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Dolphins, Naanee agree on one-year deal

No, he's not a game-changer. No, he's not expected to replace Brandon Marshall.

But the Dolphins expect veteran experience and solid play out of Legedu Naanee after he signed a one-year deal with the club this morning. Naanee will compete for a roster spot.

So does this end Miami's need for wide receiver help in the draft? Probably not. But instead of drafting multiple receivers the Dolphins might now be in a position to not need to double down on the position as they previously have done at other positions such as cornerback.

To make that point, the Dolphins recently continued working out draft eligible receivers. The latest of these is University of Miami receiver Travis Benjamin, who worked out for the team.

Benjamin finished his career at UM with 2,146 receiving yards, one of only six players in school history to to eclipse 2,000 yards. He caught 41 passes for 609 yards in 2011. Benjamin also was an outstanding punt returner for Miami, avering 11 yards per return and served as the kick returner as well.


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Ismael - We don't know yet whether the Brandon Marshall TRADE was a bad trade. We do know now Miami spent too much to acquire him (two 2s and big $$$) considering they dumped him after two years. As to whether it was a bad trade it depends on if they have a plan in place to replace his production. If they draft someone high in the draft who can replace his production, then it actually was a GOOD TRADE. If they can't find someone in the draft to replace his production THIS YEAR, then it was a BAD TRADE. Miami obviously had no plan to replace his production via free agency.

So if Miami doesn't draft a WR high in the draft, feel free to come back here and bash the trade and Ireland some more. Let's at least give Ireland the draft to try and fix some of these problems. If he doesn't, I will be the first one to bash him some more.

Back to work guys.....have fun fighting amongst yourselves.

..Craig..We aren't going to see eye to eye on this one bud..No worries.

Yes I blame Ireland for the free agent gaffs and the bad contracts..he was the guy that signed the free agents..Not Parcells...Again. I will give you the draft. Free agents are the responsibility of the GM Ireland.

As far as Jake Long goes..That comes with the teritory of picking number one..Long is one player that has performed to the level of his contract..But then this goes back to the old argument LT over a QB..Blah blah blah...Long IMO is a stud, he was the right pick, he is worth the money.

But back to players like Dansby and Marshall..Sort of like quarterbacks who get all the blame when the team loses, and to much of the applause when the team wins..same for the GM..I'm with you Dansby was a huge signing, so was Marshall..I was psyched along with every other sinlge blogger here the 2 days we signed those guys...I thought they were the tickets to the promised land..I didn't work out, and Dansby has been totaly inaffective compaired to his contract...I agree. but that is the nature of the beast. The GM is always going to take it in the shorts when it comes to free agent mis-steps.

But the real issue is look at the highest paid players on this team, and thne compaire those contract to the top players at their positions around the league..we grossly over pay for mid level talent. Our freekin kicker is going to make 2 million this year, Our punter I think 3 million...WHAT???? It isn't just the free agents..it is the total roster, and how the top half of if(financially speaking) makes half of the money...Add the contribution compairs to the pay scale...That is why were are in this bind..no money not enough good players..Google nyjetscap I think that was the site..It will tell you everything you want to know about our cap issues..It breaks down everything.

Ireland picking up another average player to replace a pro-bowl player! sounds like Miami!

Craig M --- you are correct. Teams that winning consistently aren't blowing their budget on big name FA's. But that is partly because they don't have to. They do a good job of drafting the "impact" players themselves. Miami has FAILED to draft Impact players especially at the skilled positions the last decade+. That is why this team can't get over the hump.

Posted by: No Balls | April 17, 2012 at 10:56 AM

Correct. But, what's happening right now has everything to do with the last 4-5 years. What happened in drafts 8 or 10 years ago doesn't matter now. Most of those players would be on other teams via FA or out of the league by now.

Ireland has had chances to land impact skill players. He's passed on all of them in favor of safe players who don't score TD's.

Craig will never grasp that because it crushes his argument. And so, we continue to read his repetitive defenses of the Ball Boy Gm.

The Jets freed up over 10 million in cap space this year by restructuring Fuerguson & Sanchez. What has Ireland done to help Miami's cap situation? Nothing.


Th only player worth restructuring to create salary cap room would be Jake Long. He has a huge cap # and I would think Miami would want to sign him to a long term contract if he was healthy.

