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Dolphins host visit for Legedu Naanee

The Dolphins continue scouting out acorns and today that meant hosting a visit for free agent wide receiver Legedu Naanee, who has played for two teams the past two seasons.

Naanee, 28, is a typical former San Diego Chargers wideout. He's 6-2 and 220 pounds. And he's probably a better player when Phillip Rivers is throwing him the rock than when he's not.

Naanee played 2007-2010 for the Chargers and was primarily a No. 3 receiver and No. 4 option in the pattern. Last season he went to Carolina and posted modest numbers -- catching 44 passes for 467 yards (10.6 average) with one TD.

Naanee is not a cheap Brandon Marshall. He's more like Roberto Wallace with more experience. He played collegiately at Boise State.

The Dolphins are looking to create more competition at wide receiver but finding their best receiver will be a process as no one on the roster is a game-changer. That player may have to come in the draft.


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nothing wrong with healthy competition from a seasoned vet.............i like it.

We have Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore already, why bother grabbing another WR?

WHO??? We are very good at finding nobodys

Legedu Naanee..."IF" he signs, get in the camp body line. Maybe he has enough real game experience to squeeze a lower level guy like Roberto Wallace out...maybe.

I am still a going with choice @#8... WR Michael Floyd. He would be a big bodied WR that can run and win match-ups down field. He will be the WR threat/presence that will keep teams from stacking the box vs the run.

My second choice @#8... DE Q. Coples. Not as big as Mario Willams or J. Peppers but has most of that size with the skill set to get a strong push and free up Wake some.

My third choice is to trade back into the second half of round 1 and look at a S Barron, G DeCastro, LB/DE Ingram, LB/DE Merc or LB/DE Perry.

With my second round I would get OLB Ronnell Lewis or G Cordy Glen(might go late round 1). If Weeden is there when they pick and they really like him, pull the trigger. If they take the trade back route then they could feasibly have another second to grab OLB Lewis or G Glen.

But yeah, Legadu...


Everybody is at square one as a receiver with the West Coast Offense being implemented for the first time here. It is widely known that receivers truly pick up the WCO and break out after 2-3 years of experience under the system. This learning curve would be cut short with a veteran or even a rookie who has played in the same sort of system. I trust Joe Philbin and Mike Sherman to know what they're doing and to relay the proper information to Jeff Ireland, so that he scouts, drafts, and/or signs the best players for our scheme. I remember being impressed with Legedu Naanee a couple of years ago, when he was filling in for Vincent Jackson. I'm sure he can be good if he's put in the right situation.

Makes sense. Can play all three receiver positions, had some decent production at SD. Will sign for cheap.

Why not.
Naanee fits the mold we're looking for, and he's caught a few genuine passes in the NFL.
Fair enough. If he's cheap, sign him. 4th reciever option coverd.


I've seen him play live, against the Dolphins.
He went deep on Miami's corners quite effectively. That's why he's getting a look.

Not a bad thought.

he would be a decent cheap signing.

I'm all for Floyd in the first.
Draft Russell Wilson in the second an trade our 3rd away for a #2 next year.
Then draft the best pass rusher available.
This seems like such a deep draft at some spots but, why risk it. Get em when they are there.
FYI Russell Wilson is a poor mans RG3.
Think about it!!
Match up problems all day!! He blew up where ever he went and look at his numbers with Montey Ball almost breaking Barry Sanders records!!
This kid is special. !!!!!

Another "acorn". The pigs in the Miami Dolphins teams must be crying of pure joy.

Latest media speculation that once again affects the good ol’ Dolphins.
Cleveland looking to trade down.
WHAT!? Why? What in the world can you accomplish better than with two 1st rounders, one in VERY high position, and one in mid position? Huh? Later picks, just more of them?
Multi-million dollar contracts for how many rookies?
I’m dumbfounded by ESPN’s report on this. If it’s true, I don’t get it at all.
Rams want to trade out, and now Cleveland? Face-palm.
Well, hows about WE sit and wait for these trade up morons to throw away their drafts for Tannehill or whoever, and we’ll still be around next year to continue or building a real team.


Is there any doubt that this ball club has never missed out the way we have this year with rg3?? Anyone who has seen him play, or heard his countless interviews and how he nails each and every one, knows for sure that Washington is set at qb for the next two decades or so if they want to be.
I hate Jeff Ireland. I hate Stephen Ross. Why? They have ruined something I love.

