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Offensive line might be Philbin's biggest area of concern

When he was interviewing for the Dolphins head coach opening and even afterward, Joe Philbin heard a lot about Miami's needs to get a good quarterback. Ownership told him. Fans told him. I know I told him.

It wasn't news because he'd addressed the issue with owner Stephen Ross and general manager Jeff Ireland previously. But Philbin saw a need as fundamental as the quarterback. He believed he needed men to keep the quarterback from getting killed. And he made that point to Ross and Ireland.

"When I came to interview, one of the things I told Steve and Jeff and I told you guys as well is there's been a ton of focus on the quarterback position as it should be in this league. My feeling as I watched the tape, was our offensive line needs to get better if our quarterback position is going to play better. That's going to be a priority. We need to make sure that happens."

It obviously has not happened yet. “Not at all," Philbin agreed. "Hopefully we can provide a little more competition.”

(Jake Long is set at left tackle. Mike Pouncey is set at center. Richie Incognito is more or less set at left guard although the team would like him to play better. But right guard? Right tackle?

“We like Pouncey’s athleticism, love his competitiveness," Philbin said. "We thought he had a very, very good rookie year. That’s a critical position. He will have a lot of responsibility with blocking schemes. Incognito did some good things.  The rest of the interior isn’t quite as settled. Jake has come by the office a number of times. All the things you hear about him are true. He’s ready to take on a more active leadership role on the ballclub.”

The club continues to talk with the agent for guard Jake Scott. Scott visited Arizona but hasn't gotten an offer from that team. In fact, the Dolphins are the only team he was seriously talking to as of earlier today.

At right tackle, Miami has a slew of prospects but doesn't know if it has players. Lydon Murtha, Nate Garner, recently signed Artis Hicks and Ryan Cook are among the cast of potential right tackle starters. The club might also draft someone. 

John Jerry started at left tackle last year when Long was injured. He handled the job well enough. But despite this, Philbin wants to see him in the offseason program that begins in a couple of weeks because he admitted the club isn't really sure whether Jerry fits best at guard or tackle. 

“We have to find a home for him," Philbin said. "He’s got to earn a spot. The good news is he has played a couple of them. The bad news is he has not anchored down one spot.”

As you may know, the Bills added free agents Mario Williams and Mark Anderson, who the Dolphins were interested enough in to host a visit with him. That makes Buffalo a concern for any team scheduled to play them twice next season.

Philbin, in true competitor fashion, gave the players the appropriate respect. But then he added that at least half the puzzle for stopping the Buffalo duo is already on board in Miami.

“Last I checked," he said. "our left tackle is a pretty good."



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Its a good thing we had an OL guru like Tony running the show.

looks like another 7-9 year. i like philbin but FO is shaky.

How in the world after 4 Years of Building the O-Line and wasteing Mllions of dollars on this is this still a Concern?, The fins O-Lne was the most expensive one in the league two years ago., How?, Easy answer JEFF IRELAND., When lord, When will we be rid of this Idiot.

Thanks alot Sparano for not developing a single O-lineman that was not a 1st round draft pick. Hope you destroy the Jests offense like you destroyed ours. Hope you also get alot of FG fist pumps when you play us and we beat you and your sorry offense and sorry QB's 35 - 15. Your dream game 5 FG's.

I haven't seen Spiderman in awhile.........

There it is...

How about Fireman Ed for Home, STR8 UP!

I'm confused. Does Home, Sweet Home like the Dolphins? Or does he just like posting nonstop gibberish on these boards? Please, Lord, don't let that man have a bull horn.

"Dolphins signed G/T Artis Hicks to a one-year, $2 million contract.
Hicks' best days are behind him at age 33, but his versatility appeals to a Dolphins team searching for a new right tackle and right guard. Most likely, Hicks will provide insurance in case John Jerry isn't ready for a full-time role."

Mar 15 - 9:28 PM
Source: J.R. Rickert on Twitter

So this was $2 Million wasted on a backup instead of being used toward signing a starting RT or RG. I hope Ireland & Ross get caught by TMZ making out in their hotel room at the owner's meetings. They're a f#cking joke!!!!

Home has no purpose Lefty

I always love the positive attitude around here, lol.

The only saving grace to any of what is happening to the Fins is that we are rebuilding officially. I'm happy watching a young team get better together. The wins will taste sweeter when you have a young team over-achieve. The losses won't be as painful either because you know they lead to more high draft picks.

As long as we aren't in the playoff hunt I'd prefer to see young rookies playing than overpriced under-achieving veterans.

Picks, See Columbo From last season, Ireland IMHO is not only clueless but boarder line retarded.

