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Dolphins fan protest not as effective as possible

I love and admire Dolphins fans.

You are the reason I am employed. You feed my family and put a roof over my head. You are passionate. You are usually well-informed. Many of you are bright. And you're beaten down after a decade of unacceptable results by your once-elite football franchise.

But Tuesday's protest across the street from the Dolphins practice facility in Davie, Fl.?

Not the way to do it.

Firstly, it was hastily planned. It was modestly attended. It was not exactly exactly Martin Luther King's march on Selma, Alabama as you can see by the video I shot below.

The Dolphins recognized the gathering. The club released the following statement through a spokesman:

"We have the most passionate fans in football and they are not shy about letting their sentiments be known. We understand and we are working hard on giving them something to cheer about this season."

And here is the video:

But here is my point:

That is not the way to do it.

A gathering of two dozen Dolphins fans in the middle of the afternoon in the offseason doesn't really touch the team. It doesn't make the team feel your pain. It doesn't move the meter to force change as much as other things do.

What things?

Do. NOT. Buy. Tickets.

Do. NOT. Purchase. Jerseys.

If you are disgruntled with Miami Dolphins LLC, you have to send a message to this business by approaching it in a business manner.

And if you do have to attend the games and purchase $10 beers and $18 sandwiches in the concession stand, then do it on a day when Stephen Ross is likely to be on the field. Arrive early to Miami's home games when Ross is roaming the sideline. And then boo him lustily or chant or otherwise voice displeasure so you get his attention.

In other words, deliver the message to the person with the power to change things. And let him know you are upset in an up-close-and-personal manner.

Golden State Warriors fans took that approach this week. And it is all over the national news. And it embarrassed Warriors owner Joe Lacob. And chances are really good he now understands how toxic he has made things with Golden State fans.

There were 18,000 people gathered at the Warriors' game and they rained down holy heck on Lacob. That is much, much, much more effective than 24 souls holding up signs across from the training facility ... while Ross is home in New York.



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Tebow is not coming here, it is between the Jets and Jags. Good. With that said, I know there has been a lot of Henne hatred, but how many here actually think Garrard is better than Henne? Laughable. We actually downgraded the position. 2 so so QBs, to 1 so so and a aging vet with a bad back who was never that good to begin with. Moore should win this easily. If Tebow goes to Jags, rumor is Henne may be released. He's cheap, accurate in the short game, and gets rid of the ball quickly, mostly because he has to (see WC offense). Not coming back here, and it should be Matt's job to lose. Maybe draft a QB somewhere this year (not in the 1st), and when the season tanks, we draft a QB high next year and hope...

home of many names

marshall cost us 2-3 games last year
he was tackled by fireman ed's exhale in 1 of them
he is all about the man in the mirror & the WC offense requires team first (see rice & taylor and the GB packers for the last 22 years)
he is gone...please forget him

tebow doesnt fit anywhere because he sucks. simple fact

Ireland knows we were the two best playas on the team.

Ireland only fired us because we are black.

Just ax him.

Matt Moore Rated # 9 by Profootball focus

i know garrards better than henne. henne was horrible every second he was here. hes a robot who cant lead anyone or ever mount a comeback drive. even backup qb matt moore made henne look bad. good riddens to him. garrad is one of the few things ireland did right. we needed a guy to compete with moore, he was a cheap solid option.

Summers I think Garrard is/was better than Henne Garrard was ranked 13th in 2010 and Henne was 26th

Ireland only hired Garrard cuz he is the token black signing.

Garrard is the darkest blackie that Lilly white Jeff Ireland could find in the NFL

Garrard will never play, they were just looking for a real dark chocolate face so Ireland the white supremacist could mask his true feelings towards black people

Home...keep the racist comments off this blog.

