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Offensive line might be Philbin's biggest area of concern

When he was interviewing for the Dolphins head coach opening and even afterward, Joe Philbin heard a lot about Miami's needs to get a good quarterback. Ownership told him. Fans told him. I know I told him.

It wasn't news because he'd addressed the issue with owner Stephen Ross and general manager Jeff Ireland previously. But Philbin saw a need as fundamental as the quarterback. He believed he needed men to keep the quarterback from getting killed. And he made that point to Ross and Ireland.

"When I came to interview, one of the things I told Steve and Jeff and I told you guys as well is there's been a ton of focus on the quarterback position as it should be in this league. My feeling as I watched the tape, was our offensive line needs to get better if our quarterback position is going to play better. That's going to be a priority. We need to make sure that happens."

It obviously has not happened yet. “Not at all," Philbin agreed. "Hopefully we can provide a little more competition.”

(Jake Long is set at left tackle. Mike Pouncey is set at center. Richie Incognito is more or less set at left guard although the team would like him to play better. But right guard? Right tackle?

“We like Pouncey’s athleticism, love his competitiveness," Philbin said. "We thought he had a very, very good rookie year. That’s a critical position. He will have a lot of responsibility with blocking schemes. Incognito did some good things.  The rest of the interior isn’t quite as settled. Jake has come by the office a number of times. All the things you hear about him are true. He’s ready to take on a more active leadership role on the ballclub.”

The club continues to talk with the agent for guard Jake Scott. Scott visited Arizona but hasn't gotten an offer from that team. In fact, the Dolphins are the only team he was seriously talking to as of earlier today.

At right tackle, Miami has a slew of prospects but doesn't know if it has players. Lydon Murtha, Nate Garner, recently signed Artis Hicks and Ryan Cook are among the cast of potential right tackle starters. The club might also draft someone. 

John Jerry started at left tackle last year when Long was injured. He handled the job well enough. But despite this, Philbin wants to see him in the offseason program that begins in a couple of weeks because he admitted the club isn't really sure whether Jerry fits best at guard or tackle. 

“We have to find a home for him," Philbin said. "He’s got to earn a spot. The good news is he has played a couple of them. The bad news is he has not anchored down one spot.”

As you may know, the Bills added free agents Mario Williams and Mark Anderson, who the Dolphins were interested enough in to host a visit with him. That makes Buffalo a concern for any team scheduled to play them twice next season.

Philbin, in true competitor fashion, gave the players the appropriate respect. But then he added that at least half the puzzle for stopping the Buffalo duo is already on board in Miami.

“Last I checked," he said. "our left tackle is a pretty good."



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Here's what I think we should do. The Browns need a QB and apparently like Tannehill but not at 4 so we trade. Browns get our 8th(1st round) and 73rd(3rd round) and we get their 22(1st round), 37(2nd round) and 67(3rd round). Browns take Richardson or Blackmon at 4 and Tannehill at 8. We now have 5 picks in the 1st 3 rounds (22,37,42,67 and 72)and could fill a lot of needs :QB ( Cousins or Weeden), WR (S.Hill or Jeffery), OT (Martin or Adams)and DE(Jones, Curry or Crick). Anyway just my thoughts/wishful thinking.

God can these people not think properly. What will it take for Ireland to get fired. A winless season, South Florida protesting outside stadium/practice facility It's not the offensive line. They're fine. We don't have a QB who has a strong arm. I even would be a better GM than Ireland. Wake up Dolphins. Where and when is the bold move?


I like your wishful thinking. Though it rarely happens it looks to me like a trade up for Blackmon or a trade down for extra picks would be the best case scenario for us this season.

The is really noone worthy of a #8 selection at a position of need for us unless you try and totally stack the OL with Reiff.

Coples, Ingram, and Floyd are probables but i like your idea of exra picks best. Especially with a new coach.

So, Philbin looked at the revolving door on our right side and decided that our O-line wasn't very good? Duh! That's not rocket science! Sparano was supposed to be an O-line guru. Colombo was supposed to anchor the right side. We were supposed to have a franchise quarterback by now!

Maybe, Joe can turn this ship around. Maybe.

MK ,I like your post at 4-42 pm.Your idea makes much more sense than Ireland's.

Philbin sounds like the coach the Dolphins have needed. Ireland has been quoted in the media as telling Matt Moore that he had to play better. Well my perspective from watching the games was that Moore was not protected and did a great job behind more pressure than Tom Brady would be able to endure. The OL needs to play better and the greatest needs in my view are at receiver and right tackle. Philbin is right on target.

