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Would Dolphins trade up for Tannehill?

Talk around the hallways of the Breakers Hotel during the NFL annual meeting this week included whispers of the Cleveland Browns wanting to trade down from their perch at No. 4 in the coming NFL draft. That talk was confirmed when Cleveland general manager Tom Heckert, a former Dolphins personnel man, told the Cleveland Plain Dealer he would consider trading down.

"We're not trading up, I guarantee that," Heckert said. "There's going to be five guys that we really like and we're going to get a really good player at number four. But we could still get a really good player at five, six, seven, eight too."

You must note that Heckert included No. 8. That is the position the Dolphins currently hold and the one where Miami may feel a need to improve upon. The thinking among some league people is that Miami is desperate to draft a quarterback and Ryan Tannehill will be the target.

And rather than wait to pick the Texas A&M player at No. 8, there is a possibility the Dolphins might show some desperation and trade up to get him. Thus, Heckert could be setting the Dolphins up for that deal by talking it up.

Here's the problem: Few people believe Tannehill is a value at No. 8, much less one at No. 4. So the Dolphins, who have so far refused to overpay for a handful of quarterbacks under general manager Jeff Ireland, would be positioning themselves to overpay for Tannehill.

Now, overpay is a relative term. The Dolphins might believe Washington giving up three first-round picks plus other considerations for Robert Griffin III is overpaying. I think it's a great move. GREAT! If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know I love RG3 and think that was the move the Dolphins needed to make instead of chasing Peyton Manning.

But perhaps the Dolphins have a great feel about Tannehill considering offensive coordinator Mike Sherman was Tannehill's head coach at A&M. Maybe they know something. So maybe they really, really want to make sure they get the player.

I suppose the Dolphins would have to consider getting to No. 4 to ensure their ability to get their guy. Maybe that's the case, but I definitely hope and pray they stand their ground and stay at No. 8.

The truth is the Browns are really the only team ahead of Miami that might take him. Indianapolis is taking Andrew Luck at No. 1. Washington is taking RG3 at No. 2. Minnesota isn't taking a QB there because they drafted Christian Ponder last year in the first round. Tampa Bay at No. 5 doesn't need a QB. Neither does St. Louis at No. 6 -- proven by the fact they passed on a chance for RG3. And I am certain the Jaguars are commited to Blaine Gabbert this year so they're not drafting Tannehill at No. 7.

That only leaves Cleveland as a possibility for Tannehill. And the Browns are willing to drop. Heckert is bluffing the Dolphins, people. I think it will be interesting to see if Heckert and a large Cleveland contingent are at Tannehill's Pro Day Thursday.

Usually that would signal a significant interest by a team in a player. I would expect that's exactly what the Browns would like to show they have in Tannehill to make Miami nervous.

Don't be nervous, Miami -- at least not about Cleveland.

Now the Dolphins might be concerned teams behind them might want to trade up to take Tannehill. The Chiefs at No. 11 need a quarterback and might want to pull ahead of Miami for a chance at Tannehill. That seems to be the only team likely to threaten Miami in this scenario.

So are St. Louis, Tampa or Jacksonville willing to drop back to 11? I guess it depends on their board and the compensation offered. I find it hard to believe KC GM Scott Pioli would pay too much for the chance to move up four to six spots to take Tannehill.

And why do I say this? I guess it boils down to the player not the move. Frankly, I don't see Tannehill as a top 10 player. I think he might go that high. But I think the reason would be because he's a quarterback, the NFL is a QB league, and somebody might be desperate enough to overdraft him.

I just hope that as far as flying up to No. 4 overall, it's not the Dolphins.


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I just worry that, even if Tannehill is available, that Ireland will pass on him. I have the feeling that's what'll happen and he'll be long gone by the second round.

No reason to trade up for him.

I hope not too, not for Tannehill anyway. I could see trying to jump for a WR, or a proven QB worth the 4th pick.

Home is not doing anything to help Ireland get fired. He and the other handful of bozos are only helping to make our fanbase look foolish.

