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Wake has rejoined Dolphins workout program

Consider the Dolphins and Cameron Wake to be on friendlier terms this week.

Last week the linebacker sat out the week of voluntary offseason conditioning to make the point he's none too thrilled with the idea he has not gotten a contract extension as he heads into the final year of his deal in 2012.

After some dialogue between the team and Wake's agents and Wake and Joe Philbin, that has changed this week as general manager Jeff Ireland told me today Wake is back working with the club in the conditioning program.

The mini holdout is over!

"Cameron felt like he had to go in to speak with Joe Philbin face to face, man to man, out of respect to him as a new coach," said agent Paul Sheehy, who represents Wake. "They spoke, and Cameron decided to work with his teammates during this voluntary period, while I work on the business side of things with the Dolphins."

The sides will continue to discuss an extension. Nothing is imminent on a deal front. Both sides want to get it done. Both sides obviously have a difference what the final numbers should be.

But it seems like good news that this is going forward out of the shadow of hard feelings.

Anyway, didn't we all know that Wake, a workout warrior, couldn't keep from doing everything he can to be ready for the 2012 season?

It will be interesting to monitor how things go during minicamp and then again for the start of training camp if the sides haven't agreed on a deal. We'll see.


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Welcome back wake

But but but what about the sky is falling Ireland hating turds ?

Not to worry, we signed a basketball player today to play TE. Everyday my beloved Dolphins get crazier.

Not to worry, we signed a basketball player today to play TE. Everyday my beloved Dolphins get crazier.

Brady Meadows...
See Antonio Gates.

Not to worry, we signed a basketball player today to play TE. Everyday my beloved Dolphins get crazier.

Posted by: Brady Meadow

Look Shady Fellows....

If you are going to piss and moan about Miami acquiring a TE who used to play basketball... Perhaps you should take a look around the league at how many B-Ballers play TE in the NFL... (I believe there are 6 STARTING at TE and God knows how many back-up's)

I'll give you one to go look at... Jimmy Graham in New Orleans... Only one year of NCAA Football in Miami... last year he caught 99 Passes for 1,310 yds and 11 TD's.... His average catch was for 13.2 yards...

So please... Like I said... If yur gunna piss and moan... do it with dignity... Okay, Ya dope?

Just show up Wake, what 8 1/2 sacks and your holding out please, I believe JT had 6 and 1/2 or 7 and he was old and past it, Don't get me wrong I would take Jason back another year but the point is wake was just okay last year

The worksouts were voluntary to begin with.

Wake has never had an issue with not being in shape and ready to play.

He was cut from the Giants. He went home and dedicated himself to making it. He was so dedicated he threw out his TV and Video Game consoles because they were distractions. Virtually on his own, he worked his way onto a CFL team and then an NFL team. At a Pro Bowl level.

This was a none story except for one issue:

Ireland should have been more pro-active and had this resolved before it ever got to THIS point.

Welcome back Mr. Wake.

PS: Could you teach the rest of your teammates how to dedicate themselves and play football? PLEASE?


Wake needs someone on the other side to draw some attention.

This is good news. Now lets get him a new deal. Per sack he's probably the lowest cost pass rusher in the league.

Rob C,

From the last blog, did you REALLY say that Tannehill is Pat White 2.0? Come on, man! Bit of a stretch, no? I don't remember a single analyst who saw Pat White as a top ten pick, never mind a first round pick. There are MANY that see Tannehill as a top ten pick and some top 5. Most saw White as a third or fourth round pick. Totally different skillset. Tannehill has a much stronger arm. There's a lot of guys who love the skillset. Are they right? Who knows but he's worth the risk. He may not pan out but he's not Pat White....come on!


they guy the dolphins signed is called Les Brown, never played a day of college football. He wasnt even some top propect in basketball, the guy was an accountant. He worked out like a mad man, and probably took a cycle or two of some good stuff and sign a 3 year contract with miami...

