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Dolphins 2011 regular-season schedule is here

The Dolphins 2012 schedule is here. Actually, it is right below here:

9/9 at Houston 1 PM

9/16 OAKLAND 4:15 PM

9/23 N.Y. JETS 1 PM

9/30 at Arizona 4:05

10/7 at Cincinnati 1 PM

10/14 ST. LOUIS 1 PM

10/21 BYE

10/28 at N.Y. Jets 1 PM

11/4 at Indianapolis 1 PM


11/15 at Buffalo 8:20 PM (Thurs.)

11/25 SEATTLE 1 PM


12/9 at San Francisco 4:05 PM


12/23 BUFFALO 1 PM

12/30 at New England 1 PM


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Someone explain to me why is it that we get to play New England in December up in Foxboro and they never play us in Miami in September - and when they do it's a 5:30 pm game. Is there a committee that selects the schedule? Is Robert Kraft the chair?

running out to get me a pair of those niners tickets.


ok, we begin in Houston. Can we PLEASE beat this sorry team finally? Please. I am so sick of Gary Kubiak and his bad hair dye thinking that they are a good team year after year. We can go 1-15 this year, as long as we beat Houston finally

Dolphins 2011 regular-season schedule is here

Its 2012 Brainiac! this has to be the worst schedule since 1967 season. Most of the games are at 1:00pm except the west coast and the raider games.

The NFL is letting Ross know that the Fins are meaningless team not worthy of nation wide coverage.

This is all Jeff Ireland and Stephen Ross's fault running a once proud franchise into the ground since 2009.

6-0 start??? could be if get by the Texans!

Our one prime time game is the mandatory Sunday night game that all the lousy teams get. Thank you, Stephen Ross, for making our franchise so relevant. Sad sad days ahead

..I'm going to the 12/9 game at San Francisco..Already booked..My buddy has season tickets to the Niners..just spoke with him..It is on..I haven't been to a Phins game in 2 years..Psyched!!

"6-0 start??? could be if get by the Texans!"

Clearly you're drunker than Michael Floyd. Play me a song Curtis Lowe...I've got your drinking money so tune up that dobro.

I don't know bout you all, but I see 9-7, 10-6 there...if we get a run goin, who knows, 11, 12 wins? Bring IT!!!!!

"I'm going to the 12/9 game at San Francisco..Already booked..My buddy has season tickets to the Niners..just spoke with him..It is on..I haven't been to a Phins game in 2 years..Psyched!!"


Even with all of these DEPTH signings??? LOL!!!


ne played us in mia in sept last year,lol that is one easy schedule, wish we could have this schedule 3 years from now

what an ugly thurs night game mia at buff

%u#k Buffalo!!

Voice - where is the Sunday night game? - I see a Thursday night - no Sunday night though.

You people are a bunch of weiners . The fans haven't been there sense the orange bowl. Just support the or shut the hellup!

I see 9-7

This is a cupcake schedule, if coaching can get this goin...

1PM home games are a good thing for the Phins...the visitors have to endure the heat and humidity.

Actually it's a Thursday night game against the Bills on the NFL Network. No NBC no ESPN. That's what happens when we get an owner with Wall Street mentality.

NO game on MNF?!

No matter how mediocre we have been, there is NO excuse for that!

The Dolphins have been a staple of MNF and are personally responsible for 5 of the "Top 10" MNF games in history.

Yo, Armando! It's 2012 now, NOT 2011......

Were def starting 0 and 1 we can never beat the Texans. I say 7 and 9 again.. Sigh..

Voice of reason
AMEN! Got to beat Houston.
Houston - EAD

2-4 start at best. 6-10 to finish. 7-9 if Reggie learns not to arch his back. LOL.

schaubs first game back, miami shocks them week one

Always with the negative waves Moriarity!!!!

10-6 season. Hell yeah!!!!!

Yeah folks were complaining about the later games last year. I say cool, sunday @ 1 works for me!

that schedule is so easy, would be hard to go 6-10. ill go 8-8, typical year

We have Draft picks...Yup..Even with all the depth..I may rock a Guyton jersey(can I even get one) just to confuse folks...Hey he may even be a big part of the defense by then..who knows!!

Sorry about the ONJ referance earlier..I had to watch Greese with my neice this weekend...Something about her?????

I could be wrong but I don't believe we've ever beaten the Texans.

We will only win 1 divisional game this year, against Buffalo. Sparano will get his revenge.

I predicted 6-10 last year - and hit.

I am not pessimist this year with superior coaching, no Henne or Sporano.

