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Dolphins issues and answers on the menu

Do you want to know what kind of shape John Jerry looks like he's in?

Do you want to know my thoughts on Clyde Gates?

Do you want to know which quarterback looked better during the first day of the Dolphins' veteran minicamp?

Do you want to know why the Dolphins cannot afford to lose Cameron Wake? (This one is troubling because he's threatening to sit out if he doesn't get a contract extension and the Dolphins are holding fast to the idea he's not going to be paid what the best NFL pass rushers are paid.)

But the look of the Miami defense without Wake is not good. Jamaal Westerman? Really?

All these issues will be discussed on my radio show, Armando and Perkins, this morning from 6 to 10 a.m.

Meanwhile, we must congratulate coach Joe Philbin for his first Dolphins practice. In that practice, I was taken aback by Miami's need in the deep secondary. Chris Clemons and Reshad Jones, neither of whom has locked down the starting free safety job in previous years, are the assumed answers in Miami's deep secondary.

And as far as leadership is concerned, well, the loss of Yeremiah Bell is being felt.

“Y.B. has been the leader around here for a long time and to not see him is definitely strange,” said cornerback Nolan Carroll. “But we’ve got to adjust to it and grow from it as a group. There aren’t a ton of guys capable of [filling his shoes] in terms of leadership. But that’s why we’re out here — to find them.”



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Richardson is the only player (since the top 2 QB's are basically spoken for) that I'd trade up to get. And, definitely pull the trigger on if he falls to #8! No matter who the starting QB for the Dolphins is, he would give us one of the top backfields in the NFL, in my opinion. Defensive Coordinators would play hell trying to stop us in the West Coast Offense!

Also, Ireland would have to think hard about taking Blackmon if he's available. If he can be taught to run the precision routes of the WCO, he could be the beast that everyone hoped that Marshall was going to be without the headache.

If Tannehill is the pick, we'll have to live with him sitting on the bench for a while. Same with Osweiler, who they're very big on. Weeden may have to sit too, but the clock is ticking on him due to his age. Cousins will also have to have time to develop. So, whatever QB we take in this draft (and I'm fairly sure that we will take at least one) will have to develop and will not make an immediate impact. Which will not sit well with most fans who are tired of mediocrity as it is!

Taking a player that can play now makes the most sense, but I don't think that's part of the grand scheme of things right now. Going D-line, pass-rusher, D-back or even O-line is a safer pick, but unlikely to put points on the board. So, those won't endear Ireland with the fans. Moving down makes sense too. But, you have to have a team that's willing to do that. And, with our track record with the rest of the NFL, may not be a viable option.

We need prayer, positive thoughts, good vibes, & a little bit of luck in this draft! None of which have been seen in a while.

Just saying...


Nobody is going to trade up to go after Tannehill. If anyone trades up it will be for Trent Richardson. Tanneproject will be there at 8 and hopefully we will pass....then watch him drop like a stone. I don't see the point in drafting 2nd or 3rd round talent that maybe has possible potential in the high first round.

this is an ad, mando. for feck's sake.

2 Watt, I understand that Parcells flattened the phins, but who was Parcells' boy? The failed kicker from Baylor good sir! Who for some unknown reason is still here! Who drafted Odrick,who signed Garrard (you can in no way defend this signing, remember Polite? He was making a pittance on our roster and what was his first down conversion rate? Over 95% my friend! And what did Ireland do with him? Cut him. Sure would have been nice to have a true full back for Bush and the rookie dontya think?

poor form by wake.

You can be a "homer" and a "realist". This team is rebuilding. I'm ok with that because it seems they are doing it with the same blue print at Green Bay. It will take at least two years to be a contender again(more than likely three). We have seven glaring holes to fill and seven draft picks. Irland is happy at 50 percent success. That means three to four hits with three to four glaring holes to fill...next year. If we draft Tanny for the future, that is ok, but may not even play this year. More than likely starting next year. Not likely to be overly successfull first year playing, that takes us to year three. If we don't draft Tally give Moore a chance, he deserves it. I thnk he can be a top ten QB.The only other QB in draft worth drafting is Weeden. If neither Tanny or Weeden available don't waste a pick on QB and wait till next year. As for the AFC East. Bills up graded defense and have ten draft picks which I think will put them at two in our division. We will be battling the stinking Jets for last place in division IMO. I see us winning five to six games. I wish the new coach luck and success this year and I hope I'm wrong about Irland and he does a great job in this years draft. Excited about the draft and direction we are headed in.


So I paid for this app for advertisement for his radio show?

We need to draft WR-Floyd with the 1st pick and QB-Weeden at 2nd round....

by the way... FIRELAND!!!!!

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