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Would Dolphins trade up for Tannehill?

Talk around the hallways of the Breakers Hotel during the NFL annual meeting this week included whispers of the Cleveland Browns wanting to trade down from their perch at No. 4 in the coming NFL draft. That talk was confirmed when Cleveland general manager Tom Heckert, a former Dolphins personnel man, told the Cleveland Plain Dealer he would consider trading down.

"We're not trading up, I guarantee that," Heckert said. "There's going to be five guys that we really like and we're going to get a really good player at number four. But we could still get a really good player at five, six, seven, eight too."

You must note that Heckert included No. 8. That is the position the Dolphins currently hold and the one where Miami may feel a need to improve upon. The thinking among some league people is that Miami is desperate to draft a quarterback and Ryan Tannehill will be the target.

And rather than wait to pick the Texas A&M player at No. 8, there is a possibility the Dolphins might show some desperation and trade up to get him. Thus, Heckert could be setting the Dolphins up for that deal by talking it up.

Here's the problem: Few people believe Tannehill is a value at No. 8, much less one at No. 4. So the Dolphins, who have so far refused to overpay for a handful of quarterbacks under general manager Jeff Ireland, would be positioning themselves to overpay for Tannehill.

Now, overpay is a relative term. The Dolphins might believe Washington giving up three first-round picks plus other considerations for Robert Griffin III is overpaying. I think it's a great move. GREAT! If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know I love RG3 and think that was the move the Dolphins needed to make instead of chasing Peyton Manning.

But perhaps the Dolphins have a great feel about Tannehill considering offensive coordinator Mike Sherman was Tannehill's head coach at A&M. Maybe they know something. So maybe they really, really want to make sure they get the player.

I suppose the Dolphins would have to consider getting to No. 4 to ensure their ability to get their guy. Maybe that's the case, but I definitely hope and pray they stand their ground and stay at No. 8.

The truth is the Browns are really the only team ahead of Miami that might take him. Indianapolis is taking Andrew Luck at No. 1. Washington is taking RG3 at No. 2. Minnesota isn't taking a QB there because they drafted Christian Ponder last year in the first round. Tampa Bay at No. 5 doesn't need a QB. Neither does St. Louis at No. 6 -- proven by the fact they passed on a chance for RG3. And I am certain the Jaguars are commited to Blaine Gabbert this year so they're not drafting Tannehill at No. 7.

That only leaves Cleveland as a possibility for Tannehill. And the Browns are willing to drop. Heckert is bluffing the Dolphins, people. I think it will be interesting to see if Heckert and a large Cleveland contingent are at Tannehill's Pro Day Thursday.

Usually that would signal a significant interest by a team in a player. I would expect that's exactly what the Browns would like to show they have in Tannehill to make Miami nervous.

Don't be nervous, Miami -- at least not about Cleveland.

Now the Dolphins might be concerned teams behind them might want to trade up to take Tannehill. The Chiefs at No. 11 need a quarterback and might want to pull ahead of Miami for a chance at Tannehill. That seems to be the only team likely to threaten Miami in this scenario.

So are St. Louis, Tampa or Jacksonville willing to drop back to 11? I guess it depends on their board and the compensation offered. I find it hard to believe KC GM Scott Pioli would pay too much for the chance to move up four to six spots to take Tannehill.

And why do I say this? I guess it boils down to the player not the move. Frankly, I don't see Tannehill as a top 10 player. I think he might go that high. But I think the reason would be because he's a quarterback, the NFL is a QB league, and somebody might be desperate enough to overdraft him.

I just hope that as far as flying up to No. 4 overall, it's not the Dolphins.


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If tannehill is available at 8, take him. I might only be 16 years old, but i have seen no glory days of the mighty fins, and im waiting for that day to come. The only way ireland will save his job is if we have a proven QB after this season. The receivers and defensive ends can wait around, we need to wing it for tannehill.

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I'd be surprised if they take Tannehill even if available at 8. We need an edge rusher. Wheeden in the second might be good.

The Browns have McCoy and they take Blackmon if he's there

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I love your mock! But I wouldnt take less than a 2013 1st rd pick, say Cicinatti wanted to move up to get Richardson. Here's why:

1. Richardson may be a bigger more physical version of Reggie Bush. Though not quite as fast, he can still take it all the way to the house from any point on the field. He also catches very well out of the backfield and would be better in pass protection than a smaller Bush. Less likely to be injury prone than Bush too.

