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Agent: Bell won't return to Dolphins

The signing of Tyrell Johnson was obviously a blow to fans' hopes that the Dolphins would re-sign veteran Yeremiah Bell. Last night agent Drew Rosenhaus made it seem as if that blow was a knockout punch.

Appearing on WSVN Ch. 7 for his weekly segment, Rosenhaus went as far as saying Bell definitively won't be back with Miami.

Rosenhaus went on to say Bell is drawing interest from the New York Jets, New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles. He was not specific to what degree that alleged interest rises.

When he was cut the Dolphins did not offer Bell a paycut. They did tell him, however, that they would be open to re-signing him later on. That interest was understood to be following the draft and if the team did not land anyone else to take his place.

Johnson, the message has apparently reached Bell, has taken his place.

The fact of the matter is the Dolphins are revamping the manner their safeties play. Both the free and strong safety will be considered interchangeable. They both will be asked to cover the tight end and protect the deep part of the field as a last line of defense.

Bell, exclusively a strong safety type, was not suited for that duty.

Bell played eight seasons for the Dolphins and was always a solid character guy to the point he was team captain last year. He led the team in tackle last year and had more than 100 tackles each of the past four seasons.



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Why pay money to watch them lose all their home games?

As soon as Ireland said that we will not cut Yeremiah Bell, i know he was doomed. Never in the history of pro sports has a team's fans and players been lied to our faces as much as Miami has.

Beam me up Scotty!!!!!!

I would have liked to kept Bell, but if not hopefully the new guy can play and your right about Bell not being the best in coverage or picks, good hitter though. We really have to trust in Philbin at least until we see how it goes this year, I think he will make a big difference over Tony and we may challenge for the sixth spot in the playoffs , there is not enough talent to go far into playoffs , but if they made the playoffs it would make most people on this blog Happy, tony held us back especially in his second and third year by being way too conservative and poor decisions at critical times.

Hey Steve Ross,

We've had a lot of bad news lately, missing out on all the top players and coaches available. How about some good news? Like IRELANDS FIRED!!

An ape would of done a better job at managing a game vs Tony Sparano

"Mock Draft

Posted by Evan Silva on April 9, 2012, 1:24 PM EDT
Andrew Luck AP

1. Colts: Andrew Luck, quarterback, Stanford.

Just as they did in ’98, the Colts play it safe at No. 1.

2. Redskins: Robert Griffin III, quarterback, Baylor.

RG3 will restore Washington as an NFC East contender.

3. Vikings: Matt Kalil, tackle, USC.

Minnesota can’t pass on the best left tackle in the draft.

4. Browns: Trent Richardson, running back, Alabama.

Cleveland must find a way to begin moving the chains.

5. Buccaneers: Michael Brockers, defensive lineman, LSU.

Greg Schiano wants to get more physical in the trenches.

6. Rams: Morris Claiborne, cornerback, LSU.

St. Louis spurns receivers in favor of the draft’s top defender.

7. Jaguars: Justin Blackmon, receiver, Oklahoma State.

The Jags pull the trigger to solidify Blaine Gabbert’s supporting cast.

8. Dolphins: Quinton Coples, defensive end, North Carolina.

The Fins will wait for their next second-round quarterback flop.

9. Panthers: Melvin Ingram, defensive end, South Carolina.

Ingram gives Carolina an impact bookend for Charles Johnson.

10. Bills: Riley Reiff, tackle, Iowa.

Buffalo uses its first-rounder on the draft’s second best tackle."

We continue to get pummeled in the media. At this point I'd be disappointed with Coples who is considered to be a guy who lacks motivation by some scouts.

I hope we take Tannehill but I wouldn't be entirely disappointed if we ended up taking Ingram. It's high time we took a QB in the first round though & no one knows this kid better than we do.

If you're so fed up with Miami and don't want to support the team, have at it. It's your perogative. Pick one of the better teams out the other 31 and have a ball.

It is however, by definition, the epitome of Fair Weather Fandom.

I'm just happy Parcells and SpOrano are out of here. I'm excited about the whole new Coaching Staff and Philosophy. I'm pumped over the fact that it now sounds like Ireland will be leaning heavily on Philbins new staff when it comes to the draft. I'm estatic about the no. 8 pick and the ypgrading we WILL DO with this years draft.

