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What's most important to Manning? Relationship

It has been argued that because Peyton Manning is so thorough in his approach to football, he is going to approach his search for a new team the same way. He's going to analyze a team's talent, salary cap, offensive line, relative strength within its division, all that before deciding where he'll land.

And that is probably correct. But none of those are the most important aspect of his search for a landing spot where he'll continue his career.

So what is that No. 1 variable that he's judging in the teams he's considering?


The Dolphins, who spent five hours with Manning Monday afternoon and evening, came away from their visit believing Manning is looking for a comfort zone, a group of people he can be at peace with and find a bond with. The club representatives that met with Manning during their meeting in Indianapolis did the best they could to make Manning feel like he'd be at home with the club.

They do not know if they succeeded. Nobody but Manning really knows, regardless of how plugged in any pundit (including me) tries to convince you they are on the matter.

Peyton Manning will probably decide which team he'll go to based on his comfort level with the people he expects he'll be working with, including coaches, general managers, assistants and perhaps teammates.

That is why Manning probably took his trips to Denver and Arizona first. That is where he feels the greatest sense of relationship going into the process. He is friends and respect Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt based on a bond forged years ago at the Pro Bowl.

He feels a kinship to Denver's John Elway based on their mutual experiences. He also knows coach John Fox.

Today he was reportedly meeting with the Tennesee Titans. He's quite familiar with the state, having played for the University of Tennessee Volunteers once upon a time. He's heard stories about coach Mike Munchak from father Archie Manning because they were teammates once.

And this: The Titans Monday confirmed the hiring of Dennis Polian, the son of former Colts General Manager Bill Polian, to serve as a personal assistant to Munchak. Polian is very familiar with Manning and vice versa and it is possible he will be present in the meeting between Manning and Munchak.


So what did the Dolphins offer in this regard? I do not know. The Dolphins aren't saying. It's a state secret. But my guess is it probably couldn't have been very compelling.

The truth is Miami's coaching staff doesn't have any strong bonds to Manning. Yes, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman reportedly recruited Manning to Texas A&M in the 1990s. But that seems to be it.

Unless the Dolphins got Dan Marino (a Manning friend) or Bill Parcells (a Manning confidant) or yesterday hired Cooper (the QB'solder brother) or Tom Moore (Manning's offensive coordinator in Indy) to come along on the trip, the ties the bind Manning to the Dolphins seem flimsy.

No, the Dolphins Monday were actually trying to build a relationship rather than rekindle one. On his other meetings Manning seems to be rekindling with people in Arizona, Denver and perhaps even Tennessee.

Does this mean the Dolphins have no shot at Manning? Not necessarily. Obviously Manning took this meeting because on some level he thinks it might work in Miami. Former teammate Reggie Wayne has been in Manning's ear about joining the Dolphins and making things work there. Wayne is a former University of Miami standout.

Manning also likes South Florida. He lives here part of the year and his wife is said to love it here.

But can the Dolphins consider themselves leaders with Manning on the relationship front? Even one member of the organization admits that isn't so.

In that regard, Denver is probably the leader, followed by Arizona, then Tennessee, then the Dolphins. So yes, the Dolphins have a lot of ground to make up on this all important issue. Does it kill their cause and chances?

No. But it definitely isn't helping.


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Dan Marino had 3 good seasons: 2, 3, and 4. Huge, HUGE, dropoff after that, starting in year 5, for some reason.

AND even worse news...

Plan C- Ryan Tannehill is being projected to go 4th to the Browns!

We might lose out on our 3rd option, too. WOW...

Imagine, no Manning, no Flynn and when we draft at #8, the best QB left is 28 yr old Brandon Weeden. :(

agree w/ tracy

Slam - Our big cap hitters are Long, Marshall, Dansby, Solai, and Yeremiah Bell. They all command tons of $$$$$

Posted by: wolfman13


So the real question here is whom do you want to extend?

Long -- definitely yes if healthy.

Marshall --- maybe if you are desperate and need to clear some cap room. Not sure if Miami wants him long term.

Dansby --- probably already making too much based on performance. questionable if you would want to extend him, but you could if you were desperate for cap room.

Solai --- no. cap # is too high or miami would have franchised him. Miami got screwed as new tag # is only around 7M but Solai's # is around 14M due to the 20% increase over his franchise value last year.

Y Bell -- too old. Miami is more likely to cut him then extend him.


