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Cox, Gilmore possibilities if Tannehill is not the pick

Jeff Ireland says he already knows which player he would pick Thursday evening with the Dolphins top draft pick. He is not, however, telling us the name of that player.

Most experts believe Ryan Tannehill is that player. I agree that is likely the choice.

But my column today gives you the name of one player the Dolphins are considering and could be the pick if Tannehill isn't the guy. That guy is Mississippi State defensive lineman Fletcher Cox.

Cox is a monster. He is a defensive tackle. He is a five-technique defensive end with pass-rush ability. And in nickel and dime situations he can be both an end or the interior rusher. I remind you pass-pressure is something the Dolphins must address.

The column tells you why Cox is a better pick than Quinton Coples. And as for those of you suggesting Dontari Poe, forget about it. Poe is a great workout guy, but didn't play near the competition and didn't produce all that much, either.

I also give you the name of a second-round possibility for Miami in the column. Think right tackle.

One name I wanted to add but didn't have the room as a first-round pick possibility is Stephon Gilmore, the cornerback from South Carolina. Gilmore has steadily risen up draft boards and is now considered a legitimate top 10 pick.


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I was thinking Coples, but I've recently been informed he takes plays off.

lol yup he does. guy will fall

LOL @ ion...Can you blame Coples..His team stunk, he was going to make millions..likes pina coladas, and sunset strolls..Good on him'

These are 2 players I did not think would come into play..I trust that Armando has more inside information then any of us has. But I remember last year stories that we were taking Kapernick, and this guy, and that guy..Who freekin knows? Personally, I would rather see the pass rusher over the corner at 8..I don't know much about Gilmore..He seems to be a bit like the corner version of Ryan Tannehill(huge skyrocketing value). IMO.Corner is importante..Pass rusher is paramount.

(carried over from the last blog)

Dusty is right.

The pick is in the 1st is more than likely going to be Tannehill.

We should be debating Chandler Jones, Vinny Curry or Stephen Hill, or Massie etc in the second.

This is a tough one. Now most new coaches get about 3 years to make the playoffs. Sparano got 4 with 1 playoff lss. The key is to find a qb. If pennington had stayed healthy or Henne been "the guy" things would be different in Miami. This, if Philbin, wants time to develop a qb is the year, so Tannehill (to the bench) makes sense. Though…Ireland has done well in the first round. He may be picking unsexy picks, but they are starters who will contribute.

Gilmore Armando??

We have Vontae, Marshall, Smith, Carroll, and Wilson. How many more do we need?

I would jump all over Claiboirne however, but thats an impossibilty.

Did you guys hear that Coples took plays off last year?

Now they're throwing the Fletcher Cox thing out there. They love blowing smoke up everybody's skirt, dont' they.

DD, (from last blog thread)

Good point. The thing is that Barkley has the skill set, production, and pedigree that is worth trading up for.

Way back before the announcements were made that Jones and Barkley were staying I thought it was really a 3 horse race with Barkley included.

It is lame to have to trade up but you do have to pay market price when multiple dogs scrap for the same prized steak. Washington ponied up with their convictions...time will tell.

The statement you make would further add fuel to my arguement against Tannehill if QB starved Cleve passes on him. That even with the fact that Holmgren like mobile QBs.

Waaaaaay too much projection at #4 or #8 for Tannehill imho.


Bloated, Strange post, Anyway, Who here thinks Ireland willmake the right pick?

Keep this one under your hat...

Tannehill took the first TWO YEARS OFF at QB!



Rob, Your pick with # 8?,(PS, No need to expond with a 800 word post)LOL.

If you look at Luck's 2nd game last year, 3rd play of the 4th quarter, he clearly took that play off. He might fall to us if we can get the media to zone in on that.

..Odin..Coples played a lot of DT his junior year..Remember the Heels were stacked @ DE in 2010..I know their big star was suspended(Can't remember his name..first round pick ST. Louis) If I'm correct there other DE was drafted high last year as well(my credibility here is suffering I can't remember the names)..Point is if you look at footage from 2010..Coples played a lot of 3 technique.

Rob in OC..I agree Barkley would be worth trading up to 3 fo sure. I also think should he have come out(IMO he made the right move) Landry Jones, even Tyler Wilson would all have better grades then Tanny. I know this is hypothetic, and these are the cards we have been delt..but really? We haven't drafted a first round quarterback in 100 years and we are going to break the slump with Tanny..Talk about hooking up with a fat girl to make yourself feel like a man again.


I will tell you with all honesty... I don't have aclue what Ireland will do.