Armando, I'm with you on the choice of Michael Floyd from Notre Dame at #8. Clyde Gates to stretch the field on the other side. I trust the Dolphins intend to use Gates more than they did last season with Sparano as coach. If the Dolphins can not get one of the top two receivers in the draft they should then go with Couples because the rest of the WR draft field is far behind in ability. They can get any of the other top receivers in the second or third rounds.

The one thing I find that so humbles me?God has put some real block heads in charge of these Nfl teams!If you ever want to really waste your time tune into this draft shows on espn.Kiper ,mcshay,goofy cheap shot artist Ryan CLARK.AND GOOF BALL Merle Hodge.Give me a break.These people get paid real money for this stuff?


Roberto Wallace with experience would be a pretty good WR & that's what Naane is--a pretty good player. However we're too inexperienced at WR with Moore, Wallace, Gates, & whoever we take in this draft so I think if we signed Naane it would make a lot of sense.

Blackmon at 8 would be an ideal scenario & although Floyd is a great athlete it's hard to look past his three alcohol related incidents. I just can't see Ireland drafting Floyd at 8 instead of Coples. Obviously Floyd is a MUCH better prospect than Ginn (taken at 9???!!!) BUT the character questions with Floyd @ 8 are just too risky. I'd much rather we take Kuechly & then trade either Burnett or Misi.

Not sure if he's going in the 2nd or 3rd round but I'm intrigued by this kid Brian Quick from Appalachian State.

"Is there any doubt that this ball club has never missed out the way we have this year with rg3?? Anyone who has seen him play, or heard his countless interviews and how he nails each and every one, knows for sure that Washington is set at qb for the next two decades or so if they want to be."


When did we have a shot at him??? Cleveland offered the same deal to the Rams that the Redskins did but Fisher & Shannahan are friends.

I don't care what anyone says he's not Andrew Luck & there's no guarantee that RG3 is going to be that great. I've seen a lot of QB's look great in college when no one is pressuring them & look lost in the NFL. IMO--Giving up a first round pick in 2013 & 2014 is insane b/c if you miss or he gets hurt you've crippled your franchise.

I think there's a lot of talent in this year's draft. Taking Blackmon or Floyd at #8 would be a great idea. I'm still not sold on Tannehill as be the best available QB. Weeden and Cousins may be the sleeper QB's in this draft. Would love to see us get Coples or Ingram. And, if for some reason Richardson falls all the way to us, I'd snatch him up.

Lots of good players in this draft deep into the 4th or 5th round. I just hope Ireland picks them this time. This is his 2nd draft without the shadow of the Tuna hanging over him. So, no more "Pat White" experiments, please!

Lingerie League is shutting down. Any chance Ireland might find some acorns from there?


If your out there, thanks for the visit.

Also, where would you like your free Colombo jersey sent as a gift?


get off the gates thing, guy sucks. hes fast, nothing else

I don't mind Ireland checking under every rock but this much I can tell you: Naanee SUCKS. I visited Charlotte several times last year and I can tell you first handed he is no better than almost WR we already have.

I hate sounding overcritical but this is exactly what I meant earlier, we could have signed a few QUALITY FAs, instead of finding the All-Acorn Team and it would have cost us the same. In fact signing better players combined with getting rid of overpaid ones (Fasano, Dansby) should have yielded a much better cap situation, youth and more picks.

I keep repeating the biggest problem with keeping Ireland is not his lack of success in the draft or scouting players but his massive disjunctive facing a long term plan mixed with desired immediate results due to his very own precarious situation. Not a recipe for success. Time for him to go, he'll find a job elsewhere, meanwhile he can get someone not afraid to start anew and who will enjoy a honeymoon with the fanbase and make the painful but necessary moves to make this team a contender year in and year out. This acorn treasure hunt must end.

Call us the Miami Acorns..change our logo to a squirrel pooing out some "already been chewed" acorns... Might as well Ross and Ireland...change the logo because that's how you guys

tigersam so who do u suggest we sign at wr

If you want to see a true Acorn at wide receiver in this draft check out Nate "NaPalm" Palmer of NIU. The guy can play the game. He's got the speed of Gates but he's not just straight line speed. He can break ankles all over the field and he's got great hands.
Click on my name and check him out.

