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Dolphins fan protest not as effective as possible

I love and admire Dolphins fans.

You are the reason I am employed. You feed my family and put a roof over my head. You are passionate. You are usually well-informed. Many of you are bright. And you're beaten down after a decade of unacceptable results by your once-elite football franchise.

But Tuesday's protest across the street from the Dolphins practice facility in Davie, Fl.?

Not the way to do it.

Firstly, it was hastily planned. It was modestly attended. It was not exactly exactly Martin Luther King's march on Selma, Alabama as you can see by the video I shot below.

The Dolphins recognized the gathering. The club released the following statement through a spokesman:

"We have the most passionate fans in football and they are not shy about letting their sentiments be known. We understand and we are working hard on giving them something to cheer about this season."

And here is the video:

But here is my point:

That is not the way to do it.

A gathering of two dozen Dolphins fans in the middle of the afternoon in the offseason doesn't really touch the team. It doesn't make the team feel your pain. It doesn't move the meter to force change as much as other things do.

What things?

Do. NOT. Buy. Tickets.

Do. NOT. Purchase. Jerseys.

If you are disgruntled with Miami Dolphins LLC, you have to send a message to this business by approaching it in a business manner.

And if you do have to attend the games and purchase $10 beers and $18 sandwiches in the concession stand, then do it on a day when Stephen Ross is likely to be on the field. Arrive early to Miami's home games when Ross is roaming the sideline. And then boo him lustily or chant or otherwise voice displeasure so you get his attention.

In other words, deliver the message to the person with the power to change things. And let him know you are upset in an up-close-and-personal manner.

Golden State Warriors fans took that approach this week. And it is all over the national news. And it embarrassed Warriors owner Joe Lacob. And chances are really good he now understands how toxic he has made things with Golden State fans.

There were 18,000 people gathered at the Warriors' game and they rained down holy heck on Lacob. That is much, much, much more effective than 24 souls holding up signs across from the training facility ... while Ross is home in New York.



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heard on the radio when i was dropping my daughter at school that only 2 teams are in the mix for him Jets and Jags. He says he would prefer to go back to Florida, but we know NFL is a business and whoever ponies up the most draft compensation to denver wins.

Bring in Tebow

So far the only one I see mentioning religion is you, you are the one stuck on it. Sure, I will admit I was wrong if he becomes a top 10 QB, otherwise there is no point in him.

Show me some quotes of any reputable nfl guy saying Tebow has an accurate arm. Hoge has done some analysis on Tebow and Tebows own stats confirm Hoge's findings.

Tebows stats are terrible. You are stuck on Tebow the college guy, not the NFL flop soon to be dumped for peanuts.

ireland is devoid of personality. how can he "sell" himself or the organization to anyone,player or coach.

Not sure people have been watching Dolphins football in the last decade. The fans ARE doing their part. Anyone see packed stadiums for home games? When's the last time you did?

Believe me, Ross UNDERSTANDS, in the only way a billionaire can. He shells out major wads of cash each home game to prevent blackouts.

HE WILL HAVE TO DO THAT AGAIN IN 2012. And that's good for him. He should be made to do it (or have blackouts) every game until the fans "have something to cheer about."

And I don't care what type of fan you are, there is VERY LITTLE to cheer about with the Miami Dolphins now. That's not to say they're doing the right thing by starting over (and doing it the right way). I'm happy about that. But I'm not dumb. I don't think it's going to equate to any more wins THIS year. This is a HUGE ditch the team is trying to get out of, and it won't be fixed in one offseason.

There's a whole new Coaching staff running things. They haven't even played a game yet to test their approach. Of course we should all have some patience to let them succeed or fail before we lambast them for doing the wrong thing.

But the team also needs to understand just because they keep getting makeovers, we fans don't. We've lived through this misery for a long, long time. If ANYONE has the right to vent, it's the fans of the Miami Dolphins.

Optimistic fans (and the team) just need to accept the facts as they are, until they change them and EARN the cheers and respect they are asking for. If we have to sit through Seasons of mediocrity before THEY get their act together, THEY need to sit through years of fans not coming to home games and booing backup QBs at minicamps and complaining on blogs like this until they DO turn the team into something WORTHY of cheering for.


I actually think Tebow fits what the jest want to do....pound the ball with some WC from time to time...keep the D off balance...and he would be good in spurts...

Lets hope Tebow goes to jacksonsville...and buries Henne even further on the depth chart...