Garrard was a pro bowl QB two years ago before injury. if healthy could be top 10 for us. Moore finished year 6-3 and has one more year experience. I think we will be fine at QB with both.

I see a 10-6 record.

Schedule is MUCH easier. Only one team with winning record from NFC (SanFran) other 3 sucked. Jests very beatable same as bills. Raiders? please. Jacksonville and Henne, easy win and lastly Indy...worse team in league.

That's 10 wins.......

"We have Draft picks...Yup..Even with all the depth..I may rock a Guyton jersey(can I even get one) just to confuse folks...Hey he may even be a big part of the defense by then..who knows!!

Sorry about the ONJ referance earlier..I had to watch Greese with my neice this weekend...Something about her?????"

LOL@Daryl. I'd love to see a fan rock a Guyton jersey. I hear you on Olivia. I was in love with her back when Grease was the word....

jets suck, we will hammer them in the heat week 3 with garbage tebow doing nothing. prob be more jet fans there than fin fans but we will win

i had 5-11 last year and got called every name in the book when i did. im going 8-8 but with a good draft i can change my mind

We should of built a new stadium for the Dolphins and give the Marlins pro player stadium

agree, its a dump

We must hit on a WR & a pass rusher next week. Those are more than needs they're MUSTS!!! If we stay relatively healthy & we someone steps on @ RG & RT I think we can surprise these so-called "experts."

Wake may hold out for awhile BUT most players don't miss playing time. The concern with Wake is not that he would miss games it would that the longer he holds out his conditioning won't be up to par.

BTW--I just refuse to understand this meteoric rise in Tannehill's stock. We have two picks in the 3rd round & although my job isn't on the line I REALLY like Russell Wilson. I also like this WR Brian Quick. This might be the first year I think Mel Kiper might actually be on to something...That's a little scary.

Tony Sparano was hired by the Jets as OC, not the Bills.

....someone steps up....

Tony Sparano as an Offensive Coordinator is laughable. He's a nice guy & all but as an OC??? Fahgeddaboutit!!!

I wanna beat Jeff Fisher's asss!

Go Miami Dolphins!!

Green Cheese = Gang Green Cheese.
Go away you NYJ jackasshole.

no doubt, hope we destroy the rams

Who's gonna pay $ to watch this crap team lose all their home games?

nobody but ill watch on tv, win a couple they will show up

Dolphins should try to move into Marlins Park.

why not sign jim leonard and andre goodman

no primetime games....proof we the Cleveland Browns of the AFC East

It is a better looking schedule for a change. If we play the 1st half of the season the way we played the 2nd half last year, it could be interesting.

Good reason to vote retool instead of rebuild. Oh and screw Peyton..lol.

Of course if Denver doesn't fix it's O-line, he will be screwed...he can't run near as fast as Tebow..

7-9 if we draft a pass rusher, and a Wr.

6-10 if we miss one of those.

Rookie QB I think does the same as Moore for this season. Next season, different.

2012 Mongo

You guys take it easy on troll boy tonight.

Craig M schooled his asss pretty god damn good today.

This guy is so dumb Craig made it look easy-lol.




Truth hurt?

If ya'll want some serious phin talk, come join me at my premiere blog site. Just ask if you want the link. member no cussing, and it is my way or the highway

This is actually tragically funny, I remember the same people picking us as being 4-0 at the bye last year, I predicted us at 0-4 with Moore starting the game following the bye week with Sparano fired,ok so I got some of that wrong.
I see 1-6 at the bye seriously, maybe 2-4 at best. We have never beaten Houston, Oakland with their 1st team healthy will show us just how understrength they were when we beat them last season. Only 2 chances of wins are St Louis and Arizona.
Now lets fast forward to enjoy watching Matt Flynn and Chad Henne showing the Dolphins and all the NFL why we shouldn't have passed them up. Ok Henne had to go but dont be surprised if he whoops our ass at home, he will be motivated from now till then.
I see another top 10 pick next season, maybe top 5, which is fine by me. Let Moore and Gerrard get us a top pick again while Tannehill sits and learns how not to do things ready to take the helm at 2013 armed with a hell of a team. We are a 6-10 team at best with the awesome Matt Moore and David Gerrard, however next season, armed with another draft in the top ten, Tannehill ready to lead that could be 10-6, go fins in 2013 but sorry dreamers we're gonna suck in 2012, bank on it!!!

With Nennee they have a legitimate shot.

What does it tell all of us Dolphin fans when where only on National TV once? When you don't go out in the Free agency market and get stars nobody wants to watch you.

When you're QB is Matt Moore or David Gerrard it says it all!!!

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