May we could try out and make the team, im not 6'4" but i could be like A latine version of Larry Izzo, go down and hit someone on special teams. Im not gonna knock the move but wow we are really reaching.. If the guy turns into a baller people will say that was the greatest move ever. But for us to have a baller tighten we need a baller QB, till then we could have Tony Gonzales and Dallas Clark and Shockey and Graham but the still willl suck...

We shud of sucked for LUCK.. Either way season will start soon so BOHICA (Ben Over Here It Comes Again for you civilians)

Hey Brady, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Put the bong down and read a book.

I am sick and tired of listening to people complain and moan about the Dolphins, Jeff Ireland, etc. They're all acting like a bunch of Jet fans.


Don't fall for the trolling BS.

They say Wake was just so-so. But, in his first year of starting in the NFL, he made the Pro Bowlers. These Yuks would have you believe Pro Bowl level pass rushers come a dime a dozen.

Ask them why it is then, that If Ireland let Wake walk, 31 other teams would INSTANTLY be vying for his services.

PS: Wake skipped a week of VOLUNTARY workouts, big fvcking deal. They let Mando think for them and Mando had nothing better to write about(slow off-season). Mando blows it up out of proportion and then Hens start clucking!


Unfortunately, Wake is gonna get screwed. Not Ireland's fault. It's what happens when you don't make the NFL out of college, and get their by an alternative route. Normally a player finishing his first contract is 26-28 years old...not 30+.

Wake's agent is gonna have to accept the reality. His client is not going to get a 5+ year contract at elite money. That shipped sailed years ago.

Ireland/Miami gave him a chance. He's going to be set for life as a result (if he's not a moron in regards to his budget). That's just gonna have to be good enough.

Tannehill is just not experienced enough to garner 1st round consideration. The only "REAL" talk you get about that is smokescreens and or desperation.

I wouldn't take any of the remaining QB's in the top two thirds of the first round, let alone Tannehill.

I'm not a QB guru of course, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express. Seriously though, I did get to see a lot of Cousins, Weeden and Tannehill. Whatever round, head to head, I take Weeden or Cousins before Tannehill.

PS: If my gut instincts are correct, Tannehill's best bet would be to apply for the accounting job Les Brown just vacated.


What was his major in college?

Good to hear that about Wake. Time to pay the man.

We got Wake for peanuts in his peak years...It is okay if we overpay just a bit going forward...Pay the man his money please.

OH BOY! You guys hear about this krap?

Accountant To Play Football For Miami Dolphins


They low ball Flynn and Wake then sign a walk on?

Mando, please, tell me this is a joke? We are signing walk on's but low balling veterans?


This team and GM is a joke. What did they sign this guy for? He's just going to get cut before cap day. Just a waste of time when Ireland could have been PAYING Wake.

Uff, thank Goodness. No harder worker on the Team than Wake. Probably a deal is already in place.

The closer we get to the draft the more I it looks like there are are only a few ELITE prospects. Lots of GOOD players & pretty deep at WR, QB, & D-lineman.

Ireland was talking about "glaring things that are hitting him in the face." Great....And if we had the Number one overall pick then Luck would be a no brainer but we don't so IMO-that's WR, a pass rusher, RT, RG, & FS.


We don't even have to overpay in my opinion.

Wake and his agent know the deal. Their under no illusions of a big long term deal.

Because of his age/late start, he's going to get the short end of the stick comparatively speaking.

I think everybody concerned will come out happy with a three year deal. A nice guarantee and a bonus. Smooth it all out with some nice incentives.

It can be done. Ireland and Aponte just have to get on the ball!

Tannehill was rated as a 3rd round prospect at one point in time. Then, he became a 2nd-3rd round tweener. Then, the gurus, media and some others pushed him way up the board into the top ten.
If Tannehill was still projected to go in the 2nd or 3rd round how many of the Fins fans who want him at #8 and get offensive when someone like me try to say he's not worth it would be saying he's better than a 2nd or 3rd round pick and Miami should take him at all cost?
Seriously, if Tannehill wasn't pushed up into the top ten by these guys would any of you who are hot and heavy over this guy be campaigning for him as the #8 pick? I highly doubt it.