Elway has been down on Tebow from the moment he took over, not just since Peyton came available. He could never get himself to say he thought Tebow was a franchise QB when pressed several times. Now he will dump a first round pick for peanuts.

That says plenty for me. I would put Elways opinion on QB's in the top ten of all living people, and maybe dead people too.

Me no know what happein. Me want dragt come fast.


Here's the truth, finding a franchise QB is the hardest thing to do in the NFL. In truth, Ross might be doing exactly what needs to be done in order for us to turn things around. He might be going for the #1 pick in the draft.

People better watch what they ask for. Look at Cincy and see what a owner who does not want to spend any money looks like.

It would be a sad day in my life if Miami moved to LA. It would be like loosing my dad all over again. So yes you can cry and moan but watch what you ask for.

Personally if we get a blackmon or Floyd or even a pass rusher in the first and second. I think we will be ok. You do have to spend some picks on the o-line though. I still think we are two players short on the o-line.

Gerrard could be this years Pennington and might provide us with a stop gap. Or Maybe Moore is the real deal, who knows till they play the games.

I think the offensive play structure will be way better this year, Dabol showed you that just changing a few things can make a difference. I think Mike Sherman is a pretty darn good OC and will help Philbin turn into a pretty good HC. The latter being speculation since he hasn't done it yet.

My worry is the D is going to take the year off. Losing Nolan was worse than losing Marshall.

Really think the sky isn't falling, tune in after the draft might change my mind. Not that it matters.

Go Dolphins!! And not to LA.

It is March. The season starts in late August. Whether the team performs on the field is 100% dependent on whether Philbin's coaching and system works.

You guys are pathetic.


Good post but calling this team mediocre is a stretch. 6-10 is hardly mediocre.

"Sure, I will admit I was wrong if he becomes a top 10 QB, otherwise there is no point in him."
So that's your criteria huh? He has to be a top 10 qb. You honestly want to argue either of the guys we currently have are top 10 qb's.

If you even joke that you wish the team would leave Miami, you have forfeitted your right to be a fan or even live in the State of Florida.

Yes, it is good to vent out anger, but not too much.

lets also boycott the Dolphins by not reading this blog,,,,Im in,,,
wont buy anything Dolphin. Garrard is a slap in the face of every Dolphin fan,,,,,

Me want numero 1 receiver, numero 1 guard in dragt.

Hey Sheep, do we play Jax next year? Because if we do, Henne will light us up for 350 yards and 4 TDs. I guarantee you.

Tebow probably wont be a Miami Dolphin

Problem is our new bald coach has no clue how to run an offense that plays to Tebow's style and winning formula

The low fish are going to run a west coast offense even though we dont have the QB, WR or pieces to that puzzle

To actually attend a protest about not being happy with the Dolphins mangement is ludacris, Im a fan of the team like all of you but I also realize this is just entertainment. I want the team to win and do good but I dont care to protest anything about the Dolphins if the mangement sucks, just voice your opinions on the blogs.

Ross, move your garbage team to L.A. and stop embarrassing S Florida.


The Dolfans protesting did what they felt passionate about and that is all they could do immediately yesterday

Home applauds the passionate fans


have a HAARPy day :(

Heck, if this team were ever mediocre again(8-8) they'd throw a parade.

Methinks Home has grown hair on his asss.

So Armando

Ur intelligent approach is not to voice an opinion at all and stop going to the games and buying merchandise

So u want us American Patriots to give up and roll over

or go to the game and try screaming at Stephen Ross from the stands

#1 Sounds cowardly like a Sheepish Ignorant New World Order Slave

#2 Sounds completely moronic like a drunk punk Latino idiot w a big mouth

Applaud the Protesters and hope next time their are hundreds of them and more prepared

Now Get Your Shine Box!

I hate to use the phrase "it is what it is" but heck it's true these days in Miami. For the record I hate what Ireland has done so far dating back since prior to the trade deadline last year where he made no effort to unload players like Marshall, Bell, Fasano, Dansby and even Long (considering his contract expires next year) for much needed draft picks and to get rid of bad contracts, and through this offseason where the biggest non-move was not Manning or Flynn but the failure to sign Eric Winston at the ridiculous bottom price of $22 million for 4 years that KC inked him for despite of Winston's preference to play here (you know they had to horribly low balled him considering his desire to play here and no state income tax).