Posted by: Phins78 | March 28, 2012 at 12:09 PM

Who makes the fanbase look more foolish than you with your arrogant, pompous, ignorance and stupid vocabulary?

Drafting college players is such an inexact science ( a gamble -Gabbert anyone?) that all the calculations about "value" are really quite silly!

We go from possibly sucking for luck, to possibly selecting RG3, which would of been great now I'm suppose to be excited to draft Tannehill, GTFOH! I rather we traded the 2 first rounders for RG3. (the third first rounder is the one where they moved up Armando so technically only 2).

I agree Ralph.........sometimes i think value can be taken too far.

Brady Quinn was pegged as a top 10 draft prospect wasn't he? And people thought Miami was crazy for passing on him.

How did that turn out?

Trade up for Tannehill??? In short--the answer is no f#cking way. And if we do then Ireland is more a retard than I could have possibly imagined. I don't even value Tannehill at 8 & would rather take the best guard or best available Tackle after Kalil in the draft.

This kid is no Andrew Luck or even Matt Barkley for that matter who I believe are definitely franchise level QB prospects. Not completely sold on RG3 either. Great kid, great athlete, throws a nice long ball, but he played in a funky, unorthodox offense.


Great point. True value is hitting on a player with your pick like taking Pouncey. The position he plays is irrelevant if he's an excellent player that becomes a starter right away & solidifies a big need.


IMO--If you hit on the player then it was a good pick.

I have reservations picking Tannehill at #8 - do not trade up for him. Let Blackmon fall to us.

Find this hilarious that the media is again setting up for failure. Tannehill in the top 20 of this draft is a joke, no less the top 5!!

Not sure why the speculation and build-up for this kid. What did he do at A&M? He is a prospect. Hell, at least Weeden put up numbers at a top5 program against the best teams in the country. Tannehill did good against weak competition but struggled mightily against better/faster teams.

Trading up for Tannehill is a dumb move especially if it is going to cost anything similar to what they could have given up to get griffin 3. Mando, Washington gave up 2 first rounders not really 3 because they swapped first round picks this year. Im actually starting to think the dolphins will pass on tannehill even if he is there at 8. If he is not ready to play right away why not draft someone who is and pick a qb in the 3rd round to "develop". I am a firm believer in your top 10 pick has to play right away!

Shhhhhh everyone talk quietly......I don't think Home realizes there is a new post up.

Maybe if we're quiet enough he won't find us in here

I would not trade up for Tannehill because I would take Weeden or Cousins later if we didn't get Tannehill.

In a Miami only 7 round mock draft scenario 2 I have on nfldraftfan.com I mention that Cleveland takes Tannehill at 4 and since he's gone we actually trade down.

This talk from the Browns FO may be just their fear that we will trade up to 3 and grab Tannehill. I have heard those rumors but I doubt it very seriously that we'd trade up. The reason would be we could still grab Weeden or Cousins later. The Browns may be playing down any interest they have in Tannehill.

take Ingram at 8 Weeden at 42

Don't trade up, obviously. Tannehill will be there at #8 if you really want him. Cleveland just showed you their hand by trying to "bluff". The aren't taking Tannehill.

I know the guy is tiny in regards to qbs but I saw russel wilson play at nc state and wisconsin and that guy can ball. He always brings his team from behind in the 4th quarter. I would take a flyer on him in 6th round just to see what he can do.

Who cares what the Dolphins do?


I believe a lot of teams would. Wilson is a great athlete & a very smart kid. If he was 6'2" we'd be talking about him as a Top 5 pick.

No way should we trade up to #4 for Tannehill or Blackmon even. Tannehill is even a reach at #8. There are plenty of other good WR in the draft pool too. I expect Ireland will want to trade down for more picks.

They should call Cleveland's bluff....if Cleveland takes Tannehill, oh well...we take a QB in the 2nd. If Tannehill gets passed Cleveland, I have no doubt Miami will draft him at 8. Just don't move up.

I do think Miami will draft Tannehill...you don't have to like it...I don't really like it, but I think that's exactly what's going to happen. My guess is that he'll ride the pine for at least next season behind Moore and Garrard. I could actually see a scenario where Garrard is ultimately released and Tannehill becomes the backup to Moore this season. I think Garrard is just an insurance policy basically.

