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Cox, Gilmore possibilities if Tannehill is not the pick

Jeff Ireland says he already knows which player he would pick Thursday evening with the Dolphins top draft pick. He is not, however, telling us the name of that player.

Most experts believe Ryan Tannehill is that player. I agree that is likely the choice.

But my column today gives you the name of one player the Dolphins are considering and could be the pick if Tannehill isn't the guy. That guy is Mississippi State defensive lineman Fletcher Cox.

Cox is a monster. He is a defensive tackle. He is a five-technique defensive end with pass-rush ability. And in nickel and dime situations he can be both an end or the interior rusher. I remind you pass-pressure is something the Dolphins must address.

The column tells you why Cox is a better pick than Quinton Coples. And as for those of you suggesting Dontari Poe, forget about it. Poe is a great workout guy, but didn't play near the competition and didn't produce all that much, either.

I also give you the name of a second-round possibility for Miami in the column. Think right tackle.

One name I wanted to add but didn't have the room as a first-round pick possibility is Stephon Gilmore, the cornerback from South Carolina. Gilmore has steadily risen up draft boards and is now considered a legitimate top 10 pick.