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Dolphins pick RT Jonathan Martin in second round

The Dolphins clearly were going to add an offensive tackle if you read the between the lines every time coach Joe Philbin pressed the importance of adding help up front.

Today, the Dolphins made Stanford left tackle Jonathan Martin their second round pick. Martin will change positions to play in Miami.

"I haven't played right tackle but I feel I can play right tackle," Martin said. 

"It's a dream come true. It's an amazing city, amazing fan base, amazing history. I can't wait to get down there and work."

Martin said he talked to the Dolphins at the Indianapolis combine but didn't have much contact with the team beyond that. 

The Cardinal used zone and power blocking techniques up front so Martin can do both. "I feel comfortable with it," he said.

Martin initially was thinking of playing for Harvard when he was told by that school's admission office that his he would have been the university's first fourth-generation African American student. Martin's parents went to Harvard. His grandparents did. One of his great grand parents did.

General manager Jeff Ireland dismissed the idea that Martin is not extremely strong. Martin had only 20 reps on the bench press during the combine. Ireland said part of the reason is because he has exceedingly long arms for his position.


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TOLD YA! Olivier Vernon


This thing isnt rocket science. The good teams get good picks because thier solid in key places and they actually get to luxury pick.

Been a very long time since the dolphins had that luxury.

Vernon I knew it

There's the pass rush

Olivier Vernon? You guys in Fla should know about this guy. What's the consensus? I have no clue.

Olivier Vernon baby...Local kid...I like it...4-3 DE...

Good teams get to shoot with marbles in the draft. Bad teams get to shoot with bb's!

They traded the nxt pick

Damn why trade hope the got a 2nd next year

I think Cam Johnson was a better choice than Olivier Vernon... whatever.

Looks like a solid pick. Finally someone from the U...Now why did we trade #73?

YG I was alluding to the same thing earlier. Easier when you are full AND can take chances. So why did Parcells take so many chances when we were depleted?! Hate him.

Nice, someone from the U, love it

Vernon's a bit of a reach, isn't he?

What did we trade the pick for, it better be for a 2nd rd next yr nothing else makes sense with all of our needs

From ESPN- 1 being highest grade 5 being lowest

Pass Rush Skills 3 Can anticipate the snap count more consistently but does display above-average first-step quickness. Displays enough torso flexibility to bend the edge and shave the corner. Possesses explosive power when transitioning speed-to-power and can rock tackles back on the heels. Flashes quick hands in combat but needs some refining in this area. Can become off balance too easily and needs to learn to tempo and show more body control with his rush at times. Closing burst is above-average but not elite.

Versus the run 2 Area of strength. Displays a quick first step to establish positioning or create penetration when need be. Plays with leverage at the point of attack and can stack blockers when having edge contain. Flashes explosive and strong hands to disengage from blocks. Also shows quick lateral agility to redirect and find the ball. Displays above-average range and is a strong and reliable wrap-up tackler.

Versatility 2 Has experience playing both from a three and two-point stance. Appears to have the athleticism and enough open field fluidity to spot drop in underneath coverage to make the transition to a 3-4 OLB at the next level. Also has some experience reducing inside to a 3-technique in obvious passing situations.

Instincts/Motor 3 Instincts are adequate but have room for improvement. Can be a second late recognizing and reacting to plays on occasion. Tough and plays with a solid motor. Hustles in pursuit and made several second effort plays throughout film study.

Have they said what we got from San Diego?

What did we get in that trade with the Chargers??

we got 78th pick from chargers.

They're picking again at #15.

STOP TALKING ABOUT RUSSELL WILSON!!!!! He hasn't been picked! Could ya at least talk about ,,,um .,,,,ya know,, the draft that's going on behind you?

Olivier Vernon is a great pick to go opposite Wake

We got Chargers 6th rounder...

I don't get why the trade?? Nothing in FA and now they trade a top 75 pick. With all these holes. Don't get it.

We pick at 78

PFW predicted Oliver Vernon in 4th-5th round...

Just saying...

No additional picks?

I hope we got the Chargers'3rd round pick and a 4th...

I'm still hoping for Sanu or maybe Streeter

Yes Vernon great pick but we could have had Taylor too

6'2" 230? How much you want to bet they convert him to OLB or at least take a look at him there?

No Streeter please, one route pony and runs that route bad.

Todd McShay said he thought Vernon was a good pick and was going to be gone in round 2.

Brandon Boykin at 78 with no elite WR left?

McShay liked him as a 2nd rounder.

vernon is not a great pick come on, lazy kid. was suppose to be so good and flopped out

Streeter may be a a project but being 6'5 and running a 4.40 40 gives coaches something to think about

Wow Kiper actually liked the pick. That's probably not a good thing:) But McShay liked it a lot as well and said he thought he would be gone in the 2nd.

Get Ta'amu in the 3rd and Joe Adams in the 4th...

WOuld rather get Sanu or Toon next pick.

Vernon didn't play full year suspended first 6 games. Would have gone higher otherwise

Miami booster Nevin Shapiro alleges he provided extra benefits to Olivier Vernon during the player’s career, as well engaged in impermissible contact during the player’s recruitment. Among the benefits he claimed to have provided:

• Drinks and VIP access in nightclubs.

