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Dolphins pick RT Jonathan Martin in second round

The Dolphins clearly were going to add an offensive tackle if you read the between the lines every time coach Joe Philbin pressed the importance of adding help up front.

Today, the Dolphins made Stanford left tackle Jonathan Martin their second round pick. Martin will change positions to play in Miami.

"I haven't played right tackle but I feel I can play right tackle," Martin said. 

"It's a dream come true. It's an amazing city, amazing fan base, amazing history. I can't wait to get down there and work."

Martin said he talked to the Dolphins at the Indianapolis combine but didn't have much contact with the team beyond that. 

The Cardinal used zone and power blocking techniques up front so Martin can do both. "I feel comfortable with it," he said.

Martin initially was thinking of playing for Harvard when he was told by that school's admission office that his he would have been the university's first fourth-generation African American student. Martin's parents went to Harvard. His grandparents did. One of his great grand parents did.

General manager Jeff Ireland dismissed the idea that Martin is not extremely strong. Martin had only 20 reps on the bench press during the combine. Ireland said part of the reason is because he has exceedingly long arms for his position.


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YG, Egnew ran a 4.62, 40 at the draft. He's 6'5" and 252.

Awesome pick by Miami. Great value, could be the steal of the 2012 draft. He was projected to be a top 1st rounder. His skills are impressive.

Yesterday's Gone....best 40-yd dash for a TE was 4.49 at the combine. Worst was 5.11. I say the 4.62 Egnew ran was really fast

Sounds like Philbin's keeping Fasona and getting rid of the scrubs Sparano had backing him up.

Sounds like Philbin sees something he likes about Egnew and will groom him for at least the first year.

I love Russel Wilson's reaction when he got picked.....

You can tell he has some leadership skills....just by his reaction.....he was "fired up excited...not "happy" excited.....

He may have the "IT" factor......

I bet Egnew plays right away

Could the Egnew pick mean the end of Fasano? 4Mill plus in cap space.

Big difference between 4.49 and 4.62. There are mulitple qb's in this draft who run better than 4.62. The white guy Fleener ran very low 4.5 high 4.4. Nothing about Egnew says great pick. Can't block...struggles to seperate...what are you going to do with him. This is not Finley 2.0.


Ted Ginn was a rocket but at times played slow. Maybe this was Egnew's problem. Obviously the 4.6 suggest he has speed. He just needs to be coached how to make it translate into gameday football speed.

Hopefully this coaching staff knows how to do this.

That was a good pick by Cincy. Dalton has to be happy.

Who wants Finley 2.0 - always hurt and disappearing

Just for you Mr YG, straight from Google,

Wilson justed used the word.."FIREC UP".....

can I read'em or what....

I need to go apply for a coaching intern.....

I would rather have a TE with potential than the scrubs we have now


I think Fasano's still here at least this season. Sounds like Egnew's not a finished product. The new coaching staff may want at least a year to coach him up before giving Fasano his long deserved pink slip.

"FiRED UP".......

Lots of teams having a good draft. Getting weapons for there qb's and explosive impact playmakers. No player the Fins drafted will see the field any time soon with the exception of Martin.

Am I the only person excited about this draft?

You don't take players to groom and develop this early in the draft when you have gaping holes on your football team. Teams who are very good do this to add youth/depth and have the luxury of taking there time developing players. We need starters and players who are capable of contributing quickly.

Not to mention Moore quietly looked great last year. He went 6-3 over the final nine games of 2011 with 15 TD, 5 INT and an impressive 97.8 passer rating. Things looking good for the fins for the first time in a while


Thanks, Bleacher report gave us a B+ grade on both 3rd rd picks. Great!

Does the bleacher report see how accurate they are 3 years later. No one knows - gotta see what happens


Its 3rd rd dude, Youre drafting players to contribute rightaway. Not neccessarily become starters right away. If that happens its just an extra bonus.

It's like Dorothy youre not in Kansas anymore. 1st and 2nd rd is over. Thats where you draft definite 1st yr starters. Except the qb position, unless you bdrafted Luck/RG3.

Ked, seems like you are. This same type of draft 4 years in a row. Full of supposed potential Ireland seems to think. Only Ireland. This front office sucks

Bye Bye Sanu. Cinni understands the concepts of replacing wr's. They lose Simpson...they take a wr in the 1st 3rds to get another weapon for Dalton. An they have an elite wr already in AJ Green. Take note Ireland...ye of the worst wr core in the AFC East.

same as the last 4 years??? we have not taken a QB round 1 since 83. We need OT help. Like the other picks too - athletic TE - getting into today's NFL. Looking up

Has it occured to anyone Philbin likes Wallace? Wallace is as big as Marshall and also slightly faster.

Keeping Marshall only slows Wallace's progress. Young players need to see huge amounts of time on the playing field to get better.

We'll never know what we truly have in Wallace until we can get him more live playing action. Who's to say our wr isnt already on the roster? None of us are qualified to accurately make that call.

The Jonathan Martin pick is looking better and better. The afc east is loading up with edge rushers.

Bellichik just draft Jake Bequette. The guys was a pretty good pass rush DE at Arkansas.

Wallace does not have the rac skills that Marshall has and he doesn't understand how to use his size. Please don't compare the two. Wallace won't be any thing more than what you have seen. Drops balls....takes a while to build speed. Strictly a possession type guy.

Tannehill is a reach. Martin is decent but they want the kid Buffalo took. The DE is an underachiever. TE an ok pick. Just like last 4 years, not much to be too hyped about. People like you tried to convince me on pat white and Koa misi too. How'd that work out?

Plus tji team needs playmakers badly. Didn't get any in FA and don't see any in this draft. What will they do for Wide receivers?

The prevailing thought on this board is that Phibin's offense which is really Sherman's TAMU offense is going to magically make our wr's who have limited ability in to an unstoppable productive group.

You need an elite qb or you actually need wr's with tremendous ability to have a real passing game. Bottom line....we won't have a passing game any time soon. You can guarantee that. Gates..Hartline...Wallace...Bess...Naane is a joke of a group that scares no one.

This tackle was Rated 27-31 pn most scouts. We gotcou rtacklcf future ,1st rd grade, in the 2nd. Nice pick. 3. Not bein. Omer, but if u wstched u Miami games when olive was healthy, h is the spittin image of JT. Skinny kid with super talent that is fAST. He can grow into His body like Taylor. LOVE the pick. The mizzou. TE looks good also. Lamar miller slid to 4th?. Mybe he shouda stayed. Coach Goldie called it. All the early entrees, Vernon wa 1 for the U. Spence was a senior, glad he got picked. Wow, 3rd round tho. Brandn Washington who will b. Get guard is still on the board. Streeter. Tbenjamin. And Lamar of course. Sorry but if Lamar miller is still there we ha to take a rb. Vernon, I'm callin it, will b. Stud. I want streeter.

Streeter may go undrafted. No one wants a tall lazy wr who is not sure handed...is a poor route runner....that can't get off press coverage.

Mando, Ive u think 225 aint a lot, just rack em up and see how many u can do? 20 reps aint that bad. Id rather have him then some workout warrior who benches 43 reps and cant run 10 yds.

Well, I didn't get what I wanted from this draft and the scenario might not have even been available. Trade out of the 8 spot and pick up another 2. But I like the TE and the OT picks. I would like to see a safety, DT and then a WR. DE was a bad pick, there were better. If Sanders is available from FSU that would shore up this O line for years to come.

He deserves to be a part of the team.

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