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Would Dolphins trade up for Tannehill?

Talk around the hallways of the Breakers Hotel during the NFL annual meeting this week included whispers of the Cleveland Browns wanting to trade down from their perch at No. 4 in the coming NFL draft. That talk was confirmed when Cleveland general manager Tom Heckert, a former Dolphins personnel man, told the Cleveland Plain Dealer he would consider trading down.

"We're not trading up, I guarantee that," Heckert said. "There's going to be five guys that we really like and we're going to get a really good player at number four. But we could still get a really good player at five, six, seven, eight too."

You must note that Heckert included No. 8. That is the position the Dolphins currently hold and the one where Miami may feel a need to improve upon. The thinking among some league people is that Miami is desperate to draft a quarterback and Ryan Tannehill will be the target.

And rather than wait to pick the Texas A&M player at No. 8, there is a possibility the Dolphins might show some desperation and trade up to get him. Thus, Heckert could be setting the Dolphins up for that deal by talking it up.

Here's the problem: Few people believe Tannehill is a value at No. 8, much less one at No. 4. So the Dolphins, who have so far refused to overpay for a handful of quarterbacks under general manager Jeff Ireland, would be positioning themselves to overpay for Tannehill.

Now, overpay is a relative term. The Dolphins might believe Washington giving up three first-round picks plus other considerations for Robert Griffin III is overpaying. I think it's a great move. GREAT! If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know I love RG3 and think that was the move the Dolphins needed to make instead of chasing Peyton Manning.

But perhaps the Dolphins have a great feel about Tannehill considering offensive coordinator Mike Sherman was Tannehill's head coach at A&M. Maybe they know something. So maybe they really, really want to make sure they get the player.

I suppose the Dolphins would have to consider getting to No. 4 to ensure their ability to get their guy. Maybe that's the case, but I definitely hope and pray they stand their ground and stay at No. 8.

The truth is the Browns are really the only team ahead of Miami that might take him. Indianapolis is taking Andrew Luck at No. 1. Washington is taking RG3 at No. 2. Minnesota isn't taking a QB there because they drafted Christian Ponder last year in the first round. Tampa Bay at No. 5 doesn't need a QB. Neither does St. Louis at No. 6 -- proven by the fact they passed on a chance for RG3. And I am certain the Jaguars are commited to Blaine Gabbert this year so they're not drafting Tannehill at No. 7.

That only leaves Cleveland as a possibility for Tannehill. And the Browns are willing to drop. Heckert is bluffing the Dolphins, people. I think it will be interesting to see if Heckert and a large Cleveland contingent are at Tannehill's Pro Day Thursday.

Usually that would signal a significant interest by a team in a player. I would expect that's exactly what the Browns would like to show they have in Tannehill to make Miami nervous.

Don't be nervous, Miami -- at least not about Cleveland.

Now the Dolphins might be concerned teams behind them might want to trade up to take Tannehill. The Chiefs at No. 11 need a quarterback and might want to pull ahead of Miami for a chance at Tannehill. That seems to be the only team likely to threaten Miami in this scenario.

So are St. Louis, Tampa or Jacksonville willing to drop back to 11? I guess it depends on their board and the compensation offered. I find it hard to believe KC GM Scott Pioli would pay too much for the chance to move up four to six spots to take Tannehill.

And why do I say this? I guess it boils down to the player not the move. Frankly, I don't see Tannehill as a top 10 player. I think he might go that high. But I think the reason would be because he's a quarterback, the NFL is a QB league, and somebody might be desperate enough to overdraft him.

I just hope that as far as flying up to No. 4 overall, it's not the Dolphins.


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...Fellas. This may be a total waste of time for everyone. But just a thought. Could the team be in talks with Minnesota for a trade that would send Jake Long to the Vikes, and a bounty of future picks for their number 2 pick? Not to take RG III but Andrew Luck?...I'm not leaving reality here. But is it at all possible that the Colts talk themselves into RG III leaving Luck available at the 2 spot?