We have draft picks is an idiot. Everyone know RG3 played againt better defenses than Luck.
But if Wallace and Moore is not even better than Hartline.
We need serious help at WR!!

gents, this is not all getting done in one draft or one offseason.....they have lots of holes/needs to fill, so this is a 2-3 year project--thats a fact--but if done right, with Philbins input, they should be able to find plenty of good talent in that 2-3 years--but if you're expecting all/most of their needs to be addressed with a few cheap FAs or with 8 draft picks, you're gonna be disappointed.

and enough with Floyd....they aint taking a WR with the 8th pick (unless Blackmon is there.....but he won't be)--plenty of good WR options so this aint the year to blow the 8th pick on one--should be a QB or OLB/DE, or I wouldn't be shocked if they trade back and try to grab more picks

EVERY draft choice is a crapshoot.... So, if we're going to use our #1 on a receiver,... Why not trade down to pick up an extra 2nd and 3rd then trade for Dwane Bowe who is proven?

We Have Draft Picks, I can't believe there's someone who actually knows what they are talking about. No one knows what RG3 is going to do, and both Washington and Cleveland hard much more to offer in draft choices than we did. And St Louis wasn't looking for player in the deal either. And St Louis wasn't going to do us a favor and accept LOWER draft choices instead of what was offered to them.

BB are you nuts? Giving Ireland 3 more years to fix the mess he started. That's the problem with the Dolphins, they keep trading back for mediocre players like Odrick. Then you wonder why you get man handled by good teams.

TigerSam, the reason we sign this WR is not because he's going to make the team. He was signed because all teams bring in 80 players for preseason at least 25 will be cut. In the WC offense you need receivers to throw to in training camp. No one should be excited pro or con about this signing. He's just a training camp body. I mean really, get some perspective.

I agree with Mike. The more players the better the acorn picking. Problem is this. Why am I to believe Ireland knows the difference between an acorn and a hole in the ground?

What has he done in his ENTIRE FOOTBALL JOB that makes me think he knows what he is doing?

If we are rebuilding then lets rebuild. That means gutting this team and starting over.

I see no signs that this team is starting over. This team is plugging with acorns trying to win the big one.

It can't be done that way!

What this team needs is an enema. I guess Tannehill will be that enema. If we draft him at #8 this team is done for years to come.

I will pour a glass of goat urine on Ernest Borgnine's head if this guy makes the roster.

"We've got to do our best to make the position better ... Aaron Rodgers was a 24th pick. Tom Brady was a sixth-round pick. Tony Romo was a free agent. There are guys out there. We've just got to find them."

Since when does finding acorns involve DESPERATION? If Jeff wasn't desperate he would not draft Tannehill.

Note to Jeff...if Rodgers was 24th, Brady was sixth round and Romo was a free agent...then what makes you think we need to reach all the way up to #3 or #8 to find a acorn in the rough?

I mean really, is Jeff even doing his due diligence? Is he even scouting Weeden?

I have no problem with moving back into the first round to get Tannehill.

I have a real problem with moving up to #3 or drafting him at #8.

We Have Draft Picks, I can't believe there's someone who actually knows what they are talking about. No one knows what RG3 is going to do, and both Washington and Cleveland hard much more to offer in draft choices than we did.

But you know what Luck is going to do? Or Tannehill? Or any of the draft picks?

Stafford got his shoulder broke starting almost right away.

You folks don't think Luck will have a bounty on his head?

But you know what Luck is going to do? Or Tannehill? Or any of the draft picks?

Posted by: JackSparrow | April 17, 2012 at 12:50 AM

Nobody does. Just like any other year.

Why is it so damn hard for fans (at least some of them) to admit this? Do they think they're kidding anyone with an I.Q. above "sponge?"



Odin's right. It's too little too late.

Besides, You're not fooling anyone trying to bump up the hits talking to yourself.

I bet you wish you would've listened to all the good posters when they were trying to warn you, don't Cha?

Well, you getting what you deserve.

Don't think we didn't notice.

Odin points out how terrible the numbers are and suddenly the blog hit troll springs into action, heh, heh.

I don't think I've ever seen a new blog by Mando not even garner a page worth of hits. Not even in the off season. Not over the past 5 years.

Hackuva dang fine job you did there troll. Mando must be proud. As Odin would say-ROTFLMAO!