If the Phins do draft Tannehill, I will support him and hope that he does well and hope that he ultimately develops into a franchise QB. On the plus side, he is quite familiar with the WC offense.

Note....a lot of people say he dinks and dunks....well, duh...the WC offense is a dink and dunk offense as they use the short pass in lieu of the run. Texas A&M ran a WC offense under Sherman.

Why is this article not reading Could Dolphins trade up for Blackmon, much more sense and Value 2nd rnd pick should be the kid WR from Baylor, Wright.. Then WR goes from being a weakness to a stregh for years

i would rather see the Fins trade down from 8 if possible,and get another pick, then take Floyd, Hill, or Sanu @ WR and QB brock osweiler with there 1st 3 picks.

Tanneyhill is not a must have QB, if he's there @ 8 fine, we have 4 of the first 73 picks, one will be a QB. I'm not worrying about it. I actually like Matt Moore and Garrard for this year while we develop a future QB. We IMO our needs in order of importance for this year considering the probable options are OL,OLB,WR(2),QB,TE,FS. We went 6-3 to close the year with a young team and B Marshall was overrated, so all this crying and bitching is more on the fans than on the Fins organization. I think time will show RG3's overrated and his receiver Kendall Wright will have better career, kid can play, he'll miss him dearly.

Who cares what the Dolphins do?

Posted by: Nick | March 28, 2012 at 01:10 PM

Nick, you cared enough to favor us with your thoughtful post!

Cleveland wanting out of 4 is a sure sign they won't take Tannehill. I got to believe any team trading into 4 will want a "sure thing" blue chip player and not reach for Tannehill. Tannehill falls to Dolphins at 8. Philbin and Sherman will tell us if Tannehill is the right QB to develop. Regardless Tannehill will sit and learn year 1 with a legitimate shot to start year 2.

Vernon Carey and the Vikes part II - this is what happens when you lock on to a player.

If I were GM - I would be making strong noises that we would consider trading DOWN from 8.

I have no idea & honestly don't really care what Cleveland will do but they are actually one of the teams that are in worse shape than we are for 2012.

If they are smart they will stay put & take either Blackmon or Richardson. I'm tired of all the naysayers about RB's being taken high b/c if the RB is THAT good & I believe he is, he will help that team in a big way. Richardson is a special football player & possesses the full package for a RB--extremely strong, very good speed, very good hands, & a top notch blocker. If he doesn't suffer a knee injury (which is the biggest concern with all RB's) then you're talking about a franchise/workhorse type of RB.

Tanny & Sherman know how to go 6-6 and get the coach fired so he can join the low inept hapless Dolphins and the tradition can continue ...
Posted by: Home for Christ's Sake ; ) | March 28, 2012 at 01:19 PM


I always forget that football is not a team sport and that the QB is 100% responsible for all wins and losses. Stupid me.

I mean, do they really need those other 11 guys anyway? Why is there even a 53 man roster? We should just draft all QBs and no other positions as the QB obviously is 100% responsible for the outcome of each and every game.

Tanny is not a value at 8. However if he turns out to be great half the blog will blame someone like Ireland for messing it up. No win situation there.

If our OC is sold he is as good or close enought to a real good NFL QB, take the chance. If not, just make the team better. there will be FA qb's next year, and new draftee's.

I mean didnt Baltimore screw this up back in the day, they needed a QB bad and drafted Boller way to early? Look how that panned out. I think Buffalo with Loshman?

I am really on the fence here, but drafting a guy to early or moving up to get a guy projected later rarly works especially at QB.

No way should we trade up to #4 for Tannehill or Blackmon even. Tannehill is even a reach at #8. There are plenty of other good WR in the draft pool too. I expect Ireland will want to trade down for more picks.


That sounds right to me. IF Ireland can find a trade partner I believe that this would be his dream scenario. Let's just hope he doesn't blow those picks. If not, at the end of the day, I think Coples will be the pick since he fits Ireland's size requirements better than any other DE or OLB in that ranger. The other guy that makes sense is Mecilus who is an extremely intriguing prospect as well.