Like I said this is an extreme longshot..And really laughable when I read it..Probably not worth replying knowing what we know about how the team has gone about doing buisness this offseason. Ignore this post if you think it is as ridiculous as I do.

I mean, you can have that kind of money tied up into your roster spread evenly at different positions. You just cant afford to have it all tied up into your offensive line. It means you'll have mediocre talent at other positions on your roster. Becuase your cap situation wont allow you to make any drastic improvents.

If I had to guess...I'd say they trade down...and take a Pass rusher.....then with the two second round picks, they go for highest on their board among Wr's , QB's, OT's and TE's....then the odd position out is the next pick in the 3rd...again highest on their board at that position.....etc.....I think this is a totally need motivated draft for them, but where ity falls depends on how high they have rated the remaining players, until those six or seven needs are filled...

Darryl, you've smoked one too many. Vikes are at 3. Do you think Washington sold the farm to pass on Luck or RG3?

"Asked about season-ticket sales, Dolphins owner Steve Ross said “you have to be concerned, but I think there will be a lot of interest after the draft. A lot of negative press didn’t do us any good.”

There will be a LOT of interest in season tickets after the draft???? Why is that???? B/c fans want to come out & watch a bunch of unproven rookies???? Last year might turn out to be our best draft in over 5 years (assuming these guys continue to improve) BUT we still went 6-10.

I hate to break the news to Ross but w/o getting Andrew Luck or RG3 like the Colts & Redskins will ticket sales are not going to dramatically improve. Even if we draft Tannehill that's not going to draw much interest until he shows he can play at the NFL.

And as for the "negative press" whose fault is that??? He & Ireland are the problem!!!!WTF is wrong with this guy??? I'm convinced that he & Ireland are totally delusional.

That's not nice , if he did and didn't share, Ion. :-)

We Have Picks...you know he is delusional when he admits that he had "no idea" how involved the free agency/salary cap/draft process is"...I think his words were something like "this is really complicated"..


IOn...I told you I was writing out loud..My bad. I thought the Vikes picked @ 2....Anyway. I recognize that the post was ludicrous..I just threw it out there thinking that it was possible the Colts have a change of mind and select Griffen(which I don't think they will)..I thought the Skins pick at 3..who has the number 2 pick? Just for arguments sake...Say the Colts do select Griffen..wouldn't it be reasonable to think there would be a bunch of teams trying to get into the 2 slot that have no intent today?

...and as for Jeffie....he has just been overwhelmed..and in over his head.....but hey....even a scruffy dog gets lucky once in a while...

....maybe it's his turn... let's hope..


Naw... Think about it. The only way Minny would even consider it is if we already had Long locked up into a "longterm" contract.

We only have Long locked up for this year. So Minny does the trade, what guarantees them Long doesnt bolt to another team in 2013. Long would have to be locked into a longterm deal before the draft happens for Minny to safeguard itself from this happening.

Plus, with Kalil, the top rated LT in the entire draft available. Minny would consider theyre getting a Jake Long. Only 5 yrs younger. They get an excellent young LT without bringing him in with past injury tags attached to him.

Then at #8 they really dont get an instant impact weapon to help Ponder. Blackmon or Richardson could be gone by then. If I were the Minny gm, #8 would be a little further than I wanna be if I were looking for instant impact weapons to help Ponder.

ION..the Colts say thay have no intention of working out griffin...nor inviting him in for an interview....

...that tells me they are zoned in on Luck...who they will have in over the next 2 weeks...

ION..I'm the dummy for sure..Blog. I apoligize for the nonsense I wrote earlier...I should make sure I know what I am saying before writing it..I ripped Home for it earlier, and am guilty of it now...Oops. I really thought the Skins drafted @ 3...No way does the scenario I presented make any sense..


The Skins are at #2. Vikes are at #3 and Browns at #4.

If the Vikes are at #2, no way in hell do the Skins trade all of what they traded to get #3. How much sense does it make to give up so much, only to be "scalped" by the Vikings deciding to take RG3 at #2?