Cameron Wake has a very small cap # so any restructuring would likely hurt the cap # for this year (and future years). I would think Miami would like to resign him for another 3 years or so.

Who else is there to extend? Do you really want to extend someone like a Dansby who is already being paid too much and would create greater cap problems in the future?

If you were REALLY trying to fix the cap, you would CUT Dansby and any of the other guys we are drastically overpaying versus their cap #. But if Miami CUT Dansby now, the hatred for Ireland will grow even more (if that is possible). Miami would almost certainly be telling fans that had no plans to try and win this year (Brandon Marshall and Y Bell already gone).

SO what do you want? You want to have a chance to win this year, or should we just fix the cap this year and try to win next year? Or both??

Miami is DEFINITELY rebuilding but is trying to keep some core pieces in place to avoid another disastrous season.

IF Ireland wasn't under pressure and really wanted to fix this team for the future, he would CUT or trade Dansby and trade some other players for picks and build through the draft.

Craig, doesn't "cheers" mean you're leaving?

Anyway, on to your response. Who restructred Fergusen to free up 7 million? It saved more $$ than Sanchez. Why did you leave him out of your response? I think I know.

Why hasn't Long Been extended to free up money now? Ferguson had 3 years left on his deal & he restructred the SAME kind of deal Long had. Maybe for more money since he signed a new contract after Long was drafted. Big money, lots of years. Long's in his last year.

Dansby should be restructured. He's GROSSLY overpaid. Restructure or cut him. He's 32, he'll be long gone when this team is ever ready to compete.

Why would I care if he goes to the Pats? The Pats don't need Dansby to destroy us. I'd be willing to trade him to NE for picks if we could.

Either ireland has tried & failed to restructure deals or players & agents don't like him as the rumors suggest. Either way = FAIL & you're constant support of him has gone beyond the nauseating level. Just being honest.

"we grossly over pay for mid level talent"
Posted by: Darryl Dunphy


This sums up the Miami Dolphins and free agency. Unfortunately, we have had to overpay for mid level talent because we don't have enough cap space to get the high level talent. Why not? Because we have failed to draft many impact players in the draft the last decade+ which means we have to acquire high priced players in free agency.

Fix the drafting and you will fix your cap issues over time! Fix your drafting and you won't have to overpay for mid-level talent in free agency!

Voice of Reason,

Again, show me proof that it was Ireland that passed on those guys. You can't so don't bother. You want to take me to task for sticking up for Ireland but the reality is that most of you would hate whoever was the GM of this team. You hated Spielman, you hated Wannstedt, you hated Saban, you hated Parcells, you hate Ireland, you'd hate the next guy. Anything but a Super Bowl championship and the guy's a loser. Great philosophy guys! You can't help it, it's in your DNA. I'm choosing not to go down that path. The guy's doing the best he can to make this team better and most of you will never see that. You'll get a new guy in and you'll start hate on him in no time. So keep your 'mancrush' and your 'ballboy' and your 'scout' comments coming. It's actually quite comical!

...No balls. I don't think we could just cut Dansby..We already have enough "dead money" his contract included...But if we just cut him we would still owe him guaranteed money the last 2 years..Even more dead money..13 million plus is what we are looking at...more then our current cap space..Awesome eh? Anyway cutting Dansby would actually cost money. With no return.

..To add on@11:19 That is one reason we traded Marshall. At least we go something from it. I'm not sure if we are taking on any money from his contract or if Chicago took the whole thing..But if we would have just cut Marshall we woul have had even less cap space...both players were(in Marshalls case, and will be in Dansbys case) guaranteed 9 mill this season...That is a lot against the cap.


"Bit dramatic, don't you think? Pull of a 'miracle'? Is that even possible? What were you hoping for? Don't we really need this team to have a strong, solid draft and then do that again next year and the year after. Miracle? Can you name one in the last twenty years? I'll give you the Pats draft of Brady but come on now, what team ends up with a miracle and what GM needs that to keep his job. You must know something we don't because all indications are that Ross is solidly behind Ireland."


