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Agent: Bell won't return to Dolphins

The signing of Tyrell Johnson was obviously a blow to fans' hopes that the Dolphins would re-sign veteran Yeremiah Bell. Last night agent Drew Rosenhaus made it seem as if that blow was a knockout punch.

Appearing on WSVN Ch. 7 for his weekly segment, Rosenhaus went as far as saying Bell definitively won't be back with Miami.

Rosenhaus went on to say Bell is drawing interest from the New York Jets, New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles. He was not specific to what degree that alleged interest rises.

When he was cut the Dolphins did not offer Bell a paycut. They did tell him, however, that they would be open to re-signing him later on. That interest was understood to be following the draft and if the team did not land anyone else to take his place.

Johnson, the message has apparently reached Bell, has taken his place.

The fact of the matter is the Dolphins are revamping the manner their safeties play. Both the free and strong safety will be considered interchangeable. They both will be asked to cover the tight end and protect the deep part of the field as a last line of defense.

Bell, exclusively a strong safety type, was not suited for that duty.

Bell played eight seasons for the Dolphins and was always a solid character guy to the point he was team captain last year. He led the team in tackle last year and had more than 100 tackles each of the past four seasons.



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Get Rid of a anchor, And add acorn..

definately a loss but might not be a bad thing

A SS should never have that many tackles .... Goodbye!

one thing i can say is our new D coordinator is suppose to be a DB specialist. well he has a stable of young, fast, athletic db's. Clemons and Johnson are faast, Vontae and R. Jones can hit, Culver can catch(he hasnt picked ALOT of passes but i've never seen him drop one). sean smith is a physical freak size wize and speed. none of these young guys outside of vonte have been consistent but the key word is young. our old coaches were trash and our new ones are specialist. lets hope they can get them over the hump

without bell we might miss about 2 or 3 extra tackles a game. with bell on the team we might give up 2 or 3 more big pass plays a game. which would you choose?

is pete m hudson here today? lol

At Least the new staff has identified a problem and is attempting a fix.

I'm guessing that one reason Bell made so many tackles is that a lot of passes were thrown and completed to his recievers and coverage are. Not sure about that but I'd bet it's true. Statistics can be deceiving. I don't like hearing that he might be a Jet or Patriot though. Hope the Eagles land him so I can wish him well.

I wish him luck. Too bad I like Bell but he did get caught a few times on long passes. It might have been the coaching or maybe he just made a few mistakes. In this league, ya gotta be able to read the play and adjust especially at strong safety.

This is a crushing blow that will haunt us for 10 years.

He was 34 ... time to move on. Trade Jake Long for more picks since we are in rebuild mode.

"Safe" Players to draft: Luck, Kalil, DeCastro, Kuechly, perhaps Richardson. That's it.

This doesnt hurt my feelings. Why keep a player thats only good at stopping the run. We need a secondary that can get picks.

I fondly remember the days when Dick Anderson and Jake Scott played safety for the Dolphins. Anderson was known for getting up to five interceptions a game with Scott right behind him with four. What happened to the players of today that can't seem to get two interceptions a year.

Rick I miss those days. I'm really hopeing with us going to the west coast and a hybrid d that things get better

Dolphins, no one is trading Long. First learn a little about the salary cap, you can't take a hot like long would create on the cap with a trade.

5 Interceptions a game,really, 80 interception a year really.

Remember when we had atleast one int a game.

We gonna Rock with Brock!!!! Draft him......

Oscar, like your thoughts on draft. If they don't take Tannehill 8, I'd like to see Keuchly (can push Dansby outside) or DeCastro. If the Hutchinson comparisons are remotely close for DeCastro, I'll take that anchor on the OL for 10+ years.

I don't like any of the draft prospects. We should skip this draft, not waste our time.

Nothing wrong with Ozzie being pro-Fidel, pro-Chavez or even being communist. Very much wrong with Guillen being anti-American, and he is. We don't want his class here.