Perspective is one thing that is hard to find on this blog.

If they don't land Manning here in Miami, then they'll have to try for Flynn (and quick). I just hope afterwards they go for the best offensive playmaker in the draft with their first pick- TRENT RICHARDSON!!! They can get a R tackle and guard in free agency after moving players and making cap space. Then the rest of the draft concentrated on the defense; DT, OLB, pass rusher. They need to make this team a contender once again.

Solai is a free agent he won't count against the cap.

Cut Long. OL fungible.

NO Balls...you are not risking 26 million...GET THIS THROUGH YOUR HEAD.....its not your money.

Posted by: Slam


Slam -- the Miami Dolphins are risking 26M guaranteed against the cap. Seriously, if you want to talk football and stop calling people names, then fine. If you want Ross to spend his money, fine. It is obviously NOT my money. BUT it will hurt the Miami Dolphins if they waste 26M on a player that turns out NOT to be a franchise QB. THAT IS A FACT.

Thanks Albert.

I will ALWAYS love the Fins, but this epic failure to address the MOST IMPORTANT POSITION on the team has been going on for 12 years now.


It's not that difficult. Look how the BIG BOYS do it, and follow their example. Identify and draft a top QB talent, then develop him into a SB winner.

Good to see they signed Murtha.

Good job by Dolphins resigning Mutha!

So how soon after 4pm est do you think you will read about the Dolphins signing Flynn?

within 1 hour
Within 12 hours
within 1 day
Within a week
Not at all

SOlia is a free agent. Bell???the guy cant catch, tackle, cover or run. So what you are really telling me is we have 4 players only of which 2 are pro bowlers eating all of our cap room....SOunds like terrible management to me.

Posted by: Slam | March 13, 2012 at 03:06 PM

Pretty much.....that's what happens. It's one of the reasons why teams really have about a 3-4 year window and then have to rebuild. Teams that are up against the cap either; 1.) have been building and filled some major holes with FA that put them over the top and they've won; 2.) have been building and filled some major holes with FA to put them over the top to no avail; 3.) team feels that they're a piece or two away.

IMO, last season was do or die.....the Phins are much closer to a full on re-build than they are "win now." They have a number of old players that are getting paid big $$$ and a number of FA's that were brought in, but they couldn't get it done within the window.

not at all

Was meeting Manning out-of-town a good sign or a bad one?

Should finfans read anything into this?

Answer: E

I say within an hour.

Finsfan72 -- you can see how hard it is to get a top-notch QB. Every year it is a struggle. That is why the Dolphins failure to draft Ryan Mallet in the 3rd round last year is ASTONISHING. Sure he could have been a bust, but he wouldn't have cost a lot against the cap and it was only a 3rd rounder when you are DESPERATE to find a QB.

Epic fail by Ireland last year!

Which teams have elite Qb's you ask? Your answer: The good ones who win Superbowls. Which is why that is this teams STATED #1 objective to find one.

How can anyone with a brain deny that when a team announces that to the world, exhausts EVERY resource & still not get one, how is that considered anything BUT a collossal failure?

Not only do you lack real life perspective, it appears your common sense is also defecient.

So how soon after 4pm est do you think you will read about the Dolphins signing Flynn?

within 1 hour
Within 12 hours
within 1 day
Within a week
Not at all

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | March 13, 2012 at 03:18 PM


My money is on at least a week, if not two weeks before we know where Flynn goes.

Flynn should not be an option

Answer: E (Not at all)

Texas - my guess is that we won't have any idea where Flynn is going for at least a week...probably more like 2 weeks.

This isn't going to be like last years FA which was postponed and shortened by lockout. Flynn is going to work out for multiple teams, including Miami....take physicals, etc. It's not happening today or tomorrow despite what a lot of people seem to think. If it does, I'll eat my shorts.

No Balls...and it will hurt more if they pass on flynn and he turns out to be a franchise qb. Its better to try and fail than not try at all.

Who cares? Move on - this will end badly if they sign Manning. He won't pick the DOlphins anyway - NO ONE DOES!! Move on already.

not at all, I dont want him!!

Relationships? How can relationships help Manning when he gets to feel unprotected by a bad Denver offensive line? And who will he throw the ball to if the Broncos don't have a proven wide receiver in the field?
And what about the weather in Denver? What about a 36 year old QB with a bad neck playing in the Denver winter?

