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Dolphins pick RT Jonathan Martin in second round

The Dolphins clearly were going to add an offensive tackle if you read the between the lines every time coach Joe Philbin pressed the importance of adding help up front.

Today, the Dolphins made Stanford left tackle Jonathan Martin their second round pick. Martin will change positions to play in Miami.

"I haven't played right tackle but I feel I can play right tackle," Martin said. 

"It's a dream come true. It's an amazing city, amazing fan base, amazing history. I can't wait to get down there and work."

Martin said he talked to the Dolphins at the Indianapolis combine but didn't have much contact with the team beyond that. 

The Cardinal used zone and power blocking techniques up front so Martin can do both. "I feel comfortable with it," he said.

Martin initially was thinking of playing for Harvard when he was told by that school's admission office that his he would have been the university's first fourth-generation African American student. Martin's parents went to Harvard. His grandparents did. One of his great grand parents did.

General manager Jeff Ireland dismissed the idea that Martin is not extremely strong. Martin had only 20 reps on the bench press during the combine. Ireland said part of the reason is because he has exceedingly long arms for his position.


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Glad I own a liquor store. :-)

Green Bay kicken some butt. Nick Perry and Jerel Worthy.

Green bay is cleaning up !Getting Perry and Worthy is a great draft for them

Daryl you're right but so is he in a way. Since Pioli left the Pats drafts have been mediocre to poor on defense. They do a fine job with O-line and TEs. But Belichick is horrible drafting Wrs and has had little success with defensive players. If I'm talking out of my butt someone please correct me. Who was the last impact defensive player or WR the Pats have taken in the past 3 to 4 years? Maybe I'm wrong but no one stands out to me. Wilfork was taken by Pioli I believe.

Last year we dratfed RB that has played QB. This year a QB that has played WR hmmmm
I sniff a wildcat package.

Jake Long is one of the best LT of the game, why on earth would we want to replace him ???

J, Martin is an excellent pick for our OL situation, our QB's should get the most out of it, with JL at LT and JM at RT, and Pouncey at center, our OL is looking pretty good, go for a WR now. I'm liking this draft

Is anybody hearing whispers about the Dolphins moving back into the 2nd? (I would ask Armando but he is probably having a coffee instead of hanging with us.)

But yes they beat us, just saying the Pats thank God for Brady and that o-line. And Gronk, kids a beast/!!!

Nice to see people saying nice pick. Much better then last night's reaction.

Earlier today I had him as the #1 O-linemen I wanted if they went that route. I like the pick. Miami's o-line was terrible under Sparano! I hope Philbin's reputation proceeds itself as a developer.

Now Dwayne Allen and Keyshawn Martin or Joe Adams in round 3!

I think he is a great gameplanner and has outcoached us for quite some time. But I believe he's not a great talent evaluator. Before he had Pioli; but without him his recent drafts have been ugly IMO. If you took Brady out their team looks average, with few exceptions.

For the idiots complaining about the selection FYI the bills, jets and the patsies all went defense..so if you got your ass kick at left tackle last year, ahhh yeah draft a 1st round grade in the second and solidify your line. 80% of dolphins fans are stupid....

..Phins 78.. I guess my point was that just like our guys..We don't know how these players other teams are going to work out..I hate(jealous of their success) the Pats, and it bothers me to say anything positive about them..But who cares really if he(hoodie) drafts poorly..They win a lot of games.

Finsfan in CT I don't think Armando reads a lot of the posts. He's probably pretty busy covering this thing and working out ideas for new stories, contacting sources, trying to get quotes from the coaches , gm and owner. Don't hold your breath if you ask him a question, chances are he may not see it. :)

I don't think the phins see themselves as wr starved as their fans. They still have Bess, Hartline, Moore, Gates, & Wallace. I see them trying to develope this group this year while getting defensive help in the 3rd round.

Great pick! What would you have done? DOLPHINSGM.com

Uh Colombo already retired...as a cowboy...pay attention people...

Jonathan Martin was the 4th rated OT in the draft and the 28th best pick overall and Miami gets him at #42 and Kiper doesn't like it.

Long said he's never felt so healthy than today. Somebody tells us if Long can play RT, in case Martin struggle with that position (which he himself just said that he won't).

Now, 2-WR, Safety, LB, and a 2-pass rushers (not precisely in that order,of course).
Patriots are trying to get a hard time to QB's. Let's kick back !

I'm back from having a coffee with Finsfan in CT's wife.

Nah, just kidding.

The Dolphins are not currently trying to trade back. That can change, obviously.

How about Ronnell Lewis (DE/OLB) and WR Sanu?!