What I am saying here is that we are in big trouble with cap space and that fault lands squarely on Ireland. We have over paid for second rate talent for years and now it is time to pay the piper. We have no choice but to deal with underrated talent in the free agency market because we have no money to offer anyone who would even be considered highly rated. Our options are very limited in the draft simply because we don't have the cap space to pay our new draftees and that in itself presents a big problem. I know I am only stating the obvious here and I am sure there are plenty of people out there that agree. This is Ireland's big chance to pull of a miracle because he surely doesn't have a good history with his decisions concerning this franchise in my eyes. He may have the support of Ross now, but lets see what happens if he totally blows this draft. I still think his head is in a noose and he is the only one that can pull the switch on the trap door.

Miami has Philbin hes going to help us get over the hump he will help ireland see things clearer Philbin is no joke


People make these kind of idiotic, 'knee jerk' comments all the time. 'Just cut Dansby', like there are no consequences etc..Life doesn't work that way. On top of all that, you don't think FA's are watching things closely to see how the Dolphins treat their players. If this team is going to continually rip up contracts and treat people poorly why would anyone come here. And do say every organization does it....they don't.

See most of these guys think the GM job is easy and actually have no clue what every move they make involves.

Last point Reality Check, I'll come and go from this blog, as I please. If you don't like it that's too f8cking bad! It's because of guys like you that traffic is down considerably. Armando and the Herald may not care right now but they will one day. There's a lot of really good blogger's that are going other places to talk football than here and it's because it's tiresome having to get into personal tiffs like numbskulls like you, rather than just talk football.

So keep your 'mancrush' and your 'ballboy' and your 'scout' comments coming. It's actually quite comical!

Posted by: Craig M | April 17, 2012 at 11:19 AM

Speaking of comical, I could say the same for all your posts but, you must have already gotten the memo. You have ESP or something?

Look, there's a reason people are going after everything you say today. Because it's a minority opinion & utter nonsense.

Most of the fan base dislikes Ireland because he has done, quoting Jim Mora Sr., diddly. 75% of the fanbase dislikes him.

You want to be different, feel free. Nothing you ramble trying to suport him changes anything. Ireland is disliked by most becase his PERFORMANCE ON THE JOB merits it.

I don't hold him responsible for 40 years of no Championships. I hold him responsible for 4 years of mismanagement & dysfunction.

I'm not familiar with Dansby's contract, but if the remainder is guaranteed and you can't afford the salary cap hit then you are stuck with him. I certainly would NOT extend him. Why make the situation worse? As for taking a pay cut, there is NO REASON Dansby would agree to that, especially if his contract is guaranteed. We are likely stuck with him.


Where have you read the Dolphins will have trouble signing their draft picks? Totally not true. Send me the link on that one.

Also, can you send me the story quoting Ross as saying Ireland's head is in a noose? Total fabircation from the fanbase. The reality is that Ireland has Ross' full support, wouldn't take final personnel decisions away from him to hire Fisher and listens to what Parcells and Peterson have to say about him. Both guys are fully behind him. I'm sure the fanbase would love it to be the picture you're painting but that's just not reality.

Correct. But, what's happening right now has everything to do with the last 4-5 years. What happened in drafts 8 or 10 years ago doesn't matter now. Most of those players would be on other teams via FA or out of the league by now.

Posted by: The Voice of Reason


This is correct with the exception of QB. If Miami had found a franchise QB in the draft or free agency (such as Brees) within the last 8-10 years, we would still be reaping the rewards. We are still struggling because we have failed to land a franchise QB.

Craig, Thought you had to go back to work, jerking your kock for a living must sucks. We trolls like to divide and conqeor, and your nexts

trading down doesn't work.

quality players are at the top of drafts.

ireland had a chance to get julio jones who ran a 4.3 with a broken foot. swing and a miss.

irland had a chance to get rg3. all it takes are draft picks. is the draft the only way to get players on your team? swing and a miss.

but it seems most of you are ok with second tier players and maybe they will become great more likely the chance is they will be second tier players.

I like Nani. he's a good player for Manchester United and the Portuguese National Soccer Team.

Craig M, say what you mean & mean what you say. Do you need a tissue or a tampon? I can't tell. You're always cryin!

You wanna talk football? Then why don't you do it? Nobody wants to hear your thesis on Armando's blog & it's bloggers. You spend half your posts whining about other people & how they don't talk football. EXACTLY what half your time is spent on. You're as guilty as anyone else.

