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Dolphins pick Vernon, trade down, pick Egnew

The Dolphins used their No. 72 pick in the third round to draft defensive end Oliver Vernon of the University of Miami.

The team then traded No. 73 to the San Diego Chargers for No. 78 overall and No. 183, which is a sixth-round pick.

Vernon, 6-3 and 261 pounds, was told by the team he'll work in the 4-3. Vernon's best year came in 2010 when he had 10.5 sacks. He was suspended in the Nevin Shapiro scandal last year and contributed only 3.5 sacks in six games.

I asked Vernon who he would characterize his Hurricanes career.

"Unfulfilled," he said.

Vernon is the first University of Miami draftee for the Dolphins since Vernon Carey in 2004.

With selection No. 78, the Dolphins then picked Missouri tight end Michael Egnew, a 6-5, 252-pound seam threat who can also block.

Last season, Egnew caught 50 passes for 523 yards and three touchdowns.


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Vernon will do just what we needed. Rush the passer and take some attention off of Wake.

I had us taking Egnew in the 4th in one of my earlier mocks.

It's good to see Philbin has some effect on the draft though. A pass catching TE in the 3rd is not a Parcells / Ireland type pick.

I would haved liked to see a WR though. Maybe we'll use that extra 6th to get back in the 3rd again.

LOL well glad some like the draft we've had, I personally haven't liked any draft we've done the last 5 years LOL. All that matters is winning, if this team starts winning maybe I start to come around, but hard to support such a draft when our main holes haven't been touched.

WR is beyond a major weakness on this team and every year we pass on top round talent to get lineman it's just really frustrating to constantly see lineman taken all the time in the 1st-2nd rounds.

Everyone is saying they don't know much about these players.

Tell us please.

List 5 things you know about Jeff Ireland. (without looking it up)


bottleplug is dumb. we haven't taken linemen in the first and second rounds EVERY year! trolls are out in force tonight.

Should have been:
Antonio Allen

1. Follically-challenged=hairline
2. Former Scout
3. Protege of Bill Parcells
4. Last job was with the Cowboys.
5. Not a 'people person'

Attention bloggers.

TheSMF is also PriceMaster and Phuc Yu (confirmed by Armando) and the same guy repeatedly requesting bloggers to swallow his load.

DO NOT ENGAGE HIM. It isn't worth it. Let's ignore him and make him disappear.

I win!

My prize is YOU log off!

last I checked we have the following WR on our roster:


granted were down one...but between rounds 4-7 and what's left in FA post-draft, we'll get our depth chart filled at WR no problem.

GOOD DRAFT so far eventhough we dont have a number one reciever.

I just do not understand what they are doing. I understand the QB pick I really do, but these last three have me at a loss for words. They are Dolphins now and they will have my support till it is time to cut bait. I do wish them all the best. I really hope they do turn out to be pro bowl players

Remember the Dolphins like Ty Hilton. Tommy Streeter and Criner are still there as well.

Craig, sorry for late response. No I don't see it that way. I man I might have went a different direction or other player but it is who they liked and where they liked him. I am still watching film online as much as I can but I like him. Seems to have the tools but is raw. I think he will play DE in the 4/3 hybrid were going to. He seems to have some drop skills too.

A draft so far... All great pickups

I hope they not pick streeter he is not a great route runner


You forgot Roberto Wallace.

How can you guys say Vernon was a reach??? This guy is 2nd round talent in the 3rd round. Solid 4-3 DE. And I think are need at pass catching TE was huge. This guy to me looks like a beast. He will be our jump ball reciever. Unlike MArshall matbe he will catch a few of them.......... Good job in the draft.

Vernon's awesome. Whatever BS your watching ain't right? He was on a poorly coached team in a bad situation. The one year he showed up, he was good. It should not be lost on you that this is a good PR move by the Fins, as fans are always complaining about taking players from the U.

FYI...Ross and Ireland are running out of staff to blame. Not sure they can bring in a new crew after Philbin.

At some point, Dolphin fans will wake up and smell the saltwater.

Ross is a vulture capitalist. He cares very little about the success of the Dolphins. He only cares about making money and running.

dbmfins...my bad.
point being...we will have a full roster of WR's who are effective in the new WCO.
Times the are a changing...better get onboard folks or be left in the dust.

I get some of you like Egnew, he's ok but in the 3rd round??? That is a gigantic reach!


Look at those highlights!

I really wanted Sanu BUT we have Egnew and I like him too!

I think we'd do good go S with our next pick and tradce all of our remaining picks for next best available.
Undrafted free agents will start at least 2 positions for us next season.
We are already going to really suck.
Can we get 1 more 4th round quality player?