Michael, I'm up in DC territory, and talking to folks here, they feel it was actually a good move. They were able to unload the horrendous Albert Haynesworth contract. And they feel Snyder/Jones discussed this before doing it, and felt the risk was worth the reward. I'm hearing they will both fight this all the way, with hopes to pay off some of the 36 mil this year, then get it reduced in the courts, and wind up not owing as much.

I'm with you, I don't think it was the best move. But I'm not sure about the long-term effects of this. Snyder has LOADS of cash, and is willing to throw it around when needed. He can give bigger signing bonuses (which don't count against the CAP) and get whatever player he wants.

The 2 richest teams in the NFL are the Cowboys and the Redskins. That's why they did it, now the smaller fish are upset. But in the end money makes the World go round, so I don't think this will hurt the 'Skins (like having to count Al's contract in a CAP year would have).

If Seattle or Cleveland blow him out of the water with a crazy deal, Flynn is jumping on it. He is not going to wait around. He may ask Miami to beat it (if he prefers to play in Miami) but that is it.

Take the money and run.

signed to 2nd rd tenders merling and murtha, good Pats can fr.ont load a contract for a 2nd rounder, the news up here was they like merling

I am not sold on Flynn and feel if any one knows it is Philbin so if we go after him/want him then it will happen ASAP. I think if it drags on too long we will see Flynn go else where.

With that said I get the feeling Miami is luke warm in the Manning deal. Maybe they feel Manning doesn't care to come to Miami as much as another team or they are just more interested in Flynn for whatever their reasons.

So they will access their position in the Manning deal and move forward to option 2. And they will know it better happen fast. 1 hour within FA start is my guess.

Lol, listen chump, what I'm saying is that there are 4 or 5 elite qb's out there. They just don't drop from the sky like you think. You have to be lucky (Brady, Manning), trade for them Farve, get them in free agency (Brees) when the price was low for him because injury. They just don't fall in your lap, and you need luck. You can say do everything possible, but you also draft a JaMarcus Russell, or Ryan Leaf. Dont act stupid ok.

How can anyone with a brain deny that when a team announces that to the world, exhausts EVERY resource & still not get one, how is that considered anything BUT a collossal failure?
Not only do you lack real life perspective, it appears your common sense is also defecient.

Posted by: LOL | March 13, 2012 at 03:21 PM

LOL, common sense is lacking with many Phin fans. This is a prime example of why the Miami fan base is ridiculed relentlessly. You could have a more intellectual conversation with Jets fans than some of these blind fanboys.

How is this not good news mando???

......I dont get you sometimes, you've said before that manning to miami is not a good fit for miami and I 100% agree with you and now your like stuck on the fence all of the sudden with him coming here.....WHO CARES!!!....the fans that care are the ones that are so damn twisted with any mere mention of the name manning now ONLY becuase of what he was to indy...not for what he potentially can be...and that is a health risk to a team willing to give him whatever he asks.......

Miami NEEDS to pass FOR the better of the organization and the future they want to build with a STABLE qb!!!!

For 1 I did not post that twice if so by accident and not sure how that happened.

For 2 I mean assess their position not access.

No Balls...and it will hurt more if they pass on flynn and he turns out to be a franchise qb. Its better to try and fail than not try at all.

Posted by: Slam


I disagree. I can understand not paying 26+M guaranteed to a 7th round draft choice with a wear arm. What I can't stand is passing on Ryan Mallet in the 3rd round when the guy has 1st round talent and all it costs you is a 3rd round pick. I'd rather take Tannehill at #8 (even if we have to give up a #3 or #4 to move up). At this point he is the best option. Now if Flynn takes a reasonable salary based on performance, I would be okay with that. But due to supply vs demand it is NOT happening.

whats really gonna piss me off is if we have to trade up to get tannehill when we could have traded up to get griffin 3

Fins might have to consider option # 3.

Improve their defense thru FA and draft. Fix o-line.
Get Mario Williams.

Moore could get the Fins to the SB IF the Fins decide to take the Bucs/Ravens/Giants route.

Moore is better than Brad Johnson,Dilfer or Hostetler.

You don't need an elite QB to win SBs.

Lol give up a #3 or #4...u must be crazy..you'll have to give up ATLEAST another first rounder to move up to get tannyhill. You do know Mallet was a third string qb this year right? not too many 1st round guys playing 3rd string buddy.

Does anyone know how to get fungus off there toe nail?