From the sounds of it, we all concur with the article, Right Tackle is a very high need, and unfortunately we did not get him in FA (we might need a right guard also, maybe not)
So we will have to address the Right tackle need in the draft
The question is where in the draft - what can we expect a trade down? To get an additional pick (at least an additional 3rd rounder if not second) or take our chances at pick #8 with Reilly Reiff, or do we take Tanehill at #8 and a RT later in the draft.
Some say that RT's are abundant in the draft this year - yes but we want a good RT right?. If we get a RT in the first round, our OL should be set for the next 5 to 7 years. They are all relatively young.
Then QB and RT are our 2 biggest needs. But we have a fairly OK QB - Yes we do…… Matt Moore did an outstanding job with the Offensive line as porous as it was in 2011.
So since we are rebuilding, does that mean a RT is more important, and a QB later maybe in Round 2. It depends if our Offensive coordinator thinks Tanehill is definitely a franchise QB we take him at #8. If he thinks otherwise, then we take a RT at #8 or we trade down and acquire an additional pick in the first 2 or 3 rounds depending on how far back we move. Let’s face it we do not need to draft a QB just to keep the fans happy. We need to make sure we are not wasting our pick. We have wasted enough of them.
I personally like Weeden. So maybe none of the remaining QB’s are viewed as franchise QB’s and I would be fine with us not drafting a QB this year and using our picks to solidify our team. After all we are not Super Bowl bound this year. We can wait a year to get a real franchise QB if that is what it takes. This is why the GM, coaches, and scouts are paid, to make these decisions. Of course they are never 100% right. No one is. We hope they are right more than 50% of the time. I just happen to think that Weeden is mature, accurate, and has a strong arm, and can scramble pretty good, and that we should not reach for a QB at #8 unless he will be our franchise QB. The only negative for Weeden is his age, 27, but to me that is not that big a negative, we should still be able to get 9 or 10 years out of him. From what I have read, he has all the tools to be a franchise QB - again the only knock against him is his age
So maybe we trade down maybe not, but if we do not, I would take Reiff at 8 and Weeden in the second round and a WR in the third. So we then shift to Safety and DE in the later rounds, plus maybe another WR so we can create some competition at WR. We do not need Richardson at #8. We are set at running back. Give our guys a chance to prove behind a good offensive line, which we have not had in 15 years.
As was mentioned, WR is not a big need in a WC offense, and so I assume it is out of the question to trade up to get a WR like Blackmon - he would be too expensive at #4 pick and not essential in a WC offense.
I know Mr. Ireland has his hands full this year. He has to try to balance all of these needs, and of course do it inside the CAP, plus keep the fans interested. Happy or not he is here to Stay (Ireland) so let’s wait and see what happens. The new coach is obviously interacting quite a bit on personnel needs and selection, so I think we should all support our team, and hope we fix as many of our problems as we can within the limits we have this year. We need to stop with the negative comments over and over again. It makes no common sense to continue on that rampage. Ireland is not going to get fired this year. So learn to accept it and let’s move on and have more fruitful comments on the blog.

THE jets get four compensatory picks and we lose Ricky and Ronnie and we don't get any; how the heck is that?

I am always wrong

Posted by: Gay AnalPoke Talk w Home | March 27, 2012 at 08:59 AM

I agree with "Badger"......why tf don't we ever get compensatory picks? I don't get it. We should next year for Langford and Allen I suppose. I think it's a joke anyway. Isn't that part of the game...trying to keep your players? All you have to do now is let a high priced player go and you save cap space while getting a nice draft pick for him.

Sell the team to Rush Limbaugh NOW!!!!

Ross Please...
Sell the team to Rush Limbaugh NOW!!!

I have to agree. We need better protection on the line. Even I can be a NFL superstar QB if I had an outstanding line.

I say we draft Reiff at #8

Embarrassing that the o-line still is not solidified after so many years.

How many touchdowns is that offensive lineman that you want drafted in the first round going to score? That is one of the biggest problems for Miami. They have invested so heavily, so lopsidedly on defense and offensive lineman going back to 2000 that this team is more suited to run Georgia Tech's offense than an NFL style passing attack.

Just in the last four drafts, here are our top selections....lopsided heavily towards players who will never score a touchdown barring an interception or fumble:

OL Mike Pouncey (1st round, 2011)
OL Jake Long (1st round, 2008)
OL John Jerry (3rd round, 2010)

DL Philip Merling (1st round, 2008)
DL Jared Orick (1st round, 2010)
DL Kendal Langford (3rd round, 2008)
LB Koa Misi (2nd round, 2010)
DB Vontae Davis (1st round, 2009)
DB Sean Smith (2nd round)

And for players who actually score touchdowns:
HB Daniel Thomas (2nd round)
WR Patrick Turner (3rd round)

And also Chad Henne and Pat White.

Look at it another way...in the last ten YEARS we have taken just two wide receivers in the top three rounds (Tedd Ginn and Patrick Turner). Despite this being a position of need since 2002.

If we're going to go O-Line, go all the way and just spend the entire draft on offensive linemen. Then sign Vince Young and go completely option.

**if these guys think they can mold tannehill then go get him and coach him up.
Posted by: 41phish | March 27, 2012 at 03:26 PM

I Have to agree... i think that Tannehill Will have to Sit for a Year & Learn..Since he Only played the 19 games. But He Will Be a Franchise QB. He Can Make ALL The Throws. But i DONT Think He Will be their when we pick @ #8 & We ALL Know That We Need a Franchise QB, Sooooo Ireland Wont go Get One, Cuz He's CLUELESS!!!

Why didn't these major idiots get Mark Anderson?

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