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Cox, Gilmore possibilities if Tannehill is not the pick

Jeff Ireland says he already knows which player he would pick Thursday evening with the Dolphins top draft pick. He is not, however, telling us the name of that player.

Most experts believe Ryan Tannehill is that player. I agree that is likely the choice.

But my column today gives you the name of one player the Dolphins are considering and could be the pick if Tannehill isn't the guy. That guy is Mississippi State defensive lineman Fletcher Cox.

Cox is a monster. He is a defensive tackle. He is a five-technique defensive end with pass-rush ability. And in nickel and dime situations he can be both an end or the interior rusher. I remind you pass-pressure is something the Dolphins must address.

The column tells you why Cox is a better pick than Quinton Coples. And as for those of you suggesting Dontari Poe, forget about it. Poe is a great workout guy, but didn't play near the competition and didn't produce all that much, either.

I also give you the name of a second-round possibility for Miami in the column. Think right tackle.

One name I wanted to add but didn't have the room as a first-round pick possibility is Stephon Gilmore, the cornerback from South Carolina. Gilmore has steadily risen up draft boards and is now considered a legitimate top 10 pick.


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Only two weeks ago you laughed and ridiculed those suggesting taking OG/OT ate 8, giggling on how it won't work out with the salary cap a few years down the line and some other mumbo jumbo.
Now, of course, you are high on OG/OT.
You are a mockery of your own self!
Posted by: FlopFlipHeaven | April 22, 2012 at 06:39 PM




If you are going to change your mind, fair enough, but at least retract the condescending giggles and admit you were originally wrong. Otherwise, you appear to only to happy to ridicule others even when you end up agreeing with them.

FlipFlop you are mistaken sir
YG has been on the OL picks for quite some time.
Personally I am seeing a flashback to the Long/Henne picks with this years draft. The Garrard signing being a type move they should have made to safeguard playing Henne to soon when Pennington went down. Henne was suppose to sit minimun 2 years but couldn't due to lack of veteran depth at QB. 2012? Not as big a concern. New guy can sit 3rd and hold the clipboard.

Odin., Really?,Really? Dude, You need either a intervention or incarceration, Not sure which, Why would you attack me?, Maybe the Posters that hate you are for a reason, Any way have a pleasent night
After that attack from MR. Odin Iam out.

Can't we all just get along?


@6:53 PM, exactly. Tanne some even says need to sit 3yrs. Moore's a fa in 2013, he isnt going to resign here only to start when Tanne's ready. Gottta think about the message drafting a qb #8 sends to your soon to be fa starting qb(Moore).

Im sure in Moore's mind he considers himself a quality starting qb and will put his talents on the open market. If he has a decent season this year, Im sure he'll garner as much if not more interest than Flynn in 2012.

Drafting a qb 2nd rd such as Cousins, gives us better chance to resign Moore. He'll figure since we arent as heavily invested in Cousins(2nd rd pick) as Tanne(#8), he has a legit chance to retain his starting job if he wins it outright.

So many here think in such a cartmentalized frame of mind. Worst case scenario Cousins is far closer to being starter ready than Tanne. Taking Tanne #8 almost guarantees another Tanne-henne. Guaranteed Moore bolts for 2013 fa and Tanne is forced to start at some point in 2013. When he should really be sitting the bench. Just as in Henne's case.

Why cant anyone else see this coming down the pipeline?

Guys with all the talk who do you guys think Ireland is taking? Did Ireland meet with Tannehill to deflect and is really interested in a different QB? Ireland does not tipping his hand. Maybe Ireland likes a QB he has not even talked not let with to not let anyone know. Maybe he likes Weeden, Cousins, or Osweiler. If Blackmon falls do you think he might take Weeden in second? What do you guys think?

"Most experts believe Ryan Tannehill is that player. I agree that is likely the choice."


Here's to hoping that you are wrong. And Fletcher Cox or Stephen Gilmore???? I would hate all three of those picks. Ben Volin says it's going to be Coples & I think he's right.

IMO--If we don't take Ingram or Kuechly then there's a very good chance that Ireland is going to miss again.

thavafin, I'm not mistaken at all. If YG is a man he will own up to it.

it didn't take long for odin to go back into blog destruction mode. it is going to be a long night of odin babble.

Send Irescum to the Jests.

Why cant anyone else see this coming down the pipeline?


I think you're right about Tannehill. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

As for Cousins I just see that as a throw away pick. I'm tired of watching the Dolphins just waste their 2nd round picks on QB's with too many question marks. Take a WR or a Tackle or a Guard in the 2nd & I'd try to get Russell Wilson later on.

