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Dolphins, Naanee agree on one-year deal

No, he's not a game-changer. No, he's not expected to replace Brandon Marshall.

But the Dolphins expect veteran experience and solid play out of Legedu Naanee after he signed a one-year deal with the club this morning. Naanee will compete for a roster spot.

So does this end Miami's need for wide receiver help in the draft? Probably not. But instead of drafting multiple receivers the Dolphins might now be in a position to not need to double down on the position as they previously have done at other positions such as cornerback.

To make that point, the Dolphins recently continued working out draft eligible receivers. The latest of these is University of Miami receiver Travis Benjamin, who worked out for the team.

Benjamin finished his career at UM with 2,146 receiving yards, one of only six players in school history to to eclipse 2,000 yards. He caught 41 passes for 609 yards in 2011. Benjamin also was an outstanding punt returner for Miami, avering 11 yards per return and served as the kick returner as well.


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Which means we can forget Blackmon or Floyd at #8 to put it in terms the fans can understand

bobbyd12 -

Don't think Blackmon was gonna get past St. Louis.
But Floyd sure woulda been nice.
It kinda looks like Tannehill at #8 huh?

Better off doubling down they taking a kid line Naanee will marginal talent. He caught a few balls on the fins that were a result of the system he was playing in now we sign him. C'mon man!

We need to be getting younger and more talented. You do this thru the draft. To expect the Fins to vie for a playoff spot next year is like hoping to hit the lottery. Draft to wr's with great upside along with a true deep threat te and we may be in business in a few years.

Signing someone with less than 1,300 yds in a career definitely isn't going to make waves... not even a ripple. Here's a novel thought: spend time and effort developing the receivers we have already.

I don't think Tannehill will be at 8, and if he does I don't think Miami takes him, Miami won't see it as a value pick. Floyd or even Blackmon makes a lot of sense which means we will go DE or OLB. With Wake holding out and not so productive last year I think Ireland fills that need. Then again he may trade down to stock up on picks. Id love to. See Miami go bpa for a change and get a difference maker.

Gee solid play really wins a lot of games.

Tannehill will be a big mistake.

Tannehill pick won't fill the stadium.

Winning will.

Get Coples or Ingram. If Clairborne, Richardson or Blackmon drop to #8, then pick any of the five.

Very perceptive bobbyd12. I think that's EXACTLY what this means. Which is an indicator they will be drafting Tannehill at 8. Which will be determined in the future if it was a wise move or not (if Tannehill becomes our franchise QB, this will be the pick of a generation).

Ireland is going to take Coples. Get used to the notion that the value is not there with Tannehill. 19 starts doesn't cut it for a pick at #8. Plus, there's Weeden, who is a BETTER QB than Tannehill, that can be plucked later in the draft along with a host of OTHER QBs.

What the Phins should do at WR since we have 2 3rd round picks is get Tommy Streeter with one pick and Broyles from OU with the other. Broyles probably would have been a 1st rounder if had not gotten hurt. Pretty sure both will still be there in the 3rd round.

1. Weeden IS NOT better than Tannyhill with all do respect to your opinon.
2.Get use to Luke Kuechly. He is your pick if it is not Tannyhill.Why?
3.Dansby needs to redo is contract or else.Burnett was walking in a boot the last I heard,And Misi is being a child and is not proven.So you Draft Kuechly which can and will play all lb positions and not come off the field .And you have with one move recieved the following:Recieved a pro bowl player for many years to come.You have freed up dansby and burnett for outside or you can move Kuechly to the outside.See that ONE move!Now thats value.

if we only take one wide receiver in the top 5 pick then I'm sure they think either wallace or moore can pick up the 4th receiver spot. I'd rather take one WR but if fleener is available he would be a great pick up.

Miami gets a QB next year, this year: trade down, gather a 1st rd next year and another 2 and 4 this year for our #8. then use our ammo to draft Barkley next year. We're only kidding ourselves pumping up all these QBs behind RGIII and Luck; none are worth the early round resources. We have 2 bridge QBs already, don't add a 3rd (albeit: younger) bridge, we need a franchise QB.

MiamiD20 I agree, we need to draft players we should be able to plug in now, Pass rusher, o-line, etc. Lets's move back and pick up a couple more picks for next years draft so if we want to move up to get a true 1st round qb we are not giving away the farm to do it. I think THill is probably very talented but he sure is a gamble at 8.

