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Would Dolphins trade up for Tannehill?

Talk around the hallways of the Breakers Hotel during the NFL annual meeting this week included whispers of the Cleveland Browns wanting to trade down from their perch at No. 4 in the coming NFL draft. That talk was confirmed when Cleveland general manager Tom Heckert, a former Dolphins personnel man, told the Cleveland Plain Dealer he would consider trading down.

"We're not trading up, I guarantee that," Heckert said. "There's going to be five guys that we really like and we're going to get a really good player at number four. But we could still get a really good player at five, six, seven, eight too."

You must note that Heckert included No. 8. That is the position the Dolphins currently hold and the one where Miami may feel a need to improve upon. The thinking among some league people is that Miami is desperate to draft a quarterback and Ryan Tannehill will be the target.

And rather than wait to pick the Texas A&M player at No. 8, there is a possibility the Dolphins might show some desperation and trade up to get him. Thus, Heckert could be setting the Dolphins up for that deal by talking it up.

Here's the problem: Few people believe Tannehill is a value at No. 8, much less one at No. 4. So the Dolphins, who have so far refused to overpay for a handful of quarterbacks under general manager Jeff Ireland, would be positioning themselves to overpay for Tannehill.

Now, overpay is a relative term. The Dolphins might believe Washington giving up three first-round picks plus other considerations for Robert Griffin III is overpaying. I think it's a great move. GREAT! If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know I love RG3 and think that was the move the Dolphins needed to make instead of chasing Peyton Manning.

But perhaps the Dolphins have a great feel about Tannehill considering offensive coordinator Mike Sherman was Tannehill's head coach at A&M. Maybe they know something. So maybe they really, really want to make sure they get the player.

I suppose the Dolphins would have to consider getting to No. 4 to ensure their ability to get their guy. Maybe that's the case, but I definitely hope and pray they stand their ground and stay at No. 8.

The truth is the Browns are really the only team ahead of Miami that might take him. Indianapolis is taking Andrew Luck at No. 1. Washington is taking RG3 at No. 2. Minnesota isn't taking a QB there because they drafted Christian Ponder last year in the first round. Tampa Bay at No. 5 doesn't need a QB. Neither does St. Louis at No. 6 -- proven by the fact they passed on a chance for RG3. And I am certain the Jaguars are commited to Blaine Gabbert this year so they're not drafting Tannehill at No. 7.

That only leaves Cleveland as a possibility for Tannehill. And the Browns are willing to drop. Heckert is bluffing the Dolphins, people. I think it will be interesting to see if Heckert and a large Cleveland contingent are at Tannehill's Pro Day Thursday.

Usually that would signal a significant interest by a team in a player. I would expect that's exactly what the Browns would like to show they have in Tannehill to make Miami nervous.

Don't be nervous, Miami -- at least not about Cleveland.

Now the Dolphins might be concerned teams behind them might want to trade up to take Tannehill. The Chiefs at No. 11 need a quarterback and might want to pull ahead of Miami for a chance at Tannehill. That seems to be the only team likely to threaten Miami in this scenario.

So are St. Louis, Tampa or Jacksonville willing to drop back to 11? I guess it depends on their board and the compensation offered. I find it hard to believe KC GM Scott Pioli would pay too much for the chance to move up four to six spots to take Tannehill.

And why do I say this? I guess it boils down to the player not the move. Frankly, I don't see Tannehill as a top 10 player. I think he might go that high. But I think the reason would be because he's a quarterback, the NFL is a QB league, and somebody might be desperate enough to overdraft him.

I just hope that as far as flying up to No. 4 overall, it's not the Dolphins.


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Home, what's the matter? The SS too much for you to handle?

We stay put at 8 and draft a pass rusher.

Then we trade our 2nd rounder and a 3rd(Bears)to move up into the end of the first to get our Right Tackle or Wide Receiver.

Cousins and/or Osweiler will be there for our remaining 3rd rounder.

Take notes Jeffy!


Why wouldn't Miami move up to the #4 spot with the rest of the teams thinking we are going to choose Tannehill, then pick Justin Blackmon at WR. We can still get Brandon Weeden at QB if Miami's Brass really feel as though we need to upgrade the QB position this year..