Nice to see all the hate mongers have been released from their cells.

"As long as we aren't in the playoff hunt I'd prefer to see young rookies playing than overpriced under-achieving veterans."


Just like when Cam Cameron was the HC right??? How did that experiment work out???? Failing forward fast???? LMFAO!!!

Home is not a fan, he is a spammer and has recently signed a lucrative pizza endorsement deal with a local radio station.

BTW, I am selling dashboard Tebows for a nominal fee...get yours today.

Why is the stadium empty

Jeff Ireland is GM

Go Garrard! (lol)


Oh no, not Dr. Phil! Bwaahahahahahah you are such a fool. Can't wait to see this little protest. Can't wait to see you all blow your tops when Ireland is still the GM this season. You are all wasting your time. Good luck with your pizza party.

Lydon Murtha will anchor the RT spot this season and do it well. This is why you draft players, eventually they have to play and Murtha has all of the tools necessary to be a very effective RT.

You can't have it both ways. You can't complain that the o-line is over paid and in the next breath complain we didn't sign any pro bowl o-linemen.


Why not have a Dolphin only mock draft contest? Or an AFC East Mock draft?

The winner could perhaps get a live interview on your Radio Show or get to guest write a blog entry about the Dolphins' draft when it is over. Plus lunch at Joe's Stone Crab would be cool too.

P.S. The contest cannot be open to anyone related to Dolphin management. Lol.

I make this suggestion as a way to change the tone to something less negative.

About the post. It's too bad that after four years the OL is still not solid.

'I believe we got adequate compensation for the Brandon Marshall trade'...Stephen Ross....1 of a Myriad of Reasons That This Owner Is Clueless...

Lol home doesn't do ****


Do your best to have good relations with Philbin- that was a good post.

PS Am quite confident in Philbin- am sure we'll have a good draft!

ROT problem solved:

Since is a deep OT draft, Brandon Mosley - OT should be available in the 4th rnd.

I am sooooooooo happy the Jets now have Sparano!!!Thats 2 wins every year for us.

Philbins comments<

"well we did have injury prone way over hyped and way over paid Jake Long on injured reserve last year and he is getting weaker every day and probably wont be able to this year."

By the way, did u see how good Jeffrey did in FA?
He fired our best players and couldn't sign my choice QB Flynn, Peyton Manning or Florida's Golden Boy Tim Tebow

So we got Garrard and a 12 million dollar chronically injured LT

Everyone else is gone or doesn't give a hoot about this 1.1 Billion dollar garbage pile

We Suck!

"Oh no, not Dr. Phil! Bwaahahahahahah you are such a fool."

The Depot: SO ARE YOU!!!

"You are all wasting your time."

The Depot: Look who's talking. Mr. Productivity! LMAO Talk about wasting time?

"Lydon Murtha will anchor the RT spot this season and do it well."

The Depot: Are you making dumb predictions like Home now?

"This is why you draft players"

The Depot: Really? Miami didn't draft him.

"You can't have it both ways"

The Depot: Neither can you!

Posted by: Phins78 | March 27, 2012 at 03:11 PM

All you do is mock other people for whining & complaing. What does that make you? Even more pathetic? Possibly?

Stop wasting everyones time trying to tell us what to do or think! Thankfully, there is only one of you in this world!

i paraphrase, but we had ireland saying he's going to must look at a different type of player, & we have philbin talking about the type of players he wants.i take from this that they are on the same page and they are going to try to build a Green Bay Packer style team. i am willing to give this plan time to gel.i know we dont have rodgers but rodgers was a late 1st rd pick that sat for 3 years behind a 2nd round pick(favre).if these guys think they can mold tannehill then go get him and coach him up.

My God dude looks like Larry Coker's twin brother. But so far I agree with him. WC offenses don't need an alpha receiver, specially a problem child like BM. I don't care if we skip the draft and ride with these guys, football games are won on sundays. I'm sure a lot of these young guys will develop, plus we went 6-3 to close the season so we're good man.
If not, I got a job and a family so you won't hear me letting out my personal frustrations on Ireland. You all gotta admit you wish you had his job, so shut up, spend time with your families, do a better job if you have one, and if you have nothing better to do there's plenty of good to do for old people, kids, the neighborhood, and volunteering at hospitals. No disrespect to anybody but a lot of people need to improve themselves or their sorroundings instead of wasting their time protesting Dolphins moves in march.

I'Am out to much "Trolling" going on here.


All I know is that if Ireland picks yet another OL with our 1st pick there will no be 30 people in Davie but a 30,000 strong angry mob in coup d'etat mode asking for his head, and a whole lot of empty seats this year.