They pursued hard for Peyton it seemed as hard as Peyton would allow.

They let Flynn come and go...had to be on their terms right?

They are being coy about the 8th pick.

The GM is trying to save his own bacon as well as right the ship asap but he has not overpaid for perceived quick fixes or stellar upside like RGIII.

So Ireland has done his job with his poker face in my opinion.

The ONLY logic I would buy into is if he feels taking a groomer QB at #8 and selling Ross on long term development nets him more time built in?




OFF WR Michael Floyd

DEF S Mark Barron but could live with Coples.

I don't buy this theme Ireland is worried about job security and that will influence his decisions. I'm sure he wants to get things going in the right direction, but let's face it, Ireland will not be out of work long if Ross let's him go.

FP4FGs, I gave you no Cheers to shorten my post to you bud.


..Blog. My spelling, and punctuation is especially poor today..To much celebratory Fernet last night I guess.

Rob in OC...I saw you mentioned Griz corner Trumaine Johnson on the last page. I have talked about him a lot here in the last few months..Probably too much. Anyway, I know the Phins have worked him out, they had scouts at the last few home games..blah, blah. IMO he is a late second rounder, but could fall to us in the third. I know New England is very high on him, as is Green Bay(both teams had workouts recently)..He is a shutdown corner no ifs ands or buts about it. Very very good in run support..The thing is that I can't see the Phins using him at corner, but as a saftey. I'm not sure we would use a premium pick on a player that has never played saftey..

Two from the last blog:

If you read up on Coples, the REAL issue wasn’t about slacking or taking plays off.

The defensive Coaches wanted to move him inside and he didn’t want to do it. Alledgedly, Coples felt it would hurt his draft status.

I myself am not buying the slacker story. Peoples argument is that when he signs a Pro Contract he won’t be motivated enough any longer(like some do after they get their big pay day). I’m not buying that argument either.

Thanks to the new CBA/Rookie Contract Cap, I suspect all Rookies will be playing hard with an eye towards their first veteran deal.

Ultimately, with the kind of talent Coples posseses, I will be giving the Kid the benefit of the doubt.

Prof. Lou,

Sorry if you've already answered this.

When I look at Coples vs. Ingram one of the deciding factors was how they will fit in on our team. I see Coples as a straight up 4-3 defensive end. When I look at Ingram I see more of a tweener type OLB/DE.

Both obviously have talent and the rankings on the two have almost become a toss up(for lack of a better phrase).

With our switch to a base 4-3 I see Coples fitting in a little better than Ingram. That's not to say Ingram couldn't handle it, especially since it's rumored we'll be using a hybrid and some 3-4.

The question: Which of the two do feel would/will fit in better with our situation?

Sorry Rob, Sometimes I fall asleep with some of your posts.LOL, But really, I do like reading them.

This draft is LOADED with qb's...why start reaching with the #8 pick????...Fletcher Cox would be a very nice selection at #8 as he grades out in my top six overall.

DD @ 3:58,

LOL, you nailed it!!

I mean at #8 she is double fisting some Haagen Daas!

Mike Lombardi made an interesting comment on why Ozzie was such a good GM in Baltimore. He said he never falls in love with one guy knowing that another will come along. He typically doesn't blow up his board for need (*Flacco was more aberration). When Ireland went after RB Thomas it seemed rather desperate as a good number of RBs were still on the board as well as vet stop gap types.

Where was luck and RGIII when we drafted Ronnie Brown?

Damn the bad luck.


..ion. Sweet!!! You are a better man then I.

Cerain guys "rise up" the draft board and its perfectly fine and legitimate, happens all the time and the pick is justified. Some guys rise and people complain and gripe about how its not justified or fair.


You're the only other poster I've seen postulate that Floyd is a better WR than Blackmon.

I was posting the same thing a week ago.

It reminds of last year about this time. We do seem to see the prospects in a similar light-LOL.

Ireland cant pick his nose. More busts then Dolly Parton.

Thing about the "slim challenged" women is they seem to fall for you to quickly AKA Stalking., Again JMHO.It happend tome after a night of heavy drinking.,Odin I'am sure you can add something to this conversation.

If you guys haven't checked out my man crush at wr:


This guy, along with Greg Childs and Nick Toon would be great.

FP4FGs...No worries bro.

Sometimes the quick write turns into a vent session and I can feel a tad better after.

If you go back into my early posts from a ways back I have cut many of my marathons into half marathons.

I hop on a good amount but mostly just read. Mando has some crazy bloggers on sometimes. I like your posts too bro, keep grinding.