WR Blackmon would instantly make your QB better. I'd trade up for that guy in a flash! We need playmakers, not guys who have to develop!

I want a drunk for my personal assistant too!

Rex Ryan was recently found on the sidelines at Jets practice in the feet-al position.



I cannot wait to see this new WC system. it is gonna be something special especially with Garrard.
I dont even know what it means but i got new golf cart!



If we were going to trade up for a wr(Blackmon @ #4). Let's say the asking price is a 2013 1st rd pick. That's TWO 1st rd picks for Blackmon.

Heck, the Detroit Lions might take TWO 1st rd picks for "Megatron" right now. So now do some of you see how stupid it is to trade up to #4 and take Blackmon?

I rather called the Lions and see if they would take TWO 1st rd picks for "Megatron" first! LOL

We shouldn't take him even if he is there at 8....still would be a dumb pick

Trade down get a pass rusher and a quarterback with the first two picks.

tannehill is a 2nd rd qb at best, if they trade up for him and not griffin then ireland has become if possible even more dumb than first thought

It wouldn't take a 2013 1st rounder to move up 4 slots to NUMBER 4. That's just exagerating to fit your point.

If you have a franchise QB(Luck/Griffen) on the board and trading into position(1st or 2nd)to get them, then yeah, it's going to be mega-expensive.

But with just Blackmon and/or Kahlil left at 4, moving up 4 slots would be A LOT CHEAPER.

I bet the Browns would easily take just our 2nd rounder to switch positions.

Just for the record, I'm not saying we should trade up for Blackmon. You have to be smart enough to consider the topic and the context of the conversation. As others were saying, myself included, if we trade up for anybody, it should EASILY be BLACKMON instead of the MAJOR project better known as Tannehill.

Uh huh, THAT's what I'm talking BOUT!

I'm very concerned that I agree with Mando on both RGIII & Tannehill.

Friends dont let friends buy Dolphin tickets.

u need a oline but rbs are dime a dozen

Friends dont let friends buy Dolphin tickets.
Posted by: Ross Blowz | March 28, 2012 at 04:48 PM

Speaking of friends home, how does it feel not having any?

Ross, stop ripping off the fans.

Can you say enpty stadium?

no ross i cant, weird language

The Dolphins need to sign a QB and draft a QB EVERY YEAR until they get the right guy. EVERY YEAR.

Could Ross have found any cheaper QB's?

What a fcking idiot. Polluting the blog with complete nonsense because he was WRONG AGAIN on Manning and Tebow.

Why be upset now all of the sudden. You've been wrong here on just about EVERYTHING for years. Ever since they banned you from the SS(among others).

Go buy a hooker or drown your sorrows like all the normal run of the mill losers like yourself.

You sir, are pathetic and what you contribute to this blog is even worse. Make this world a better place by removing yourself from it...........PLEASE........and........THANK YOU ALREADY!


Could it be he listed the 8th pick because he said they feel like they have a shot at 5 good players..lets count together
thats 5 picks or 5 players they probably don't want to go lower than 8th because then they could potentially miss out on one of those 5 players they covet.

15 Ints in 14 games for Garrard two years ago b4 Garrard was injured!

Not bad Dolphins


Posted by: Tom Brady


Nice fantasy about Browns accepting only our 2nd rd pick to move to #4.

Were you paying attention how much it cost the Skins to go from #6 to #2? has it occured to you it would cost about half that much to move from #8 to #4?

Cleveland aint giving up #4 for a 2nd rd'er. Believe that! Nice fantasy though. LOL

I find Home's posts to be entertaining and full of correct information.

I find smug regulars like Craig M, Dusty Bottoms, Clue, and Odinseye to be smug, stupid and adding nothing worth reading.

be insane to give up anything to move up now. stay at 8 . we have a ton of holes and need every pick. only way to move up was for griffin and that is long gone