Mando, WHICH fans were eager to see Bell return? And why? He's getting up in age, doesn't have the right skills for the new demands of the position and now in the first year is the BEST time for the Coaching staff to turnover the roster.

This is nothing but positive news. Might not lead to the Playoffs this year, but sets the team up for future success.

I like hearing that Bell might be a Jet or Patriot. He gave up a lot of big plays and was AWFUL in coverage.

Drew Rosenhaus is now trying to spin the story to make it seem like Bell/Rosenhaus have decided he won't be back with the Dolphins. The truth is the Dolphins told both of them to take a walk. Good riddance!

For whom the Bell tolls

"In Philbin We Trust"

Just keep repeating that phrase and every little thing is gonna be alright.

Pretty much NH. I mean, people can complain (and will) but they won't really have confirmation of their fears until games are played and we get to see the product on the field first-hand.

But personally, I'm trusting Philbin because he's not doing the same thing that's been done in the past. And since nothing along those lines worked before, I'm hopeful that something new might be what this team needs.

I'm trusting Philbin because he's not doing the same thing that's been done in the past.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | April 09, 2012 at 08:57 AM

How do you know this? How do you know what Philbin will do? He himself said well you just can't drop the GB offense in here. So...much is unknown. The offense will be designed around the players we have, not around the players we don't have.

I know this because of things Philbin's ALREADY said, things that have been reported, and things that have ALREADY been done.

Philbin's SAID there will be a version of the WCO here. We've never had that before. It's been reported the base defense will most likely be a 4-3. That's different than the last 4 years. Philbin's SAID and Ireland has SHOWN (during FA so far this year) that the team would look to the Draft to bring talent to the team. That's different than the past where Miami relied on FA more.

So, again, this isn't a controversial statement. You can make it one if you wish, but all you have to do is read and listen to what the HC has already said and you'd understand things aren't being done the way they have in our recent past.

new coach and staff will get it done....i like what we are doin so far...all workin....save all the hater comments till sept 2012....no one say it again no one..lets get on the field and play a game first...what a concept....at the very least philbin i believe will put a team on the field.....that will win games on sunday....then moday threw friday.... at work i will be a happy fin fan...winnin equals respect...we will do that 2012..finfan 4life no matter what happens

Its another rebuild!!

Philbin = Cameron

I enjoyed his attitude and his play. His story as a walk-on in college was a great one. I Agree he does not fit in the new scheme and wish him the best!

Philbin's plan. Does anybody know what "Philbins Plan" is?I know it's the West Coast offense and we "may" be doing 3/4 or 4/3 on defense. I have not seeing the team improve in personnel, to the contrary it is diminished.
Because of Phibin's coaching pedigree he is entitled to a "wait & see" attitude from the fans. We have been burned by Ross so may times that some of us are a little gun shy at anything that comes out of Dolphins Headquarters.

Capt, that's a very understandable position to take (as far as being gunshy). I totally understand. To answer you, no, I don't know Philbin's EXACT plan, but you've laid out the rough parameters so far (WCO, 4-3 base d).

I'll just say it might be hard to critique the personnel until we see them in their new roles. Until then, we're all just guessing as to their worth. A better system can make a player better, so until we see how all the pieces fit on the field, we don't have a good idea of what this team will be this year.

i don't see how we're not worse right now than were in week 7 last year?!? What a debacle. We've become the new Detroit Lions.

can we at least agree.....the win lose ratio.....will improve from 2011 bet u this red zone will improve....u know 7 not raw raw 3 scared to win it...players that can catch the friggin ball...just over all new schem... maybe play it to win it...dont be job scared....fin fans want a winner thats gonna win the game...philbin i dont know either way....nobody does......but any thing would be improvement.... from raw raw...want that go jump on dat jet fan wagon....all those close in every game 2011 dallas tg..lose 1 point play that game piss poor clock mangement like i said job scared....we have the players need sum one smart enough to put it all together....go fins 2012 in philbin i trust.till he proves me wrong.....N.M.W.FIN FAN 4 EVER

Vikings GM said he is open to a trade at 3. How is it that the Vikings are that transparent and we are not. Probably thinking Ireland will take the bait like he always does.