It's YOU who starts name calling & getting off the VERY thing you demand when your opinins are challenged. You're ebarassing yourself.

You see, when your outmatched & talk too much, hypocrisy just comes with the territoty. Practice what you preach fella.

trading down doesn't work.

quality players are at the top of drafts.

Posted by: Woulda Coulda Shoulda


The STUDS generally are at the top of the draft. But there end up being great players throughout the draft. As you move back though, your chances of finding one diminish.

I don't mind trading back as long as the player you draft ends up being good. The problem with Miami is they trade back (giving up a higher % chance of landing a stud) and the players they end up drafting end up being AVERAGE or BUSTS.

It really doesn't matter where you draft as long as you "hit" on the pick more then you "miss". Miami has been missing way too much, especially in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the draft and has failed to land many studs in the 1st rounds.

...Mark in Toronto...Nani had a goal in injury time Sunday V. Aston Villa. a 4-0 beatdown that put the Reds 5 points clear of City..Just sayin'

How's it going?

Sweet. Fins will have 3 receivers this year with 40 to 50 catches for 500 to 600 yards. That's our new system.

The reality is that Ireland has Ross' full support,

Posted by: Craig M | April 17, 2012 at 11:32 AM

Yea, in what universe? The 1 where you told everyone Sporano was safe & had full support when he got a 2 year extension?

LMAO Would you like some hot sauce? Will help the crow go down easier!

I think Craig M has come along quite a bit. I value his opinion even though I disagree with him often. I think he has at times given the Dolphins management WAY too much credit for questionable decisions, but on the other hand, we probably blame them WAY too much for many things which we aren't aware of the full story or the circumstances.

It is easy being a Monday morning QB, it is hard making the decisions ahead of time. That being said, the results have not been good for the Dolphins the last decade +. Let's hope they know what they are doing and will right the ship. I think we ALL want that.

DD, what's up in Big Sky Country??

Yeah, Man U took Villa to town and seem destined to win ... again.

As far as Nani goes, surprised he hasn't played more this year. He's the best winger in the EPL, scores plenty and sets up a lot more. He was up for EPL player of the year last year and this year, he's in rotation with Antonio Valencia. What gives???

Nikki let me tap that a** of yours

Craig M is 100%correct on Ireland. Ross fired Sporano, kept Ireland. Ross would not hire Fisher, nor Cowher nor anyone else if they wanted full control. Anyone who says Ross doesnt back Ireland needs to go back to their chess club because they are ignorant.

Trollman,a few years back, you could've tapped Nikki's @ss for a few hundred bucks while she rode the pole. Timing is everything.

Craig M is 100%correct on Ireland. Ross fired Sporano, kept Ireland. Ross would not hire Fisher, nor Cowher nor anyone else if they wanted full control. Anyone who says Ross doesnt back Ireland needs to go back to their chess club because they are ignorant.

Posted by: bobbyd12 | April 17, 2012 at 11:57 AM

Here's the other one right on queue LMAO

You also said Ireland & Sporano were safe after they got their extensions. Saying Ross rewarded them for the good work they've done.

If Ireland flops again, do you think Ross will give him a 6th year? This is the curtain call for Jeffy & all his homer fans. Enjoy it while it lasts!

I saw naanee in san diego,he showed flashes but it could have been because of the quarterback and the system. Ireland hasnt done crap in free agency, lets see how the draft go. our needs are quarterback, wide receiver, and pass rusher. I still think we will finish 4-12 and then we can clean house and end this nightmare once and for all. Dolphin fan for life

Tannehill would be high at 8, but Ireland put us in the position of having to reach for a QB. Otherwise It's Ingram or Coples.

Mark, Thats not true because I dont believe she was ever a stripper, under all that BS persona there a bad beatch there

Some of you self imposed know it alls really make me laugh. You complain about the recievers on this team not being elite but where were they drafted. Most were drafted in the same rounds you think we are going to double down and replace them with elite recievers, amazing!! Devone Bess has been a pretty good value having not been drafted at all but picked up after the draft.

Why are we signing these career back ups? I guess since players around the NFL do not want to mess with Ireland period, this is what we have to deal with

travis benjamin is a speed demon, kr, punt returner. i like him

Posted by MiamiD20:
"then use our ammo to draft Barkley next year."