..ROB in OC...My opinion is this..(drum roll, I'm sure you guys can't wait)..I don't mind drafting a quarterback. I just think we can find equal if not better talent in a later round this year..The first round is just a label at this point in the case of Tanny.

We will all concede that Tanny will sit and learn in the best case scenario...Are his skills that much better then a guy with a third round grade that we have to have him so he can sit and learn his craft? Aren't the guys in the second or third rounds compariable in their "upside"? At some point what does it matter where you were drafted if you are going to ride the pine and master your craft?

The Ryan Tannehill experience is mind boggling to me..I will support Tanny should we take him..I will hope my own observations are wrong(per usual) There is just no point that I will read from now to draft day that wil convince me Tannehill is the right choice.

I love this talk about coples. Its okay he took plays off because he didn't want to play DT when asked/required. You can have albert haynesworth jr.
Well he took plays off because he is so much better than the other guy or the play wasn't coming his way...habit is habit

Rob, I myself find that my wife says to me "Can you say it in 500 words or less.PLEASE, And find my Co-workerssaying "Are you going somewhere with this or are you just running lapse", Any whooooo, Great to see a fellow Californian as a Fin Fan.


I would say we are both looking through a similar aqua-rose colored eye patch brudda!

WR Floyd looks like he has that competitive "it" factor coupled with his amazing hand eye coord and solid, sturdy 220lb frame and sub 4.5 speed he has the Brandon Marshall trappings sans as much baggage. He's dug into the grog too much in college but heck DE Jared Allen had a couple of DUI's when the Vikes signed him to a stellar deal and he has delivered.

Case by case. If someone doesn't like him for that reason I understand. I have seen recently where some teams aren't holding marijuana incidents against players near as much anymore. Warren Sapp fell due to that rap.

Viva la Valhalla....RaGnOrOk!!!


DD, How are things going in Montana?, Or is it wyoming?, Sorry..

Odinseye, please stop using terms like "everybody" in your posts. Many of us seriously want nothing to do with you and believe you are the MAIN cause of all the nonsense on this board, even though you are incapable of admitting it.

I was here when you went into one of your childish tantrums, completely abusing the message board by filling it with the SAME posts ovber and over ad nauseum and haven't forgotten it.

I have wanted to say this for a long time but held back. No more. You are ridiculous and Armando should have banned you from here long ago.

Go ahead and attack with one of your lame, predictable homophobic retorts (which makes you appear to be the classic definition of a Closet Queen, by the way), I could care less.

Many here feel the same and consider YOU the freak outsider who should hit the exit.

..Odin..I have to give you some props bro. Your posts yesterday to Mike, and Craig M. on Tannehill(page 6 I believe) were 2 of the best posts addressing why we should pass on him..Well said. Bravo!

...FP4FG..Great! Thanks. Just got home from a fishing trip on the Missouri river up near Helena..Incredible. Getting ready to leave again Tuesday for 4 more days on the Gallatin, Madison, and hopefully the Yellowstone if not to muddy...Great Blue Wing Olive Fishing, Hopefully Mothers Day Caddis as well..Life is good..You???

DD@ 4:27,

Very well put! That is why they pay you the big bucks. ;)

Totally agree and just hope that Ireland is already seeing this same logic.

I know for a fact that ANYONE that is against taking Tanny so high subsequently sees Coples blowing up QBs or Floyd catching yet another TD in route to a fine rookie season we will puke...violently...until dry heaves.


Well said TJ, it looks like there are countless others affected by "ODINSEYE", I Diease that cause binge drinking,Morphine snorting,ETc,ETC, Only hope Armando clips the wart thats on his blog.


I agree with Darryl on your posts regarding Tannehill.

Well said.

DD,Trying to survive in Silicon Valley, Sometimes I wonder if I took the wrong turn in School, I mean People gotta eat, but the dont need computers to "Live".I Envy you..

Trade down to # 222-30 and get extra picks is the smart move, in my opinion this draft is the deepest draft in the las 20yrs because of the underclassman coming out.

tj is right here. odin is the biggest blog polluter by far. i don't know why these other regulars engage him for the 3 percent of the time he decides to talk football. the other 97 percent of the time he is provoking crap. they are so desperate to talk football they'll respond to filth like him and pricemaster and smf and the whole bunch. then he says he always posts under his own name, that we know is more odincrap.

Odin: Unlike YOU, I don't have any other aliases. I can only imagine how many you have infested this board with---especially for your imaginary 'conversations' late at night when you are clearly (and by your own admission) completely brain-addled on alcohol and/or prescription pills.