That's why you keep hearing Luck will be the first player taken and RG3 will be the second player taken in this year's draft. LOL

....plus the demographics for Luck are , shall I say, more atuned to the Indianapolis ambiance...

...while Griffin III is a better "fit" in DC....

..and please don't label me for social indictment over that assessment....

...I'm just trying to look at it objectively......

Luck, RG3? Who really cares. You cant go wrong no matter which one you take.

I believe Luck/Griffin could be the nfl's version of Magic/Bird. Think about it?


Youre absolutely right! DC is the perfect fit for RG3. It wont be long before we're calling him "RGDC3". LOL

YG..I know..I made a mistake.I'm not sure what I was thinking...It seems I wasn't

YG.....maybe...but Magic and Larry bird were established scorers in college, with a stationary rim the "objective"....

.....Quarterbacking in the pros versus college is a much greater leap in overcoming moving obsticles, viz 240 pound DE's and LB's who are ALLOWED to make contact....
..just sayin :-)

My prediction is that RG3 will have the better career and be the more exciting one to watch. It won't be long before RG3 takes over the advertising world like Jordan did.

Magic Johnson had greater showmanship. Both he and Bird are now championship bearing hof'ers. Not saying Luck or Griffin wins as many championships as Bird/Magic. Just the nfl's equivalency of that kind of show! LOL

Newton and RG3 are ushering in a whole new paradigm shift for QB's. They are not great running QB's like Vick, they are great QB's, great passers, that can run great. Those two will be making football much more exciting to watch than the Brady's and Brees's of the world, they are now old fashioned.

....so to complete my thought....most everyone knew that Magic and Bird would be NBA stars.....

...but with QB's in the NFL ...one never knows until they have a chance to get in the water with he sharks....

Both Luck and Griffin will be great for the nflin public relations. As Bird/Magic were for the nba. All 4 are very classy people.


Dont know how you came about that assesment. Everyone knew Bird/Magic were great stars coming out of college. But no one knows how that translates until they actually started playing the game.

Its just that the same kind of excitement exudes around the possibility to see Luck/RG3 have Bird/Magic type careers. Bird/Magic are so closely linked becuase both came out of college at the same time. Thats why RG3/Luck will be forever linked too, regardless the career both have.

Cam Newton wont be linked to these two because he came out a year earlier. In the future we'll be hearing Luck/RG3 as synominously as we heard Bird/Magic. I think Bird/Magic were drafted 1-2 also that same year.

RG3 = Pat White

Mando no offense but you were once head over heels for Brandon Graham and the last time anybody heard from him was the 2010 combine.

YG...I get your analogy cuz....fair enuff...

..hey folks ..I have to split...my pillow is calling me....

Drafting Tannehill at #8 means he MUST start right away. It would be a dumb move to draft him at #8 and he's not starting right away. IMO, top 10 (maybe top 15) drafted players need to be starting right away.

I'm with Philbin on this one. Draft Riley Reiff with that pick. Let D-Gar run the west coast. Keep building through the draft. Let's see what happens in 2 or 3 years. I don't see how we fail to win 8 games with D-Gar and Bush in the backfield. That's if Bush decides to show up the first half of the season.

PS...everyone has Tannehill going to the Dolphins on their mock.

Jets had their 5 minutes of fame. Buffalo is worse than us. Patriots can't keep winning forever with Brady/Belecheat.

J Sparrow,

We darfted Long 1st overall 2008. He has to be resigned by year's end or splits in fa. We justed drafted Pouncey 15th. In 4yrs he has to resigned.

So, tying up a huge chunk of your money with 3 1st rd picks in 5yrs(drafting Reiff at #8). How doe you propose staying very competive at other key positions when "cap strapped"?

If we finally do find a franchise calibre qb, now we're talking tying up like $15 million a year. They dont come cheap you know. We are not buying a true LT, have to pay him true LT money, and stick him over at RT. Which means all we've done is far ov erpaid for the RT position.