If I rebuild my car then I would probably tell people I need this this and that.

Why is Ireland so afraid to reveal his master plan to all of us? Its football, not national security! Then again, Ireland does look like Janet Napolitano.

Ireland won't even admit we are rebuilding...yet again. I honestly think he brings a lot of heat on himself because he is paranoid. The whole team is paranoid. Walking around on egg shells.

All he had to do is say, "we are rebuilding." Its obvious Indy is rebuilding. Its Obvious Redskins are rebuilding.

Why is that word so dangerous to say coming out of Ireland's mouth? But I'm suppose to believe Ireland knows more about football than Tuna. It was all Tuna's fault?


Can't believe my eyes. I come in here and DC of all people is one of the few being optimistic and giving Philbin a chance. DC seems to be the only one with vision this morning that isn't stuck in the past.

Gang of defeat today. Give the new a guy a chance before you start running him out.

Do some of you already have your "Fire Philbin" signs ready? Are you just waiting with baited breath to hate someone new?

New offensive scheme, new minds running the show, different team.

Give it a chance.

Rosenhaus was the same guy that said he had multiple suitors for Terrell Owens after NO ONE SHOWED to his workouts right?

Just wondering...

How can people be so adamant about their unprofessional opinions when there is nothing to work with but conjecture? There has never been a Bill presented or passed that has not been total conjecture. The same goes for the draft or free agent signings. In player signings, it depends totally on the player. My question is who's decision was it to release the entire offensive line 2 years ago and bring in the scrubs we have now and who's decision to sign Brandon Marshall? Would never happaned in Shula's era.

front office owner gm let that go move on...beat that same drum on here all day every day...put it to bed..fans cant change it... how did that work out....bag on the head really...ross sings the friggin checks....and as a big man crush on jeffffeeeee boy..so put to bed and move on .....go fins 2012...

This offseason is a nightmare.

Poll of the Day

Which GM is the most widely hated in the NFL?

A) Ireland

B) Ireland

C) Ireland

D) All of hte above

Jeff Row,

You're right, LB and not SS should be the leading tackling position.

In this years draft, OLB Zach Brown should be available for the Dolphins in the 2nd rnd.
At 6' 1 & 1/4", 242, was the fastest LB at the combine at 4.7 40. With this speed he should be able to make up for weakness at safety and pressure quarterbacks, and, his name is Zach!

So if Parcells wants to coach why isnt he our HC?

I love to see some Fans here calling for patience and otimism. This board tends to be filled with negative talk with nobody seeming to be positive about anything.

I think we need to give Philbin and his coaching staff 3-4 years. If we want to call it rebuilding or not doesn't really matter to me. The reality is a new coaching staff = new systems = new players = time needed to bring it all together.

I have been pretty negative on Ireland but I think we have to see how this draft plays out. Philbin said that he believes in the GB system of building through the draft + quality character guys. So, we should have expected Free Agency to be quiet. I think keeping Solai and Murtha was our top priorities. I think Murtha could become a quality RT for us.

Same old boring Dolphins, why should any of us look forward to the new season? Were not a superbowl contending team, playoff contending team, or even a .500 team. Now someone answer this for me. Why should I spend my hard earned money on Dolphins tickets?? Please someone answer that question for me.

Bell was a solid SS with good to great tackling skills and average to slightly below average coverage skills. Nothing more, nothing less. He never really excelled or showed any great potential. He's aging fast and is beyond his prime.

I liked Bell for being a solid team player, but I applaud the move. Hopefully he's replaced with a playmaker with potential.

Give Philbin time? Philbin is doing things different.

Yeah and HELL YES!