You're kidding right? The last QB that was even decent that came out of USC is Carson Palmer. Barkley's a punk who won't do anything in the NFL. See Sanchez, Leinart, Cassell once he left NE....

ABB - Anybody But Barkley

Trollman, truth is, I don't know Nikki Minaj from Taylor Dayne - just not my scene. However, I could've sworn that I read somewhere that she was an exotic dancer when she was discovered. Not that I think it's bad or anything. One of my favourite people on this planet is an exotic dancer. It's just what she does to pay the bills, not who she is.

being a miamidolphins fan, i despized the cowboys in their hay day, i got tired of seeing them win, i got tired of the sports shows being centered around them, likewise, i dislike the patriots even more being that they are in our division. last night i was watching the nfl network and they aired a show called the "brady six", i'm sure most dolphans share in my competitve dislike for tom, but if you get the chance to see this show, watch it, preferebly before the draft. it goes on to talk about the six QB's taken before brady, a lot of them had better skill sets, better stats, better this and better that, most of them aren't even in the league anymore, and the seperating factor(according to the show) is HEART. this show clearly identifed brady's heart as being the driving force behind his success, and when you realize who is on the recieving end of a lot of brady's passes(welker) it all makes sense, two of the biggest football HEARTS in the league, the driving force of a dynasty. bilicheat is doing something right, and i hope that PHILBIN can recognize and value it the same. when i look at the fins roster with HEART in mind, specifically a level of heart comparable to a wes welker, one player jumps out of the roster, and he is MARLIN MOORE. so when i hear that miami signs another average reciever(legadu nannee) it makes me wonder. the brady six show has given me a new found respect for tom, his file before the draft was extremly negative, it even identified his lack of scrambling ability and lanky build as undesireable, all of his negative attributes(of which there were many) had all become not apllicable because his HEART had overridden every single flaw. i am now 100 percent sold on RYAN MALLET. mallet may never be tom brady, but the same guy(belicheat) who saw what no one else did in brady has chosen ryan mallet, another lanky QB, a QB that now has brady's study habbits, attitude, fire and competitveness as a template stored in his brain, a red shirt year on his resume, and the draft leverage that would become available if we were able to make this trade makes him the best QB available currently. are we really going to give up muliple picks for tannehill? giving up our #8 pick overall to select MAYBE the third best QB in the draft is bad enough, rest assured, miami will do this, they will infact loose an additional pick to trade up. this is what miami does and will continue to do. to think that we will actually do this is insane. do you know who the six quarterbacks taken before tom brady were? chad pennington was one of them, drew henson was another, do you really think tannehill is worth a #8 pick overall that could instead land us the best reciever, or the best runningback. does tannehill have a heart the size of tom brady's. i doubt it, a tom brady only comes around once every ten years, ryan mallet is the smarter, safer move.

To all you DA that keep talking about what poor receivers we have. You probably were the same ones that said Wes Welker stinks-get rid of him.


Pretty funny! I guess if you were a real man you'd put your name to your posts instead of hiding behind made up names. I'll let others decide what that says about you.

I guess you'll have to show me where I said Sparano was safe after he got a two year extension, rather than just making crap up! What I said, if you want to be factual, was at the end of last season, with a lockout pending and no camps, it made no sense for the Dolphins to get rid of Sparano and hire an unknown. Too much uncertainty in a short period of time. Now you'll cite Jim Harbaugh as an exception to that and you're right but there's no guarantee that would have happened here. Let's look at how Frazier did in Minny, how Garretr did in Dallas and how Munchak did with the Titans, and Shurmur did with the Browns, before getting ahead of ourselves.

I was in favour of bringing Sparano back last year because I didn't like the alternatives. If you follow me at all you'd know that halfway through the year I'd seen enough and it was time for Tony to go. If that means I was wrong, then I guess you're right. I suppose you have a point.....just not sure what it is.

Mark in Toronto, Beware of though dancers, I went in the private booth for a 25 dollar dance and she let me suck on the tatas I guess I got caught up and 2 songs played I had to end up paying 50 dollars. I wanted to say B**ch Please! But I had to pay...