But IT IS WHAT IT IS, so hopefully Philbin and Ireland can put together a nice draft day. At this point you have to figure Tannehill was their fall back plan all along, he has to but we now depend on Cleveland not to pick him, a massive gamble if you ask me. If he falls to 8th (and it is still a reach but this team has to roll the dice now or it will be in jeopardy to become the Los Angeles Dolphins) here is my mock:

1st rd: Tannehill at 8 no trade up, NO! At 8 he's already a reach. If Cleveland takes him then trade down, Ireland HAS to be able to pull this, TRADE DOWN and try to get a pass rusher (Perry) AND Stephen Hill no matter what.
Late 1st, trade up: Stephen Hill, WR, GT (2nd and 3rd picks). He will be a steal.
3rd rd: Derek Wolfe, DE/DT Cincy, 6'5", 295 lbs, both 3-4 and 4-3 defense
4th rd: Jamal Fleming, CB, Oklahoma, 5'11", 203 lbs strong, 4.43 40-dash
5th rd: Cordarro Law, LB, Southern Miss, 6'2, 262 lbs strong, steal at 5th
6th rd: Joe Long, OT, Wayne State (could become a RT, brother can mentor him, if successful it may help team retaining the pro bowler, could become a nice story and boy do we need that).
7th rd: Adrien Robinson, TE, Cincy, 6'4", 264 lbs, ran a 4.45 sec 40-dash (!!!), 39.5 vertical and 11-3 broad jump; only played one season as a starter, very raw but lots of upside and great value at 7th.

On a side note, Tannehill's hand size at 9 was note of concern for some scouts at the combine, small for a QB, I'm not sure about him having a history of fumbling but nonetheless is a concern. Other writers also noted a bad tendency he has to telegraph his throws, all in all it reflects he is very raw and indeed a long term project hopefully Sherman knows what he's doing if he's endorsing the kid. The little video I've seen from Cousins is impressive, the kid has moxy for sure, if there is one QB other than Tannehill it would dare to spend a pick on it would be him and maybe Osweiler. NO ONE ELSE.

Scotty, we should have been 10-6 or even 11-5 LAST YEAR!!! WE WERE VERY CLOSE.


nobody reads posts that long

Just the Crib Notes

... Just Saying

The biggest fools here are the ones like tigersam who list specifics on players and picks as if you were at the combine and watching the film and knowing the intricacies of what Philbin wants to do and other teams and cap issues. You have no clue what should be done.

Just shut up, go cheer for the team in September, and hope Philbin's approach works.

Whether the team is good will depend on the coaching. The players are fungible.

Methinks many GM's in this Blog.

Tebow would best fit in Buffalo w Chan Gailey

Cuz Buffalo can run a Wildcat or Spread Offense

Gailey knows how to do this unlike our new bald coach

Miami Dolphins have nothing to offer the paying fans

The Dolphins Suck


New World Order always consult me first.

Me have to go out.



Tebow however prob ends up in his back yard in Jacksonville

They will pound the rock w Maurice Jones Drew and Tebow

The towel head that owns the team will end up w a very good investment

Unlike Ross who got swindled by Wayne H to the tune of 1.1 Billion dollars w Bill Parcells and the Pat White pick and an offensive line HC who could not put together a sustainable offensive line

Home will buy a Tebow jersey w a beautiful gold jaguar on the sleeve and support our Florida FAV football player Tim Tebow!

Boycott this crappy dolphins blog!
Boycott this crappy dolphins blog!

Home better yet go get you a UK jersey and you'll be set when they win it all this year

So much of season good NFL football stuff

Even though the NHL Florida Panthers have won 5 in a row
and the Miami Heat off to their best start ever winning 14 in a row at Home now

The Heart of south Florida is w the low Miami Dolphins



Sad days to be a Miami Dolphin fan

have a HAARPy day :(

ireland is totally clueless on draft day! clyde gates? wasting 3 picks on daniel thomas,who runs upright and will end up injured each season? no QB's except henne and pat white? wasted picks on acorns while passing on real talent. our beloved dolphins are being held hostage by imbeciles.

i like everything you posted but i might also consider cousins & osweiler in the late first early 2nd.i've read that cousins needs to add some strength but whoever we pick may not play till the end of 2012 or 2013 so there's time.i've seen a few clips of osweiler and he looks powerful.strong arm,athletic,tough to tackle.he's got a strange release point but at 6'7" it wont get batted down.