The problem with Parcells and Sporano was they had a system in place. They would not sway from that system. When it came to personel, they looked for prototypical players to fit their mold and system.

Basically the complete opposite of the great Coaches like Shula.

Philbins bringing change. I believe it has to be change for the better. It ain't easy being worse than Parcells/Sporano and their antiquated dinosauric ways.

Mainly, Philbin has repeatedly stated and appears to be big on tailoring his system to fit the talent he has available.

That's GOOD enough for me........at least for the time being-LOL!

Goodbye Bell, hello Philbin!

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!

Vikings GM said he is open to a trade at 3. How is it that the Vikings are that transparent and we are not.

Why is Ireland so afraid to reveal his master plan to all of us?

Posted by: JackSparrow | April 09, 2012 at 10:48 AM

Sparrow is wrong again. As always so eager to say something negative that he makes stuff up based on no research beyond his eternal pessimism.

Ireland, just like the Vikes, has in previous drafts stated publicly that 'we are open for business' in terms of trading his first round slot. He is secret when he needs to be, like ALL GM's, and public when it makes sense, like all GM's.

Maybe Sparrow can show us where other GMs have released their master plan to the public.

For Sparrow


dont spend your hard earned $$$$$ 31 other teams pick one you will be happy with and please stay there.....that is for all fin haters......to all the no matter what fin fans.....like me all workin....past leave it their....cant change it.....2012 only thing that matters rite now....THE DRAFT THATS IT....rest is a waste of time.....so have a cocktail and most of all stay far far away from da bs. meter..go fins 2012 philbin will get this thing turned around....be with that.....or be gone.....

Bell made 100 tackles a season and 95 of occurred after he was dragged an additional 5-7yards for a first down. Dude always gave up big third down plays and got killed by tight ends. Keller and heath miller probably send him thank you cards. Philbins offensive scheme will have miami acquiring wrs that can catch the ball and take it to the house and te and rb's that can create mismatches unlike the last how many years where guys only moved chains and nothing more.

I liked Bell but I am fine with getting younger at the position as long as we have someone who can drop back in coverage and catch the ball. The defense needs to force more turnovers. Also last time I checked, we were getting killed in the air, not the ground. Bell was not the answer for passing situations. Having said that, most of the secondary could be revamped. I hope we draft some guys to push this part of the D to get better.

Sparrow, you 13 year old stupid child, Ireland's goal is to trick the other teams and make our team better, not to tell you 5 months before the season what he's doing so your ADHD self can feel soothed.

I don't know how there are so many of you out there that are so pessimistic. Today this team is a worst team than last season's. They didn't even get one single true playmaker in free agency. This while Buffalo got not one but two amazing DEs. Eric Winston would've been nice? Now we need an alpha receiver, still right side o-line upgrade, a QB, pass rusher, OLB, and possibly a strong safety. Don't count on this new guy to be all that. He wasn't in Minnesota. And for all of you that are saying they'll take this guy with the #8, and this guy in the second... hold your breath. Remember its Ireland mainly selecting. We'll just have to wait and see. But get ready for another disappointment.

From what I have read and seen about Lydon Murtha is that he is 1% better than Marc Colombo.Pick him at RT at your peril.
I also remember either Zach Thomas or Jason Taylor claiming after they moved on that they were tired of being in a team that was re-building.Blimey Miami are still re-building years later!
Good luck Mr Philbin.

catch the friggin ball....wins go up buy a factor of 10 get moore and wake some friggin help.....philbin will do that.....take aways on d.. red zone o. will be better.....maybe 7 not the same old 3 sheet we bein doin for years....fins will win 2012......new west coast o. new zone block schem new 4 /3 philbin will change the culture in miami.....hopefully to a team all fin fans can be proud to watch on suday....thats what i choose to believe.....11/5 2012 yes and what...

There is no hope for the Dolphins. Its a shame. There is no light at the end of the long tunnel.

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