginning of a movement.
I can assure you that Ross was watching, listening to what was happenning. People like you will have to carry the message, lets not get hung up on numbers, these will come. just you wait until training camp, preseason, and the season. I can assure you that if we stink in preseason we will see this movement to get rid of Ireland will fester into a real problem for Ross.

I've said numerous times I think the dolphins intended to draft Tannehill (knowing it couldn't get Luck, or RGIII). Ireland, Philbin, and Sherman sit down and analyze Tannehill vs. Flynn and knowing neither is assured success but Tannehill has more upside at a cheaper cost decide to go with him.

do not buy tickets...you only get pissed that you spent time and money watching a shity product on the field..Hell at least we might have a better coach..sparano was terrible and will give us an edge over the jets...lol

Tebow sucks.

I demand that the Dolphins bring in one Mr. Timothy Tebow. It makes perfect sense from a business perspective- if you want to sell tickets you need a big name. Tebow! Tebow! Tebow!


Rome wasn't built in a day...and the FINS didn't fall from grace in one game....

EVERY movement starts with ONE person disgruntled enough to take a stand.....wether it be the TEA PARTY....or the OCCUPY MOVEMENT......

Hats off to ALL those that showed up to voice they're disgust with this teams FO and direction in general.....

You say it wasn't as "effective as possible"......I say .....

1. It got Ireland to call local media outlets to do damage control

2. It forced the public relations department to release a stament of acknowledgment

3. You have written a blog about it...furthering the exposure

4. When I was in the gym this mornin.....I SAW IT ON ESPN.....about 5:30 or so.....

it may not be as effective as possible....but for 24 PEOPLE....its a pretty good start.....

Only Tim Tebow can right this sinking ship. You may not like him but you know it's true.

"Tebow sucks"
Yeah, all those wins when he led the Broncos sure did suck. Tebow is Mr. Excitement. He may not be Manning but have you looked at our roster? You honestly want to tell me Tebow doesn't have a good chance of starting? Not to mention the ticket sales that would come with a Tebow signing. Gator fans would be packing the stadium.

Fire Ireland enough said

I'll say it again.....Porter, Clark and others are hypocrite mercenaries.....if you put a little extra money in Porter's contract, he'd sign here in 2 minutes--i know it, you all know it.....and Joey Porter knows it--they are part of a union folks, and a bigger contract is good for all of their members.

I agree Kris. I applaud the protesters- I will not mock them. They gave voice to the disgust and desperation all Dolphins fans are feeling right now. We've had enough!

If you want to get serious about showing your displeasure now, rather than waiting for the season to start, do it the old fashioned way...write. Flood them with letters to the owner, letting them know how you feel. Put it in their faces, rather than on this board, where they won't see it!

Miami Dolphins, ATTN: Staff, Player or Cheerleader Name, 7500 SW 30th Street, Davie, Florida, 33314

Ross' e-mail address would be better. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to come up with it yet.

Does anyone really think Ross and Ireland care what the fans think? These guys look down their noses at Regular,working people. The only way to hurt them is in the wallet,because that is ALL they care about. Just my opinion.

Yes BB that is true of the majority of players. There is no such thing as team loyalty to player or player loyalty to a team; it's all about the money. If there was team loyalty to a player why did Indy let Peyton go, and if there was a such thing as player loyalty to team why did JT sign with the Jets?

You will wake up and find your franchise gone in the night. it has happened before. Our owner lives in NY for God's sake. Booing Ross is rediculous. Boycotting is rediculous. They will take the team and leave. Thats what billionaire owners do. They sell out or relocate. How will Armando feed his family then?

Kris, the tiny protest did not get Ireland to call the media. It was the national media attention from Peter King and a few at ESPN making a mockery of him, not a few unemployed boat people and shelf stockers on a street corner.

Very well we will do more!!

Looking for sponsors:

Organizing a boycott of home dolphin games. Will be looking into Bayfront Park as a possible location, pulling proper permits and bringing in live acts as well as radio and TV. This nonsense must stop!

Phinsanity? Occupy Davie?

Give us a Player!!!

I don't care what stupid project QB we draft this year but after this complete disasterous free agency period, Steven Ross needs to reign in his unpopular, public relations nightmare general manager "Jeff Ireland" and tell him to draft someone that gives his fans HOPE for the 2012 football season.

That Player is Trent Ricardson.....

Tell Ireland to get off his fat arrogant As$ and trade that disapointing north/south runner Daniel Thomas, and if necessary package it with a late draft pick and grab Richardson for the future.

The draft is FAT with receivers in mid rounds.....there are also QBs that can be projects towards Philbins WCO. They're not going to produce this year anyway.

We're not laying "FLAT for MATT" this year so either fire Ireland's as$ or take the reigns and do it yourself.

I'm not a Tebow fan but I wouldn't be opposed to having him run an offense with Richardson and Bush in the backfield. No one seemed to have a problem with Phibin letting Manning run his own offense right? Hell Philbin didn't even call his own plays in Greenbay right?