Dolphins sign Tebow to a 2 year deal.......

wow didn't see that coming

not sure i agree with nfl network that we are the worst team in nfl though, coltss are horrible


Brandon Marshall will do great w Jay Cutler

Brandon Marshall was worth a #1 pick

That's right a #1 pick

He had an off year w over 1200 YDs receiving and still was double teamed every play
the year b4 he was triple teamed on many plays

After 4 TD catches and voted MVP of the 2012 Pro Bowl
Brandon Marshall's stock went up from two 2nd round picks to MORE WORTH, def not less

Ireland panicked and thought Brandon Marshall was causing trouble
Ireland gave away our best player for what will amount to NOTHING IN NFL STANDARDS

Ireland needs to pay for this monumental blunder


wow...stop spreading rumors...we did not sign Tebow.

Channing Crowder is a black racist and nobody wants to employ the loud mouthed whitey hater!

dusty bottoms

i like garrard too.nice stats last 3 years on another stoneage football team w/1 horse & no wr's.
now draft tannehill/cousins/osweiler and let philbin & sherman who worked with some guys named favre & rodgers coach em up for 2013

we cant sign tebow if we wanted too, hes a denver bronco. some retard team will trade for him, wont be us though


Posted by: FIRE IRELAND | March 21, 2012 at 09:31 AM


Home...Philbin wanted Marshall off the team more than Ireland.
Philbin's new WCO does not deploy a typical Alpha WR but uses many different receivers running complex routes.
Last thing Philbin wanted was Brandon running back to the huddle yelling at our new QB that "I'm wide open, throw me the damn ball"

Marshall dropped more important balls than he caught. Go back and watch the tape...then do the math.

Irescum not drafting ANY QB last year was insanely stupid.

I applaud Our fellow Miami Dolphins whom were there to show their displeasure with Our franchise.For all of those that ridiculed them for the timing,the small crowd,and for what they were protesting for I said F UCK YOU.We can't solve the World's problems.You're all delusional in thinking that We can.The Occupiers at Wall Street,with great cause were thrown out.Get over it!Life isn't a fairy tale.Fight what you can for.And for this I congratulate those in the video.Go Miami Dolphins!

Jaguar Jerseys are a better color and chics dig them more than the Dolphin loser jerseys

So time to go w TEBOW and the JAGS as they truly will rebuild that franchise from the ground up

and the Afghanistan Oil rich Billionaire towel head that now owns the team is going to spend a fortune building a team around Tim Tebow and Chad Henne will prove he is actually better than ANY Dolphin QB, he just need to get away from the crappy Dolphin franchise that handcuffed him

GO Tebow!

GO Jags!

Go Gators!

Dolphins Suck!



nh no matter how u spin it marshall is a great wr. not mad we dealt him, but we should of gotten more

Home in the morning your a jerk. Go somewhere else with your racist BS


First of all your not even smart enuf to move south when the ground freezes

Second of all every sports player gets in a lil slump

Marshall redeemed himself at the end of the season and was the BEST PLAYER IN THE NFL IN THE 2012 PRO BOWL

Ireland made a horrible trade and is the laughing stock of the NFL on the Marshall give away

Maybe u dont get ESPN or NFL Network up there in Yankee land

tune in will ya!



Not having Marshall worries me because of the other receivers we have, but I'm hoping the new system will help the light turn on for some of them. Also, maybe we get one in the draft....

I'm starting to feel better about the Marshall trade...even if I am in denial :)

db...the dude clearly has talent but sparano could not draw the best out of him...which the great coaches can.
If Philbin really wanted Marshall in his new offense he would have lobbied to keep him, and probably won.

This is on Philbin NOT Ireland.


If Marshall was white

Everybody would love him and support him and his illness

Just cuz he's black, Ireland fired him

Think Ireland's family tree can be traced back to the Clan

ask WR Dez Bryant

SAD :(

Hey Homie Stop with your racist comments.
We are a football blog.If you any balls why not go where African-Americans hang-out and let them know.Cause doing here shows you're a complete coward.

Omg on Philbin?? The guy has been here a month. Now you wanna start blaming Philbin ? Geez. You people have issues.

irelands the gm, nobody else. falls on him to get more than 2 3's


MVP of the probowl really...wow...BIG F@CKIN DEAL. thats as immpressive as oprah beating rosie o, whoppie g and roseanne b in a beauty pageant.


he can't/won't/don't share the rock and he is GONE. get over it and move on.