Most of ALL, I'm God Damn PROUD to be a Miami Dolphin Fan. Through thick and thin, I've always been a Dolphin Fan and I'll die a Dolphin Fan.

Stick THAT in your pessimistic pipes and smoke down Maynard!

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!

We need a passrusher more than a QB with 19 career starts who's destin to be a backup. Draft Couples, and throw some bounties in there for him to keep him motivated.

Injure Tom Brady: 10,000
Injure Ryan Fitpatrick: 5,000
Injure Mark anchez: 15,000
Knock out Tim Tebow: Pricelsss

joe philbin will win games on sunday......at least 10 of them........fins 2012 it will happen oc dc with joe will win games on sunday...sept 2012 long time...all workin have a adult beverage and chill if they dont....still fin fan 35 plus still xo watchin them play on sunday....most of all wanna watch them play in feb 2012.....hopefully i will.....

I liked Yeremiah Bell. But reality is that since his debut in 2004 he had 6 interceptions. As a matter of fact he had more sacks (11) than INT's. Not good for a safety. His 4 million plus salary this year was absurd.


In Tyrell Johnson, I am not sure we just signed The Vikings version of Jason Allen.

Warrren Sapp is the perfect example that being a very good football player does not make you a very smart man. As is the case with the majority of NFL players, once they leave the game and join the real world they have no clue how to manage their affairs. That the NFL Network would have guy's like Sapp representing the league on their own network speaks volumes for the NFL.
Their Motto to current players should be "Do as I say not as I do"

Where has Ireland ever said "on the record" what he is thinking about doing?

You walk around holding his sack? Is that how you know what Ireland says "off the record?"

How is football national security? Even a pet rock knows you want to get the best players on the team. Why is that a secret?

What could he possibly keep secret 5 months out? Free Agency is basically over. Why would anyone (1-7) steal a player from Ireland in the draft?

Ireland is not a poker player. Ireland is the guy you invite to the poker game so you can take his money. Make him feel you like him and want to spend time with him. Meanwhile, all they gonna do is take Irelands money.

Picks 1-7 can pick anyone Miami wants. Why doesn't Ireland float he wants Tannehill (or other) and force Cleveland to come to him? Or force any team 3-7 to come to him. Or anyone 9-32 to come to him.

That's basic snooker. Pretty basic stuff. Leak some BS and get teams to bite.

Basic basic basic stuff. How this guy got to where he's at I just don't know. Oh right, Dan Marino and Jeff Ireland best buds right? They pal around like two peas in a pod. Fire Jeff and piss off Dan.

with miami deciding to address it's needs via the draft, there is no way they go after tannehill, and i hope this true. giving up possibly our first two picks(trade up)to land tannehill is way to costly for a team exclusively using the draft to fill it's plethera of needs. what they need to do now is bolster the team around our EXISTING QB's to build for a better tomorrow. evaluating the CURRENT roster, i made several observations, 1) it reeks of BIG plans for charles clay(in which i totally agree), he even looks like a packer in a dolphins uniform. 2) the defense is putting a priority on SIZE to stop the big plays of the tight end and cut down on yak(this i love)-bye bye nolan carrol. 3) if the revamp on the safety positions is a success(mentally), it will be hard to argue that this years defense won't be in the top 5. 4) miami, and it's lack of activity in freeagency is posturing itself to feed on greenbay's final roster cuts.
*** just dreaming, but wouldn't it be nice to see miami land the top RB(richardson) and the top wideout(floyd) in this years draft. they say that richardson might be the second coming of adrian peterson, those two players would give miami's offense a whole new look. it's a pipe dream to think daniel thomas will actually morph into a strong physical back, i certainly don't see him adding a successful short yardage game to his resume'. the only thing is eagles RB McCoy looked to be too small to make it at the pro level and he prooved everybody wrong, maybe it's the way they use him. the draft is two weeks away and i haven't a clue what ross is up to, maybe he surprises us fans with a crazy good draft, maybe he trades for mallet, maybe he gives up some picks to land players that can make a difference. ditka ditched his draft for ricky williams, what is ross up to?

Been lying to our faces for four years!