There will be plenty of time to implement Philbin's offense in the future with young draft picks.

We've taken sh$t as dolphin fans long enough so it's time for Ross to take the reigns and win games in 2012...

Picking good players now only makes your franchise look attractive to Brees next year when he's had enough and want's out of New Orleans.

Hell if Wayne Huizenga had not of listened to his supposedly "football experts" Brees would have been here in 2006.

Get it Done and lets move on Mr. Ross.. make that splash you promised your fan base....

I will say it once more, talking about boycotting the team on the blog is an oxymoron. You are showing interest in the team and boosting the Heralds Dolphins blog by being here.

The fact is, none of you have enough discipline to boycott the team, the games, or even this silly blog. Actions speak louder than words. If you all want to boycott, let the blog go down to zero hits.

So many bad football teams since Marino. It's unbelievable. We're like the LA Clippers of the NFL- only we've got no chance of getting CP3 or Griffin.

KY....its sad but true, but its also the reality in pro sports....but thats ok, its not the end of the world, everybody understands it--but the point is, when writers say that players don't want to come here (but we all know they would if Miami offered more money) it gives those players credibility--when they shouldn't have any, since they'd come here for more money in a second--of all people, Porter?--the loudmouth, overrated, overpaid malcontent with an axe to grind?--cmon

Trying to "out vote" Stephen Ross with your dollars is foolish. If you really want to save the Phins and by extension this city's soul you will organize around what makes our area unique. If you compare great football cities to this one you will see that it is all about location. But don't take my word for it. Look at the various stadiums on Google maps yourself. Look at the location of Mile High Stadium, Candlestick Park and Soldier field. Look at WHERE those communities chose to build their facilities. Those cities celebrate what makes them unique. If all that we have to offer is casino's and pari-mutual gambling then we are already doomed! We have always been an outdoor destination but the powerful and the greedy will see you sacrifice all of what this place has to offer so they can make more money! And you know who loses? That's right, it sure isn't them. We have seen this process play out over and over again. You want it to change? Then organize around something larger than yourselves, organize for the benefit of your community and your children. This place is almost completely paved and destroyed. Don't fall for more of it! Your welcome Miami! P.S. Sugar is poison. :0)

I'll give Armando credit; he is right about the way to go about it if enough fans were serious about it. That is how Detroit fans got rid of Matt Millen, chanted at college games, Pistons games, Redwing games, and Thanksgiving game against the Dolphins.

There's only one player that can give the fans HOPE, and it ain't Trent Richardson. You all know who it is. His last name is spelled T-E-B-O-W
Some of you might not like him but you know it's true. And you'll learn to love him with his heroics on the field. Tebow has said he wants to get back to Florida. Time to make the call Ireland. It's the only thing that can salvage this disastrous offseason.

Tebow can't throw.
Tebow was the least accurate passer in the NFL last year.
Tebow can't read NFL defenses.
Tebow is stupid.
Tebow will spend his NFL career mostly on the bench while each new team tries to conjure up some trick plays for him.
Tebow is a distraction and a hindrance to a football teams growth.

LOL Honton. You forgot the most important Sparano wants Tebow to run the wildcat for the Jets. If Sparano wants him that should tell you what kind of qb he is.

and by the way, Matt Flynn would've signed here if we offered him more money too--hey, looking at the contract that Manning got, you could easily assume that he ended up signing only for the most money too......cant imagine other teams were offering that much, and Denv has probably the worst team of the group--so after all of that, Manning, probably, simply signed for the biggest contract.....I'm guessing Elway gave him the parameters of a deal all along.....is that hard to imagine?

People like Scott and Ross would see mega casinos here in Miami and in the Keys. They see this place like Green saw the desert in Nevada, empty and waiting to be filled with scum and pestilence. They are cynical cowards and fantastical fools!

Fans, don't buy tickets, don't buy Dolphins stuff. Force Ross to put the team up for sale. Rush Limbaugh buys Dolphins and with his passion for football brings us back to the Bad Ass Fins and not the NFL laughing stock.

I am willing to concede Mr. John Elway knows more about evaluating QB's than I do. He has spoken loud and clear what he thinks of Tebow, not even good enough to keep as a back up.

Sacrificing what makes our area unique for the greedy work of cynics and fools is the true crime here... You want to protest something! Protest that!

Absolutely BB had we offered more to either of those qbs they would have come here. We knew we didn't have the cap space so our plan all along was to pick up a potential qb in the draft.

Do. NOT. Buy. Tickets.

Do. NOT. Purchase. Jerseys.

Unemployed losers who took the bus to the facility. I guess they want Tebow so they can continue to protest losing.

Ross needs to calm down and listen to the coach he hired Joe Philbin.

Team loyalty was before free agency and big money contracts...Mickey Mantle signed the same $100,000 contract for 15 yrs with the yankees...In the 60's pro football players were playing for $10,000 per year...Teams used to have the same players year after year....now after 3 or 4 yrs players move on for bigger bucks...JT was forced out of Miami he was not disloyal to the Dolphins...Babe Ruth was traded twice....go figure

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