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Dolphins pick RT Jonathan Martin in second round

The Dolphins clearly were going to add an offensive tackle if you read the between the lines every time coach Joe Philbin pressed the importance of adding help up front.

Today, the Dolphins made Stanford left tackle Jonathan Martin their second round pick. Martin will change positions to play in Miami.

"I haven't played right tackle but I feel I can play right tackle," Martin said. 

"It's a dream come true. It's an amazing city, amazing fan base, amazing history. I can't wait to get down there and work."

Martin said he talked to the Dolphins at the Indianapolis combine but didn't have much contact with the team beyond that. 

The Cardinal used zone and power blocking techniques up front so Martin can do both. "I feel comfortable with it," he said.

Martin initially was thinking of playing for Harvard when he was told by that school's admission office that his he would have been the university's first fourth-generation African American student. Martin's parents went to Harvard. His grandparents did. One of his great grand parents did.

General manager Jeff Ireland dismissed the idea that Martin is not extremely strong. Martin had only 20 reps on the bench press during the combine. Ireland said part of the reason is because he has exceedingly long arms for his position.


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Sparano likes wide receivers who drop passes.

Great pick.

A solid pick for once in the 2nd Rd, been a long time coming no more Misi's or White's. Hoping for a WR and a OLB/DE to wrap it up

Bye Bye Jake Long!

After 4 years, have we once and for all finished with the OLine? Martin is a good pick. Now let's move on to the impact players.

Great pick! Absolutely elated! Good job Ireland and Philbin.

Solid pick. Now we have to go WR and DE in the 3rd...

bye jake long?? Idiot. He replaces Columbo

Stepped out for a minute, missed the Jonathan Martin pick. Best OG DeCastro was gone so, I like a quality oline pick though I would have liked Koonz too.

Just thought Koonz gave flexibility to kick Pouncey to RG.

"Bye Bye Jake Long!"

HAHAHAHAHA What? Dude put the bottle down. Hey someone cut this guy off!

This guy looks good, I hope he can make the switch to right tackle.


You arent going to create a new blog for every pick are you? LOL

kick pouncey to rg??? Man you people are fools.

Hello bloggers:
Lovin the picks to date!! Couple of people seemed to have hit the adult beverages for sure.

I guess so far, the FireIreland people can put the crack pipes down. LOL

In saying what I did about the wrs in this offense, of course I would still feel a lot more comfortable if we had that #1 guy. I'm just saying it's not a definite necessity if Philbin is the real deal. He will be able to get the most out of that unit without a #1 (if he's the real deal!). So obviously I'm banking a lot on HOPE.

Uhhh,... Very solid pick I guess... Would've rather went woth R. Randle or S. Hill though.. We couldve found a gem or "acorn" at OT in the 3rd... At least the Value is through the roof though... With one 3rd pick WR and give the other up for Osi Umenora!!

YG are you kidding? lol, they will be in here tomorrow or later when Mando leaves ripping apart Martin and whomever else Ireland takes. Every player taken after who we take will be better in their eyes. hahahahah I love the draft!

Phins, they will draft a WR, and you never know who gets cut before the season starts. Marshall was not a fit in this offense.

Like it, bringing in the smart guys. Tannehill an academic all-american and Martin a Stanford guy with Harvard bloodlines.

I mean Jack is still talking about Tannehill and trying to convince us all to hate him. He even called his wife a gold digger! Did I say I love the draft?

Pats with only two picks the remainder of the draft. Interesting.

Mando's right about the long arms and the bench press..

No doubt that Martin needs to get stronger. That can easily happen.

Looks like Seattle is the new Dolphins. What are they doing??


Why does Mel Kiper NEVER have a nice thing to say about ANY of our draft picks?

Great pick. Much needed. Pair of bookends on each side.

Bye bye Local Seth, thks for coming. Armando will send you a Sun-Sentinel T-Shirt, used

..Mid-first, early second collegiate left tackles make the move to right tackle every year.. No big deal. Think Carimi last year Chicago(I know he was hurt) Sherrod GB both were LT's in college that switched..Actually if you look at the draft from 2006 -2011 the amount of tackles taken in the first 2 rounds is staggering..Not all of them play left tackle in the show..A good portion of them did in college.

killin me smalls.....Long is in for the "Long Haul"....Martin will get the job done on the rite side...help solidify "O" line. Now lets cleanup with solid WR/LB selects.

Sorry, Ireland is right..