Besides any of the OL available at 8th will be a serious reach. I posted I'd like Richardson, not because of need but b/c at 8th he is a steal (he's Bush but way stronger, can catch the ball too). Bush's contract expires next year and he will play his hardest. That can only benefit us by then trading him before the week 6-8 deadline and get a pick or two for 2013 and add much needed cap relief and retaining the better player at a bargain price thanks to the new CBA.

We need to think long term strategy here, probably we are not even going to the playoffs this year, that is how you need to build this team, long term, we had enough of the band aids, Marshall was a expensive one, Colombo yesterday, Hicks today. Coples with his work ethic issues eventually would come back to hunt us, DE, DT, CB, S are positions we can fill next year, those players typically make an immediate impact, offensive skilled players take a year or two to develop especially in a WCO.

If Richardson is not available then we can take a look at who's there: Claiborne, Barron, Kuechly.

That said the ideal scenario would be to trade down and grab Stephen Hill and Coby Fleener.

Philbin wants Jerry to play one position. There in lies Sparano's problem with the OL. He wanted everyone to be able to play multiple positions. Move around and never succeed at any one position.

Armando, your blog title should read:

Owner & GM ARE Philbin's biggest area of concern.

they also placed their faith in high priced,injury prone garbage like smiley,grove, and berger. i know vince wilfork misses those three tackling dummies. funny thing too we signed grove because it was thought samson satele was too small, now he sounds like the kind of athletic o-lineman philbin wants.

Excited to have Sparano?

Interesting. You rip the Phins, yet you are excited to have one of their castoffs.

Tebow? Only reason Sexy Rexy grabbed him is he heard he has nice feet! LOL!!!

The JETS are the biggest joke of a franchise and everyone knows it. The circus is definitely in town in NYC. So bad even the GIANTS owner makes fun of the JETS. (Having David Carr hold a press conference! Classic)

Wonder if Rex is going to tell everyone the JETS are going to win the Super Bowl for a 4th straight year this season. LOL! Then not even make the playoffs.

Nothing is becoming a bigger joke than the comment section of this blog.
Possibly only comparable to the 2 dozen geniuses protesting.

Anyone rememeber what college Jay Fiedler went to?

Unless we trade one of these dudes, Richardson couldn't find a locker available on the running back side:

R. Bush - pefect for WCO
D. Thomas - young, powerful, potential
S. Slayton - supposedly Bush clone. Unknown value as of yet.
J. Messam - just signed award winning Canadian phenom. Power runner.
L. Hilliard - ol' serviceable standby.

Why would we pick Richardson unless somebody here leaves?
Not likely, sorry, dude.
Richardson is a good back. But I think we're set there for now.


i think if tannehill is there at 8 they are going to take him because of the pressure to get a QB. i think they could trade down(if there is a buyer) & still get tannehill because prior to Cleveland at 22 no other team really needs a QB. this is a risk but it may be worth it if the extra pick they obtain is a 2nd rounder. if they lose tannehill they can take cousins or osweiler instead.

If Richardson is available at our pick we trade back.

Because without Bush that whole bunch is worthless. Hilliard BTW is not coming back last time I checked. Richardson has way more upside than Bush, he's a true every down back, a bruising one but shifty enough to go outside as well and can also catch the ball. A combo Richardson/Thomas will wear defenses down. We are not getting a QB with a cannon arm like RG3, so as a warm weather team we must find creative ways to play well in wintry conditions. A good, strong, between the tackles game is one of them.

Bush's contract expires next year and we will have to pay him too much money to keep him, again I'm looking long term here, we get a younger, better back for cheaper and we ALSO get value for Bush. We need at some point to address our cap situation or we will be caught again with our pants down every time we need to sign a FA that can really help.

Blah blah blah .... Translation? We're blowing another high draft pick on an OL. We'll have an awesome line!! No QB or WR's but we'll have a line!!

Nothing is becoming a bigger joke than the comment section of this blog.
Possibly only comparable to the 2 dozen geniuses protesting.
Posted by: thavafin | March 27, 2012 at 03:53 PM

2 Dozen? Thats more fans then the Dolphins have! LOL

Yo Irescum. Why didnt you draft a QB last year? IDIOT!

This coming season MJ

Should we give them one more year?