Daz Whazzup tj.

Mike, Word here is Odin-Stink schooled you yesterday, Is This true?

LOL!!!! Dan Marino got 15 on the wonderlic. Ryan Fitzpatrick got a 48.

LOL!!!! Am I the only one who cares about the W's and L's?

Miami doesn't care about test scores. If they did then they wouldn't have voted Bush into office twice.


Drop down, collect picks and take Fleener, the next Gronk,

Weeden or Chandler Harnish(as good as Tannehill) a few top WR, A DE, a Safety and OL help


I think you have to look out for some of these guys that all come out of the same school and are billed to be great (ie stanford). Great players make others around them look great and I don't want any scraps.

Truth B Told stick up for blog hit troll.

Why he do this?

Why he OK with impostor trash talk?

Odin only trash talk to troll. He talk nice to anybody else. He talk football when impostor troll leave him alone.

Truyh must likje trash. Truth must be trash

it will be interesting to see who ireland picks after tannehill





The "real posters" CAN'T STAND YOU, you demented, geriatric freak.

Buy or rent a clue, Odin. YOU are the biggest troll here. YOU are biggest polluter of this site. YOU are the one most folks here would love to see take a permanent hike.

Instead, you seem to live in this completely delusionaal alternate reality where imaginary allies back you and you are a respected, popular presence here.

Hell, the truth of the matter is Armando wouldn't even answer a sigle question from you the last time he did a live blog. You are persona non grata here and nobody buys your bullsh*t, fabricated stories, either.

Get drunk and take your taxpayer subsidized drugs all night for all I care. Just stop pretending you are wanted here. You aren't, freak.

Irescum woudnt know a franchise QB if one sat in his lap.

Turn on ESPN2 for Sports Science. It's a good one!

Cox, Gilmore?

Heck we can all throw possibilities up until the cows come home. Its a "possibility" we could draft a 7th rd pick at #8. Its just that we usually call them busts.

It's not about possibities, its about making the right pick. We can draft the "dynamic picks" until the cows come home. But in the end, we'll always seem to fall short of winning that elusive championship title, always wondering what is it that we're still missing.

But Im sure there are some here who would settle for that. Im just happy it isnt me. Draft David DeCastro, then Kirk Cousins now!

Excellent. A defensive tackle and a lineman in rounds 1 and 2. Fantastic.

Hopefolly Cox can play both sides and fill in for Brandon Marshall. Or have the Dolphins decided that the reason not to take a quarterback is that they are going to phase out passing altogether?

3 wide receivers chosen in first three rounds
since 1997...

0 quarterbacks chose in the first round since 1983...


Some mispells in the post above. Fairly tired.

And also tired of having the most undynamic team in the NFL, presided over by people who crave 6-3 defensive epics and always seem to think that the passing game is something that can be "addressed in later rounds", or "next year".

Seriously, if Ireland wants to take another offensive or defensive lineman with his top picks than please, please go all out and expend every pick on these two positions. Instruct Philbin to adopt a rugby offense and go at it.

Armando you could very easily make an argument for Ireland to trade down in the first round specifically to take either David DeCastro or Mark Barron.

In the case of DeCastro remember that when the Parcells era started they were faced with the decision of either taking Jake Long or Matt Ryan they chose a cornerstone LT. And don't forget that Philbin is on record as saying that in order for the QBs to play better the Dolphins need better play from their line and it's pretty evident that the OL hasn't added any starters through FA.

Regarding Barron, the consensus choice as the best safety available in this draft he could obviusly take Barron and auction him off to the Eagles or Cowboys for multiple picks or simply keep him to replace Yeremiah Bell because we can't honestly expect Terrell Johnson, or whatever his name is, to fill Bell's shoes.

Gilmore frankly, seems pretty far-fetched for the first round pick.

The problem with the Phins going into this draft is they made no impact whatsoever in free agency, they have toooooo many holes to fill, and obviously and unfortunately the best players get taken first. They expect all seven picks to be starters, possibly pro-bowlers. They're dreaming and this is why you are gonna have problems at the ticket box area. And thats what they get for being stubborn and incompetent.

Tannehill scares me to death. He has bust written all over him because of his lack of experience. Of course we all know that taking QB's in the draft is a roll of the dice no matter what round you select them in. If we pick him, I'll definitely support the kid and the pick. But why not try and take the best available pass rusher and then try and trade up to get Weeden. Although he will be 29, he is mature and may be NFL ready this year and you still have a 5 or 6 year window where he can play at a high level. That is if he doesn't turn out to be a bust....

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