It's not fantasy football guys. It's real world football. You can't just go out and sign all the top guys and if you could where would that get you (see 'Skins and Cowboys). Seems like a pretty decent signing to me. WR is probably one of the weakest spots on the team now. Would I like to see Floyd on the team? I'd LOVE to see it. Is that a better pick than Tannehill? Well it is short term. But is it better long term? I have no idea. I think Floyd's going to be a really good player in this league if he can keep his nose clean but WRs don't win championships...QBs do and we don't have on who can do that yet. For that reason, I'd take a chance on Tannehill at 8.

?tf is he?

Another day another acourn the Dolphins sign, this has to be the least excited Dolphins offseason ever..


Jeff Ireland is increasing team speed at every level. Philbin / Sherman and Coyle, have a vision and a strategy, which they have shared with Ireland. He's getting them the guys they want and need. Even if this is just competition, so be it. Let's see how it shakes out.

A little off topic but you guys gotta check out this wedding video i saw, hysterical, especially the dance at the end

Benjamin finished his career at UM with 2,146 receiving yards, one of only six players in school history to to eclipse 2,000 yards.


Who are the other five?

I can't believe I'm going to say this BUT Ireland has done well in signing both Guyton & now Naanee. That doesn't mean that I think either player will be a Pro-Bowler but these are two very good signings & at the least adds experience depth.

Weeden maybe the 2nd best QB coming out of the Draft after Luck...His age is what is holding him back, he Beat RG3 & Luck in College... He beat Luck in the Fiesta bowl a couple months ago, throwing for 399 yards, 3 Td's & also ran for one... Ryan Tannenhill will not be even close to as good as Weeden would be this September, Tannenhill will be drafted on potential of how good he will be in a couple of years, not on how good he is now... Problem is Weeden is 5-6 years older then Tannenhill, so Tannenhill has potential to be as good as or better than Weeden is, but I doubt you would find any professional scouting personal to pick tannenhill as a better player than weeden today or even for the next 3 years... its the after 3 years where Tannenhill could be better... Weeden could potentially start for the next 8 years where Tannenhill could solve the problem for 13 years.. Age is the only reason Tannenhill is ranked above Weeden...

We Have Draft picks, Ive never even heard of these guys. Picking up reserves off of other teams is a recipe for disaster.

...WHDP. I'm not picking on you dude. But I think some are going to sat they like anyone that the team picks up..The reasoning...For depth.

..Now depth is great...But to me it is just a false sense of being hopelessly devoted(Oliva Newton John Reference early on a Tuesday) to the team we a love..

What I want to see is players that actually have a chance to be productive, not just used for "depth"...Depth is important, and true I don't know how any of these signings will work out down the road...but at somepoint wouldn't it be nice to say..Hey we signed a guy to make an impact, that you could really be excited about. Instead of a rah rah depth guy Ireland can really find em player?

Good morning guys,

I completely disagree that Miami doesn't need to double down because of Naanee. Miami still doesn't have starting caliber receivers on this entire roster. The Dolphins still need to double down IMO. They need to use one of the 3rds if not both or at the least a 4th on another WR.

Brian Hartline, Davone Bess, Legadu Naanee, Clyde Gates! Wow. I love the blog Armando but how can you suggest that Miami doesn't need to double down?

..Andy in NJ..I agree. I have said that we will not be able to replace Marshalls production with one player, it will be by commitee. Even one of the top rookies will struggle to match Marshalls output..Anyway. This isn't a murderers row of pass catchers..Perhaps the worst group on paper in the league...Seriously. Maybe the Rams, maybe Jacksonville. But what other group puts as much fear into Db's as this group?

Nannee showed flashes when in san diego but was not a primary receiver by any stretch. Who knows in the West coast offense. He is athletic (QB at Boise St) and if I recall did some kick returning too for SD. It's a good piece to the puzzle and adds depth, but he's not the WR1 were all looking for. This Miami draft is going to be very interesting and controversial.

It's not fantasy football guys. It's real world football. You can't just go out and sign all the top guys and if you could where would that get you (see 'Skins and Cowboys).

Posted by: Craig M | April 17, 2012 at 09:17 AM

Wow, so insightful. It's like reading Socrates.