Egnew and Vernon are great picks


I'm saying he's a rach because I've seen him mocked in the 4th and 5th. I don't ACTUALLY know he's a reach, I'm actually asking if guys know whether he is or not. Guys seem to like him, so cool.


Just thought I'd throw him out there. I really hope he can finally break out and be BM's replacement.

Night over... I give Ireland a A- so far.
Let's see what the weekend brings and maybe we can change that - to a +

I untersarnd all the pics they r great A


If you like him you can't wait around until someone else takes him.

The Bills took a reciever that was projected to go in the 7th.

you guys are dumb

4th rd pick could end up being a WR. TY Hilton or Tommy Streeter?

so far so good, filling holes, GO FINS

All the kids that get drafted are a reach. Some just seem to have more potential then others

I am looking over my sheets...

for those people who are whining about us trading away Brandon Marshall, maybe Ireland will draft him.

Of course, THIS Brandon Marshall is an OLB from Nevada

I was feeling pretty crappy about our last two selections and then I saw Jax picked a punter in the 3rd round!!!! LMAO!!!! Freaken Gene Smith is making Ireland look like a genius LOL

To all the Ireland haters, who see Ireland as nothing more than a Parcells puppet, and unable to be objective in his selections, here's what we've seen so far:

Team takes a QB for the first time in almost 30 years. Think that would have ever happened under Parcells?

Takes a TE in the third round. Again, wouldn't have happened under Parcells.

They actually took somebody from the U for the first time since 2004.

Sometimes maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks.

i hope we get both streeter an hilton

best of both worlds

I like it. Ireland finally gets it. All the picks impact the pass game. Won't hear me complaining for the next year ..

I'm like Miami's draft so far!

Tannehill - Miami went bold and picked a player who the staff knows and can continue to make him a star. A reach? No. IF Philbin and Sherman are convinced he can be a franchise QB then so am I. It's not like other situations they actually had inside knowledge not just game tapes on Tannehill. Love the pick

Martin - Miami needed O-line help badly! Martin was Andrew Luck's blind side protector and is a big athletic pass blocker which fits the Green Bay offensive linemen mold. A borderline first rounder good value.

Vernon - This pick was my head scratcher but I will take Mayock and McShay's word that he was a legit mid to late second rounder which means Miami got good value.

Egnew - I wanted a WT but Miami also needed a pass catching TE to fit the mold of a West Coast offense and Egnew is a very good pass catching TE. He's fast, great vertical, great hands.

Akiem Hicks...

good thing he didn't get drafted by the Giants! lol

Hakeem Nicks vs Akiem Hicks

Great draft for Jeff Ireland, he really suprised me so far. Jonathon Martin was an excellent pick. He was rated a top 10 at one time.

Landing Martin at #42 was incredible. I think he is a 10+yr starter talking probowls

Not too bad.. But instill want a good WR

I wonder if BB would take Lamar Miller?

Craig, so far I like what Ireland is doing. We'll see how it pans out but getting Martin in the 2nd was a good pick. I also really really like the Egnew pick.


@ 10:43 I like him a lot too! Bookend OTs and Center. Fill in the OG Incognito and possibly/hopefully Jerry.


We got our QB....Hallelujiah!! Did you pop the champagne last night when they drafted him? I think you, me and DC were some of the few who wanted the kid. Now we have ot hope he delivers in time.

Anybody else notice that Massie is STILL there?

Gotta LOVE Mel Kiper!

The Jonathan Martin pick is looking better and better. The afc east is loading up with edge rushers.

Bellichik just draft Jake Bequette. The guys was a pretty good pass rush DE at Arkansas.

Wow!! I think I'm on the wrong blog. Wall to wall, praise for Ireland. Were the Mayans right about the end of the world?

I don't know the last two guys well enough to comment but really glad to hear the praise for the team. Maybe there's hope for this team yet.

Craig, you can add me to the list. I like tAnnehill and have already ordered the jersey. :)

Has it occured to anyone Philbin likes Wallace? Wallace is as big as Marshall and also slightly faster.

Keeping Marshall only slows Wallace's progress. Young players need to see huge amounts of time on the playing field to get better.

We'll never know what we truly have in Wallace until we can get him more live playing action. Who's to say our wr isnt already on the roster? None of us are qualified to accurately make that call.

Only 11 picks before we pick again i think.

Unless I missed one, WR's Givens,Criner,Hilton,Toon,and Sreeter are still on the board.

Anyone have any ideas how to get that condom taste out of your mouth? Mouthwash doesn't completely remove it.

I do ALOT of scouting for the NFL Draft (yes..I have NO life!) so I have looked at many of the players in Dolphins draft needs categories.

Egnew was someone I had my eye on (however, I wanted Sanu).

He is going to be our version of Gronkowski (I hope for at least half his production.)

There goes TY

Oh well cross off Hilton..lol.

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