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Dolphins pick Vernon, trade down, pick Egnew

The Dolphins used their No. 72 pick in the third round to draft defensive end Oliver Vernon of the University of Miami.

The team then traded No. 73 to the San Diego Chargers for No. 78 overall and No. 183, which is a sixth-round pick.

Vernon, 6-3 and 261 pounds, was told by the team he'll work in the 4-3. Vernon's best year came in 2010 when he had 10.5 sacks. He was suspended in the Nevin Shapiro scandal last year and contributed only 3.5 sacks in six games.

I asked Vernon who he would characterize his Hurricanes career.

"Unfulfilled," he said.

Vernon is the first University of Miami draftee for the Dolphins since Vernon Carey in 2004.

With selection No. 78, the Dolphins then picked Missouri tight end Michael Egnew, a 6-5, 252-pound seam threat who can also block.

Last season, Egnew caught 50 passes for 523 yards and three touchdowns.


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Vernon sucks. And I still hope they get Cam Johnson next.

Need joe Adams now.

You don't see the Vernon pick as a bit of a reach? I've seen him go in the 4th and the 5th but no the 3rd. Hope they didn't just pick him, so that they could have a guy from the U.

Michael Egnew hmmm

Does it matter who we pick after the first pick?

That dominoe didn't knock down the rest.

Its all downhill from here.

Tannehill looks like actor John Malkovich. Google him and Tanne and check it out.

I told you Ireland would blow chunks from the moment he squandered our 8th.

Posted by: odinseye | April 27, 2012 at 09:54 PM

Get over it. They picked Tanne at 8. Nobody can say it was squandered or a great pick. Let's judge him by how he performs on OUR team and not JUMP to conclusions. Give the guy a chance.

Like this pick!

We have our big-play TE now.

Fasano, Egnew, and Clay out of the backfield? MUCH more explosive!



Separation Skills 2 "Above-average athlete and smooth strider. Does not have elite explosiveness as the likes of Antonio Gates or Tony Gonzalez in his prime, but easily gets in-and-out of stem to create adequate separation. Possesses a natural feel working against zone coverage and does a nice job of locating and getting into soft spots. Limited experience with routes from traditional TE alignment and may need development with getting clean release. "

Ball Skills 1 Natural hands and wide catching radius provides QB with a favorable target. Catches the ball away from frame and plucks the ball naturally on the run. Does a nice job of using frame in tight coverage to shield defenders and make catch. Above-average body control and pull in tough catch outside of strike zone.

Big Play Ability 1 Has the top-end speed to stretch the middle of the field and factor in down the deep seams. Not overly elusive but has enough speed and athleticism to turn a short catch into a big gain if provided with a seam. Athleticism and size makes him a matchup problem in the red zone.

Competitiveness 3 Fearless working the middle of the field. Will secure the ball in traffic. Not much of a blocker but works to sustain blocks downfield. A tough runner that fights for yards after the catch and shows ability to drag defenders for extra yards.

Blocking 4 Rarely lined up as an inline tight end. Will need work adapting to angles and technique as an inline blocker. Also possesses a slender lower half which brings up concerns about his ability to generate movement on defenders at the point of attack. Shows good body control to cover up targets downfield when flexed out.

Who is this Egnew guy? Big target but is he any good?

Yeah Odin,

It's getting a bit boring bud. The guy's a Dolphin now. Time to embrace the pick. If it doesn't work out then you can blast Ireland but as of right now the kid deserves our support. That's what a fan does.

These guys just happy to get their name called. The real athletes were in the first 10 players.

All we got was a lump of coal.

EXCELLENT pass receiving TE (former WR).

Can't block worth anything but we already have blocking TE's.

When will we get a WR? Dang...

Not happy with the TE pick. Sounds like another Yeatmen. How many freakin blocking TEs does this team need?

I bet Ladarius Green was still available.

Anyway, after 2 more picks we still lack OG; DE and WR.

This is beggining to look so frustrating...

$10 says Ross went home after he drafted Tannehill. The rest of the draft means nothing to him.