A fantasy roser? How about just QUALITY players!?

We can't sign all the top guys? No sh&t Sherlock! But, how about 1? Is 1 too much to ask for?

Christ, you will stop at NOTHING to defend Ireland. It's beyond pathetic. All our FA's are from losing teams, who they didn't want to resign.

We should be content with that? Maybe your gullable as* is.

And you tell fans we cant sign all the top guys or have a fantasy roster when all they want is QUALITY?

You have to be a CLASS A ROYAL JERK to do that, and you are.

Get over your pompous self!


Yes absolutely pathetic on paper as group of WRs. If Tannehill is gone then I hope Miami has some balls and goes Michael Floyd. I have been high on Floyd for quite some time. I loved him in college and as a Michigan fan I feared him. He can take a slant to the house or beat you down field with speed or out muscle guys with his size.

Floyds production and ability has me sold he will be a legit #1 WR in the NFL.

On the other hand I'm such a hypocrite in that I want Tannehill. I'm always production over potential but for a QB starved Dolphins fan I will take my chances just this once. And if not I hope it's Floyd!

...We can keep adding depth guys, we can add speed. both are great ingredients in a team building recipe. But when your ingredients to start the recipe stink(our roster) and you add more ingredients that aren't any better, or help to make the dish(or team)more delicious..You get a mediocre plate of food.

That is what is happening here..We will see if Philbin and CO. are great chefs that can turn any ingredient into culinary magic...Sorry for the food metephor.


Got to agree with 'We Have Draft Picks'. These are two very good, sound additions. You say you want 'impact' guys but the teams that are winning consitenly in this league aren't the teams that are going out and blowing the budget on big name FA's. We've seen this model before and it doesn't work. the Pats are the perfect example of a team that makes these kind of moves. The Ravens too. Sorry, if you're looking for Ireland to making the kind of moves the Bucs made when they signed Vincent Jackson, you're cheering for the wrong team. Let's do a checklist at the end of the season and see how all these big FA signings worked out.

Two of the areas we need to see better production from are LB (Misi) and WR. I can't see how either of the moves they have made will be anything other than positive.

Nobody is picking Tannehill DC.....

I rarely speak in absolutes...but you can take that statement to the bank....

Ohio Dolfan sucks.

Hope his wife dies in a car accident........still

Although I agree that these last two signings have promise, the big picture is the draft and what Ireland decides to do in that venue. He will either make or break this team there. This draft is very deep with skill position players. We have a chance on picking up some decent young talent. I just hope that Ireland can pull of a miracle,because if he doesn't I would not be surprised if he is shown the door.


So your solution rather than the course Ireland is taking would be what? They are tight against the cap and have no room for the kind of moves you are talking about? Curious to hear what you're looking for. Keep in mind, at some point they will have to do something with Wake and Long isn't that far behind.

..Craig M..Here is the difference. We don't have any impact guys. So we can add depth. Which is great. But depth behind what? Good teams rarley sign hig priced free agents because they are set..They sign depth guys because they have players ahead of them that make plays...We do not have this luxury. Look up and down the roster. Or better yet. Take each individual unit on both sides of the ball..How many players can you count that are difference makers? Not many, certainly not enough for this team to be so arrogant to believe the best we can do is hire mercenaries for depth..

Depth is great whne you have a base to build around..So we can hide behind the idea of having depth. But really since we don't even have a quality base..We just have more middle of the pack players. How this improves our team??? You tell me.


Bit dramatic, don't you think? Pull of a 'miracle'? Is that even possible? What were you hoping for? Don't we really need this team to have a strong, solid draft and then do that again next year and the year after. Miracle? Can you name one in the last twenty years? I'll give you the Pats draft of Brady but come on now, what team ends up with a miracle and what GM needs that to keep his job. You must know something we don't because all indications are that Ross is solidly behind Ireland.

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | April 17, 2012 at 10:29 AM

Loser, That comment is totally uncalled for..

Kris, I'm going to assume you mean nobody ON THE DOLPHINS is going to pick Tannehill. I won't take it "to the bank", but it'll be easily resolved in about 1 1/2 weeks.

I don't have any knowledge one way or the other what Ireland is going to do with the #8 pick. Maybe Tannehill, maybe someone else, maybe trade up or back.