This coming season MJ
Should we give them one more year?
Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | March 27, 2012 at 04:19 PM

If your a Jests fan

Based on what I've read, I don't understand the Hicks signing. I just have to conclude that (A)the contract has very low guaranteed money, or (B) Ireland and coaches know more about him than the things you read on the internet.
I still have confidence in Ireland. He's done a better job than many fans give him credit for.
Working within the cap and getting / keeping talented players is a tough job. He kept big Paul for a great price. That alone is impressive. I just hope he doesn't get suckerd in draft the way some of our previous GMs have. Don't trade up to get in front of Cleveland, please !

with the 8th pick last year we could have drafted blain gabbert or chris ponder. gabbert is afraidof the pass rush in the pocket and i dont know if that is something he can overcome. ponder is no better then tannehill. trading up for either would have been a waste.

Since the upcoming draft has become the topic of discussion it got me looking back at last year.

Pouncey in the first rd i personally think was a solid pick. He has a chance to be a perinnial pro bowler.

I know a few will say he went a bit too early blah blah.

The 2nd pick Daniel Thomas is the one who bothers me. And it's not so much Thomas himself that bothers me. I think he will be a good compliment to Bush if he stays healthy.

What bothers me is the whole process in getting him. A lot like Marshall this year our FO decides that they are going a different direction from Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams and so they release them. And thus the urgency to trade up for Thomas.

I would venture to say that Ronnie or Ricky could have been a fine compliment to Bush and we could have kept the 3rd, 5th and 7th picks last year. Picks that could have brought us a RT or TE or depth at RB.

Hopefully out last 3 picks from last year Gates, Clay, and Jimmy Wilson will continue to improve.

On the whole I believe it was a little better draft than previous. Hopefully Ireland will continue to improve as well.

Jay Feebler went to Dartmouth.

Sorry TigerSam.
Can't agree.
Richardson is Ray Rice part 2, no doubt. But the FO went and signed Messam who is supposed to be bigime (or bust). Plus the other highly paid RBs dudes on the roster already. Hilliard is listed as current, btw.
Unless they trade someone (Thomas, Thomas, Thomas...pssst) TR ain't coming.
In fact the only RBs I'm missing are scat back types which would be helpful definitely. TR ain't a scatback. He's an everydown bruiser.
Cleveland will grab him if they're smart anyway. they need him. Totally fits.


I don't believe Reilly Roaf or Jonathan Martin are reaches at #8.

I was just hoping we wouldn't need a RT come draft day.

Maybe Murtha or John Jerry will step up because we certainly have other areas of need in the first rd.


I agree that Ricky still had something left but Ronnie was done. It's WAY too early to judge last year's draft yet but I believe we made the right pick with Pouncey & I like the upside with Thomas, Clay, & Wilson. Based on last season I honestly have no idea if Gates can become a competent WR.

Thanks I thought it was Hofstra.

Oh gee, that's what I said all of last year as you clueless clowns blamed Henne.

Henne was nothing short of heroic the first 4 games last year while the O line was completely absent. O line failed to show up AT ALL in the first 4 games last year.

Let me get this straight. Your new head coach tells you early on that OL is his main concern. Eric Winston visits and says he would love to play for Miami. He is one of the top OTs in the game, is available, and is relatively young and healthy. We pass.

A bit on the pricey side? Maybe. Signs with KC for 4 yrs./$22mil. that's $5.5 million. Instead of shoring up the right tackle position for the foreseeable future, we sign an old, stopgap backup OL for roughly 2.5 million and a backup QB for 3-4million.

Maybe it's me, but if I'm the GM and my coach said he wanted a strong OL, I'd forget Hicks and Garrard and spend my money on Winston, despite my belief that he's slightly overvalued. This way, the only question left on OL is at guard, which can be found on the roster or elsewhere pretty easily.

But hey, it's best to use free agency to fill in all those backup positions...

Cleveland let the one year wonder Madden cover walk, they will indeed take Richardson.


Probably a good call on Cleveland. And then that leaves Claiborne for TB, Blackmon for the Rams, Coples for the Jags and you guessed it...

Tannehill to Miami.

Why are we still talking offensive line? Wasn't that the first thing the Great Tuna Trifecta were supposed to fix? Epic Fail!

FP4FGs I'll explain why. Not attacking you at all. Attacking Fins' philosophy the past 4 years.

I have said that O linemen are fungible. That's not true and I was oversimplifying. Here is what is true:

1. You have to have a great O line, BUT...
2. It's a crapshoot as to who can do the job, and it depends in large part on coaching them up, SO...
3. you are correct to notice that Miami has WASTED MONEY by focusing on the O line and giving number 1 overall pick/QB money to Long, for example, while having the situation we had on the right last year.

In summary, O linemen are not fungible (interchangeable), but a good team can get good starters in the later rounds and not pay them so much.

The fins have wasted BIG MONEY on a unit that's about as good as they could have had for 33% of the money.

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