Blocking is about the only thing he CAN'T do.

Egnew is the 3rd best PASSING TE in this draft.....

Solid Pick.

I cant believe am saying this BUT.. Ireland is on his game this year!!

Umm...Egnew can't block to save his life but maybe a Joe Rose type "receiving TE".

Ireland going over my head. GN.

odinseye take the hate blinders off. Who had him rated in the 5th and why? If you look at it objectively the outlet you choose to follow (funny how you follow the one outlet that has him rated in the 5th when everyone else said he would have been a late first rounder if not for the suspension) rates players by WHERE THEY THINK TEAMS WILL TAKE THEM. NOT by where they rate talent wise. PF had them there because they thought teams would be scared off by character concerns. PUH;LLLLLEASE. He followed a group of people who were all doing the same thing, he wasnt the ring leader.

Dude seriously what is your f***ing problem? Why are you trying to ruin this for everyone. I have never heard so much senseless negativity from you since AI've been reading your stuff. Your not even putting rationale thought into your posts and there isn't a hint of objectivity. Either that isn't really you or I am totally done defending you OR reading your posts. Jeez WTF? We're trying to have fun and root for aour team and you have to come in here once after every pick and pi** on our heads?! You really have been an a-hole the past two nights.

Interesting pick. Does say a lot about how Philbin and staff feel about their WRs. Not sure but I think Jennings, Driver, etc. where late rd. picks that grew in GB system. Seems we're heading there...

I agree Fins 4Lyfe!

I usually hate our draft BUT, this year, I am feeling good!

They aren't taking who I want but they are still going in the direction we want them to. (Pass Rush help and playmakers)

..NY"G" I think Tannehill looks like Tosh.0...


I don't love the TE pick either. I don't care what anyone says but it wasn't as pressing a need as someone people make it out to be. To me I'd rather have had a WR or CB. Still think our secondary is pretty weak. Having said that, I don't know enough about this guy to have a valid opinion on the topic.

They just picked two guys in a row that they could have gotten later. Vernon was a 5th rd prospect and Egnew a 4th and they take both in the 3rd instead of getting the wr talent they need.
And, Ireland was trying to trade up? For what? He was afraid someone else was going to pick these guys?
He had Criner and Childs staring him in the face and he could have picked them and still got Egnew and Vernon later. Stupid.

Absolutely pathetic picks in Vernon and Egnew, HUGE REACH. Welcome to Miami, home of the The Miami Reach football team

Our OL looks solid. Don't mind if he can't block, let's attack the middle

Joe Adams and Vontaze Burfict and this draft rocks.

THE NEW NAME FOR THE DOLPHINS IS The Rebuilds... Still in rebuilding mode... yawn, sigh,.


What did we walk away with in the 2012 draft? NOTHING, NADA, NO Play MAKERS. ZERO, CRAP and overpriced first rounder.

Where's the TE, WR??? The other teams drafted them and we CONTINUE the NEVER ENDING Rebuilding.

It's OVER folks. We once again under this POS Ireland THE SCOUT.

For all you Tannehill lovers... i HATED the pick but now that he's a Dolphin it's going to be a wait and see and that's that.

I wish the best of luck to the new HC Philbin and I hope that Jeff Ireland aka THE SCOUT and Owner Ross choke each other as these clowns really feel that picking that QB is going to fill the seats at Crap Life Stadium.

Hey Ross... The only thing that will fill seats is WINNING HOME GAMES and Winning period.

Nightie night my fellow fins.

I like the Egew pick. He's a pass catching TE and we all been crying for one of them.

I do wish we got a WR. I know nothing about Oliver Vernon. I guess cause he was suspended. McShay liked it and Mayock liked it as well.

I red that if the tight end came out last year he would have been a 2nd rd pick

So is everyone claiming Philbin was responsible for Green Bay's drafting now?

Some of you mentioned Driver and Jennings. Are you now claiming Philbin drafted them or signed them?

OK guys, this already sucks in a way it can't be helped anymore. Have a good night.