Odin, It's got to be the Latter I guess,I love to hate you, And again your right Tennehenne suks.

Vahalla My Foe.

Lou, I guess his agent must have some pull with ESPN.

(On a player not flourishing on college level, but flourishing in the professional level) – “Depends on what me and my staff upstairs feel. If we feel that’s the case, then we wouldn’t draft him. But I’m not going to worry about the gurus out there feel about a player. Depends on what we’re talking about. Are we talking about in the third round or the first round? (laughing) Certainly, if I feel like that and my staff feels like that, then he’s probably not a consideration at eight.”


This comment by Ireland says it all. If a guy doesn't flourish at the college level he's probably not a consideration at eight.




Prof. Lou,

You and I were discussing Tannehill quite awhile back. Before the hiring of our new Coach if I remember right.

My question is this: If, at the end of the season, after all the games and bowls had been played, if at that time Tannehill was rated a mid 3rd rounder, what has he done since then to change that?

(Wow, talk about a run on sentence)

I’m sorry Tannehill fans, but if the guy was rated as a 3rd rounder, he’s a 3rd rounder. How can you rationalize or justify his record setting rise to the top?

I don’t think Barkley and Landry staying put really justifies this. It shouldn’t and that’s all you REALLY have to go on. If anything, judging by more in depth analysis, Tannehill should have slid down or been solidified by consensus as a 3rd rounder. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Tannehill phenomenon is one of the most curious and ridiculous things I have witnessed as an NFL Draft Nik.

Baffling! It smacks of Smokescreens and Desperation.

Prof. Lou, as conspiracy theorists go, Goodell and cronies(including TV advertising execs.) are worried about the draft coverage ratings. With Only Luck and Griffen drawing fans interests by being QB’s, they will be gone in the first few minutes of coverage. QB’s are everybody’s favorites and after Griffen and Luck there’s the Grand Canyon of drop offs. No more QB’s taken until day two or three? Blasphemy!

I think it’s a conspiracy to boost ratings and interest. They believe Ireland and Ross are the best bets for being dumb enough to fall for it. The fans(sheep)are reeking of a decade of desperation.

OK, so I’m really reaching. I admit it, I just made all the conspiracy stuff up so I could call Ireland dumb again . But the rest of it I meant.

Tannehill, 1st Round? ROTFLMAO-C’Mon MAN!

David DeCastro! LOL

Craig M @ 9:00,

Yeah I said it... I was drawing a similar parallel line between the two as they will both end up being busts. Essentially Tannehill is Pat White 2.0. He is artificially being pushed up the board due to the "Everyone has to have a franchise QB" hype.

With only two years experience as a QB at his college and all those glaring picks you are going to try to argue that he is a legit top 5 guy?? huh? Come on man! I had you pegged for trying to make a better case.

I actually think the "draft guru's" that are claiming top 5 are high as kites. If the Fins, Cleveland or ANY other team drafts Tannehill there, they deserve what they get for being brain dead. Luck and RGIII are going top 5 but at least they belong there on their merits and abilities.

Even Tannehill would be hard pressed to turn in as bad of a career as Pat White. I mean it was like someone took his arm off.

I do believe you need a good QB to go all the way, but not necessarily an Elway type. There have been a few game managerish types that made it (Woodley, Dilfer to name a couple).

If the Fins grab Tannehill (Heaven forbid) I will mark you down as a supporter.



I watched a lot tape on Tannehill. He actually throws the ball pretty damn good on inside routes, anything breaking into the middle. But he really struggles completing outside routes, almost anything that has to be thrown wide.

If nfl dc's catch on to this, they'll just flood the middle of the field to narrow the throwing windos, and sigle cover the otuside recievers. They'll do this because they'll find that Tannehill isnt accurate throwing deep and wide even if his recievers get open.

That's how they'll force him into picks. He'll take ill-advised throws into a flooded middle of the field that has tighter than normal throwing windows.


Attention all bloggers!

There has been a YG sighting.

You will all be pleased to know, he is alive and well.

I repeat: He's ALIVE and well.

Follow me on Tweeter for updates...............