My point-of-view (right now) is I don't have any way to judge this offseason or Draft. Because I don't know how the HC intends to utilize this personnel. Until I know that, I don't know nada. Therefore I'm just watching with interest to see how this all plays out.

..Craig M..I really do appreciate your positive attitude about our team.. I say this as a compliment, not to be condisending..

But this is the knock on the FO...We have a no cap room for what, and why? We have more dead money then our competitiors in the division...This fall squarley on the shoulders of the GM....100 percent. Ireland has been the GM for the past 4 years...This is where we have lost te plot salary cap wise...Just go back and re-visit the Larry Johnson fiasco last season...We are still on the hook for a few mill for that great call..

Anyway...Your right. We do not have many options as we are capped strapped..WHO"S FAULT IS THAT?????? Don't say Parcells as he didn't sign the contracts..you can blame him for some draft blunders...But Ireland gets 100 percent of the blame for our cap issues..100 percent. So yes we are reduced to signing low impact depth guys with some speed that fit into this magical system that can win with limited talent..Is this what you are buying, or better yet trying to sell?


Sorry man, we don't agree. The Pack and Pats don't typically make a splash in FA because that's their organizational philosophy. Are you telling me that the Pats couldn't have used Mario Williams or Vincent Jackson on their roster because they are set this year. Totally disagree. WR and pass rush are too of their biggest needs. What they've both decided is that isn't the way to win Championships and their records back that up. So let the 'Skins and the Cowboys and whoever else blow their brains out every year trying to get it done and overpaying for their continual mistakes in the draft, through FA. I much prefer this approach.

One last thing, how about we see who the impactful 'difference makers' are under Philbin before we write everyone off. I think we'd all agree that Sparano was outcoached and made some questionable, conservative calls. Let's see what the new guy does before we permanently put that label of 'non-difference maker's' on them.

You say you want 'impact' guys but the teams that are winning consitenly in this league aren't the teams that are going out and blowing the budget on big name FA's.

Posted by: Craig M | April 17, 2012 at 10:24 AM

So, the teams that win are teams like the Phins who have no impact players & do nothing to acquire them?

Name the last team that has won using this model. Please enlighten the blog.

You make no sense what so ever yet continue to try to fool people into thinking you do. You totally belong on Ohio's blog.

he deserve it clue, he thinks he better than everyone

maybe if something happens to his pretty little thing he will stop being such a punk

To continue in cooking metaphor theme, a cake tastes better with fresh ingredients and not ones bought off the stale out of date bargain shelf.

After Ireland forks this draft up he's gonnna need to sell his hair to a wig shop....

The repeat offender in the "I think I'm better than everyone" category is Craig M.

In my dictionary, here is how Pompous is defined:

Pompous - (Craig M's photo)


Once again we don't agree. You're blaming Ireland for four years of contracts, based on what? What inside information do you have that we don't? One of the things that has handcuffed the team is the HUGE contract that they had to pay out to Long for being the number one pick under the old CBA. It would be significantly less if he'd been drafted last year or if he'd been the 10th pick and not the 1st. That's a FACT. What should they have done? Trade the pick?

On top of all that, the type of moves you want them to make (the impactful moves), have hurt the cap too. Signing Dansby, trading for and signing Marshall, signing Burnett and trading for and signing Bush. So if you want those guys then you have to pay for it. Now you're going to tell me that Dansby isn't an impactful guy and not worth the money. Fair enough. But he's was one of the most sought after guys in FA two years ago and it was a BIG need on this team at the time. So I think you'd agree it was the right move at the time.

So you can blame Ireland for the cap space situation if you want but you'd have to show me proof that he was the one that got us into this cap situation. Sorry, Parcells was driving the boat and until last year it was his show.

..Craig M. I know that there hasn't been a snap yet. That the team isn't set. None of us know what or how Philbins coaching style will affect the team..I get that..Trust me. I don't want to be right, I understand that we are rebuilding AGAIN. I understand the new regime is puting in a different system, a different philosophy. I understand that I need to make good amends with my good ole buddy patience...I get all that. I'm just looking at our team right now..Today. Perhaps you can see something I don't..Great.