2. Just imagine being able to rotate 2 big rb's. D-Thomas and Richardson. Defenses will be hating the 4th qtr.

3. Richardson maybe the only guy we can take at #8 that is truly #8 value. Richardson will have isntant impact year one in the nfl. He's far better than even Ingram was.

4. If using our #8(not reaching) Richardson hands down makes the most amount of sense. Also if Blackmon slips to #8 we have to give him great consideration too.

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Posted by: Mike | March 28, 2012 at 03:14 PM

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I agree if Blackmon slips we should grab him. But with Richardson I would definitely see how much we could get for him. If we are not able to get enough in return because he is considered an elite prospect I would take him.

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I hope Mia trade down rather than trade up.
Stock pile picks so you can double at WR while addressing other needs like Pass rush, OL and Te.

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strengthen the defense or at least give Moore a stud WR to throw to.

If 'phins move up, take Claiborn, not Tanny. A shut- down corner helps to shorten the field therefore helping to make offense and QB look better.

If trade up too expensive for Claiborne and he is gone at no.8 then pick best pass rusher. Go for Tanny at 42 overall if he's there. Otherwise take next best, BIG WR in rnd 2.

coach 'em up Philbin!

Tannehill didnt play in a "funky" offense... I heard these same knocks on Sam Bradford and Cam Newton as well... We have his former head coach so thats a plus.... Maybe thats why we didnt go hard at Matt Flynn cause we thought this guy could be better... If thats the case, then this is good news... Also, if u really like a player and u want to trade up for him,... Why not?.... He just damn well better be what u thought he was...

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This is about as ignorant as it gets!

Tannehill is a project QB at best. A guy that wouldn't even be in the conversation we're it not for Landry and Barkley staying put.

Trading up? Picking him at 8? Real personel people would laugh you out of the building for talking about Tannehill before the end of the first round!

How are you going to trade up to 4 or take a project to sit and learn for a year or two at 8?

If we trade up at all, it better be for a Blue Chipper like Blackmon or MAYBE Coples if he's there at 8.

Tannehill in the top 20?

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Posted by: odinseye | March 28, 2012 at 03:38 PM

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Guys...Philbin has publicly said the starting QB position is open to both Moore & Garrard to competition in camp.

Why would he WASTE #8 on Tannehill if he feels comfortable with either Moore or Garrard being the trigger man for his new WCO?

We draft DE with #8
We address WR in round 2
THEN we address QB with our back to back picks in the 3rd (Thanks Bears!)

The 3rd round QB typically sits the bench and learns for a year (see Mallet from last year).

Ireland is NEVER going to pull the trigger and draft Tannehill at #8...ain't gonna happen gents.

You trade up for Blackmon, not Tanneyhill....

Remember when Cam Cameron didn't draft Brady Quinn in the first round? Everybody thought he had blown it. He didn't in that case. The only problem was he drafted Ted Ginn Jr. There, HE BLEW IT.

There, HE BLEW IT.

Posted by: cyrusgrey45 | March 28, 2012 at 03:43 PM

Speaking of blowing...I happen to be an expert on the matter.

When Blackmon gets picked by St. Louis at #6, does anyone here believe the Fins would take Michael Floyd, WR Notre Dame @ #8?

Most mock drafts have us taking Tannehill @ 8...others have us taking Ingram to fill the need at DE.

Not one mock draft has us taking Floyd and I wonder why not?

Anyone wanna join Home & I for a lil foot massage?

Q: Why did Mike Sherman get fired from Texas A&M?
A: Tannehill

I cannot wit to get back on the Dolphins with Garrard!

Go Ireland!

Ted Ginn was a better pick than Brady Quinn, Cameron got this right

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Another day of free agency & yet another day of zero signings.

I honestly can't decide who I hate more--Ireland or Ross??? We'll never hear the truth but I'm confident that Philbin is going to wish he were back in GB at some point between now & next year.

Another day of free agency & yet another day of zero signings.
I honestly can't decide who I hate more--Ireland or Ross???

Posted by: We Have Draft Picks | March 28, 2012 at 04:01 PM

May I suggest an alternative option. It's simple!

I trust you to make the obvious choice!

Tanny is Henne all over again. Big arm, no accuracy.

If the Fins are going to trade up to 4th, I hope they don't overpay and I hope they go for Blackmon instead. What would it take to move up 4 spots?


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