Someone needs to tell odin that Mando doesn't get paid by blog volume. What a moron. The guy writes for a mayor newspaper and has a radio show. This blog will be busy again when there is meaningful news to discuss and the season starts. Thankfully it will be without odin. Good riddance.

Its also funny to read odin talking to himself and agreeing with himself as unconcerned observer.


What a colosal douche bag. He will reply to this even though he has supposedly left.

I like David Decastro at # 8. Then Vinny Curry in the second. Marvin McNutt WR Iwoa in the third. Brian Quick WR Appalachian State in the fourth. George Iloka FS Boise in the 5th...and so on. I also think we should try Reshad Jones at SS. Lets see what Moore can do with a descent O line.

Look folks. If you got straight A's in college then chances are you are not dumb. You would probably contribute to any company that hires you.

Problem I have is Ireland wants to take a chance on a C student. Not saying C students can't do great things. Just ask George Bush about that.

All I am saying is do you really want to mortgage the future of your company on a C student?

I'd rather have a A student O-line, B student WR or C student DE than a C student QB.

There can NOT be any boo's at the draft for Miami. Tannehill will get the LEAST boos. But Ireland would be drafting based on the boo meter alone.

Do we really want a GM that drafts based on a boo meter?

By the way, let me warn you before you scan the chart. The easiest schedule belongs to New England. The Patriots were in the Super Bowl last year. Crazy, right?

This is from the Last Post of Armando, Correct meif I'am wrong but is'nt the Schdule suppossed to reflect Strong teams Vs Strong Teams, Weak teams Vs.weak Teams Etc. Etc.
This is just the proof that Goodall is a Pats fan through and Through, Come on man, If Ever there was a conspirecy here this is Proof.... Where's Crazy Home??

Ok there is no schedule conspiracy!

In 2o12 the AFC East plays the NFC West x 4, AFC South x 4, division games x 6 and the AFC North & West by seed. This set waaaayyyyyy in advance. You could determine the 2013 schedule right now with the exception of the two seeded conference games.

So, each team's schedule is dentical with the exception of the seeded games. Miami gets Cincinnati and Oakland. New England gets Baltimore and Denver. Otherwise they are the same schedules. That's how it works for better or worse in the NFL.

What makes NE's schedule easy vs Miami is that NE gets Miami twice lol which on a 16 game schedule is huge statistically when you are calculating strength of schedule.

Ireland just needs to give up and sell his hair to a wig shop. Please resign Ireland..

I like Jeff Ireland! There, I said it. I like him because he doesn't let ignorant fans get to him and over pay or over trade for talent. He is building a team one building block at a time, while weeding out those that don't fit the new mold. Fans need to trust Ireland's judgement more and stop whining. I am glad he did not pay 20 million dollars for an aging Manning. I am glad he did not pay 8 million a year for Matt Flynn. I don't like Garrard, but he may work out and has started in this league before. I look forward to the draft while knowing that nobody, nobody but Dolphin management knows what they will do.

But Ireland would be drafting based on the boo meter alone.

Do we really want a GM that drafts based on a boo meter?

Posted by: JackSparrow | April 17, 2012 at 03:01 AM

You are so out to lunch with your rambles. When has Ireland ever worried about the boo meter in the draft? Never. Be objective, not stuck on fabricated negativity.

Cheap, Miami...... Perfect fit

ericatl, FACT, when you're against the salary cap ceiling, you're not cheap. Post what you know. Cheap is not the problem. Maybe paying too much to players that aren't elite is the problem, cheap is not.

I still dont understand the logic of getting rid of Brandon Marshall for 2 third round picks?

In 2006 the Patriots gave up a 2nd rounder and a 7th rounder for Wes Welker.

The going rate for a Pro Bowl WR right now is a 2nd rounder forget the off field stuff.

Now Jeffy is looking for Acorns.

Grab the Boston College linebacker Kuechly.
Dude can flat out play!

slipperysoap, 2 third round draft choices equal a 2nd round choice according to the draft point value chart.

Jeffery signs another acorn. Is it me or is that all Jeffery can sign,,,,acorns???

Geez... Im really starting to hate The Dolphins...
I KNOW Ireland will screw up THIS draft, like the others.
I DONt like Tannehill @ #8, take Floyd, Ingram or Coples, or TRADE Back like
the freakin Pats do EVERY year and pick up draft picks !

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