You could have a more intellectual conversation with Jets fans than some of these blind fanboys.




Let's go to plan L and sign Matt Leinart, he's just had bad luck these past few years. I mean he was a Heisman trophy winner. Him and reggie back together again. Awesome. or maybe plan G and sign rex grossman a former gator not as beloved as tebow but still would sell tens of tickets. I'm pumped now just thinking of all our options.

whats really gonna piss me off is if we have to trade up to get tannehill when we could have traded up to get griffin 3

Posted by: Slam

Slam>>> Pisses me off too. RGIII was the one I wanted!

Getting Weeden might be a blessing in disguise... Would have been a top ten pick if he was 24

lol Irelands acorns. WHy not just sign jamarcus russel. I think hes off the purple drank

Chump huh? LOL OK, look grandpa, you're coming off stupid now.

Did the Giants get lucky with Eli or did they make it happen?? Brees wasn't an elite Qb when he signed with NO but, nice try trying to bring him up.

Peyton? Colts didn't get lucky. You get what you deserve when you were perenially the worst team in the NFL. They EARNED that #1 draft pick.

There is no point in trying to discuss common sense with you. Apparently, you're past your prime in that regard.

I know we traded Ted Ginn, but perhaps we can still sign the rest of his family?

If Manning is taking this whole process slowly, and Flynn wants to take it slow and test the demand for his services....then there should be no panic in the front office, right?

Both Manning & Flynn are taking it slow, so why can't we court Flynn behind Manning's back?
How would he ever know? Negotiations are only between a team and the players agent.

I say we pursue Flynn and Manning at the same time and let the chips fall where they may.

Wolfman -- I really don't remember a FA having to workout unless injured the previous year.

BUT you may be correct in this situation as Flynn has limited film for teams to evaluate.

Philbin is the 1 person that would not need a workout from Flynn.

I have an hour and 22 minutes for my prediction. :)

NFL.com Has wayne as a possible miami target.... I am ok with that for short money, he has got more speed than the beast. Teddy Ginn is out there!

Manning tos sign with Broncos!

I wouldn't worry about Manning the Fins are a long shot land him. If Philbin thinks Flynn is capable at leading this team then go get him time is short right now if the Dolphins think Flynn is to expensive which I think he is then draft a QB for a lot less. What I don't understand why the Dolphins are not restructuring some contracts to get further under the cap?

You do know Mallet was a third string qb this year right? not too many 1st round guys playing 3rd string buddy.

Posted by: Slam


Slam --- Mallet is sitting behind a player named TOM BRADY. Ever hear of him? It doesn't matter if NE considers him 2nd string or 3rd string. When Orton got benched a couple of years ago, Tebow came in and started even though he was officially 3rd string. It doesn't mean crap!

I would gladly give up a #2 or #3 right now for Mallet. The guy still has a chance to be a stud. Worth the risk!

beerphin, that's actually my choice if they go through the Draft (over Tannehill). But my question is, how do they do it? NO ONE will take him in the 1st round, so would you maybe trade back and then take him end of 1st round? Or do you wait until the 2nd and take him there (hoping he won't get picked before our spot or that he won't fall into our 2nd round CURSE)? Or play games and wait until the 3rd (which to me is VERY risky)?

What's the best move to get him you think?

also sitting behind a guy named brian hoyer.

This just in, free agency starts in 20 minutes. If there is no answer by then you need to move on Flynn end of discussion. We can not go into next season with Moore and Devlin and expect to make the playoffs. Move on at 3:59. It is so stupid to sit idle and watch Peyton go to another team while we lose any chance at an upgrade. This is ridiculous.

I'd rather Garcon than Wayne. Younger, would become our deep threat. Wayne's another possession receiver at this age, and we already have 2 of those.

Flynn is not a franchise QB. He is 6-2 and 225lbs. We need a guy who is at least 6-4 and 235lbs or bigger. In order to go deep into the playoffs you have to be able to throw the 30 yard down and out on a rope. Good defenses in the playoffs will take away things that you like to do. If they do not have to worry about things you can't do than it shrinks your options on offense. Sure you can go 10-6 and make the playoffs but you won't go deep. There are anomalies to this rule ie, Drew Brees. I also feel he is a product of the system they run. But it is a sound rule to draft a guy that has the physical tools first. Mallett would have been worth the risk for a third pick. I saw Cousins this year and he looked strong to me. Might be worth the same risk.

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