The General of the Army doesn't know what's going on? He's just following orders and its all the Presidents fault now? Last time I checked, THE GENERAL DEVISED THE WAR PLAN FOR THE PRESIDENTS APPROVAL.

I just find it hard to believe the General had no responsibilities during all this time except now.

Tuna QUIT! He wasn't fired. If it was all Tuna's fault then why wasn't he fired INSTEAD of being allowed to leave with a golden parachute?

Warren Sapp is stupid like so many other football players. These women marry a man and sex a man for his money. Pop out a kid or two and the courts pretty much decide this kid deserves 100K dollars a month to live. Just some formula in the Family Law Code. Before that, the mother was living off welfare.

Fools and suckers, each and every one.

Ain't nothing worse than a woman trapping a man for financial gain. That's the worst kind of woman.

Ain't nothing worse than a woman trapping a man for financial gain. That's the worst kind of woman.

Posted by: JackSparrow


Guys do this, too. For exactly the same reason. It's not 1960 anymore.

If you draft Tannehill at 8 then the dominoe's fall a different way the rest of the draft.

What kind of good DE, LB or DB you gonna get at 42? Another acorn to plant in the ground to see if it grows into an acorn tree?

I'm leaning Reiff first, then Blackmon or Floyd with that #8. That helps almost immediately. Then trade back into the first round and pick up Branch or Perry. They both looked to go late late in the first round. So you can probably trade with a team 29-32 a 2nd and two 3rds (from Marshall) to move back into the first round.

Kevin Federline should be the route everyman takes. he trapped Brittney Spears and had money out the wozoo... Now he's living comfortably. The table turned with him..

Unfortunately having sex and pregnating a number of women is not just an "football player" problem. It is a problem of too many African-American men. Look at the Draft this year when these young men get drafted and their families are present. You will see moms and grand moms but unfortunately not too many Dad's. You would think people like Sapp would try and set an example like Jason Taylor or Keith Simms. Sapp is just that. A big Sapp.

Okay...here's how I think it will go..

..we trade down....thus adding at least an additional 2nd round pick...

....along with the extra 3rd rounder we got for Marshall..that would give us SIX picks in the first 103 picks overall.....(averages to 1 out of every 17 picks)....

....we need maximum player exposure at the top of the player pool..and trading down achieves that....

.....I look for (not in any specific order)

.....just my own assessment....(though I'm probably all wrong) LOL

Sparrow, you sound like you are ready to commit suicide. Post after post after post of nothing but negativity and bitterness for weeks if not longer. Be critical all you want, there is plenty to criticize, but you sure seem hell bent on being miserable and framing everything in the worst possible light.


I agree with you. I hope you are right.

I wish these African-American athletes could follow white role models like Ryan Leaf and Todd Marinovich.

From ProFootballTalk's mock draft today:

8. Dolphins: Quinton Coples, defensive end, North Carolina.

The Fins will wait for their next second-round quarterback flop.

I hate their stupid comment - these idiots hate the phins, I swear they are Pats or Jests fans.

She Sells Decaying, Gaseous Turtle Carcasses By The Seashore.

The Dullfins are easy to hate.

this upcoming season already over?
most of the AFC EAST storylines have already been written. most of them show favor to our divisional foes. you have the surprise play of last years BILLS sporting a key upgrade who threaten a reversal in the afc east basement, an angry and just schooled(opening half looser) tony sporano with last years memories so vivid that his offense promises to be the ready most unit in the league come opening day, add the new tebow wrinkle to his wild-cat, and the jets seem poised to give the evil empire(patriots)a run for their money. the pats, annual divisional winners for a decade, who are that good already, will win the headlines on draft day, snatching up premium players with their envyable pick laiden draft board, making a great team invinceable... then you have miami..
it's time for ross to make some headlines, it's time for miami to add their storyline to the mix. stealing the quarterback (ryan mallet)who promises to rule the evil empire for the next decade(post brady), is a start. ross paid for sporano's education in dwindling ticket sales(lesson learned-have your team ready to play-GAME 1)then allowed him to take that knowledge to new york. it's time ross got smart, kraft has paid for mallet's red shirt year at the school of tom brady(does Harvard come to mind?)... ....two third rounders is a good starting offer, you can always use the matt castle to kansas city trade as a bickering tool..get mallet, retain picks one and two, draft floyd...the storyline of brady vs. mallet will sell out for years to come...

you read my mind, i certainly hope that we are both wrong, but the minute i heard we signed tyrell, the same jason allen vision entered my head. he looks all the part, it looks like reshad and tyrell can shut down the tightends, i'm hoping, and maybe ireland is to. i just wonder what's upstairs, i hope they can read the playbook.