This is a depth signing that's all.
But I fail to see how this negates the need for two WRs in theis draft. Considering we have no Wideouts that would start for a championship caliber team, perhaps it's still wise to look for a couple. One is nice, but two is better. Simple.

Trollman, haha, that's how she pays the bills ....


Where is the prove that Mallett has Brady's 'study habits, fire, competitiveness and attitude'. Based on what? Osmosis? If Mallett is the second coming of Brady how come he never saw the field once last year and how come they resigned Brady's ACTUAL backup in Hoyer? Bit of a stretch, don't you think?

You're giving BB credit for the Brady draft but at the end of the day don't you really see it as pure luck, the same way the Rams stumbled on Warner. If they had Brady targeted all along, why would they wait until the 6th round to pick him. Also, where is the proof it was BB who picked him. Pioli was the guy who ran the front office and he's responsible for most of their good picks (not a coincidence that their drafting record has gone WAY down since Pioli left). Again, if they were SO high on Mallett, why wait until the third round to take him. They rolled the dice on him, the same way they rolled the dice on O'Connell in the third and the guy now in KC.

BIG Stretch on this one bud.....sorry.

Mark, She didnt even say another song played, I was too caught up in the tatas, they were lovely..

Trollman, as long as you had fun then that's all that matters. The dancers will never tell you how mnay songs passed ... ever.

Craig, I'm impressed you could read budtki's entry. Man, that one long paragraph is painful even to look at.

Who says Mallett is available ? If he was, I'd take a shot at hime BEFORE wasting my #8 pick on a QB that has 19 starts in college and not that many wins ?

I'm not sure if this supports you, or is nuetral, but it doesn't hurt our cause:

Looking at the sheer volume of starters. Skipping Shula, ...If you go all the way back to JJ's tenure, and consider him #1 drafter (so many serious mistakes by JJ, but he still brought in total starter volume), Ireland is easily #2. Not even close actually. Simple math. This last draft was better than many other years combined. Not to say they are GOOD. Just better than most of our history.
I'm not an Ireland supporter. But I'm withholding damnation until this draft is over and the season bears out the fruit. Crucial, critical, incredibly important draft. Make or break.

Mark, I enjoyed my time, just tired of leaving strip joints with blue balls. Wish I can find one that gives happy endings :)

Just for the record dolfancentralfla, I was shocked when Miami got rid of Welker. I thought he was the best player they had on an uninspired team. I wathced him play three positions one game; WR, PR, and emergency Kicker. They guy did EVERYTHING asked of him. That's probably why NE wanted him. Can anyone tell me, did we get ANYTHING for Welker or did we just cut him? I just don't remember. As for the rest of this circus, I'll reserve my judgement till aftert the draft but I really hope we don't take Tannehill, I think his resume warrants an 8th pick in the draft. I think Moore was improving last year and will be servicable at the minimum and could actually have a decent year with enoguh #1 snaps in training camp. I'm not sure what we should do with the #8 but I truly believe it shouldn't be Tannehill. Ok, back to the insults and bicker...

Shoulda' previewed before my post..... Tannehill DOES NOT warrant and 8th pick in the draft.

James, I think we got 2 seceond round picks for Welker, someone correct me if Im wrong..

You have to take Tannehill. You sit him for a year and let him learn the system. His old coach is now the offensive coordinator. That's a huge plus. Also, anyone remember that Tannehill started out as a receiver? Bonus!

The real steal of this draft is Moore out of Boise. The only knock on him is his height, but everyone says he could be an offensive coordinator right now, he's that good. He's projected to go in the 5th or 6th round. Yeah, I say take two quarterbacks in this draft!

ESPN just had a major Special Report. They interrupted their regular programming to announce yet another huge, blockbuster deal by the Dolphins! YES!!! Another journeyman has-been joins our team!

I can't believe you guys are in such a lather about this signing. It's neither a good nor bad signing. Is he going to be a starter probably not, make the team maybe not. He's going to be one of 85 players brought to camp. He will compete for a roster spot, but not a starting spot. The WC offense requires extra receivers in camp, and he is one of the extra receivers. Until camp starts there are going to be lots of signs, most won't make the team.

DolphinBoy, I can throw harder and further than Moore right now, theres a reason why he projected a 5th rounder.

Does anyone have an antidote or a cure to Craig M's diarrhea of the keoyboard?

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