Not to even mention the salary cap ramifications that would have. Easy to see why many fans arent nfl gm's. Or gm's of any sport outside of fantasy sports leagues itself. Geesh! LOL

J Sparrow,

Also, if we choose to use the #8 pick. Richardson makes so much sense on so many levels.

1. There's no guarantee Bush or Thomas stays healthy based on thier past.

2. Bush can be traded for picks next off season.

3. Richardson is a safer bet to have the longer nfl career(Bush).

4. D-Thomas hasnt definitely shown he can be the answer moving forward.

5. Richardson has the ability to score from anywhere on the field run or pass. He can run over or run by defenders.

There's much more but I would have to write a book instead of a blog post.

Scratch reason #2, Bush only signed a two year contract. He's a fa next year if not resigned before seasons end. Still another great reason to take Richardson at #8.

Richardson is truly #8 value if still there. He isnt a "reach" and coming off the board at #8 can be considered "cheap".

John Elway is a hof'er and truly undisputed qb great. Still for all of Elways greatness he never won a sb without a great rb(Terrell Davis).

If a great rb(Davis) can help a great qb(Elway) become greater. A great rb(Richardson) can help a not so great qb(Moore) become better.

Marcus Mc neil is still available
he could be had on the cheap. Same with Shincoe!!!
Draft best available rt...1st round
Best qb...................2nd round
Best wr...................3rd

You either draft the best available RT 2nd rd. Or draft the best available LT 3rd and move him to RT.

RT are almost always the guys not good enough to play LT at the highest needed levels. Carey didnt play LT at the nfl level we needed him to play. That's why Parcells drafted Long and moved Carey over to RT.

Now Carey's a little long in the tooth to play outside(RT). Ex RT's usually end up playing OG late in thier careers if they have any kind of athleticism left.

If Carey cant play right guard at a high enough level. There a very high chance we'll see him cut cut before the season starts. Remember, even though his salary was cut last season, he still recieves starter pay. So he must be a starter to remain with the team.

















Why woud we trade up for a QB who will still be on the board when the broncos draft......

U don't trade up for mediocrity......that is a losing stategy....especially in rd1.....

Clearly u are a fan of mine ......

Do nothing and take the best available player in the draft. Tannehill? For crying out loud, would you turds stop your whining. Moore is not that bad a qb. He is pretty good, can he guys on the fly, can find the tight end, throws a catchable ball and you guys want some 3rd stringer to go in the first round. Morons. Would y'all just take a pill. Granted Moore ain't no Tom Brady but Eli Manning ain't no Tom Brady either. Guess who won the Super Bowl? That is right, the New York Giants.
What a bunch of mental midgets.

Move up to the Browns pick at 4 for Tannehill is absolutely idiotic. What Miami should have done but didn't have the guts, was trade up to get the Rams 2nd pick to draft RG3. Although it would have been very expensive, RG3 might be a very special player.

The Browns are going to draft Richardson and Tannehill will drop to us at 8. No team is going to move up to draft him.

Unfortunately everyone says that Tannehill is not worth picking so high but the fact of the matter is that QB's are over valued because of short supply and demand and you have to over pay to get them.

Tannehill is being hyped by the media but he is not a 1st round value.

I just saw a lot of tape on Tannehil and came out with my own scouting on the QB. Excellent arm strength and mobility ( In the pocket and outside the pocket), throws good on the move. Great Awareness (buys time with his feet and looks for the open receiver)and goes through his progressions, occationally locking on one receiver.
Tends to loose accuracy on the long passes undertrowing and overtrowing receivers. Needs to work on getting experience throwing to the middle of the field de to a lack of experience with a big time tight end.
I would love to draft him in the second round, and develop him over a two year period, but due to the nature of the beast, if we want him we have to take him at 8.