You honestly want to argue either of the guys we currently have are top 10 qb's.

Posted by: Bring in Tebow | March 21, 2012 at 09:34 AM

Don't twist the argument. I'm arguing our guys are better than Tejunk. Nothing more. Tejunk is nothing but a distraction.


’ve been hearing from friends for awhile now about the haarp project. I will be the first to admit that I don’t know that much about it. I listened to the sound of what haarp sounds like. Very similar to the constant ringing in my ears.. I wholeheartedly believe that our government is using this weapon on populations worldwide. I have often wondered why the people in Haiti have become complacent about their disaster that befell them. And the earthquakes. I know they can control emotions. Anger, complacency, fear,, rage. There is nobody on the face of this earth that can convince me that haarp is not used to control populations and cause natural disasters. I think I should design a little head covering that would prevent us from the microwaves that are being emitted from our government’s latest weaponry which they are already using on citizens here in the U.S.. I was thinking though, that if I did come up with head gear that is protective, I would be prevented from manufacturing it. So in the meantime fashion your own out of aluminum foil. Like I said I don’t know much about it and I’m far from being an expert. I just know I don’t trust any of these agencies.

Sorry, I do not buy into the boycott theme this article endorses. The reason the Warriors protest took hold is that our fans here always show up and always support our team. We are doing our part.

Note the similarities between the two franchises. Both have won their last championship in the 70s. Both have sucked for the greater part of two decades. Both have had rare playoff appearances. The difference? The Warriors actually won a series...and they have sold out those games.

Continue to support your team!

Those that clammering for Tebow obviously have no idea how the west coast offence functions and the importance of accuracy in that system.

Screw Miami

Free Me !

Mando you are right about the protest it was weak. We need to not buy tickets not buy jerseys don't financially contribute its the only way to make them feel it.. Also I don't mind that we didn't take Flynn Philbin knows him I don't mind y bell cuz although he is a great player and leader he is getting older I don't mind the Marshall thing cuz he could be a problem for the team and for a new QB BUT we need to see what they do to justify these moves!!! I like bess and hartline but there are no way enough so let's see how they do to fix everything. I do not like this Ireland character at all and I wish he was gone BUT it's too late for a move on him we have a draft coming up. Soon his contact is up and if he messes up AGAIN then hopefully Ross will get rid of him!!!! I hope!!! I also do not like this move to have GARRARD I would have rather seen us get tannenhill and let him try to make it as a starter. GARRARD is no way an upgrade from Moore i would rather have Moore. Let's see what they do in April.. But it looks like last year we are not making enough right moves

Vernon Carey may be next to go

We have not team

We lost the best player on offense and the glue of the defense

Ireland got us a scrub QB that just came off of spinal surgery

Freakin Genius !

Vernon Carey needs to go


Tebow yes dolphins blog no!

Fact is Brandon Marshall did nothing wrong and will not be punished at all by the NFL

Someone called Jeff Ireland in the early morning waking him up

Ireland was cranky and jumped to another neg conclusion about a black player and his family

So Ireland GAVE AWAY OUR 4 TD MVP Pro Bowl WR that demanded double coverage on every play and opened up the game for every one else to make a play

Ireland is a complete idiot!

Bill, 7-9, 7-9, 6-10. What would you call that? Good? Right under the "elites"? Up and coming?

Or are you saying they are worse than mediocre?

I think mediocre is the perfect category for the last decade of this franchise.

Not buying tickets or merchandise can be misconstued as lack of intrest...anf could motivate the owner to move his team....

Protest (no matter how small) so passion and concern for the state of the team....they show people who want/will spend they're hard earned money on a product deemed worthy....

Nice work Mando, way to show fan support. Teach people how not to be a fan. Look around you people! this isn't life or death. Then you wonder why they dolphins snub you! You write an article defending Ireland, now you are telling people to boycott the dolphins.


ESPN 2011 QB ratings

Moore 12
Tejunk 28


1st rd Luke Kuechly MLB Boston College
2nd rd Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers
3rd rd Derek Wolfe DT Cinncinnati
3rd rd Bobby Massie RT Ole Miss
4th rd Olivier Vernon DE The U
5th rd Tank Carder OLB TCU
6th rd Desmond Wynn OG Rutgers
6th rd Ron Brooks CB LSU
7th rd Miles Burris OLB San Diego State
7th rd Tony Dye SS UCLA


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