With Woodley, Shula tailored the offense to match his skill set and eliminate what he didnt do so well. Nearly every play was a rollout with Woodley so if a reciever wasnt open he could use his running skill.

But the emergence of Dan Marino changed all of that. Shula again had a pure pocket passer.

Good to see Wake is back. A contract is a a contract but Ireland need so to be proactive.

We are drating an o lineman or a pass rusher at 8. An outside shot at taking a receiver.

Better to go with the devil you know than the one you don't.

Tannehill, The Media, and the Draft Boards.

Folks. GM's do not control the Mocks. These Mocks are not the Draft Boards. They are the media's GUESS at the Draft Boards, nothing more. Keep that in mind.

What does it REALLY mean that Tannehill is flying up in the draft? What does it mean when any player moves up or down on these Mocks? It is not the media per se pushing a player up the draft board, it's simply means that the Mockers (pundits) are refining their guesses based on whatever information (smokescreen or not) they accumulate from their sources. They start out with their first mock after the SB, and as time goes on, it is the information they receive that is changing their guesses. It is not the media deciding to get behind or against a player, as some of you seem to be implying.

I seriously doubt any GM is influenced in any way by the media. They have an infinite more amount of information and experience at hand. They have their own scout teams, they have direct contact with the players, their coaches and their teammates, not to mention the benefit of private workouts, all the film and several more highly skilled people to evaluate it.

It's absurd to think Ireland or any other GM will look for guidance from a media pundit or give any value to their draft boards. Do you think Peyton Manning would ask Kiper for tips on throwing the ball? In the same sense, no GM gives a hoot about the media's opinion. It's the media that is trying to gauge the GM's opinions.

If Tannehill is charging up on the draft boards, it means the media (i.e. ignorant talking heads on the outside) originally thought he was a 2nd or 3rd round pick, and have no been led to believe (misinformation or not) that he will now go much higher.

It's a game. A game soley for your entertainment, and not the GM's of the league.

1st) Chalk one up for Philbin. He gets kudos for his meeting with Wake and getting him back. Shows me a lot! 2nd) Tannehill should not be taken. This team needs starts and playmakers. So you will pass up a the best player available who can be an impact player and a starter for a question mark QB who people really do not rate high. I say always go for the best player who will most likely make an immediate impact.

Well said Devils Advocate!

Because we have placed our emphases in the wrong areas we have made basketball and baseball coaches as well as football coaches of skilled positions irrelevent. Check out your Webster and look up the definition of COACH. A coach should be able to judge talent but are unable to. Talent works like an electrical circuit with a both source wire and a ground wire. You must have both for the circuit to work. Talent you must have mental attributes and physical attributes to make a complete. In my lifetime I have witnessed multiple times many interviews with high profile athletics and the one thing they all have in common is to perform their sport of choice it is over 90% mental. By that same measure, I have never heard anyone or heard of anyone even mention mental which means that 90% of your talent is never tapped. Unless coach can articulate the NATURAL PROCESS he or she is failing their student. I do not think the fins should draft Tannyhill at #8. Coach the Natural process and Matt Moore will surprise usall.

at last!!! the only guy with real TALENT on our D is back!!!1 thanks god...

Where is D.C.Dolfturd~~~

Amen! Well at least some little bit of good news!

Marc Colombo got $2 million a season I have read.That makes Wake due a hell of a raise.Pay the man or is Ireland just going to fill the team with journeymen because they are cheaper?

Undersized. Overrated. Overpaid. Pushed around. No bat downs.

Wake deserves to get his new contract,with a nice raise,he has earned it on the field.Also shows that C. Wake is a team guy.

YG @3:10,

Nice insight man. The more I study Tannehill the more I don't want to draft him high. I like what you had to say about the inside vs outside throws. You are dead on right that if you are picking up holes in his game then so are the DCs.

I will be VERY hopeful that the Fins call someone else to come to the podium at #8. I would be fine with a trade back as well. There is a group after the top 5 or so that are somewhat interchangeable.

It seems we are on the same page re: Tannehill.

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