Oh definitely ctphins, WR is next up, then DE or OLB, (whomever is left that has more talent and fits the scheme).

I was just saying I don't think they were worried about getting one of the top 5 guys or so. I believe Philbin has a lot of input into this part of the draft along with o-line. He knows what he needs out of a WR for his offense.

Jake Long is not going anywhere. This pick is to address RT, not LT.

Sea Chickens having the worst draft EVER!

They could move Long to RT if he keeps struggling with injuries. It gives Miami some leverage too in negotiations with Long giving he is a FA after next year. You can't franchise Long AND Wake

And ct I really disliked our trade for Marshall. That was back when I was NYScott and I was fighting tooth and nail against it. I'll never forget his actions in Denver during training camp. Team cancer, couldn't be happier that he is gone.

Solid starting RT, he will start right out of the box.

Wait a minute!

Apparently Ireland just loves to gamble!

04/26/2012 - ROB RANG'S TOP 50 PLAYERS OF THE 2012 NFL DRAFT: 27. Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford*: While each of the rest of Stanford's "Fantastic Four" prospects met or exceeded expectations at their March 22 Pro Day, Martin, frankly, was a disappointment. It is hard to argue with the success he's had protecting Luck's blindside over the past three seasons but demonstrating less athleticism than expected during drills, some have concerns that he doesn't possess the feet to remain at left tackle in the NFL. Worse, with just 20 repetitions in the bench press, some worry that Martin might struggle at right tackle. I'm moving him down my board but do still believe that he'll ultimately

hear his name called in the first round. - Rob Rang, NFLDraftScout.com

That was one hell of a pick.

Can you say book ends..

What about Jerry Mando???

How many games did Long play straight before his injury. I can't remember the number but it was a bunch. Give the guy a break he's been a great player.

Gonna bug you all night bout Jerry Mando..

Great pic! So far both of our draft picks are extremely intelligent and very athletic. Keep it up Phins!

Tavon Wilson? Who is that guy? Honestly, Belicheat has some of the worst drafts in recent years.

..Fellas..Settle down. Sure we don't know if Martin will be a great player..even a good player. But before judging the picks..shouldn't they get a chance to play? We all had months to offer our opinions about the draft..now the rubber meets the road...Just because the team didn't take "your guy" doesn't automatically mean the player we drafted is a bust, or an acorn..Let the process play out.

We needed a right tackle BAD!! we have one..Move on.

Draft Zach Brown(OLB, NC), with the other #3 pick.

Cam Wake has to be LOVING this. His bargaing position has increased tremendously just since the draft commenced.

He will have Jeffy on his knees begging for some!

FinsFan in CT I'm sure Armando has some more insite into your question but I believe Kiper hates our picks because we never take who HE thinks we should take. The guy looks at best available, all of the time. Never takes into account team philosophies and/or whether or not the player will fit well within the scheme. He's great with who the talented players are but he would be a pi$$ poor GM.

He said the Dolphins made a mistake by not trying to draft Jamarcus Russell because "they need a qb, I don't get it".

No Mel, you don't get it.

John Jerry did well at the end of last year, is he a guard or is he down the road??

Now let's go get a pass rusher, a safety, and a wide receiver!

Oh....by the Way, Seth you're a moron for thinking that Jake Long is going anywhere. The only one leaving is the human turnstile Marc Colombo!

Man this keeps up and we may get Curry in the 3rd.

Yeah Phins I agree, he was not the right fit for our team (Marshall) he was brought in to hopefully fill seats.


Healthy for first two years. Played 16 in 2010 but was hampered by injury second half of year.

Major injury issues last year.

I hope he stays healthy but, if not, Martin and Murtha will be adequate options (crossing fingers)

..Arturo...Rip Bellicheck all you want..They get to call scoreboard on us for the last decade..Until we start winning. I wouldn't doubt what they do in New England.

There ya have it folks,,,Rob freakin Rang doesn't like Martin. We're doomed.

Long says he feel as good as he has ever felt in a long Time. And I tend to believe him.

Another bust.

John Jerry did well at the end of last year, is he a guard or is he down the road??

Posted by: PoWhiteTrash | April 27, 2012 at 08:20 PM

Ditto. And we have Garner and the guy we picked up in free agency to back him up. Can't recall his name.

Armando may have a take on my question but apparently he only feels it necessary to answer questions every 30 minutes!

I think you may be right Phins78 but Kiper STILL pisses me off!

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