True Daryll, they are a great team and if these defensive players work out they could be REALLY good this year. But it's not going to last forever. Brady is getting older and will start losing his touch. Compound that with the fact they haven't been drafting well and we may be able to take the afc east back in our lifetime! hahaha

But the Pats only have 4 picks in this draft. If 50% start that's two players they added. I just think they realize they can do some great things this year and that their window with Brady is closing. That's why I believe they moved up for the first time for as long as I can remember.

You had to go "there"? :)

What do YOU think of Ronnell and Sanu?

Good to see Melissa Stark back on tv.

Did he just drop a with his wife?

That's solid!

turd that's a really great point, kudos.

Oh snap! Mando with the BUUURRRNNNNNN!

Love the pick! RT is easier to play than LT.

Why? Because a LT has to protect the QB's blindsided and usually faces the best pass-rusher that the other team has. This kid has the smarts and quickness to adjust quickly. He kept Luck upright. Long arms! Needs to work on upper body some & gain more strength. And, can back-up Long if need be. Awesome!

Maybe Ireland wasn't the reason for the bad drafts the last few years. Maybe he was just giving Sparano what he asked for. Hmm....don't blame the guy buying the groceries if the chef doesn't know how to cook!

Got a 1st round pick in the 2nd round that is value. If they can some how find a DE, WR and LB in this mess then Ireland will have had 2 decent drafts on his own. He picked 4 starters last year and Gates could be a sleeper.

move long to rt,looooooooooooool martin cant hold longs jock

There goes your reciever Lou.

Hey Phins78,

Who's side are you on?!

Great now a replacement for that orange and aqua parking cone we called a RT... Good pick...

...Wow. I went back and read some of the stuff from earlier today..Andy in NJ..Dude, props to you. You are crushing it today as far as some of the picks..Nice work!!!

So..what do you guys think for the 3rd round? WR for sure right? Possibly a DE-Pass rusher? Tight End?

Well, there goes one of the last wr stars. Ready to play now, has more receptions than anyone EVER in college football, and even with megatron, Detroit gets broyles. Every team is getting the need of wr in this pass happy league except the two that I love, dolphins and bengals. And at least. Entails have a star in aj.

Yeah, one down. Criner, Childs and Toon stil out there and there's my man NaPalm.


I agree!

Hoping to see Sanu and Lewis around in the 3rd.

That would take care of rush end and WR

Posted by: Phins78 | April 27, 2012 at 08:31 PM

I'm there with you; I want the team to win each weekend.

Hahahaaha @Finsfan in CT

I'm on the side of funny. :)

Now ask Armando why his wife is okay with his apparent adultery. ;D

Ireland is picking need players, plain and simple. based on what he's done so far it's easy to figure out who's next; the Best WR, pass rusher and safety - in no particular order in the 3rd, 4th and 5th rounds. I suppose he figures if he wants to keep his job he needs to make this team better at the positions of weakness. no big mystery folks......Ireland is simply playing out his hand, one card at a time. Really no different than any other GM in the league.

Dd and ct fins fan have got to be the same person. Please don't change usernames. It's childish and it's why people leave

This should be Konz.


I will keep their marital issues between Armando, his wife and Zimmerman!

Nick Perry and Randle still available. Interesting

Actually it is different. U can tell a lot of teams are seeing that the two worst defenses last year in the entire league had the two best records. I'm surprised pats went d again tho.

Wrong AGAIN inimounts!

Our posting styles are different and he rarely agrees with me so.....

Ouch Finsfan in CT. (HAHAHAHAHA LOL) May be too soon for that one.


..Rueben Randle still sitting in the green room..I think he is the last guy..That has to suck for him.

We are going to have some good players to choose from at 72 the way this is going.

I love what the Steelers have done for their offensive line this draft. They are BRILLIANT.

The Steelers gonna run the footall.

Perry went in the first

Pretty telling that Massie (who Kiper LOVES) was passed on by ANOTHER team.

It looks like we have a stud filled OL, I'm liking it !!!!!!!!!!!!

Build from the OL, that is the base of this game, Philbin is the man !!!!!!

Why's that Texas? Are there a lot of reaches being made? I'm lost after the 15th in the 2nd.

Rueben Randle still sitting in the green room..I think he is the last guy..That has to suck for him.
Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | April 27, 2012 at 08:46 PM

He may drop out entirely. That will make it even worse...


They needed help on that line. Guys were getting old and declining because of injury. But you're right, they've done a nice job replacing a couple of parts. Off to a good start.

Perry went in the first
Posted by: Professor Lou | April 27, 2012 at 08:48 PM


My bad...I was thinking of Curry

That's why they win. It must be nice to have drafted well for so long, makes it easier to fill holes. Bas**ds!

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