The new bald HC for the Dolphin's WILL DO NOTHING!

u DONT FIRE YOUR BEST offensive play maker!

u dont beat the best w a bunch of scrub players and a bald dude w clipboard and no HC experience

I'VE BEEN SAYING THIS IN PAST BLOGS SINCE LAST YEAR!!! THE ONLY way to hurt rich people is in their WALLETS!! FANS MUST keep the orange seats EMPTY THIS SEASON!!


And if your an African-American making comments like,don't be a coward and hide.Put your name on it coward.


I'm glad to see other people are calling homer out.

What a fukkin waste of sperm he was!

Personally I'm not crazy about the Marshall trade just because I feel we didn't get value. But if philbin doesn't need him, then brother do I because he's a first class prick and selfish to the Max. And he has shitty hands too.

Miami trades one of their 3rd rounders for Tebow.

Guess it will be a 3 man competition for our QB spot!

Home in the coma if he was racist we wouldn't have anyone on the team now would we. Your kind needs to go somewhere else there is NO ROOM HERE FOR YOUR KIND. YOUR JUST TRYING TO START BS TROUBLE

the guy talking to himself all day under 20 different names?

Guess what bro, you make onions cry!

Most of u dont even know what a west coast offense is!

Heck even the coaches dont know what that term means anymore

U sheep like new words like nerve regeneration or west coast offense and u hang on to them and regurgitate them like ignorant parrots

The Dolphins will do nothing

Dont care they run the "Supa Dupa West Coast Offense"

They suck, have no players,inexperienced NFL coaches and losing coaches like Sherman who got FIRED last year in college



A butterfly Crusher? lol

That was pretty funny :)

The malcontent that wore Our #19 Aqua and Orange jersey HAD TO GO.Like many here have commented,he dropped too many critical catches and was a cancer to the offense.Good Riddance.I will however be drafting Jay Cutler for my Fantasy Football squad.

Latinos have big mouths, Blacks big dikks and Americanos big asssholes(Home foremost).


Home is black

Get the facts straight!

Tea Part Dolphin fans, please pick a different team to embarrass.

The Packers drafted WR's in the mid rounds and molded them into great players within that system.

Nobody knew who Donald Driver or Jordy Nelson were in college, or the draft for that matter.

Philbin will draft WR's who's physical attributes match his scheme...then if all goes according to plan, they will be going to the pro bowl and we'll be saying, 'who are these guys"?

That's why I'm 100% convinced that we do NOT move up and get Blackmon...he does not fit into Philbin's system.

Come November no one on this blog will be saying "I miss Marshall".

Latinas like it up the rear. I spent some time in Mexico, Columbia and Chile and I was surprised how many of them wanted that.

Hey oscar canosa whey to paint yourself as a F UCKING FOOL.

The Dolphins need a young black GM and head coach that the young black players can relate to

Not Ireland and Philbin

The black racist Channing Crowder was right!

We need a Black HC, dont care who
as long as he is black!

NWO just told me to tell you have to respect the established order, Black and White Home.

Armando is right in his blog

Black Dolfans need a Martin Luther King Rally

Fire the white management today!

Ireland is'nt racist maybe alittle tight with the Phins money and very stupid when it comes to signing and releaseing players but racist,I don't think so and I've never liked him as the Phins GM I would like to see him go (FIRED).
Take your race card somewhere where somebody cares,mr home in the morning.


GREAT today's blog just became a cesspool.Later true fellow Dolphans.

What the heck is going on in here today

The girls in Cali and Medellin, whoa...better be ready.

Mark in Toronto

you are spot on. the wc offense is about sharing the ball like rice and taylor,and any GB packer squad for the last 20 years. they got 2 picks for a former 3rd rounder who will be HOME watching the playoffs next january.
and the the BIG BUFOONA signed off on the 2-2nds we gave up to get him...that BLOATED EGO would never let jeff have final say on the groceries.

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