In what decade do we get a franchise QB?

Tade up to number four. Everybody will be thinking we are taking Tannehill. Take Blackmon. then in the second round take your QB Cousins from Michigan State.

I don't know much about Tannehill but I have been watching some of his games and I say screw it, take him in the first round.

Ive never seen Tannehill play one game, can someone please explain to me his positives and negatives and who does he compare to in the NFL?

I have yet to hear anyone suggest that if they want Tannehill, which I think will get past Cleveland at 4, why not move back in the draft in front of Cleveland's Pick at #22, I have no fear of any other team drafting him in the 1st round before pick 22, you know there will still be some players on the board at 8 teams will want to move up and get, maybe a Coples, Ingram, Poe, U can even get the #2 corner in the draft at pick 8 if you want them. Why not move back, pick up and extra 2nd rd pick , maybe a 3rd too, and get Tannehill at say spot 20. Anyone agree with this? or am I crazy

You people NEVER learn! We all want this home jackoff to fall off the face of the earth, yet, you all dumbly respond to his posts.


i heard yesterday that the packers have 12 draft picks (from compensatories). talk about letting the fox lose in the henhouse. hopefully philbin learned something from ted thompson as well as mike mccarthy.i hope to see 2 of the top 5 wideouts and of the top 6 qb's with the first 3 picks.

The only negative on Tannehill is that he might need to sit for a year and develop. Most scouts think he has much more upside than Ponder or Locker. I've seen him play 6 or 7 times and he has all of the tools to become a " Franchise QB ". If it takes one year of development to end the QB curse I'm all for it.


it's rather cute that you take so much pleasure in reading your inane posts. It's not true that anyone here feels sorry for you- keep it up!

Tanny is not a value at 8. However if he turns out to be great half the blog will blame someone like Ireland for messing it up. No win situation there.
If our OC is sold he is as good or close enought to a real good NFL QB, take the chance. If not, just make the team better. there will be FA qb's next year, and new draftee's.
I mean didnt Baltimore screw this up back in the day, they needed a QB bad and drafted Boller way to early? Look how that panned out. I think Buffalo with Loshman?
I am really on the fence here, but drafting a guy to early or moving up to get a guy projected later rarly works especially at QB.
Posted by: Poizen | March 28, 2012 at 01:26 PM


Good points, but you have to remember that there is a new CBA in place. Baltimore had to stick with Boller and Buffalo had to stick with Losman long term because there was so much $$$ involved. There won't be nearly the financial burden under the new CBA for cutting your losses early.

Also....you can look at last year. Nobody though Dalton would be a good value at 15 or anywhere in the first round. I remember so many people on this blog and elsewhere commenting on how he was just a "system" QB...didn't have the arm, etc. He looks like a damned stud out there; he just didn't have the name and didn't come from a big time school.

Poster at 01:34 PM

These dumb bloggers also respond to those who tell them they will have to swallow their load and other sick perversions.

The fact is, the bloggers here are so utterly desperate for football gossip they they will respond to anyone. They have no dignity.

Trade Irescum for a bag of dog poop.

Tannehill — against Oklahoma State, a number of things were evident. Let’s start with arm strength, often dismissed as an overrated attribute — until, of course, it’s needed in a critical situation. Tannehill had a good arm, but not a gun. What helped him spin the ball was good weight transfer. He did not lift his back foot off the ground too soon, and effectively drove through his throws.

Three other points emerged from this game. First, he was willing to pull the trigger on difficult throws, which is a necessity in the NFL. Second, he threw the ball well and with confidence when working outside the numbers. Lastly, and surprisingly given his relative inexperience, he exhibited comfortable pocket mobility. In response to pressure, he moved within an area that approximates the size of a boxing ring while maintaining both his passer profile and his downfield focus. Pocket movement is a far more important attribute in the NFL than leaving the pocket and running.