Skins gave up 3 1st and a 2nd rd pick to go from #6 to #2. Yet poor Odinseye think we can go from #8 to #4 only giving up a single 2nd rd'er. LOL

i wouldnt even give up a 2 to move up to 4. stay at 8 take best player

STOP !!! Stop the madness please, of coursen there not going to waste a #8 on Tannehill. They know they need to trade down/ p/u an extra 2nd rounder. No trade ups in this draft, Cincy will be the tradee, we get there #16 and 2nd, thats all.
1-#17- Coby Fleener
2-1- Harrison smith
2-2 WR Smith/Mohammad
3-1 Vinny Curry
3-2 Bergstrom/ or Mosley RT
4-1 Burfict - try him inside/and strongside rush
5-1 TY Hilton WR FIU

A draft with some depth, that fits the WC, post this draft, we just need a QB to groom

sadly u are wrong michael, they will take tannehill at 8. huge reach

If Richardson is still there at #8, there could be an option. Some teams really like him. Like Cinci and they have pick 17 and 21. Anything could happen, just maybe we could get lucky and get both those picks. Yes I know I am dreaming. But anything can happen.

Please explane to me why the Dolphins, after signing "All World" QB David Garrard, pick Tannehill a QB at #8 or trade up to get him, when Tannehill, probably wont play this yr or next. The Dolphins can pick a pass rusher at #8 and draft a QB next yr where theres a good chance the Dolphins can draft a better QB then Tannehill. Folks, picking a QB at #8 or trading up is very stupid, they've got two OK QBs already why wast a high pick on a QB.

I agree. Tannehill is NOT the answer. He's a 2nd rounder or lower. The Dolphins need to draft a NFL STARTER not another bench warmer.

disagree, miami will take him at 8 and he will compete for starting qb. be an awful pick if they do

To many good WR's in this draft...draft Coples first pick then QB second !!

Play this year well and trade whatever to get Matt Barkley next year.


My mom is making butter nut-sack soup...can't wait !


home the brown proud donkey .

the potatoes

THE MEATS.........

Doesn't Cincy have 2 1st round picks this year? If Richardson is there at 8 Cincy might come a calling!!

That is what we need! We can take Tannehil as the 2nd pick in the 1st.


Miami would reach a new level of stupidity if they traded up to #4 to get Tannehill. If they insist on drafting a QB this year I'd much rather see them draft a guy like Kirk Cousins or the QB from Boise State if they drop to the 3rd round (or later). They'd be better off waiting until next year to use their first rounder(s) on a guy like Matt Barkley. Go with Moore/Garrard this year and hopefully they can lose enough games to get a high 1st rounder in 2013.

I would trade up for Blackmon. The guy has Larry F type skill. We need that badly!

He will NEVER fall to us at 8!! NEVER!!

Trading up for anyone but blackmon would be a mistake. Yes we need a stud QB, unless Moore works out and I still have hope. But we need a number one receiver worse than the level of qb's left to choose from. And since pass rushing studs are not usually found in the second round you probably should use our eight to fix the other pass rush situation.

Then use the second on either a WR or a o-linemen.

I would like to trade down and get more picks, but only blackmon or Floyd would be a better use of the first pick than a pass rushing monster. I would like to get Weeden in the third or fourth depending on the feel of the draft. Trading up does just the thing we do not need to do this year and that is lose picks. Trading down would be smarter at this point.

Go Dolphins!! Probably could fix the line after june cuts. I might throw some money at Shokey at TE. Think he would make Moore and Gerard look better.

Got to trade down and get the best pass rusher available(preference Witney Mercilus) and then the best RT available and then maybe the best RG.
Get the OL wrong after round 3 and any QB will be on his back whoever he is well before he can throw to a WR. I have no confidence in Murtha at all.

I agree, if we trade up it had better be for Blackmon,
Then use our second on pass rusher!!
Other 3rd we could get the kid from Wisconsin or Keenum from Houstan!!
Both these kids set records and will be starters in the NFL

These comments are a 100% fail.
Jus turrable.

At the same time it is amusing that one person is pretty much making most of them.

offer colts jake long two first rnd picks and 2 3rd rnd picks for the number 1 overall

It's like watching Chuck and Bob from soap, but not as good.

Sweet, someone decided to fumigate the room.

Taking henne jr. at 8 would really be stupid, but then again we are talking about iteland so dont put anything past him. Dont be suorised either if garrard beats out moore as the starter!


Yes way overdue for a cleaning, wow

fall flat for matt(barkely)

I can't get down on the tannehill and henmne comparisons. Especially since they aren't really similar.

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