• Shapiro knowingly engaged in impermissible contact when he hosted Vernon and recruits Andre Debose, Ray-Ray Armstrong and Dyron Dye at his $6 million Miami Beach mansion in 2008. Shapiro said he provided food, drinks and entertainment. The booster said then-Miami recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt had arranged for the prospects to be at his home during the incident.

• Shapiro also had impermissible contact when he hosted Vernon and his parents in his luxury suite on Oct. 4, 2008, during Miami’s 41-39 loss to Florida State at Dolphin Stadium.

• Shapiro said he made a $1,000 donation to the booster club of Vernon’s high school in April 2008, at the solicitation of Vernon’s father. Vernon had committed to the Hurricanes approximately two months before the booster wrote the check, but Shapiro said he would not have made the donation if Miami had not been recruiting Vernon.

Corroborating accounts

• One source corroborated Shapiro’s account of Vernon being at the booster’s home at his home in 2008, along with then-Miami assistant Clint Hurtt and recruits Ray-Ray Armstrong, Dyron Dye and Andre Debose.

• Yahoo! Sports has acquired a $1,000 canceled check made out to the booster club American Senior High – Vernon’s high school. The check was dated April 30, 2008, during Vernon’s junior year in high school.

In Shapiro’s words

• “Olivier Vernon’s dad was a Miami Beach police officer. I was very close with the chief of police, Carlos Noriega. I was introduced to [Vernon’s] dad. I wrote a check before I even met Olivier Vernon, for $1,000 to the American High booster club. I actually had no business writing that check, because I had nothing to do with American High. But I figured it wasn’t a big price to pay and this kid was going to be coming to the University of Miami, although he was leaning toward Florida State.”

• “Olivier Vernon watched the Miami-Florida State game in my suite while he was senior in high school. It was a bad, raining, horrible soaked game. I remember we were there until almost midnight. Then there were subsequent trips to my house and to the clubs as he got close, meaning Olivier Vernon got closer, to a lot of the other incoming freshmen, specifically Ray-Ray Armstrong [and] Dyron Dye. He was in there with the incoming freshmen and we got pretty close.”

Only one player from the 1999-2003 era of greatness. And that was Vernon Carey, one of the few underachievers from that golden (not to be confused with Al Golden, who is anything but what his last name suggests) period.
Now that the program is an irrelevant laughingstock, now we're picking Hurrican'ts again?
Lazy, Shapiro-loving Olivier Vernon.
Fold the franchise.
A fake player for a fake team.

we sent san diego pick 73 for picks 78 and 183.

Posted by: Phins78 | April 27, 2012 at 09:48 PM

LOL Kiper liking the pick just ruined it for me

You guys were right in that it was a pass rusher to be selected next. Oliver has all the tools and more, however....

Olivier Vernon sucks guys. Really questionable pick. He will never be a starter. We will dump him in 2 years for nothing.

Dusty Bottoms,

Every player at 'Da U' has flopped lately. Poor coaching. Doesn't mean they aren't talented

B33RCA53 - I wouldn't mind him in the 6th round but not now. But who knows what they will do.

Trolls are back!

still wishin....

Mohamed Sanu should be the pick

CT Mcshay and Kiper had him second. There are so many boards out there.

I think the reason they rated him so low was because of the suspension. The guys said had he come out last year before the suspension he would have been an early 2nd round pick. Lets see what the kid can do, I'm really wondering if they will try to move him to OLB? Where is Odrick going to go if this kid plays RE? Maybe they see him taking over for Langford but I doubt it. Left side is usually reserved for run stuffers and this kid is more like Jason Taylor than Langford. hmmmmmmmmmmm

Streeter is a kid that when challenged quits. He also doesn't like it when cb's get physical with him. Struggles to get off press coverage and is not a good route runner. Stiff tall wr who can get over top but only runs 2 routes. Not shifty and offers no rac ability.

"Tavon Wilson? Who is that guy?"

I thought he got gunned down by one of Mando's cousins.

Olivier Vernon:

Ht:6'3" verified
Wt:239 lbs verified
40:4.8 secs
Vertical:30 inches

Played in only 6 games last year with 3.5 sacks. Found 2 listings for his weight, 265lbs and 239lbs?

Not much jumps out at me about this kid except he was part of the Canes booster scandle and he ran a 4.8 40 at the combine. But we'll see what happens with him.

Russell Wilson in the 3rd??? After drafting Irvin 12th overall?? Pete Carroll is on crack...I'm sure of it!

I agree Phins78!

I didn't say it was a bad pick. Just saying what PFW predicted.

I, too, am concerned that Kiper actually didn't hate the pick.

HA Russell Wilson with a 3rd pick? I don't get that. I like him, but not that high. Cousins would of been a better pick IMO

Ok they already f***ed everything up, I really dislike this Olivier Vernon guy.

Bet he would be the biggest bust this off-season.

Still hopin they get Cam Johnson or James Brown at #15.

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