Furthermore, your rampant obsessions with gays, gay sex, gay references, and anything and everything even remotely connected to homosexuality is duly noted. It's something you seem compelled to mention dozens of times daily. Being a Closet Queen is a sad way to go through life, sweetie.

And may I add what a freaking complete loser you are. Not only do you delude yourself into thinking you are "respected" here (you are not) but you also feel compelled to vomit all over this board for countless hours daily in lieu of having an actual life (aside from the fabricated one you write about that only the stupendously naive would buy) but you ALSO freely admit to being a complete drain on society---drugging and boozing your way through government disability checks.

You're a paunchy, middle-aged fraud. This blog will be infinitely better when you are banned from here.

The thing is, it looks as if The Dophins are primed to take Tannehill at 8, so I'm trying to get my head wrapped around it.

He does have upside. Good arm strenth, great mobility yada yada. I almost said the problem is i'm a right now kind of guy. Hell it's been 12 years since we've seen a consistently good team.

The question is if take Tannehill in the 1st,can we find a pass rusher in the 2nd?

Can Vinny Curry unseat Misi and actually take some pressure off of Wake?

Q: How many of you would take late round chance on the polarizing ILB Vontaze Burfict?

A. 5-6?

B. 7?

C. FA?

D. Not at all?

I would say maybe a 7th if you feel he has enough game. Then you wouldn't have to jockey for his services.

I will say he plays with Ray Lewis type passion. He is ticking time bomb of sorts. He just may have enough piss n vinegar in him to stick on a roster until he figures it out. Like a Dez Bryant type, he would need coddling.

He is probably not a Philbin GB mold type guy though.


Oh, and let's get something else clear:

You run NOTHING here. You have NO vote in how, what, or when anybody will respond to ANYTHING.

Go pound sand, twerp.

out for some last minute target shooting.
Taking him on his first Goose Hunting Outing next weekend!
Shooting the shyt out of something should off set the Morphine quite well!
Posted by: odinseye | September 05, 2011 at 06:18 PM

Let me guess,You'll have them put a apple on there head and you'll try to shoot it off with a snipper rifle?
Your a pathetic excus for a human.
Posted by: Odin's Liver | April 21, 2012 at 06:15 AM

This Odin gem was from Sept, I have hundreds of Odin substance abuse posts., Just ask I'll print em, Odin will deny em because he was so f%Cked up he forgot he posted them, Odin, I see about 5 others that cant stand your BS, Please leave.

The thing is, it looks as if The Dophins are primed to take Tannehill at 8, so I'm trying to get my head wrapped around it.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | April 22, 2012 at 04:52 PM

Looks like to who? The media? That just means Ireland is doing his job. Believe nothing and you will be closer to the truth.

truth be told, agreed.

It's time to call the guy out once and for all. I've said nothing for months and even though I don;t post daily here it's still painfully evident this clown has largely destroyed this message board with his daily barrage of garbage.

And as far as "posts disappearing" Odinseye, WTF are you talking about? I'm seeing it all right there in black and white.

We'll see ion. The media got it right last year.

ion @ 4:57,

Good post! All smoke n mirrors about now.

Sad thing is I believe if he does take Tannehill then he has put a stamp on saying through action "This is how I believe I stay employed the longest!"

It is self preservation at it's finest and all would do it... It's just tough to think that the best thing for the Fins is a not an actual producing gold mine today...its a map to a gold mine shaft we have to get to in 2013...maybe with too much emphasis on the "shaft".


Maybe this troll Odin will have another juvenile tantrum and just post the same crap hundreds of times like he did before.

You think people forgot that, little girl? Think again.

And here's some more advice: Leave. There's more people here who would LOVE to see you banned or simply gone than want you around. Reality bites, doesn't it?

DD, did you say you are going to the SF vs Fins game in SF?

I may try to finagle a run up there as the lil lady loves SF. She has never been to an NFL game either.

If I end up going we can hoist a chilly in hopes of an unlikely win.


TJ is nowmy HERO, You go boy.Tell Odin what you really think., Did you see that last post?, you can see he's starting to melt-down.

FP4FG...If you are ever in the Yellowstone area..Look me up..I'll take you fishing! You will love it.

Rob, If DD is'nt going Im gonna be there, it's just a 30 minute drive for me(Excluding any earthquakes).


Last year was a much easier call. With Grove and Smiley done, our oline was the worst in football. Berger at center was a joke, 3rd string at best. They had no chance but to take a good center, the offense was doomed without help on the oline. This year its a much tougher call. It all comes down to what Sherman thinks, and we have no way to know about that.

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