LOL!!!! And post after post from you is jock strapping Ireland's nut sack.

What does ION stand for anyways. I On Nuts!

Its silly to think a person who makes a million dollars a year is some kind of role model. The only reason these guys are role models is because people like Ireland want them to be. They don't want kids growing up to be doctors and lawyers.

People like Ireland want kids to be grunts in their racist Army.

Tyrell should be the basis to judge all other transactions in the new Philbin era by, if reshad and tyrell can shut it down, if he hits on tyrell, then philbin is a good evaluator, i will follow the play of tyrell with a keen eye and use this as a measuring stick for all other philbin era transactions.

"In the study, Dr. Ginther and her colleagues looked at 83,000 grant applications from 2000 to 2006. For every 100 applications submitted by white scientists, 29 were awarded grants. For every 100 applications from black scientists, 16 were financed."

So 16% were African American. That equates to some 13,000 African American Scientists in this country. So why do people like Ireland want Warren Sapp to be a role model instead of any one of these Black Scientists?

He wants grunts in his Army of Racists.

Maybe everyone should go on the record and we should compile the list of people who think their is no hope. That way when we start winning we can charge to jump back on the band wagon. I will always be up front pulling the wagon. Even when a Hurricane is a-blowing.

I personally think with a good draft things could look better. If nothing else Miami fans have been entertained yet again this off season, not in the manner they like, but entertained yes.

I bet we make the playoffs this year. First on the list.

Go Dolphins!! We do need a good draft. Does that make me wishy washiey.

Bell was an in the box safety with decent coverage skills and an awesome tackler who put fear in recievers. If we're changing systems and he has to go so be it but everyone talking trash about doesn't know what they are talking about and are just trash fans anyway. Hope the best for Bell. Maybe he can come back next year like Taylor and get to retire where he belongs

I am glad that everyone is hating on the Dolphins this year! That usually means a winning season for Miami. They're giving love to the other teams in the AFC East right now and still bad-mouthing our GM. Apparently, the current favorite team is the Bills because of their big splash in free agency. Good! The last time we were being trashed in the preseason, we were coming off of a 1-15 season and headed into an 11-5 season!

So, keep all this HATE going, please! It gives me hope!

you gotta love how every one talks about how elite the pats and jets are compared to the dolphins, but every single time the dolphins are making changes or releasing a player who are the first teams in pursuit of our scraps? the pats and jets. always creepin on our moves, i hate those two teams so deeply, and everything just goes thier way, everytime. i just want to watch my team win on sunday like i used to. how much more of this?

Bell has been the Dolphins best player on defense for the last five years. Makes sense to get rid of him. You don't want good, reliable pro-bowlers on your team.

As a eagles fan i sure hope the eagles can make a move by signing a vet safty like bell we were bad at stoping the run in 2011 now that we gotten ryans at middle we should be better but ryans also had ijury problems so im watching his play in 2012 to see if we get that 43 base backer that he was in 08-09 then u throw a run stopping ss like bell kind of reminds of dawkins and is not injury prone at his age if reid hard headed ass gets his nose off them lines the eagles should of been back in that 03-04 form where we won 13 games

Also u need a vet leader on your team dawkins was that leader and reid let hom go because howie is all in andy reid butt we have no one from the 03-04 team wow i under stand u need youth but u also need exprence to show the young guys how to pit in dirty work and then u build on that mybe reid needs to lision to u eagles fans for once slow up your passing in the playoffs and swich up trick plays a bit instead of calling the ame one later late in games defences are like hold on didnt we see this play earler .hummm got ya with that hun and more thing do the wide nine on 3and long only remeber we only have ryans in the middle ok so shortin the wide nine plays run more running trick plays then your playaction can work better mr andy reid mr cant be replaced u esnp people kills me and u old coachs

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