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Dolphins pick RT Jonathan Martin in second round

The Dolphins clearly were going to add an offensive tackle if you read the between the lines every time coach Joe Philbin pressed the importance of adding help up front.

Today, the Dolphins made Stanford left tackle Jonathan Martin their second round pick. Martin will change positions to play in Miami.

"I haven't played right tackle but I feel I can play right tackle," Martin said. 

"It's a dream come true. It's an amazing city, amazing fan base, amazing history. I can't wait to get down there and work."

Martin said he talked to the Dolphins at the Indianapolis combine but didn't have much contact with the team beyond that. 

The Cardinal used zone and power blocking techniques up front so Martin can do both. "I feel comfortable with it," he said.

Martin initially was thinking of playing for Harvard when he was told by that school's admission office that his he would have been the university's first fourth-generation African American student. Martin's parents went to Harvard. His grandparents did. One of his great grand parents did.

General manager Jeff Ireland dismissed the idea that Martin is not extremely strong. Martin had only 20 reps on the bench press during the combine. Ireland said part of the reason is because he has exceedingly long arms for his position.


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I like the pick, but Ireland has shown zero ability to find WR talent in the late rounds, we should have taken Stephen Hill instead of letting the stupid Jets get him.

Is Denver going to take Osweiler?

Wheres all these Cubers(Carlos, Arturo) posting here coming from. Do they know Football like we do?

Randle would be a great addition. Really like this guy. Would love it if Ireland could trade up for him.


I don't believe for a second that trend continues......what I think you may see is a great D to go along with the "new" NFL pass-happy offense.....bottom line, it's still football and ya gotta play defense if wanna win consistently.


We have a "Stephen Hill" on the roster...his name is Clyde Gates. (Speed but raw route runner)

Trade Jake Long now, for a first next year. The Dolphins cannot let Long get to Free Agency, its clear they cant and wont afford to resign him!!!!!

Wheres all these Cubers(Carlos, Arturo) posting here coming from. Do they know Football like we do?
Posted by: oscar canosa | April 27, 2012 at 08:50 PM


Sorry bro. I'm from Mexico...

There's a lot of good WR's left so we'll see if we take on at 72.


They don't need to sign him. They can franchise him next year if they like. Cool your jets big fella.

Not shocked that Denver went with a QB but I would have bet they took a WR. They have done everything possible to give Manning toys to play with.

I don't know about Osweiler to Denver. The air is thin, he's tall-he's going to pass out.

LOL Everyone in Denver's war room has the WTF look on their faces

Boy, I don't know about Martin. I think RG is a bigger priority for the Dolphins. John Jerry is a much better tackle than guard, he's more comfortable in open space, where he can use his quick feet and athleticism. Murtha is also a T. We really, really need a guard. We also need a pass rusher. We need a tight end and another wr. I'm a little disappointed with this pick.

Darryl Dunphy,

Thanks bro! Yeah I liked Martin more then most today. I just like him as a player. The knock is he has to get stronger to be complete in the run game but the Packers picked a similar talent and a guy who needed to get stronger in Brian Bulaga a few years back and he has developed and played some guard and tackle and played well.

Round 3 I would love a passing target. I like Joe Adams, Keshawn Martin too but really like Mohamed Sanu but think he will be gone. Possibly Dwayne Allen too. He slipped because a so so 40 but he can play and gets open. So a few options would like Sanu if he was there and then probably Dwayne Allen, Joe Adams, Keyshawn Martin

With the second 3rd roudner which is basically could go either direction I like Terrel Manning OLB NC State or even Sean Spence at OLB.

They need a 4-3 OLB.

Yeah, right, Arturo.

The Dolphins are on the phone. could mean nothing. Could mean something.

Not shocked that Denver went with a QB but I would have bet they took a WR. They have done everything possible to give Manning toys to play with.
Posted by: Finsfan in CT | April 27, 2012 at 08:54 PM

Worse thing is that they think Peyton will groom him. Not happening.

Damn well there goes David we can still trade back for curry

Why do people always wanna get rid of our best players???

What pick or we on?

If Ruben Randle drops Fins should take him over Sanu. Randle come on Fins!!!!

What WR do we take or take a DE

Just stay put

True Arturo!

Andy, I called Sanu before YOU! :)

Oiganme, por favor mantenganme informado que no tengo TV ahora.

Andy, I LOVE Joe Adams. Man that would be nice...Also very dangerous on special teams...Awesome speed...

Who did Massie go to? I missed it.

Need to package 3rd and 5th to go get curry.

He hasn't! That is what I was saying

Curry would be great , PRAY

Jeff not trying to be a wise guy but Ireland picked Bess who was undrafted.

Oh, so I guess your point stands. Ha

Man the Bucs Mark Dominic turning into a good GM. Several good drafts now.

R we almost up on rd 3?

14 picks away. It's like Chinese water torture..or...listening to Lady GaGa sing.

Usually means Ireland trying to move up, Armando.

Massie not gone yet.


Massie is still there bro. Vinny Curry is just gone to the Eagles.

AHHHH I now hate Andy Reid

Dang. Curry is an Eagle.

lol lou.....

Still hopin' we get a decent OG in 3rd, maybe James Brown or Kelechi Osemele...

Watch out for CB Trumaine Johnson in the third round. Dolphins dig Montana players.

What would we do with Massie now? Guard?

I'd be happy with Massie

The Eagles drafted Fletcher Cox and Vinny Curry. Wow!! Can you say pass rush?

U guys r begging for Curry

I for one prefer water torture.

Great, the Eagles get Curry. 3 defensive studs and they gave us 9 sacks when we played them last year.

CB b4 a receiver or rusher would surprise me..

We need to trade up and secure Randle.

My point exactly CT! Hahahaha I guess we were making the same point. Kiper must be losing his mind. But here's the funny thing, he hasn't said a word about all of the teams that need oline help who passed on him, just the Phins. Freakin stupid haired blow hard.

The Eagles drafted Fletcher Cox and Vinny Curry. Wow!! Can you say pass rush?
Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | April 27, 2012

Taken from the Giants playbook...You never have enough rushers

Holding out for Randle now or the TE from Clemson. Allen.

Well, Osemele is a raven now. That leaves James Brown and Cam Johnson for our 3rd round picks.

Wow now I doubt we find a defensive starter with any of the 3rd round picks. Trade one of them for randle I guess

Professor Lou that's two funny jokes in a row, nice.

We don't need no more OL People. We need, WR, Pressure player, DB

A lot of teams want to be like the New York Giants. Best way to beat a great QB is PRESSURE...We have Wake and that's it. Not good.

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