This was one game, so these were snapshots more than final grades. As Home continued with Arkansas, Iowa State and Missouri, Home developed a more fully developed picture of Tannehill. His delivery was a bit low, more three-quarters than over-the-top. It was compact with good arm speed, which also accounted for the aforementioned velocity.

Good point wolfman, I forgot about Dalton.


I just don't see why we can't trade back in the 1st rd if we want Tannehill, this draft seems like it is 10 players deep, of guys who will be good pros, if not probowl players, there will be one there at 8, someone will want, either draft that player, or move back in the draft in front of Cleveland and take Tannehill, cause someone else will want that stud at pick 8

Blaine Gabbert? The starting QB of the Jacksonville Football Jaguars is Chad Henne!!!

Ryan Tannehills Texas A&M Aggies beat the crap out of RGIIIs Baylor Bears.....

One concern: Home thought he had a tendency to lock his front leg as he delivered the ball at times. There were instances in which that hindered his usually precise ball location. Some throws were a little high, especially ones between the numbers. Those problems can be coached and fixed, but it’s a process and, at this point, a concern.

One benefit of Tannehill’s three-quarters delivery is it allows him to throw very well on the move, both to his right and impressively, to his left. In fact, he’s a better, more accurate passer on the run than either Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin. Tannehill was very efficient off the boot-action pass game. That will translate very well to the NFL.

The final two games Home evaluated were Texas A&M’s contests against Oklahoma and Texas. Pocket movement remained a strong element of his game. Home would argue that Tannehill exhibited the best pocket command and mobility of any quarterback in this draft class. To take it a step further, Tannehill was very good when improvising within structure. When the pressure forced him to abandon the boxing ring, he did, but the objective was again to find a quieter area to deliver the ball rather than to run. While the threat of the run was present, Tannehill remained a passer first, allowing the defense to dictate his reaction. We always talk about extending plays. Tannehill did that well, preserving his downfield focus and making accurate throws at the intermediate and deeper levels of the defense.

Tannehill is worse then Henne.

at 4th I take Blackmon, Moore or Garrard can take this team to playoffs this year, draft a QB in later Rnds, like Osweiler, weeden, moore etc...Moore is worth developing.

Jaquar fans better pray Gabbert doesnt get hurt lol.

Copy and Paste fail


Copy and Paste FAIL

Jeff Ireland may be under fire from multiple directions — players, pundits, fans — but the Miami Dolphins general manager has plenty of supporters within the industry.Several of those are NFC head coaches who spoke strongly in his defense at Wednesday’s coaches breakfast at the NFL owners meetings in Palm Beach.

From Cowboys coach Jason Garrett to Panthers coach Ron Rivera to Vikings coach Leslie Frazier, Ireland definitely has his share of believers.

“I count him as a friend,” said Frazier, a former Chicago Bears defensive back in the 1980s. “I’ve known him a long time, going back to when his grandfather [Jim Parmer] was a scout for us and scouted me when I was in college. Jeff would come to our training camps, work as a ballboy and be around us.

“I’ve watched him grow through the league and have the kind of success he’s had. He’s a solid person. He’s a good leader. He’s a good man and I know he’s trying to do everything he can to bring a championship to Miami.”

What should Dolphins fans know about Ireland’s ability to do just that, even as the franchise appears headed into another rebuilding period?

“Nobody is going to outwork him,” Frazier said. “I know a lot of the players and maybe the fans aren’t sure about what’s going on, but rest assured that nobody is going to work harder to bring a championship to Miami than Jeff will. He’s going to do the right thing and he’s going to do it with integrity as well.”

Refusing to budge on his offers to Matt Flynn and Alex Smith might be two of the latest examples of that, painful as might be for Dolphins fans to accept. (And I certainly have my doubts about the failure to ante up for Flynn, in particular.)

“As difficult as these last few years have been,” Frazier said, ”the fans should know the things they want to see happen will eventually happen if they can be patient just a little longer.”

He smiled, knowing how rare the P-word is in the modern NFL.

“Just a little longer,” Frazier said. “Just hang in there.”

COME ON ALREADY! Who are you going to listen to, me, or these professionals who have been in the business for most of their lives?

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