Seriously. I will support the coach, I will support the quartrback even if I think it is a monumental mistake(actually could get Ireland fired so maybe it is the right move)..Ok that was condisending..Any way I do not see a good football team this year. And that is fine. It doesn't make me less of a fan. I just see our roster, our skill position guys compaired to the goosd teams in the league..and how are we going to compete??

Acorns = Sell your hair to a wig shop


We'll disagree on Tannehill because that's what we do best. I told you last year that the team wouldn't draft Mallett and I'll say that if Tannehill is there this year they will take him. I'm not as bold as you as to 'take it to the bank' but I'm confident that they like him enough to draft him.


Ohio Dolfan is the worst offender. That is why I wish pain for his beautiful woman

Looks like the trolls are out in full bloom again. To those who come here to actually talk football and not run others down, good talking....


Jeff Ireland is an incompetent IDIOT!!!!!
May be we´ll draft an other OL with the 1st round, we we have a lot of key positions like QB, WR(thanks to the idiot trade) CB, OLB, DE... any way this Dumberland´ll screw up AGAIN!!!!

I expect the Elite-6 (including Richardson) to be taken in the first six picks. There will be no surprises. That leaves Jacksonville at #7. Jacksonville WILL try and trade down. Will some be willing to trade up with them to take Tannehill? Possible suitors include the Bills, Chiefs, Eagles, Seahawks, Browns(!) and of course the Dolphins.

Miami could be "tricked" into trading up one spot to ensure Tannehill or they will stay put. I expect Tannehill to be taken at #7 in a trade up. If not, he will be available at #8 and Miami will draft him there.

If for some reason one of the Elite-6 fell to Miami at #8, Miami will draft one of them instead of Tannehill or TRADE DOWN as there will be tremendous value to the pick. This is possible if the Browns select Tannehill at #4 (very unlikely).

It is possible Claiborne could be the player in the Elite-6 to fall. Everyone has him going high, but who knows what teams really think of his wonderlick score. My preschool child can score higher then him!!

So what will Miami pick be?? It is likely one of the following:
(1) Miami trades up to #7 to draft Tannehill
(2) Miami takes Tannehill at #8 if he is there
(3) Miami takes Coples or Ingram when Tannehill is gone at #8 or can't trade down & don't want Tannehill.
(4) Miami trades DOWN.
(5) Miami takes an Elite-6 player when they fall to them (like Claiborne).

Wow!!! Naanee has 4 TD's in 69 games..phew that will scarethe defences eh?
Oh he has a criminal record too...he will fit in nicely at the Dolphins.

Craig M, who's in charge of restructing the out of whack contracts players have gotten? Is it not the GM? God forbid Ireland actually perform a real GM responsibility.

The Jets freed up over 10 million in cap space this year by restructuring Fuerguson & Sanchez. What has Ireland done to help Miami's cap situation? Nothing.

The real facts are Ireland is a scout, not a GM. He has no idea how to build & run a franchise. The Dolphins are living proof of that.

It's time to fine a new man crush.

You say you want 'impact' guys but the teams that are winning consitenly in this league aren't the teams that are going out and blowing the budget on big name FA's.

Posted by: Craig M

Craig M --- you are correct. Teams that winning consistently aren't blowing their budget on big name FA's. But that is partly because they don't have to. They do a good job of drafting the "impact" players themselves. Miami has FAILED to draft Impact players especially at the skilled positions the last decade+. That is why this team can't get over the hump.

Looks like the trolls are out in full bloom again.

Posted by: Craig M | April 17, 2012 at 10:50 AM

When dumb presents itself, it must be defeated.

Reality Check,

OK, you're obviously the expert having worked in a personnel office for a number of years. You talk about the 'out of whack contracts'. Which contracts are you referring to? Who is it you're going to restructure? To restructure a players contract you are going to have to get his agreement. For all you know Ireland has gone to those players and they've refused. Do you know that not to be the case? So now you've got a choice. Do you want to cut them and eat part of that on the cap and create a hole? If you're talking about Dansby, that's EXACTLY what you'd be doing. He'd then be free to move to whatever team he chooses (think Pats). So you'd have to explain to me how chopping a 32 year old LBer who is stiull valuable and letitng him go to your division rival is a good move.

You cite the Jets as a team who saved ten million under the cap. They did that by guaranteeing Sanchez's contract for the next two years. Ask a Jets fan if they are excited about two more years of Sanchez.

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