The fact is that Miami is the only team that can justify taking Tannehill as a top 10 pick. Miami already has his college coach and will run the same offense to did in college. Cleveland would be foolish to grab him at four with studs like Blackmon, Claiborne, and Richardson on the board that fill a position of need on their team. I think Cleveland is looking at Tannehill later in the first. I can't see Kansas City making a move either...not for Tannehill. They already have a heavy investment in Cassell. Again, perhaps later in the round. If Cleveland is smart they stay where they are and get a stud player and grab a QB later.

Let’s see who are the QB’s and their 2011 stats, shall we?

Tannehill 327 531 3744 61.6 7.05 79 29 15 9 133.2
RGIII 291 402 4293 72.4 10.68 87 37 6 27 189.5
Andrew Luck 288 404 3517 71.3 8.71 62 37 10 11 169.7
Bradon Weeden 408 564 4727 72.3 8.38 67 37 13 12 159.8

As we can see, despite the fact that Weeden is 28, he is clearly the No. 3 of the QB’s in the 2012 draft. As far as I know Tannehill’s performance has led to the firing of Mike Sherman, the new Dolphins OC. So why on earth would we want to look at Tannehill again?

If we move up than only to pick up Blackmon, and get Weeden next. I would like this. Also I would like to pick Weeden in the 2nd he will be a much better QB as all the others, after Luck and RGIII.

How about trade up and get Justin Blackmon? I think our need at wideout is greater than quarterback now. Whatever qb we draft will be groomed for a couple years. Blackmon is instant playmaking minus the diva attitude. Should be a top 10 wr in the league.

No way should we trade up for Tannehill. But I could see the Rams trading up with all the picks they have to get Blackmon and then the Browns taking Tannehill. STay where we are and hope someone wants to jump ahead of Carolina so we can move back and get extra picks.

I also agree Russell Wilson would be interesting later round pick.

Comp/Att % Yds TD Int Rating
221/378 58.5 2432 17 23 115.2

Why does everybody want to pass on Tannehill again?

i watch college football, ive seen tannehill play at n0.8 he would be a steal! he reminds me of d. brees, very athletic, strong arm can take command of a huddle, we cant sit around and hope for barkley like we did for luck, its time to take a chance like we did with marino who had a lousy senior year in college

Does everyone agree if we draft Tannehill he needs to start right away? Why draft him at #8 if he doesn't start right away?

That means getting rid of Moore or Garrard.

Drafting Tannehill at #8 means starting right away. Are you folks saying Tannehill is starting material right away?

None of the top ten teams are going to draft Tannehill unless he starts right away.

I highly doubt Tannehill can beat out Moore or Garrard for the starting job. Why draft this guy at #8 if he can't start right away? He will be a HUGE CAP HIT DOWN the road if we are wrong about him.

Play it safe, draft Reiff, let DGar run the west coast. Long is not going to be around forever. Why not have that buffer in place?

RGIII and LUCK will be starting right away! I just don't see Tannehill beating out Moore or Garrard for the starting job.

If he can't start right away then what is the point of drafting him at #8?

I use to run track. Coming in 3rd doesn't make you fast. It makes you the 2nd loser.


Dude got 7 starting games under his belt. Y'all willing to draft that high for 7 starts from a use to be WR?


I can steal a turd from a public restroom. That doesn't mean it has value.

I just want to make clear on one point of contention.

Are you folks saying Tannehill can beat out Moore and Garrard for the starting job?

Can someone come on the record and claim Tannehill can beat out Moore and Garrard for the starting job?

If Ryan is not starting then he was an overreach. Do you agree or disagree?

@Yesterday's Gone

You don't think drafting anyone at #8 will cost us cap down the road?

We're talking 200 plus players vying for a coveted spot in the NFL. Selecting anyone at #8 is gonna cost you. However, drafting Reiff will only cost you oline money. Drafting Tannehill will cost you QB money

No one at #8 is gonna sign for league minimums with incentives. All you can do at 8 is pay they average salary plus negotiations. Not that its set in stone but a QB at 8 IS SO MUCH HIGHER THAN A OLINEMEN AT 8.

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