Great draft by Ireland so far. ;)
Alriiiiight Miami!!!

Guys good to hear. I don't know the last two guys well enough but if you like the picks, that's cool with me. I liked the first two...I'm unknown on the last two.

Vernon was NOT graded as a "5th rounder." He had a grade of around 70 most places, which is late-3rd. He was, at most, a slight reach.

Maybe they shop Fasano for a pick? I know Clay is listed as a FB but he will most likely be moved to TE full time. Also in a west coast offense the TE doesn't block much. Fasano while solid, doesn't seem a great fit for the new offense, especially for his salary

I don't either Craig but I was hoping for a WR as well to push Moore and Wallace up or out. The good thing is the training camp rosters have been expanded and Ireland is actually good at finding undrafted players who contribute. Maybe he has his eye on a few WRs and will wait until next week. That or Philbin has seen something in the guys we have. I'm a little worried. Definitely didn't want to pick a TE at all in this draft.

I can only hope that Hydrashock and all the other 'haters' leave this board to people who actually care about the Dolphins and can be objective.

Egnew had a meta-score (a combined score of ESPN, PFW and 3-4 other sites, using an algorithm to make the grade comparable, and weighted towards the better sites) of 71. Also a 3rd round.

Both were VERY slight reaches, at worst.


Odin is a deekhead and you will only frustrate yourself trying to debate him. He will come back with false accusations and high school level quips to sadly defend himself, when in fact he is simply evading any realistic debate.

Dont waste your time.

Guys who would you most compare Egnew too? A guy like Dallas Clark, maybe?

..Egnew is a good pick..I bet if you go back to his junior year he was probably much more productive..QB play wasn't what it was in 2010..We need a pass catcher at tight end.

I think my brain is literally rotting a bit with each new post here. You ACTUALLY believe you have the ability and expertise to intelligently assess these players? Let alone "grade" a draft that isn't even halfway over?!? Godalmighty what a gang of delusional clowns.

The drunks are out in full force, ready to rain on the fun. Gotta love all of the expert draft analysis in the Herald blog. I'm out.

Why Ireland why!!!!!!!!! Egnew and Vernon are horrible reaches!!!!!!!!!!!

Needs going into draft:

QB - check
RT - check
DE - check
TE - check
WR - pending
CB - pending
RG - pending

So far so good...Ireland is earning is paycheck tonight.


I didn't want a TE either. I'm going to come out of this draft really disappointed they didn't address the WR position but again, that seems to be the way Ireland operates and also doesn't seem be hugely important to Philbin's offence.

I believe that odinseye is a stinkin Jets fan!

"You ACTUALLY believe you have the ability and expertise to intelligently assess these players?"

I've never been fired as a coach.

I won't Advisor. He really has shown his true colors this weekend. I thought he was objective (knew he was never rationale!) but at least I thought he was objective. Not any more, just blind hate and self serving rants. I'm done, don't want anyone else bringing me down tonight, I'm having too much fun. Later guys, have a great night.

Jermichael Finley is 6'5" 247, and Egnew is 6'5" 252. Does Philbin see a new Finley here?

Watching Russell being interviewed. I hope I am reincarnated into a black QB, because they all have very fine white babes!

Egnew??? Did we really have to waste a 3rd rounder by drafting John Nalbone AGAIN?


The draft isn't over yet. This draft has been touted as a VERY deep WR class. The Dolphins will pick a WR (or two) before the draft is over.

With Armando and ESPN saying that Ireland wanted to trade up, I am thinking/guessing that maybe he DID want Randle.

Funny how Odin couldn't slurp Henne hard enough, but he's ready to bail on Tannehill before the kid can even take a snap behind an NFL center. Of course, Odin's just a blog-hit troll so what do you expect?

It is what it is.
I'm sure Tannehill will be productive if given time to throw like Rothlis, Peyton, Brady, Ryan & Rivers.

I'm also sure Tannehill will not be productive if NOT given time to throw like Henne, Bradford, Gabbert, Cutler, McCoy etc.

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